Holidays 2015-08-24

Knives, waffles, volcanoes, unusual music, planetary classification, and complaining about the weather are things to celebrate today:

This is a volcanic week; besides Vesuvius, Krakatoa has a holiday later in the week.

Can you believe the weather? When will this <insert local weather condition> stop?

I know that many dislike the Pluto planetary demotion, though it is a sign of something good: We’re learning about important differences between the sun’s satellites, and it’s this information that is triggering the reclassification.

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Find Your Perfect Wedding Attire On This Week's HIMYM
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The Year 2024, we open with Ted and ‘The Mother’ sitting in the hotel while it is snowing outside, they look significantly older. He is trying to tell him one of his stories and she intrupts and is able to recap all the stories he is about to tell her. Ted realises he has told her all his stories. She starts telling him a story which he does the same. They know all of their partner’s stories and they congratulate each other on being an old married couple.

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