The wealth the dragons will bring to us all will surpass mere coin. It will be reawakening of the world. Humanity has become a lonely race, and dangerously arrogant in our solitude. The return of the dragons will restore balance to our intellect and to our ambitions… Not that they are perfect beings, oh, no. That is our value to one another. Each race presents to the other a mirror of presumption and vanity. In seeing another creature’s rash posturing of control and superiority in the world, we will realise how ridiculous our own claims are.
—  Selden Vestrit, Ship of Destiny by Robin Hobb, pg 600

29. Favourite Female Lead - 

Althea Vestrit - The Liveship Traders by Robin Hobb.

This was more difficult then the male lead because I tend to associate more with the females than the male leads. I would have said Jewel from The Fey by KK Rusch, but no one has drawn any frank for her and I wanted a visual for the post.

The thing about Althea is she is strong and capable, but of course a female is always considered unable to captain a ship, but she proves herself in these books, she is also very clearly described in the books and on the cover of book 2, so it is clear what she looks like.


Zenthra and Vestrit breed tomorrow!  They’ve bred a few times already, but I feel like they’re finally ready to shine.  

These two dragons have come a long way–Zenthra was a gift, who I later scatterscrolled, and Vestrit was a gift from a kind Tumblr user.  I just gave Vestrit Speckle and Freckle, since I’d come into some treasure (I also recently gave another of my dragons, Oschon, Tiger–yay for actual sales). These two make one of my two pairs without “paired names,” and they have admittedly my oddest color range, but I’m really happy for them, and I think they are looking fantastic!

Fan Opinions of Wintrow?

So this whole fan opinions thing seems to be doing pretty well. You all seem to be enjoying it, and so am I! The previous posts were:

FitzChivalry Farseer : Chade Fallstar

I’m away for a couple of weeks as of Sunday, but I’ve set this up to reblog itself in about a week in case you miss it. I’ll gather the answers and post them when I get back. Please do reblog this to share it in my absence. 

So this week, what I would love is to hear everyone’s opinion on Wintrow. Do you love him, hate him, find him relatable, annoying, perfect, tropey, refreshing - what? And perhaps more interestingly, why. What is it about Wintrow that makes you feel this way? Why is this your opinion of him? Have your feelings changed over time?

(NB: As much as I’d love some detailed, complicated answers, please don’t feel that you have to write an essay to take part. I’d equally appreciate a simple “I think Wintrow is [adjective]”)

You can answer this post, or reblog it with an answer, or message me - as before I’ll give it a week or two and do a big compliation post of everyone’s answers.

A note on spoilers: Please do not include any information from the Fitz and Fool books without marking it SPOILER at the beginning - there are people in the fandom who still haven’t got to it. Personally, I would also appreciate it if you could not use any information (if there is any) from the teaser to the second book, as I haven’t read it myself and don’t intend to. Thank you!

So what do you think about Wintrow Vestrit?

“Amber did all this? Amber the bead-maker?” Ronica queried. When Rache nodded, she demanded, “Why?”

Rache shrugged. “Some said she had been a slave herself once, despite the fact she has no tattoo. She wears a freedom ring in one ear, you know, the earring that Chalcedean freed-slaves must purchase and wear to prove they have been granted their freedom. I asked her once if she had bought her freedom, or if it had belonged to her mother. She was quiet for a time, and then said it was a gift from her one true love. When I asked Amber why she helped us, she simply said that she had to. That, for reasons of her own, it was important to her.

“Once, a man got very angry with her. He said it was easy enough for her to play at taking chances and stirring up rebellion. He said she could get us all into great danger, and then walk away from it. Her tattoo could be scrubbed away. Ours could not. Amber met his eyes and said, yes, that was true. Therefore, he demanded that she tell us why she did such things, before he would trust her. It was so strange. She sat back on her heels, very still and silent for a moment. Then she laughed aloud, and said, ‘I’m a prophet. I’ve been sent to save the world.’ ”

Rache smiled to herself. A silence fell as Ronica regarded her in consternation. After a moment, Rache cocked her head and speculated, “That made a lot of us laugh. We were all gathered at one of the washing fountains, scrubbing out laundry not our own. You had sent me to town to buy something, and I had stopped to talk there. It was a sunny blue day, and with her talk and plans, Amber made us feel as if we could actually regain lives of our own choosing again. Everyone thought that what she said about saving the world was just a jest. But the way she laughed … I always thought she was laughing because she knew it was safe to tell us the truth, because none of us would ever believe it.”

—  Hobb, Robin (2003-12-30). Ship of Destiny (The Liveship Traders Book 1) (pp. 137-138). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

snkrfnd replied to your post:I was tagged by snkrfnd to give my 10 favorite…

Ooh! I always loved Althea Vestrit. Which book are you on?

The second! I don’t know why I waited so long to read these books but I think it was a little weird without Fitz. The reason I started reading them is honestly because I heard the Fool was going to be in them and then I fell in love with Althea and now I really like them.

i was tagged by the lovely freecssgons!!

