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This soldier had a message for police – from one service member to another.

What makes you shoot a man who does not have a weapon in [his] hand? We don’t even have those rules over in Afghanistan and we’re at war. So you mean to tell me we can come home and do that to our own people but I can’t do that in the country that we’re at war with?

I hope he’s first in line at the police job fair. Be the change you want to see! #Love it!


Wow during the National Anthem how pathetic and disrespectful. #Hate it!

Veterans DIED and FOUGHT for that song and you’re just gonna sit there and TEXT?! 

Carla Lewis, a 44-year-old trans woman in Tennessee who served in the U.S. military, shared this photo on her Facebook recently. The photo says it all. (via the Huffington Post)

[Image: A selfie of a woman with short blonde hair and a serious look on her face. She’s wearing a military-green shirt that says “Transgender Veteran: I fought for your right to hate me” with the trans symbol inside a pink triangle.]

RIP to all the young black and brown kids, who were specifically targeted by recruiters because they knew there weren’t many other options. RIP to all the poor high schoolers who joined for a regular paycheck and a supposedly “honorable” job. RIP to all the brown folks who found themselves in another country killing people who looked just like them. RIP to all the black and brown kids who joined for a chance to further their education, who never saw their dreams realized. #Hate it!