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Why I Became A Vet

You always get that one question during your admissions interview: “Why do you want to be a vet.” You’re tempted to answer that you love animals, or you were inspired by your childhood vet when they saved your pet’s life, or even the dreaded “I don’t like people” or “It’s God’s calling for me.” 

If those are your reasons, I’m not here to shame you.

But, those aren’t the reasons I became a vet.

Yes, I obviously love animals; probably more than the average person, there’s no mistaking that. I go out of my way to comfort or protect an animal before most would. But that wasn’t the main justification as to why I wanted to be a vet.

I became a vet because I wanted to help people. 

I wanted to be able to save someone’s best friend, their only companion, their child. I wanted to keep someone’s source of unwavering/unconditional love happy & healthy for as long as possible. I didn’t want people to be lonely. 

I wanted to comfort people when they lost something they loved. I wanted to help them understand that their grieving wasn’t shameful. I wanted to help them love again.

I wanted to see their happy tears and smiles when a life was saved. To offer a shoulder when nothing could be done.

I wanted to educate and explain the commonalities between human and animal medicine.

I wanted to inspire people to trust and follow the sciences. If I ever inspire even one person to go into medicine, I’ll consider that a success.

I wanted to work with others to help ensure the safety and care of animals. I wanted that teamwork, that comradery. I wanted to work with people towards a common goal.

I wanted to help people understand and learn how to better provide and care for their pets.

Those are the reasons I became a vet. That’s the answer I gave when I was interviewed. Veterinary medicine isn’t a field about just helping animals, it’s about helping people.