finally, the family AU backstory!!!

i’m SO unsatisfied with this lmao,, this is gonna be so cliché/cheesy…. //cries. also fast storyline bc i want to make this quite short. i think it’s going to be in 5 parts but i’m not sure yet! twitter

part two


(170310) order & cook sneak peak, full vesion! 


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If it's not a bother can i request a reactions? During the ten years darkness the chocobros s/o grow considerably close to Talcott and when he became older they often go hunting toghter. Some hunters, with the usual malice of stupid people, start to gossiping about that, saying the two of them are more than friends behind the guys shoulders. The chocobros would be upset? Sometimes false word roots deep even in a mature and smart person, doubt arouse when under stress.

Since this is during the 10 years of darkness, I gotta leave poor boy Noctis out. <3


the original version was a mistake due to my poor reading skills haha, so I had to redo. Sorry for the inconvenience y’all. It’s a Monday aha. 

Prompto wouldn’t really care seeing as that he has worked on his insecurities during the ten years of darkness. He still might need words of assurance every now and again, but he places enough trust in his s/o to know that nothing extra is going on in Talcott’s friendship. Talcott and him also have a close friendship and Prompto knows Talcott would never betray him like that. 

Gladiolus is really protective of his s/o. He can’t help but the slightest bit jealous when he spots Talcott and his s/o chatting in the Hunter HQ. He sees Talcott like a blood relative and he thinks highly of his s/o. He talks to his s/o about the rumors, and his s/o assures his nothing is going on between the two. Gladiolus believes them… but steadily grows an irritation for Talcott. 

Ignis would be very uncomfortable about the rumors spreading around. He, unlike Gladio and Prompto, never brings it to his s/o’s attention. He wants to  completely trusts his s/o. He knows Talcott is a very respectful and intelligent young man and you most likely never intrude on their relationship. Still, Ignis is more than uncomfortable when he hears his s/o talking with Talcott. 


because i can’t help that Super Rookie Flashback scene when i saw Eric Oppa trying to use his cellphone as a mirror during this DoR episode.. :)))

let me have this face transformation GiF set:

Kang Ho Vesion aspiring Kang Tae Ha look alike :)))


Worth It.

A/N: Okay, so I wrote this over te course of, I don’t know, like, two months (don’t fucking judge me,) anyways, if there’s any major grammar mistakes, just tell me, I won’t be mad. It’s my fault for being lazy. lol.

“I hope it was worth it.”

The sound of skin smacking skin fills the room in one loud crack.

“I hope you understand how upset you made Niall, had the poor guy convinced you were tired of us.”

Another smack, and a loud mewl.

“I’m sorry, so, so sorry, j-just please–” he babbles, tugging at the belt digging into the olive skin of his wrists.

“I’d hate to be cliche, Zayn, but, bad boys get punished, and it seems you forgot who you belong to.” He says, compsed to completly contradicting the way he lands another solid smack on the pale skin of his ass, rubbing the dark pink imprint on his ass.

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Everyone is spending a lot of time making theories etc, about the Skywalker family, saying that maybe, Kylo Ren & Rey are siblings, the Solo´s twins? But..if they are a new vesion of Dark Vader and Padme Amidala. 

I ship Reylo, their scenes were impressives together. 

He likes her strenght, her determination, her beauty that´s for sure. i just hope we could have another epic impossible love coming, would be amazing see the tormented Kylo trying to stay in the dark side, while the love pull him until the light again….would be almost the opposite side of Anakin falling in the dark side, though Padme…i wait by Reylo. 

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Hi wonderfully talented person! I'm so glad you posted that drawing process post thing.... I've been trying to find those types of things since I got photoshop.... If it's not to much to ask I was wondering what brushes you use and when. Thanks, I love your art!

Hello! Thank you very much for the compliment. I hope the drawing process post helped you even a little, green panda san!

And Tosacchin XDD~ AHH it sounds cuteeee but you know there’s a dog called “Tosa” in Japan? 

(I hope Kurokocchi takes me in)


As I’ve mentioned before, I only use Paint Tool SAI to draw so the settings in here are all only applicable to Paint Tool SAI (;w; ). I think you can find the Brush settings ones for Photoshop in deviantART! 

Paint Tool SAI: 

Official English (has 31 days free Trial) 

You can also find an unofficial English translation for this.


