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what i was expecting from that article today:


what i got from that article today:

  • daisy paraphrasing the first chapter of at least 500 reylo fics i’ve read
  • rian basically quoting verbatim one of our common otp tags
  • the article writer describing their relationship like they’ve matched on a dating app
  • rian metaphorically comparing kylo’s storyline to a stage of rebellious adolescence
  • rian saying a figurative ghost of han haunts the movie in the form of kylo’s regret (listen i know he didn’t say that part but it’s IMPLIED)

LoT ladies + the old west

Strip Poker with the Newsies Headcanons

I am a clueless teenager, and I have NO idea how poker, let alone strip poker, works. So I apologise for these shit headcanons.

Request:  Can you please do headcanons or an imagine about playing strip poker with the newsies (the reader is a girl newsie and maybe has a thing for Race ;)) thank you❤️ - @hogwartsfanfiction03


Strip Poker with the Newsies Headcanons:

- You are a Newsie

- So it’s common knowledge that the newsies of lower Manhattan are idiots

- And you are no exception

- Which is why when Romeo suggests a game of poker, none of you object

- You sit back and watch the first few rounds

- Then Blink opts out, and you join in

- You play a round

- Then Romeo gets this mischievous smirk on his face

- “How about… we get a little risky?”

- You look at Specs, who’s nervously adjusting his glasses

- “How so?”

- It’s Mush who speaks up. He looks interested

- “You guys eva heard’a strip poker?”

- An instant blush takes over Specs’ face

- He immediately trades out with Finch

- “Strip Poker?”

- Oh poor Davey

- “Every time you’s lose a round, you gotta remove a piece’a clothing.”

- “You’re on.”

- It’s Race who speaks up

- He’s smirking

- He sends you a wink

- It makes you blush, and your previous thought of exiting the game leave your head.

- Damn him for being so cute

- Davey and Buttons switch out.

- “Anyone else?”

- No one

- You guys play a couple of rounds

- You lose your vest, and your socks

- Romeo doesn’t win one round so he’s in just his pants and underwear in no time

- Almost as if he’s doing it on purpose

- You look at Race every time he loses a round

- And you die just a little bit when he strips off his over-shirt because

- Even though his undershirt is in the way, you can practically see his muscles

- Mush is the first to drop out, refusing to take off his pants

- Finch follows shortly after, only in his boxers

- Jack and Romeo opt out, also in their boxers

- Only you and Race are left

- You’re wearing the same amount of clothes

- And undershirt, pants, and underwear

- You win the next round

- And your eyes practically bulged out of your head when Race takes off his undershirt

- He sends you a wink, which causes your entire face to turn red

- “Alright,”

- Romeo cuts in

- “It’s gettin’ late, and I’s think this game is pretty much over.”

- He sends you a knowing wink.

- You roll your eyes in return

- Everyone gathers their clothes and goes to their bunks

- But Race strides up to you, still shirtless

- And he kisses your cheek

- “Until next time.”

- And he winks

- He fucking winks

- And then he walks away

- And you are fucking whipped.

Main Event - Finn Balor multi-chapter

Part 1
Words: 1300+

“Good luck babe” you hugged your boyfriend before he headed to gorilla. It was going to be Finn’s first royal rumble and you were so excited for him. He was also one of the top picks to win. 

“I’ll come find you when I’m done” he said kissing your cheek to meet the rest of the competitors before the match started. 

“Are we really going to do this?” Summer Rae asked now that it was just the female superstars in catering. The entire division was there. Both Raw and Smackdown rosters. 

“Do we want a chance to Main Event WrestleMania?” You asked sitting down with them all 

“Truly main event it. Close the show” Charlotte said 

“Don’t get me wrong I’m so proud of us that we had a main event but there were 2 other so called main events” Sasha said 

“There’s only one real main event, the closing match” Becky said “and now that the Undertaker has retired we actually have a chance to close the show" 

"Not if we don’t show them that we want it. And what better way than to interfere in the royal rumble?” You said. You looked around the room, everyone was in agreement. 

