vest for the win


LoT ladies + the old west

"you underestimate me.”

a sort of joke sequel to this fic which you actually should probably read first for any of this to make sense. like literally this will probably make zero sense without it. it still probably makes no sense lol.

special thanks to the anon that requested a happy ending lmao

one day i’ll write a proper angst piece and you all will cry but today is not that day

Spencer groans as the lights flashed on his vest, setting off an obnoxious ringing sound. The two of you remain silent for a few moments, before he looks at you and says, “That was harsh.”

You shrug, taking a step back from him and lowering your laser gun. “I told you, Spence. I play to win.” You smirk, shrugging off your own vest and reaching forward to help him deactivate his. “Besides, you have years of experience on me, SSA Reid.”

“It’s Doctor to you.” He rolls his eyes, making his way over to you.

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im voting for kanye west in 2020 because kanye west is the kanye best, a better candidate than all of the kanye rest and i know he will win because that is his kanye quest and america will then put him to the kanye test whilst he wears his kanye vest on his kanye chest then once he wins he will have a kanye fest and first lady kim will be his kanye guest and she will add some kanye zest to america then kanye west will make america feel kanye blessed and it finally wont be kanye messed anymore as he will not kanye rest until america is the perfect kanye nest and no one will be under kanye arrest as kanye west will make america the kanye best.

Good afternoon folks, and welcome to this, my first statistical map of the ESC ‘17 season. It’s about something which I consider to detract from the spirit of the competition, and which has provided an unhealthily huge dose of drama this year: the lack of democracy in selecting each nation’s Eurovision representatives.

For once, I’m not talking about internal selections - though I do find it a shame that 17 countries do not engage their citizens in any way in picking the singer that will represent them, and a further two allow them only to pick the singer but not the song through a ridiculous process of elimination that picks the best karaöke singer, but not necessarily the best singer for the song chosen. I’m talking dodgy national finals where the people’s choice ends up secondary. Check out my analysis below:

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Prompto has lots of experience with self doubt, which makes him great at detecting it and responding to it. Here’s some ways he would comfort his s/o:

-Post it notes with “reasons I love you” around the house
-Surprise kisses and hugs
-Pictures of his s/o that he brought to mind when writing post it notes taped above them
-Kissing every inch of his s/o’s face as he lists all of the things he loves about them most
-Pulling his s/o into long hugs and not letting go
-Piggyback rides
-Less bitching about fighting and more puns
-like seriously
-100000000 puns
-He will buy anything and everything he thinks his s/o like to gift them
-Like that piece of candy? Here’s 3000 pieces
-Like my vest? Take my vest.
-Oh you want a teddy bear? Yeah I’m gonna go win you one babe I gotchu
-He won’t let his s/o’s hand go and keeps starring at them like they’re the holy grail
-Babe you are a blessing, I love you so much.
-Kisses before bed all over his s/o’s face

Prompto would do anything for the ones he loves.


  • me, circa 2015: wow gay marriage in america, a bisexual lead on my favourite show, clexa will become cannon, i'm living in the era of true representation
  • me, circa 2016: my dreams are shattered, do any tv shows not suck? ugh, i need to buy a bullet proof vest!
dipper aesthetics
  • Too many pens. Where did they come from. Why are they all broken?
  • Your sister making you sign up for clubs and you always talking about how much you don’t like them and groaning when you have to get up and go but once you’re there you really like it. You tell her you hated it when you’re both in the car afterward. 
  • That heart pounding moment of panic when it looks like someone’s going to tell you you said the wrong word.   
  • Clutter on the floor, clutter on desks, clutter in your head. 
  • The dust dirt and trash at the bottom of a duct-tape patched backpack.
  • That feeling when you want to know things but you can’t process anything. Reading the same sentence multiple times and memorizing things by the word and not the meaning. 
  • Mispronouncing words you only see in books. 
  • Putting factual notes and opinions all in the same place. 
  • Doing things in twos and fours and eights. Math and avoiding things you’re still afraid of. 
  • Being embarrassed by scrapbooks and photo albums but taping pictures of everyone smiling in the blank pages of textbooks, field guides, and journals.
  • Watching Ghost Adventures at 5 AM because you can’t get back to sleep. 
  • Watching shows about camping on tv and then telling everybody you actually went camping. 
  • Eating more of a shared snack you’re having with a friend and coming up with a secret system of checks and balances to make up for it. 
  • Being scared of leaving people and places but lying in bed late at night thinking about being somewhere else. 
  • Thinking grown-ups are better than they are. Being really mad when adults break rules and swear and do things wrong because they’re supposed to be better. 
  • Drinking too much soda to stay up all night and that weird excitement when you’re breaking little rules that don’t even matter. 
  • Grudges and getting into fights you can’t win. 
  • Too many patches on your vest and drawing over graffiti you don’t like.  
  • Saying “trust no one” to yourself over and over when you want to believe in everyone. Knowing she’s wrong when she does too much for other people but wanting to believe in them too. 
Precious Little Friend - Chapter 1

Group/Member: EXO/All Members

Genre: Angst with some subtle fluff (couldn’t resist lol sorry), Monster!au

Warnings: Mentions of blood, kidnapping, and violence later on.

Word Count: 1,086

Summary: The boys were going to battle, but when someone they care about gets involved, things get a bit too personal.

Author’s Note: This wasn’t requested, but is inspired by EXO’s “Monster” music video. I decided to give it a twist and make it about the battle that you see them get into with the soldiers/guards! This is going to be a mini series, so keep a look out for the next chapter!

- Admin Bekah

Chapters: Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3

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Please check out the hallway scene from Inception (also any other whump you can find from that movie it's so great) thank ur gr8

Oh great idea anon! Arthur fighting in zero gravity hallway while wearing a fashionable suit vest…Inception wins best dressed whump.

where derek is scott’s earnest campaign manager, like he thinks scott mccall is the universe and can save america. starting with beacon county. and stiles is scott’s publicist. like, have you heard of scott mccall? he’s awesome. stiles polls just about every voter in the great state of california. basically, stiles and derek have a crazy vested interest in scott winning every election. like, you talk shit about scott mccall, derek hale will find you in the dark when you least expect it and tell you how much of a gift scott is. 

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Can you write about how Sasuke finds out how popular Sakura is with guys



Sakura closes her eyes as she hears Naruto’s familiar voice again. It was loud and piercing and certainly could go several decibels lower. She wanted to walk straight and just speed walk away from where she was but she knew that Naruto would find a way to catch up. She turns around. “What?!” she barks.

“On a date with Sasuke?” Naruto asks with a grin as he came up to Sasuke and winks and pokes him on the shoulder. 

“We were until you showed up,” Sasuke mutters.

Naruto shrugs off that comment as he gives Sasuke a slap on the back. “Sakura-chan, you look pretty today! New dress?”

Sakura smiles, pleased that someone noticed. She could almost forget the fact that Naruto had stormed and interrupted her date with Sasuke. “Yes,” she says happily as she gives a small twirl. “I went shopping with Hinata last weekend.”

“Hinata! Shoot, I forgot! I’m supposed to meet her right now!” Naruto exclaims as he runs off in a mad dash towards Ichiraku. 

“What an idiot,” Sasuke mutters as Sakura chuckles. 


Sasuke and Sakura turned around. This time, it was Lee.

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