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Hello! I'm a biology student looking to pursue a career with animals. I used to always say I would become a veterinarian, but I worry that I will burn out in vet school. My mom tells me that if I don't become a vet, my only other animal-related option will be to test on laboratory animals. I, of course, know that there are options in the zoological field, and I appreciate the things you've recently reblogged on the topic! Do you have any other career ideas to share?

You’ve absolutely got other options - there are lots of ways to work with or around animals that are not veterinary or lab work. Some options, in no particular order:

  • Zookeeping
  • Dog training 
  • Pet behavior consulting
  • Conservation research (could watch animals in situ, or work with reintroduction / outreach efforts)
  • Education (with a small company, at a zoo or aquarium, with a media company)
  • Wildlife rehabilitation (lots of veterinary-related work)
  • Science communication (newspaper writing, tv shows, internet blogging)
  • Veterinary technician 
  • Animal shelter work (multiple jobs, everything from kennel staff to adoption assistants to behavioral science and vet tech work)
  • Animal husbandry in non-zoo settings (sanctuaries or game ranches)
  • Farm staff (lots of manual labor in this one)

I’m sure there’s a whole bunch more, but that gives you an idea of the range. It really comes down to how much interaction you want with animals, what type of animals, and how much work it takes to get there. Jobs like in-situ research don’t give you much hands-on contact with animals because the goal is to keep them wild, and require more advanced academic work to get into, but are hella rewarding when you’re out watching gorillas or something. Shelter work lets you snuggle a lot more animals, although they’re mostly domestic, and doesn’t require much of a degree but also involves a lot of poop scooping. The more education-based jobs can have you around animals a lot, and sometimes in contact with them, but are not direct-contact focused and require a bit of a different academic background. 

Long Hair Kid, part one

Yay first ever fan fiction great its shit I’m sorry anyways. This has been floating around in my head for a while and I can’t wait to write it, its gonna be great. I dunno how many parts it’ll have yet, more than two, i think. Any suggestions, plz message me I need to learn to write better ok on to the story here we go

Warnings: some swear because I swear a lot

Word count: 1,434

Connor Murphy x Reader

You could see the sunrise outside your window. It was pretty, but only for a short time; a burst of color, oranges and reds and purples, that slowly faded to a blue grey. Normal. You pulled your knit blanket up over your chin as you watched it fade.

You sat up in bed, cringing as your back cracked obscenely. Reaching towards your bedside table for your phone, you yawned rather loudly, scaring the black and white cat perched on the end of the bed.

“No, Toby, don’t leave man, it’s like six fucking o’clock in the morning, you’re gonna wake everyone else up.” Toby looked up at you, squinted, and walked out of your bedroom. Cheeky little bastard.

Yawning again, you successfully grabbed your phone and tapped the home button. 6:13. Two fucking minutes before your alarm was going to go off. God was testing your gay ass today, Jesus Christ. You let out a sigh.

Come on, man, it’s your first day, make some friends that aren’t your damn cat, you thought to yourself. Your mum needs you to do good today. Your mum. You rubbed your eyes and energetically threw the covers off your legs in an attempt to hype yourself up. You swung your feet off the edge of the bed and took a couple steps towards the bathroom, tripping on your right foot; the fucking cat was sleeping on your leg and now your foot was numb.

Your mum was a veterinary lab tech, meaning that she helped do veterinary research. A lot of the stuff she did was linked with human medical research. Once she got a job with a company that did research on heart surgery and how you might be able to use pig hearts for emergency heart transplants. You got to help with necropsies a couple times. It was pretty badass.

But you had to move around a ton, which wasn’t the best. After a big move like the one you guys had just done, your mum ways so stressed that you didn’t need her worried about you or your school or potential friend problems. Today was your first day, and you were determined to make it a good day.

Who cares if it was already half way through the year and everyone already had a friends and you were going to be super behind on everything.

You showered, blow drying your hair so it’s all shiny and wavy. You hop ran back to your room and pulled on a pair of grey skinny jeans and, after much deliberation, a gigantic green Yoda shirt you bought at Walmart three years ago. You dug through the small basket in your closet and pulled out two socks, one covered in polka dots and the other covered in ostriches. Fashion.

You grabbed at the back of the chair sitting at your desk and were surprised to find nothing there. That’s odd. You looked in your closet, get down on all fours and look under your bed. Nothing.

Your hoodie was more than just a hoodie; after listen to the musical Be More Chill, you fell in love with Michael just a little bit and decided that you needed a hoodie with patches of your own. You sewed on patches from your favorite stores, from concerts, from movies. When you came out, you sewed a rainbow patch right on your sleeve so everyone could see it. Slowly, the hoodie became a collage of who you were.

“Hey, Mum?” you shouted down the stairs. “Do you know where my sweatshirt is?”

“It smelled bad, I put it in the wash!”

“Oh, thanks!” You raced down two flights of stairs to the basement and plopped down in front of the dryer, watching the yellow sweatshirt go around and around.


“Connor, honey, you can’t go to school high again. Larry, tell him.”

“Connor, listen to your mother.”