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im voting for kanye west in 2020 because kanye west is the kanye best, a better candidate than all of the kanye rest and i know he will win because that is his kanye quest and america will then put him to the kanye test whilst he wears his kanye vest on his kanye chest then once he wins he will have a kanye fest and first lady kim will be his kanye guest and she will add some kanye zest to america then kanye west will make america feel kanye blessed and it finally wont be kanye messed anymore as he will not kanye rest until america is the perfect kanye nest and no one will be under kanye arrest as kanye west will make america the kanye best.

"you underestimate me.”

a sort of joke sequel to this fic which you actually should probably read first for any of this to make sense. like literally this will probably make zero sense without it. it still probably makes no sense lol.

special thanks to the anon that requested a happy ending lmao

one day i’ll write a proper angst piece and you all will cry but today is not that day

Spencer groans as the lights flashed on his vest, setting off an obnoxious ringing sound. The two of you remain silent for a few moments, before he looks at you and says, “That was harsh.”

You shrug, taking a step back from him and lowering your laser gun. “I told you, Spence. I play to win.” You smirk, shrugging off your own vest and reaching forward to help him deactivate his. “Besides, you have years of experience on me, SSA Reid.”

“It’s Doctor to you.” He rolls his eyes, making his way over to you.

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SYNOPSIS: Ready for a game of laser tag?

“Oh.. my god..” y/n trailed off, glancing at the building in front of her. “That’s right, we’re playing laser tag,” Jihoon giggled while dragging her into the building. The girl had never played laser tag before, and she was hella excited and nervous at the same time. 

“Is it just you two?” the receptionist asked. “Not really, did 10 other boys come in earlier?” “Yes.. are you with them?” “Yep.” And the receptionist gave them two wristbands, “Okay, you are free to go in that room right there. That’s where you’ll find the rest.” And the two headed there. 

“Look! The two lovebirds have finally arrived!”

“What took y'all so long?“ 

"I’m gonna wreck all you hoes." 

"You don’t even know how to hold a fucking laser gun, Daehwi." 

The boys welcomed them, all greeting each other. While that was happening, the instructor awkwardly coughed, catching their attention. "Um.. hey guys, welcome to laser tag. Who does not know how the game works?” Nobody raised their hand, although Daehwi should’ve.

“Okay good, that makes my job way easier. Okay so we have the blue team and red team, just grab a vest and check what your name is on the gun.. and you’re all set,” they explained. Y/n went straight to the blue vests, Jihoon soon followed her to the team. 

And soon after, the boys went to choose what team they wanted to be on. “Hey lover boy, you should join the opposite team of her,” Seungwoo teased. 

“What.. why?" 

"Because it’ll be fun to see you guys go against each other." 

"Hm.. that would be interesting.”

“You should jihoon." 

"Uh.. I don’t know.." 

"I’ll go on the opposite team than,” y/n walked away from the blue team to the red team. “Uh.. never mind than Jihoon." 



"Y'all are gonna get rekt,” Woojin exclaimed while putting on his vest. 

“Hey, do you guys wanna do a bet?" 

"What bet?" 

"Whoever’s team wins, they don’t have to pay for dinner later." 

"Who said we’re even going to dinner." 

"I did." 

"Whatever, sure." 

Jihoon regretted not moving to the red team, his team absolutely sucked. Daehwi seriously did not know how to hold a freaking gun, pointing it at himself. Jaehwan was busy admiring minhyun’s shooting abilities, not caring if he got shot.

Woojin, at first, was doing good. Until he got shot for the first time, that’s when he started to believe he had no choice against the other team and stayed huddled up in a corner. Minhyun.. was actually pretty good. And for Jisung.. he had no clue where the hell he was. 

On the other team, every member was wrecking his team, and y/n said she never played laser tag. Yet she’s the best player on the team. No fucking way. Jihoon tried his best to catch up to their score, shooting 5 people in a row in the red team.

