Our family cat is unwell. He’s just had surgery to attempt to fix a blocked bladder, which my family can barely afford to cover in the next two days. If the surgery doesn’t fix the problem, he will need further treatment to have his penis removed which is way out of their budget, which will unfortunately mean he will need to be put down 😔he’s only 7 years old, and he’s the most cuddly, friendly, floppy cat ever. He’s perfectly healthy and doesn’t deserve to have this happen! Please, if any of my followers would be willing to donate any amount to just help my family out it would be greatly appreciated, even if it’s just $5☝you can click on the link in my bio! 💔💔💔and if anyone would like to help in sharing this around it would mean the world!! #gofundme #vetbills #cat #catsofinstagram #help
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My poor baby cat, Ben, is very sick. He has a blocked urethra, and it’s going to cost probably over $3,000 to take care of him, between today’s vet visit and the surgery that he will need very soon. If you can help me, I will be forever grateful. Any amount you can spare means more than you will ever know. This little kitty is my life …

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Emergency Commissions Open!
My dog is in need for emergency surgery today. Took her into the vet yesterday and discovered that her little bladder is packed with bladder stones. :c So packed that there is literally no space left.
I don’t have the money for this surgery that she needs.. but I couldn’t do nothing. I do have family that is willing to front the money tomorrow when I need it.. but I’ll be required to pay them back asap.

So I’ll be taking some Pay What You Want Commissions! Only accepting smaller commission types for these so I can push out as many as possible. This includes sketches, busts, chibis, etc! Also open for commissions at my regular prices!

You can contact me for further info at or shoot me a message on FR! Inwe #1805
Thank you so much to all who can help my little girl! ;n;

Hello everyone. I have a little bit of sad news.

Earlier on in the year Momo developed a lump on her face above her canine that she broke before we adopted her. It went away with medication, but came back afterwards. Our vet cannot figure out what is wrong, and is sending us to another vet a few cities over. Its either a tooth infection, gum infection or a cyst. Either way, it is expensive. And we are looking at at 500+ bill most likely.

I would sketch you a picture for a donation of 5+

Thank you everyone for love and support, and sorry you didn’t hear the news till now.