vespa draws

“Where to?” Mal asked.

Back here, a whole campus away from the front lawn, the sounds of the party were already dimming and softening as they lost their reach by the time they washed over the pair.

“…Somewhere far, so far we can’t see the city lights,” Evie answered, leaning forward and resting her chin on Mal’s shoulder.

“…A girl after my own heart.”
- Heartbeat, @heart-seoul-soshi

Just some bees, hanging out and discussing matters.

I really loved the design of Lifeblood Queen Teryxia, and wanted to draw all the bees together. Mot is being a curious little cutey while the two queens are talking, interested in the squishy, blue, scuttling bug that came with the blue queen

Hivequeen Ceraph belongs to me

Mot belongs to @soulwhapper

Lifeblood Queen Teryxia belongs to @monhun-engi-tery (Her reference by @ask-a-huntress)