Veterans Ask Native Elders For Forgiveness At Standing Rock.

I never thought I would see this day when a white man apologizes for the tyranny and oppression of Native American population. This is so powerful. This is the nation that I want - responsible, compassionate and that learns from its mistakes.

God bless them!

This November 11...

Shoutout to the a-spec soldiers.

Shoutout to the gay soldiers.

Shoutout to the lesbian soldiers.

Shoutout to the trans soldiers.

Shoutout to bi soldiers.

Shoutout to nonbinary soldiers.

And to the pansexual soldiers.

Shoutout to any and all LGBTQ+ troops.



Veterans and Standing Rock elders unite at forgiveness ceremony

  • Native Americans held a forgiveness ceremony at the Standing Rock casino for U.S. veterans who have been standing in solidarity to block the Dakota Access Pipeline.
  • The ceremony, with over 500 people in attendance, resulted in Native American elders forgiving veterans for hundreds of years of oppression.
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Donald Trump doesn’t have the best record on the military. You’ll recall that he used a veterans event to call a journalist a sleaze, lied about the size of his donation to a veterans charity, and bashed a Gold Star family using racist and Islamophobic rhetoric.

Now this veteran’s group is speaking out with an incredibly powerful ad that targets President Trump in a strategic way.

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At Standing Rock, over 500 veterans have arrived to help protestors brace for the winter

Veterans showed up hauling supplies and dragging trailers of  wood, fuel for the fires and wood stoves around camp. Besides just standing with the indigenous water protectors during protest actions, the veterans are fanning through the camp to take on responsibilities. Earlier in the week, a group of veterans took it upon themselves to take an epic stand against police for seizing canoes.