vest quest



The top 2 garments are by a brand called Hemingway Point (may no longer be around, both were vintage finds). The same knit pattern as Hermann’s vest.

There has GOT to be a pullover sweater vest version, though the full sweater could be modded with a little know-how, or left as-is under the coat. (Sadly, the full sweater has been sold… and not to me.)

peppermintdandy  asked:

Can I get a bardy samurai and a quest for them to go on?

You have been assigned the class of:

  • Nightclub Samurai

The three sections of your skill tree are:

  • Laser Light Spears
  • Feudal Knightcore
  • No Honor in Debasement

Enjoy your new life of SUBSTEP NOT DUBSTEP

Your quest, delivered by your Daimyo o’ EDM:

  • Deactivate the School of the Ballad

Ottava, musical capital of the continent, is home to many guilds and orchestral organizations—and a city this big doesn’t run without a fair amount of politics to grease the axles. Inter-genre squabbling is kept to a minimum thanks to strict city regulations, but occasionally there will be some… factional rivalries that require you to step in.

Take the School of the Ballad, for example. The archaic institution is on its last legs, and your liege is eyeing the school’s grounds with growing interest. Plenty of space for a new dance palace there, but you won’t be able to just strongarm the School into letting you use their halls. You’ll have to think ahead a bit if you wish to champion your Daimyo’s plans.

Your quest, should you choose to accept it:

  • Retrieve the Singing Vest of Shooting from the Arena of Pride: This joint amphitheater built for both musical and gladiatorial combat is a training ground for some of Ottava’s best battlebards, often offering cash or loot prizes for those who can beat their opponents’ beats. The current prize on display, the Singing Vest of Shooting, offers a melodious but deadly accompaniment to any wardrobe, and would offer a lot of weight to any offers you could make to the School.
  • Cure the plague ravaging the Sharp Concert Hall: This critically-acclaimed performance venue is the best in the city, named for the intelligent Sharpsparrows who dot the surrounding trees and sing counterpoint to musicians performing. However, during mating season the Hall shuts down completely, as the Sparrows become aggressive, territorial, and flat-out tone-deaf. The Hall cannot reopen until the flocks have been dispatched, so every year the guilds kill two birds with one tone—whoever can remove the Sharps earns the season opening slot.
  • Deactivate the School of the Ballad to advance your Manager’s plans: The School has been making a desperate bid to revitalize by grabbing the season opener, but if you can steal it they’re done for. If you can take the Singing Vest on a Sharp Shooting Spree, you can clinch the season opener, force the School to close, and secure the land for your manager’s new dance palace.