These are the things I usually use for drawing/line art. Pen and Pencil. I got the Pencil setting from deviantART I think. You can just type “pencil setting SAI“ on the deviantART search and come up with different brush settings! I think there are more options for Brushes when it’s for Photoshop? Since you can easily download them there?

There are also brush settings in Pixiv but they are mostly in Japanese vesion of Paint Tool SAI (but if you still want to take a look, just type ブラシ設定 or just ブラシ). You’ll come up with stuff like THIS, THIS, or THIS

I haven’t really explored on what brushes we can use but anyway, these are the only things I needed until now to sketch or draw line art. 

I use the Pencil brush to draw line art too because I’m not fond of clean lines because they will be flat and boring. It’s one of the reasons I don’t use the Vector layer. 


These are what I normally use for coloring :D I don’t really use AirBrush because I find it hard to control. I just use the Brush and if I want it to look softer I blend it with Water Brush, or I use the color picker and blend normally. I usually use the Water Brush to put gradients. For the “Team” arts I mostly use Brush tool because I wanted them to look sharp. For example for Kurokocchi’s hair, I used the Brush tool + Fringe. The Fringe setting makes you have those little outlines around the layer. The “Square” brush I use is my favorite because it also makes it look like that but if I want a stronger “outline”, I apply the “Fringe” 

For the Oiran one, I mostly used Water I think. I just vary the color and everything by the Pressure. I press really hard to get the hard color and vary my hand’s pressure like that. And then, I use a darker color in smaller diameter to define the creases. 

I hope those answered your questions!

Natalia (*********** submitted:

Hi I’m sorry about this but i needed to tell someone that i just finished watching billy elliot and I’m drowned in feels ; _ ; (have you ever watched it?) Anyways I realized michael and billy look kind of like kid vesions of dean and cas just loOK aT thEM

oh my gosh they dooooooooooooo

i have seen it, years and years ago. i might watch it again just because that gif is fucking adorable and i 100% need a dancing children AU in my brain

Bumitaw (Let It Go Filipino Version)
Bumitaw (Let It Go Filipino Version)

EDITED: slightly less horrible now haha

Bumitaw (Tagalog version of Let It Go)

lyrics by me

Puti ang yapak ng paa ko sa lupa ng bundok
Ako lang nag-iisa sa sarili kong mundo
Kagat ng hangin parang sugat sa puso
Kung itago ay sasakit lalo
Wag mong ipapahalata
Kakayaning mo’y ikahiya
Hindi ka iintindihin (intindihin)

Bumitaw (2x) ipakita mo sa mundo
Bumitaw (2x) ang kapangyarihan mo
Wag mo nang bigyang pansin
Ang hirit nila
Ngumingning ka nang parang ‘sang bituin

Kung meron kang problema
Aba wala lang yan
At kung ika’y matakot
Sa ‘yong kapalaran

Tingnan mo ang iyong kamay
Lakas ay di nangangalay
Kat’wiran mo ang hirang mo

Bumitaw (2x)
Lumipad sa iyong pakpak
Bumitaw (2x)
Wag ka nang umiyak

Dinggin mo ang puso mo
Wag silang pansin…

Kapangyarihan ko’y parang bagyong hamak
At ang kaluluwa’y yumuyugyog buong galak
Isang isip ko ay buong sanlibutan
Wag kang sumuko—pangarap mo’y kamtan

Bumitaw (2x)
Ang saysay mo’y walang hanggan
Bumitaw (2x)
Kaya mo ang anuman
Sikat ka sa iyong galing
Sa gabing dilim
Ngunmingning ka nang parang ‘sang bituin

Translation into English:

My footsteps are white on the surface of the mountain

Just me by myself in my own world

The bite of the wind is like a wound in my heart

If I hide it it just hurts more

Don’t let it show

Be ashamed of your skills

They won’t understand (understand)

Let go (2x) Show the world

Let go (2x) Your power

Don’t take notice

of their petty words

Twinkle and shine like a star

If you have problems

Well you know they’re nothing at all

And if you begin to fear

your fate

Look at your hands

Their strength doesn’t falter

Your ‘right’ is your choice


Let go (2x)

Fly on your own wings

Let go (2x)

Don’t cry anymore

Listen to your heart

Don’t mind them…

My power is like a ruinous storm

And my soul dances with full gladness

One thought is an entire world

Don’t give up—reach your dreams.

Let go (2x)

Your worth has no end

Let go (2x)

You can do anything

Aim high in your greatness

In the dark night

Twinkle and shine like a star