Tomorrow is Memorial Day in the US. While most Americans celebrate this as the official start of summer, it takes a more somber tone for the approximately 19.6 million Veterans in the US who remember fallen friends.

According to figures released, of that 19.6 million, which reflects about 6% of the US population. Of that number:

  • 8.1% are women
  • 11.3% are Black
  • 6.0% are Hispanic.
  • 1.4% are Asian
  • 0.7% American Indian or Alaska Native
  • 0.2% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
  • 1.2% are another race.

I’ll also add to the above list of things not to say*:

  • Did you get raped?
  • Did you see any suicide bombers? 
  • You’re a woman. How could you have seen combat?
  • You’re really articulate. (said to a white, female Veteran)
  • Why’d a pretty girl like you do a stupid thing and cut your hair short?**

Regardless of how you feel about the government, war, and US foreign policy, you do not have a right to ask these questions. 


* Those are either from my experience or my friends who have served.

** I was part of one of the last classes of women required to cut our hair short to begin training at Navy Officer Candidate School.

Trust is what so many alienated soldiers yearn for, but can’t find in broken military judicial systems that make sexual harassment cases near impossible to prosecute fairly, veteran hospitals with unconscionable waiting lists. Civilians saying ‘Thank you for your service’ can ring hollow, or shield a gaping disconnect between those who wear the uniform and those who don’t.

Hope everyone is having a safe and Happy #MemorialDayWeekend with family, friends and pets. In honor of veteran men/women of past and current armed forces for their efforts, we thank you!

Hope everyone is having a safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend with family, friends and pets. In honor of veteran men/women of past and current armed forces for their efforts, we thank you!

Memorial Day: Celebrated the last Monday in May, Memorial Day is the holiday set aside to pay tribute to those who died serving in the military.

Veterans Day: This federal holiday falls on November 11 and is designated as a day to honor all who have served in the military.


The Greatest Victory: Battle of the Bulge

Many plans, no Medal of Honor.

May 1, 1982 Herman Miller, 102, got a flag from Art Fellwock, VFW leader. “Glory,“ a chapter of which recounts Miller’s quest for the Medal of Honor that he was recommended for in 1900, but never received. Today, Miller will serve as grand marshal of the Loyalty Parade in Forest Lake, Minn. 

On May 21, Seaman Gilfoy Post plans a birthday party for Miller. Miller has been invited to help dedicate a St. Paul statue honoring Vietnam veterans on May 22. 

On May 31, Miller will be grand marshal of the Fort Snelling Memorial Day parade. And the man who distinguished himself in the battle of Batac in the Philippines will serve as grand marshal in the Richfield Fourth of July parade. 

Dan Staab, commander of the Seaman Gilfoy post, said that plans are also under way to see what can be done to try to get Herman Miller his long waited-for Medal of Honor. Don Black, Minneapolis Star Tribune 


Assault of Fort Bliss Soldier Sgt James Brown inside El Paso County Jail by Riot Police

Texas War Veteran Dies In Custody Telling Guards ‘I Can’t Breath’ 20Times

‘Brown, 26, was an active-duty soldier at Fort Bliss in Texas who has served two tours of combat duty in Iraq. He had no previous criminal record.

When he self-reported to the El Paso County Jail in July 2012 to serve a short sentence for driving while intoxicated, he said in writing that he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, according to jail records’

Watch what happened next.

‘The family’s attorneys, Jason Bowles and B.J. Crow, said the video poses some serious questions about the county jail’s treatment of Brown.

When a 26-year-old man checks into jail for a court imposed sentence on a Friday, and he leaves Sunday in a casket, something went horribly wrong there,“ said Crow.

Brown’s family said he had shown no history of sickle cell crisis and that they believe his treatment in jail caused the medical emergency.

Crow added the claimed stress that brought about Brown’s sickle cell crisis at the jail was apparently more stress than the soldier had undergone while twice coming under fire during combat.

He was bleeding out the ears, the nose, the mouth, his kidney’s shut down, his blood pressure dropped to a very dangerous level, and his liver shut down,” said Crow.

Brown’s family, meanwhile, wanted the public to know what happened to him at the El Paso County jail’                        /source/

Here is another illustration of the American Law enforcement system. James’ family wants the story became public, I hope that we will help to fulfill their will. In fact, such cases usually stay a mystery to the public, this time motherfuckers responsible for the murder won’t escape punishment.

I’m sure this is not the only case occurred in this prison. If the cops patrolling the streets are a real danger to people, then imagine how dangerous it’s to deal with the cops who work with prisoners. Damn! It’s so wrong…

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