“Larry! You need to set an example for him, Jesus, he needs…”

Connor Murphy grabbed a waffle amid his parents’ squabbling and walked out the front door of his house without acknowledging anyone. He probably shouldn’t go to school high, his mother’s right. It’ll just lead to administration calling home again, and his parents coming to pick him up, and a new petty argument between the two of them, the likes of which were tearing the Murphy family apart.

But when had Connor ever listened to his mom?

He stuffed himself into his car; the roof was much too short and Connor was so fucking tall, he had to take out the back seats so he could move the driver’s seat back far enough to safely reach the pedals. He plugged his phone into the speaker sitting on the dashboard and scrolled through his music, but nothing seemed right. Second half of junior year, and nothing seemed right. Connor started the car.

In his rearview mirror, Connor saw Zoe rush out the front door towards his car, carrying her backpack and her instrument.

“Connor, Mom says you have to give me a ride-”

Connor drove off without a second thought, leaving his sister in the driveway.


You pulled your hood up over my head as you walked through the front doors of your new school. You unfortunately didn’t have a car, so you had had to take the bus to school. Riding the bus with underclassmen. Always fun.

You glanced at the schedule you’d been studying for the past week, hoping that your first class had miraculously changed. English had never been your strong suit, but as your first class, at 7:30 in the fucking morning? You could practically smell the F.

After a few minutes of wandering the halls, you found your classroom. You stood hesitantly outside the door for a few moments. Was it worth it to go in? Your mind went to Mum. Yes, it was. Come on, (Y/n). Friends. Not that hard. You pulled your hood off with a sigh and opened the door.

Everyone was already in their seats, chatting away. Your heart dropped as you realize that the entire class consisted of groups of friends, people who knew each other and, fuck, probably didn’t want to know anyone else. A few heads turned to look at you, and you could feel the rainbow patch on the arm of your hoodie screaming Gay! I’m gay as hell! Just another gay dude for you to single out because he’s new and no one likes him anyways! You looked down at your shoes. Nope, make friends. You looked defiantly over their heads, searching for a seat.

In the back of the classroom was a kid dressed completely in black sitting alone. You lingered by the door, studying him. The kid had really long wispy brown hair and black converse; he was playing on his phone, somehow managing to ignore the hubbub around him. You could do Long Hair Kid, you thought to yourself; he probably wouldn’t even notice if you just sat down quietly across from him.

Right as you put your backpack down next to your seat, Long Hair Kid looked up.

“What the fuck are you doing?” You glanced up, surprised, to find him glaring at you. You could feel the sass coming and tried to stop it, but to no avail.

“Sitting? Getting ready for class? Breathing? I dunno man, I’m tired, I just wanna get this fucking class done,” you said, instantly regretting it when Long Hair Kid suddenly looked furious.

“Who the fuck put you up to this, huh?”

“No one. I’m new and needed a fucking seat.”

“Did one of them tell you to sit by me? Hey, New Kid, go sit by that fucking loser in the corner, it’ll be hilarious?!”

“Who would have told me to sit by you?” The entire class grew silent and turned around to watch the argument. Long Hair Kid stood up.

“All the douches that go to this fucking school!” He slammed his hands down on his desk, making the class jump. “You’re one of them already!”

You slowly stood up and locked eyes with Kid with Phone, brushing some of your hair being your ear. Sass Master™️ was in, and he wasn’t leaving.

“Look, I don’t know who the fuck you think you are. It’s my first day. I haven’t met anyone here. I’m sure there’s a reason you’re so distrustful that you get pissed when someone so much as sits next to you, and yeah, I feel sorry for you and all that shit, but it doesn’t give you the right to scream at someone when all they’re trying to do is go to fucking class.” You slammed your hands down on your desk too, mimicking his posture. “I didn’t come to school to deal with this bullshit, so you better sit the fuck down and let me work.”

You and Long Hair Kid stared at each other. One of his eyes was half brown and half blue, you realized. He opened his mouth to say something, then snapped his jaw closed. A few more seconds passed, then his eyes flickered away from yours. You exhaled, not even realizing you had been holding your breath.  

Long Hair Kid flopped back down into his seat and started doodling on his notebook. You collapsed in your chair. People slowly started talking again, and the focus was, thankfully, shifted away from you. So much for a good day.

You put your head in your hands just as Long Hair Kid mumbled something from across the table. You looked up at him.

“Sorry, didn’t catch that.”

“I’m Connor. If we’re gonna be tablemates, you have to know my name.”

You raised your eyebrows. “I’m (Y/N). And I like your hair, by the way.”

“…Thanks.” You thought you saw the corners of his mouth turn up just a little bit as he went back to doodling.

You supposed it wasn’t an absolutely horrible day yet.


Dog presented with vomiting, breathing trouble and lack of appetite. The owner recently found out about him being heartworm positive. They were waiting on their income tax to come in to treat him.
I noticed a foul smell from the mouth with a lack of gingivitis and periodontal disease. Besides pale gums the dogs mouth looked great!
Doctor followed up and checked to see this tumor behind the epiglottis. Five year old lab mix. Rushed into surgery, removed it and the patient slept for 4 hours and woke up to inhale three cans of food.
Owners opted for histopath to analyze the mass. Both doctors agree on a preliminary diagnosis of malignant melanoma.
Dog is home safe for now!