artcanary  asked:

Vespa (or any of them) 8 and 16 (I think those are the right numbers? "What would be their favorite tv show" and "favorite terrain")

8) What is their favorite tv show?
Star Trek, both TNG and TOS. She likes socialism, and the fact that there’s aliens portrayed closer to how they actually are in reality. And the themes of equality and hope are very in line with her beliefs.

16) What is their favorite terrain?
She likes forests, and definitely drags her teammate/datemate Dave out on hikes.

Vespula vulgaris, Vespidae, foraging on Impatiens glandulifera, Balsaminaceae

This encounter was quite brief, and the main subject was so covered in pollen that I can’t be entirely sure about the ID, but I’m positive it was a Common wasp foraging on Himalayan Balsam. If anybody thinks otherwise, feel free to let me know and correct me!