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about mun

real name:kim

birthday:november 2nd



favorite singer:taylor swift

favorite animes:tokyo mew mew ,vampire knight,bakugan new vestroia,sailor moon,wedding peach,inuyasha,yugioh  

favorite cartoon:my little pony friendship is magic  (yes im a pegasister  )

favorite candy:chocolate 

pets: 2 cats    both females    i had four  one stayed at my dad’s she was really old   she was 18   at least she went peacefully i will miss her alot  and  my other cat  i only had him for four years  when i first moved   we had no idea how old he was  when we found  we found out that his old  owners kicked him out and  he had two back broken legs  and last year  he got really sick he starting peeing  outside the litter box and all over the house so we took him to the vet to see what was wrong with him  and we found out that his kidneys was shutting down and we had no choice but to put him down  it was so sad at least he’s not suffering anymore 

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