"Daehwi, for the sixth time, turn around your gun!” Jihoon whispered-yelled at the boy, who seem like a deer in headlights. “Jaehwan! Stop undressing minhyun with your eyes.” “Woojin, you’RE NOT GONNA DIE. JESUS.” “Minhyun, please do me a favor and go find jisung." 

Why did she leave this team. And somehow, red and blue’s score tied, with the help of Minhyun and Jihoon. The time was running out, "Damn it, we only got a minute left.” He saw y/n zoom pass him and he took the chance and ran after her. 

“Come on Jihoon, you got this,” he muttered under his breath, and to his luck, he got her trapped in a corner. Y/n was about to pull the trigger but Jihoon pushed her firmly against the wall, “Hey! –” his lips cut her off. She instantly froze, dropping her gun. 

Jihoon soon broke the kiss, shooting her vest which changed to blue. “H – hey, you can’t do that.” But he only smirked, “And?” Then he ran off. In the end, red team end up losing.

“Gah! Jihoon, you snake! You cheated!”

“That didn’t say that in the rules.”

Good afternoon folks, and welcome to this, my first statistical map of the ESC ‘17 season. It’s about something which I consider to detract from the spirit of the competition, and which has provided an unhealthily huge dose of drama this year: the lack of democracy in selecting each nation’s Eurovision representatives.

For once, I’m not talking about internal selections - though I do find it a shame that 17 countries do not engage their citizens in any way in picking the singer that will represent them, and a further two allow them only to pick the singer but not the song through a ridiculous process of elimination that picks the best karaöke singer, but not necessarily the best singer for the song chosen. I’m talking dodgy national finals where the people’s choice ends up secondary. Check out my analysis below:

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Prompto has lots of experience with self doubt, which makes him great at detecting it and responding to it. Here’s some ways he would comfort his s/o:

-Post it notes with “reasons I love you” around the house
-Surprise kisses and hugs
-Pictures of his s/o that he brought to mind when writing post it notes taped above them
-Kissing every inch of his s/o’s face as he lists all of the things he loves about them most
-Pulling his s/o into long hugs and not letting go
-Piggyback rides
-Less bitching about fighting and more puns
-like seriously
-100000000 puns
-He will buy anything and everything he thinks his s/o like to gift them
-Like that piece of candy? Here’s 3000 pieces
-Like my vest? Take my vest.
-Oh you want a teddy bear? Yeah I’m gonna go win you one babe I gotchu
-He won’t let his s/o’s hand go and keeps starring at them like they’re the holy grail
-Babe you are a blessing, I love you so much.
-Kisses before bed all over his s/o’s face

Prompto would do anything for the ones he loves.


DIY Metal Projects #6: Adding lights to your vest (AKA Kiss Tribute Jacket ‘Part 2/2’)


Once more, this amazing tutorial was submitted by @heavymetal. Thank you for taking the time to take pictures of your amazing work! :D

The materials that you are going to need are:

1. Start with your LED lights. I have included the brand that @heavymetal used for reference and I am not sponsored by it in any way.
Place the first LED light in the first hole of your backpatch and see how far the cable can reach from that point. Mark the denim where the battery box is located and turn your jacket over. Follow your markings on the other side and trace around the box. This is where you are going to place it and secure it.

Note that you should do that before stitching any patches on that side of the jacket! If you have already stitched any patches, remove them before starting, to avoid stitching over your designs.

2. Use fabric scraps/denim from the sleeves that you cut off, to make a pocket for the battery box. Take measurements and cut a piece large enough to cover the box all around. 
Then, snip the edges in a shape as shown in the last picture, and cut 8 pieces of velcro as shown in the third picture. Four for each side of the pocket and four more for the vest. 
Using a sewing machine (doing it by hand will just take more time), sew the velcro pieces where they belong. Use pins to secure them in place while you sew.

