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Revising for my physiology exam, I’m pretty stressed but I bought myself some yellow tulips and they relax me a little :) 

Hope you are all having a nice day and semester :)

I’ve officially finished Uni now and am a couple of months off finally becoming a qualified RVN! So i’ve got time to re-vamp all my notes, thought they might help someone :) 


Yuri!!! On Ice Wild Life AU in which Yuuri is a young doctor who just joined Hasetsu Veterinary Hospital Division 2, Wild Life Division, and Viktor was the Head of Division 2.

Division 2 handled wild animals, also handled rare creatures and some animals that were pets, but hard to treat. In other words, this division handled rare and dangerous animals. The members were composed of elites doctors from all over the world, and they often got called all over the world to handle cases.

This AU is very… VERY loosely based on Masato Fujisaki manga called “Wild Life”.

How to survive vet school: I should study how much?

At the beginning of the year our phase coordinator told us that the average vet student will spend 50 hours a week studying. This number dose not include hours spent in lecture or lab. 

This number is in addition to lecture and lab time. In addition too the 20-40 hours we spend in lecture/lab every week. 

When he was referring to the “average” vet student, he was referring to a vet student who gets average grades. He was not using average to describe the typical vet student. Which is well and good because a large proportion of vet students probably find themselves studying more then that. 

This begs the question do vet student really need to study this much in order to do well? 

It depends; as with most things, you cannot give a one word answer that rings true to all. How many hours you need to put into studying depends on a few things: 

  • How well your current study method works for you, and the subject you’re studying 
  • How difficult you find the topic 
  • Do you use your study time effectively? 
  • Are you benefiting from lectures? 
  • Are you getting the most you can out of your labs? 

I can honestly say, apart from preparing for finals, I have never spent 50 hours (in addition to lectures/labs) studying and my grades have not suffered for it. 

In reality, if you’re struggling with how many study hours you need to put in during a week, and still not seeing results you want. It may be a good idea to consider the above list and see if there’s anything in your routine that you can change, so that’s not the case.  

Stay tuned, for part 2 of this post with the working title: studying in vet school, a how to guide, by someone who’s procrastinating studying for her three tests next week. This will be followed closely by instalment 3 of this series with the working title: why should I take this persons advice on how to study when she is so clearly not studying?  

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Today I didn’t study at all so no notes pictures.
But I can’t help but loving the rain, as a person who loves staying in this and a cup of tea with an amazing book does the trick.


10 October 2016 all afternoon

Drinking tea and studying agronomy while listening to some music. It was a nice afternoon. I hope all of you are doing great, I’m sorry I’m not very active on tumblr but I have to study and go to class so I don’t have much time to write here.