Ordu-Teksas, Vespa'sıyla İngiltere, Abd ve Kanada'yı karış karış gezen Osman Gürsoy'un hikayesini anlatıyor <3

30 days of Anime (Day 21) - Favorite Yandere - Haruhara Haruko

She’s just insane. It is delicious.

I’m not sure if I quite get FLCL cuz I watched a bootleg DVD in which the subtitles were really off at one point (and out of 6 episodes, that’s a lot of information to kinda miss) but I’m pretty sure she’s a yandere. Favorite because I generally don’t like yanderes (generally a party pooper in a shoujo-relationship), but she is just THAT. FREAKING. AWESOME. Can only aspire to be that awesome.

Yes i know that was incoherent.

Runner Up: Akira from Lucky Star. She’s deliciously evil as well…just not really dere at all. Lucky Channel was the best part of Lucky Star <3