3. Make sure that the pocket is big enough for the battery box. Place it on the jacket and use the cover that you just made to secure it in place. Wear your jacket and jump around to see if it stays in place.
It might sound silly, but this is normally how I test things I sew on my belongings. It works well with chains, plus you have a good excuse to be an idiot. Win-win.
Also, turn your vest around and check whether you have sewn over any patches or not. Don’t worry about the seams being visible, you’ll cover everything up later!

4. Cover up the cable. Place the cable leading to the LED lights on your jacket and trace a straight line. Cut another piece of denim/scrap fabric at the lenght of the line, and add four pieces of velcro; Two at each side of the cable, and two more on the piece of denim. Allow some space between the velcro pieces for the cable to fit between. Sew everything in its place.
After that, have fun stitching your patches on the other side of the jacket. Make sure you have removed the pockets that you made for the battery box and the cable before doing so.
When you are done, place the battery box inside the pocket and the cable through the cover and see if everything fits alright. 

5. Sew every patch that you have on your jacket, except for the back patch. Find a placement that you like and pin them in place.
Afterwards, grab a beer and enjoy stitching them in place. Time to think about the meaning of life, or listen to a podcast.

6. Poke a hole at the end of the cover for the cable and thread it through the hole.
Turn your backpatch over and start stitcking each LED light into each hole that you made earlier on. Secure the cable with hot glue, and keep it in place with tape while the hot glue dries. Remove the tape when the glue is dry. 
Don’t touch the hot glue to see if it has dried! It is going to burn your skin off! Instead, poke it with a pin or a needle to see if it has hardened.

7. Once you are done with the lights, turn your vest over and start sewing the back patch in place. Keep it where you want it to be with pins, and be careful not to stitch threw any cables by mistake!

Aaaaand you’re done! 

Great thanks to @heavymetal who provided me with photo material for this amazing project. This is a truly unique and amazing battle jacket, and I am so jealous of the end result! (I don’t really like Kiss, but who the fuck cares xD I’d wear that for sure)
Actually, his battle jacket was so unique that Gene Simmons himself took pictures of it during a Meet&Greet with fans! @heavymetal had his jacket signed by the entire band as you can see in the pictures above. How fucking awesome is that?! I’d be losing my fucking mind if I had my own jacket signed by literally any of the bands that I listen to, much more if they were that impressed by my work! Kudos to the man behind this awesome DIY project! \m/


Online it’s easy to get swept up into a bit of madness and ideological blinders, to allow past frustration to taint current and future conversations and forget context and points.  To be swept up in a moment, because unlike TV online interaction is, by definition, interaction.  It’s a more active process.

Over the past few days people, probably, can see I’ve been pissed.  Charlottesville, Trump, the Confederacy and all that other filth got me angry, so I unplugged for a couple hours last night from the online community and just “got the lay of the land”, so to speak.  I had an “am I the baddy” moment, partially because @ace-pervert said i was becoming lejacquelope (who blocked me a long ass time ago, and I legit don’t know/don’t remember why).

So I checked the lay of the land.

And, as you might have guessed from the title, it was nothing but validation.

Yeah yeah, MSNBC called him on his shit, because of course they would.  Maddow was raising hell, as was Brian Williams.  And yeah, Late night hosts were being late night hosts.  But they weren’t the only ones, and plenty of the ones who did were Trump allies.  There was real, substantive blowback that Tumblr right-wingers just don’t know, pay attention to, or have dismissed utterly.

The Manufacturing Council had a mass exodus and was shut down by Trump because nobody was left.  Business leaders en masse asked Trump what the fuck was going on, and were met with bullshit that they couldn’t buy.

The Strategy & Policy Forum had a similar dynamic.

The infrastructure council (one of Trump’s biggest policy proposals during the election) was aborted before it even got started.  Plans for it were just dropped entirely.  Gary Cohn staying on still is a massive question, and he’s the guy supposed to be driving all of Trump’s economic policies and plans.  