List 10 favourite characters (one per fandom) then tag 10 people.

this is gonna be a pain

  1. sansa stark (asoiaf)
  2. riza hawkeye (fma)
  3. leliana (dragon age)
  4. naevia (spartacus)
  5. althea vestrit (the liveship traders)
  6. lydia martin (teen wolf)
  7. riley blue (sense8)
  8. ashley williams (mass effect)
  9. sylvanas windrunner (world of warcraft)
  10. sun-hwa kwon (lost)

ok that only got difficult bc i had to pick one per fandom fucky

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Malta covered her husband’s hand with her own and smiled at her son’s small face. Then she gave a brief, choked laugh.

“What’s funny?” Reyn demanded.

“I was remembering Selden when he was a baby. He was the only one in the family younger than me, so he was the only baby I really knew.”

“Did you love him from the moment you saw him?”

Her smile grew wider as she shook her head. “No. Not at all. My mother was horrified the day I carried him into the kitchen and showed her that he would fit exactly in a baking dish.”

—  Hobb, Robin (2012-02-07). City of Dragons: Volume Three of the Rain Wilds Chronicles (pp. 335-336). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

56. SHIP OF DESTINY, BY ROBIN HOBB (Book 3 of The Liveship Traders, Book 6 of the Realm of the Elderlings)

The final installment in The Liveship Traders trilogy. I was looking forward to this one… And it didn’t disappoint. The only bad feeling I have is that, because of the challenge, I can’t read more than 3 books by the same author this year, so this is the last I’ll read of Robin Hobb for a while. I’ll go back to her, and the Realm of the Elderlings, next year.

Synopsis: Althea and Brashen go on their expedition to save Vivacia. Bingtown and the Rain Wilds face civil war and war with Chalced and Jamailia, with Ronica, Keffria and the rest of the Vestrits involved. All of this will be solved when the secret of serpents and dragons is revealed.

Overall enjoyment: LOVED IT. I don’t even know what to say. She’s definitely one of my favorite authors right now.

Plot: It could be said that the conclusion is too perfect. Just like she did with the Farseer trilogy, she ties all that happens in a very neat little bow, and everyone gets a happy ending. As much as I criticize it now, though, while I was reading I was whooping in happiness. Plus, you really have to admire how she does it; the story was so complex and convoluted I never imagined she would be able to tie all loose ends so neatly.

Characters: Amazing, as always. The characterization is flawless.

World/setting: It’s the Realm of the Elderlings. Need I say more?

Writing style: Easy to read and captivating. I couldn’t put the book down.

Representation: Same as the first two; could’ve been a lot better. But many people have reassured me that that she improves representation A LOT in the subsequent instances of this series.

Political correctness: Well. Because the characterization is so good, she doesn’t commit any big blunders. Also, in this whole series, there are a lot more female characters than in Farseer, and they take a much more central role. She doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects; she tackles them with as much honesty and mastery as anything else. BUT. *spoiler alert* I, personally, don’t think she handled Althea’s rape very well. Having Paragon magically take her pain away felt like cheating, a cheap solution to a very complicated problem. Especially since she portrays the act and the trauma so vividly, from Althea’s point of view, and then switching to Kennit, and then having everybody else not believe her when she accused him. It felt too real for such an artificial solution. I was already frowning at how she handled Serrilla’s rape, especially having Ronica basically tell her to “snap out of it”, but that was very in character for Ronica to say, especially since she didn’t know what really happened, so I let it pass. But even then, Serrilla does kind of recover from it, with the help of Ronica and Keffria, but there is no true solution, either. As that famous quote goes, “fairy tales are important to teach children that dragons do exist, and can be slayed”, but there is no slaying of this particular dragon in here. The men responsible for these acts of violence go on unpunished and, most importantly, unrepentant; they do not see the error of their ways, don’t try to make amends or anything, there isn’t even an understanding that they won’t do it again (well, Kennit won’t, because he died, but if he had stayed alive he most certainly would, and his death is no punishment). So, this particular dragon cannot be slayed? We just have to learn how to deal with it? That made me very uncomfortable, and it was a note of bleakness amidst all the happiness of the ending. I truly believe it could have been handled better.

Up next: Rebecca, by Daphne Du Maurier

I was tagged by snkrfnd to give my 10 favorite fictional characters and it’s so hard! Only ten?? There’s so many! Here goes:

In no particular order (or maybe a little):

1. Phèdre no Delaunay from the Kushiel series

2. The Halliwell sisters from Charmed

3. Galadriel

4. Cutter from Elfquest (and his family, all of them, they are so loving!)

5. Venka from Elfquest (she was the first elfquest character I fell in love with)

6. Solas/Fen’Harel from Dragon Age

7. Emily Roland from the Temeraire series

8. Nicci from the Sword of Truth 

9. Katherine Talbert from The Privilige of the Sword

10. Althea Vestrit from the Liveship Traders Trilogy (still need to finish this, but damn she’s fun)

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