Still an amature at blushing , faceups and at mods but I don’t give up !!! X3

This is my boy… He is obviously not on the supper gem body ( he has a little 3 body mix going down xD ) but the difference barely shows ( Wich is a plus ) I gave the body an overall light sanding to match the head better :3 !

Guess I’ll add an other supper gem body to the pile of unwanted bodies for parts 😂.

Anyways this character is very old i based his markings and desing on his 2D version, now 3D :3

yourmajestyvetis replied to your post: Ferdinand wants to apologize. So you should come over, okay?

Buuuuut Piiiiitch, he’s such a cuddly little thing and I think he has the potential to like you! Or at least he really likes the way you taste. I mean, that stands for something. Right?

Vetis, when something wants to EAT me, I am NOT going to cuddle with it. Though apparently rare French literature is within his range of appetite as well.