Startorialist Kristen Fredriksen (aka @thefinenailfrontier) shared this Kohl’s find with us on twitter last week, and it led me down a rabbit hole of epic Moon t-shirts, very apropos for this week! They’re all from the Juniors’ section so the sizing is on the tiny size, but they’re all on sale.

From top to bottom:

Give me Some Space blue tee

I love you to the Moon phases tee

Rainbow Moon phases on gray tee

Rainbow Moon phases on black tank top

Chase the Moon blue tank top

Slightly Illuminati Moon phase tank top

Fly me to the Moon pastel tee–Emily

What to do when you don’t own a blue blazer.

I find it hard to get a blazer my size that fits and end up not having the plain colors I need. So, I don’t own a black or a blue blazer. What to do? I find I like the combination of denim with more formal wear. and I don’t think it looks that bad even in a put together outfit. 

I like this outfit because I think you can wear it in formal events but also in celebrations such as weddings. I have to say I am in love with my new tie from Guess. A friend of mine works in an airport and sometimes these things get lost so, she thought of me. I am a lucky one. <3


Denim Jacket, shirt and throusers: GAP



Tie: Guess

Ring: BrancoPrata

An old one, but I’m such a big fan of this style by @curtisanewkirk I had to share it! 👏

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