anonymous asked:

I like ants. Do you have ants. Tell me about the ants please.

we sure do have ants at the museum; there’s an entire cabinet for formicidae and vespoidea, however that particular cabinet isnt open to the public due to being research specimens

  but here are some ant facts!

-ants are the longest living insects and can live up to 30 years (the queen)

-ants have two stomachs, one for themselves and another to feed others

-ants can live up to 24 hours under water

-ants, like humans, “farm” other species of insect. aphids produce a surgery substance that ants are attached to and therefore tend and herd them, as well as raise aphid young. they do not eat the aphids themselves, they protect them to consume the sugary liquid they produce

-some ants raid other colonies, kill the queen, and “enslave” the remaining ants, as well as steal pupae from other colonies to raise