vest for the win

  • me, circa 2015: wow gay marriage in america, a bisexual lead on my favourite show, clexa will become cannon, i'm living in the era of true representation
  • me, circa 2016: my dreams are shattered, do any tv shows not suck? ugh, i need to buy a bullet proof vest!

im voting for kanye west in 2020 because kanye west is the kanye best, a better candidate than all of the kanye rest and i know he will win because that is his kanye quest and america will then put him to the kanye test whilst he wears his kanye vest on his kanye chest then once he wins he will have a kanye fest and first lady kim will be his kanye guest and she will add some kanye zest to america then kanye west will make america feel kanye blessed and it finally wont be kanye messed anymore as he will not kanye rest until america is the perfect kanye nest and no one will be under kanye arrest as kanye west will make america the kanye best.

Prompto has lots of experience with self doubt, which makes him great at detecting it and responding to it. Here’s some ways he would comfort his s/o:

-Post it notes with “reasons I love you” around the house
-Surprise kisses and hugs
-Pictures of his s/o that he brought to mind when writing post it notes taped above them
-Kissing every inch of his s/o’s face as he lists all of the things he loves about them most
-Pulling his s/o into long hugs and not letting go
-Piggyback rides
-Less bitching about fighting and more puns
-like seriously
-100000000 puns
-He will buy anything and everything he thinks his s/o like to gift them
-Like that piece of candy? Here’s 3000 pieces
-Like my vest? Take my vest.
-Oh you want a teddy bear? Yeah I’m gonna go win you one babe I gotchu
-He won’t let his s/o’s hand go and keeps starring at them like they’re the holy grail
-Babe you are a blessing, I love you so much.
-Kisses before bed all over his s/o’s face

Prompto would do anything for the ones he loves.


I do not even remotely care about the Grammys. 

The Grammys are an outdated, boring ceremony during which artists receive arbitrary awards often voted for by people who have no idea who or what they’re voting for. Exceptionally talented black artists are restricted for the most part to rap and r&b categories (and even then, their white peers often win because many voters don’t have vested interests in the genre at all & just pick at random/based on faces they recognise - this isn’t my opinion it’s based on research & statement from those who understand more about the music industry than you or I) despite massive amounts of commercial success. Moving on.

I don’t think even Kanye is really trying to deny that Beck is talented. Beck’s great. All these comparisons I’m seeing all over the Internet, all these arguments about who can play more instruments, who writes their own songs, etc, they’re all petty and none of them are particularly relevant to the argument at hand; Album of the Year. 

Beck and Beyonce are both incredibly talented musicians who do vastly different things. One of their differences is that Beyonce is massively and commercially successful, she’s not only one of the biggest names in music but the world at the moment; she released that album with no warning, no media hype, nothing & still sold how many fucking records? She did something so intense, so musically revolutionary in our current pop culture climate and she deserves to be recognised for that. Beck may well have released a great album, I have no idea because his work didn’t slap everyone in the face & make headlines for a month, you know?

It’s literally not about Beck being a great musician, which he is.

It’s about the fact that Beyonce literally released the album of the fucking year, nah maybe the century tbh, and is being cheated out of her recognition for it because of the reasons listed above. If you have opinions on the whole thing, I urge you to look into what actually goes into the voting process before you misunderstand people’s legitimate right to be pissed off.