Bumitaw (Let It Go Filipino Version)
  • Bumitaw (Let It Go Filipino Version)
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EDITED: slightly less horrible now haha

Bumitaw (Tagalog version of Let It Go)

lyrics by me

Puti ang yapak ng paa ko sa lupa ng bundok
Ako lang nag-iisa sa sarili kong mundo
Kagat ng hangin parang sugat sa puso
Kung itago ay sasakit lalo
Wag mong ipapahalata
Kakayaning mo’y ikahiya
Hindi ka iintindihin (intindihin)

Bumitaw (2x) ipakita mo sa mundo
Bumitaw (2x) ang kapangyarihan mo
Wag mo nang bigyang pansin
Ang hirit nila
Ngumingning ka nang parang ‘sang bituin

Kung meron kang problema
Aba wala lang yan
At kung ika’y matakot
Sa ‘yong kapalaran

Tingnan mo ang iyong kamay
Lakas ay di nangangalay
Kat’wiran mo ang hirang mo

Bumitaw (2x)
Lumipad sa iyong pakpak
Bumitaw (2x)
Wag ka nang umiyak

Dinggin mo ang puso mo
Wag silang pansin…

Kapangyarihan ko’y parang bagyong hamak
At ang kaluluwa’y yumuyugyog buong galak
Isang isip ko ay buong sanlibutan
Wag kang sumuko—pangarap mo’y kamtan

Bumitaw (2x)
Ang saysay mo’y walang hanggan
Bumitaw (2x)
Kaya mo ang anuman
Sikat ka sa iyong galing
Sa gabing dilim
Ngunmingning ka nang parang ‘sang bituin

Translation into English:

My footsteps are white on the surface of the mountain

Just me by myself in my own world

The bite of the wind is like a wound in my heart

If I hide it it just hurts more

Don’t let it show

Be ashamed of your skills

They won’t understand (understand)

Let go (2x) Show the world

Let go (2x) Your power

Don’t take notice

of their petty words

Twinkle and shine like a star

If you have problems

Well you know they’re nothing at all

And if you begin to fear

your fate

Look at your hands

Their strength doesn’t falter

Your ‘right’ is your choice


Let go (2x)

Fly on your own wings

Let go (2x)

Don’t cry anymore

Listen to your heart

Don’t mind them…

My power is like a ruinous storm

And my soul dances with full gladness

One thought is an entire world

Don’t give up—reach your dreams.

Let go (2x)

Your worth has no end

Let go (2x)

You can do anything

Aim high in your greatness

In the dark night

Twinkle and shine like a star


Naya Rivera Dorsey  ♡  My advice to anyone who is struggling with this would be to give it time to try to notice all the great qualities you possess. There are always going to be things you don’t like about yourself or reasons to compare yourself to others, but once you realize that you only get one you, it’s best to just love yourself.


Sauron for mentalramen :3
dark lord-maiar vesion….i wanted to draw really dark picture-i even drew that mask from movie!-…but i just can´t …..i tried, but i found it´s impossible for me to draw things with no colours….^^;
….mmm…i´m sending some pictures from my drawing process…few people asked for them..:3


Everyone is spending a lot of time making theories etc, about the Skywalker family, saying that maybe, Kylo Ren & Rey are siblings, the Solo´s twins? But..if they are a new vesion of Dark Vader and Padme Amidala. 

I ship Reylo, their scenes were impressives together. 

He likes her strenght, her determination, her beauty that´s for sure. i just hope we could have another epic impossible love coming, would be amazing see the tormented Kylo trying to stay in the dark side, while the love pull him until the light again….would be almost the opposite side of Anakin falling in the dark side, though Padme…i wait by Reylo.