The Native Nations March is currently taking place through D.C. and at the White House, capping off a four-day protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline. As indigenous groups from all over the country continue to call for a meeting with Donald Trump, news outlets need make sure the voices of water protectors and environmental activists are heard.


Gay veterans group denied right to march in Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade

  • According to the Boston Globe, the South Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade reinstated a ban on OutVets, a group for gay veterans, after previously allowing them to march in the parade the past two years.
  • OutVets director Bryan Bishop told the Globe that the official reason for the ban was the rainbow flag. 
  • Organizers informed him it violates the parade’s code of conduct because it symbolizes gay sexuality.
  • A swift backlash has ensued against banning the gay veterans from the march. The parade marshal, Army veteran Dan Magoon, resigned after the vote, the Globe reported. 
  • Mayor Martin J. Walsh, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, Sen. Edward Markey and other politicians have said they would boycott the event if the vets were not allowed to march. Read more (3/9/17 12:18 PM)

Donald Trump doesn’t have the best record on the military. You’ll recall that he used a veterans event to call a journalist a sleaze, lied about the size of his donation to a veterans charity, and bashed a Gold Star family using racist and Islamophobic rhetoric.

Now this veteran’s group is speaking out with an incredibly powerful ad that targets President Trump in a strategic way.

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