And it isn’t just business leaders, either.  Bob Corker is smacking Trump around saying has neither the ability nor the emotional stability for the job, Bob Corker.  For the uninitiated, he’s been one of Trump’s biggest political allies, praised by both the establishment and Trump himself for his efforts and mentor-like role for Trump in politics.  This is on top of people like Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, I’ll just go through a short, non-inclusive list.

  1. Marco Rubio
  2. Paul Ryan
  3. Mitch McConnell
  4. Charlie Dent
  5. Every Joint Chief in the armed forces
  6. Lindsey Graham
  7. Jeff Flake
  8. Newt Gingrich

Fox News can’t find a single Republican willing to go on air and defend Trump.  Not even Chris Christie, Rudy Giulliani, or any of his long-term allies.  Ivanka and Kushner literally left DC and are entirely off air and out of sight, with their own Rabbi saying Trump is off the walls here.  Every expert, every friend of his, every defender is making their displeasure and shock about Trump known.

So yeah, validation, and a reminder that this outrage isn’t just a Tumblr thing.  It isn’t just a Democrat thing, or a partisan thing.  It is, literally, every political player, every person of note, every political/cultural/religious/economic voice, even hard-right wing ones are saying Trump fucked up.  Even people with a direct and vested interest in Trump “winning” can’t support or condone his dithering.  Not even his own staff.

And on the other side you have Trump, and the white supremacists who say he’s a white supremacist (but not enough of one because he gave his daughter to a jew).

dipper aesthetics
  • Too many pens. Where did they come from. Why are they all broken?
  • Your sister making you sign up for clubs and you always talking about how much you don’t like them and groaning when you have to get up and go but once you’re there you really like it. You tell her you hated it when you’re both in the car afterward. 
  • That heart pounding moment of panic when it looks like someone’s going to tell you you said the wrong word.   
  • Clutter on the floor, clutter on desks, clutter in your head. 
  • The dust dirt and trash at the bottom of a duct-tape patched backpack.
  • That feeling when you want to know things but you can’t process anything. Reading the same sentence multiple times and memorizing things by the word and not the meaning. 
  • Mispronouncing words you only see in books. 
  • Putting factual notes and opinions all in the same place. 
  • Doing things in twos and fours and eights. Math and avoiding things you’re still afraid of. 
  • Being embarrassed by scrapbooks and photo albums but taping pictures of everyone smiling in the blank pages of textbooks, field guides, and journals.
  • Watching Ghost Adventures at 5 AM because you can’t get back to sleep. 
  • Watching shows about camping on tv and then telling everybody you actually went camping. 
  • Eating more of a shared snack you’re having with a friend and coming up with a secret system of checks and balances to make up for it. 
  • Being scared of leaving people and places but lying in bed late at night thinking about being somewhere else. 
  • Thinking grown-ups are better than they are. Being really mad when adults break rules and swear and do things wrong because they’re supposed to be better. 
  • Drinking too much soda to stay up all night and that weird excitement when you’re breaking little rules that don’t even matter. 
  • Grudges and getting into fights you can’t win. 
  • Too many patches on your vest and drawing over graffiti you don’t like.  
  • Saying “trust no one” to yourself over and over when you want to believe in everyone. Knowing she’s wrong when she does too much for other people but wanting to believe in them too. 
Precious Little Friend - Chapter 1

Group/Member: EXO/All Members

Genre: Angst with some subtle fluff (couldn’t resist lol sorry), Monster!au

Warnings: Mentions of blood, kidnapping, and violence later on.

Word Count: 1,086

Summary: The boys were going to battle, but when someone they care about gets involved, things get a bit too personal.

Author’s Note: This wasn’t requested, but is inspired by EXO’s “Monster” music video. I decided to give it a twist and make it about the battle that you see them get into with the soldiers/guards! This is going to be a mini series, so keep a look out for the next chapter!

- Admin Bekah

Chapters: Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3

Originally posted by baeminn

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