Happy Kitty Boy

Yesterday while driving, called Danny after reading a sign about a boil water alert in our neighborhood. The call ended my Bluetooth responded by alerting me to another incoming call. I was immediately put on hold and recognized the music as my veterinarian office. I drove and waited for someone to come to the line expecting news about my cat’s labs. Instead someone comes on the line asking if they can help me. I informed them that I had not made this call but had received their call. Back to hold so the office can figure out who had made the call. The surgeon comes on and says no one had called my number. My reply was neither had I called them. So who or what or how had the number been initiated?
We chatted and the Dr asked how The cat was doing after surgery? And he seems almost in tip top shape just need to make time to remove the stitches.


The full cast:
Vexen: The Yodeling Veterenarian of the Alps

Zexion: The Nurse

Marluxia, Luxord, Xigbar, and Saix: The Barbershop Quartet

Demyx: owner of the penguin

Axel: Owner of the Bear

Roxas: the Bear

I leave no explanation. Enjoy ;)