finally, the family AU backstory!!!

i’m SO unsatisfied with this lmao,, this is gonna be so cliché/cheesy…. //cries. also fast storyline bc i want to make this quite short. i think it’s going to be in 5 parts but i’m not sure yet! twitter

part two

snowleaf  asked:

does PJ have human vesion? If yes can I see his full design?

Ah yep! And as for the design…. Well… kinda?

Here’s a quick color sketch I have…

Here are some other sketches I found looking around:

(second link goes to a pic made by Skoop with human PJ wearing clothes similar to the original)

But aah man all of the rest are… kinda trapped in a separate hard drive at the moment. Have them - just can’t access them. But I know there are a few other pictures here and there on my blog!

Things to note though:

  • Paper’s human form is biologically female. Still is genderfluid though so they switch up what they wear depending on how they feel. 
  • The vitiligo on their face will cross from lower right cheek to upper left forehead - crossing the bridge of the nose. 
  • Their hair is thick and will clump up together.
  • Human PJ doesn’t wear a scarf most of the time.

aaand that’s all I can think of with them =_=


(170310) order & cook sneak peak, full vesion! 

Hi, this is a long-overdue Tumbleton rant

Earlier this week I had a surge of let’s-do-this-shit enthusiasm and loaded up Tumbleton to add a test version of the playable families to see how it would play, and that son of a bitch started crashing before they were all moved in. I don’t know if it’s the size of the hood, or if there’s something wrong with the lots, or if I messed up something when creating the sims (I was very careful and thought twice about every step, but when has that been enough for The Sims 2: BFBVFS), but I know I’m not the only one who has had crashes in it.

That’s one of the two main reasons I never released a vesion with playable sims (the other being that I was afraid of touching their memories for fear of corrupting something, and putting it off until I would learn how to do it properly, except there’s nowhere to learn that from, and round it goes) - the feeling that I could put in a lot of work into it and then nobody would play it because it was crashy and unstable. Now that the TS2 fanbase is becoming kinda modest, there’s probably no point, because the hood wasn’t getting downloaded like hot cakes even 2 years ago. But at this point it’s stepping on my goddamn ambition.

I love this damn hood, so many people put in so much effort into it, and god DAMN did I spend upwards of a 100 hours assembling it and managing the spreadsheets and updating the blog and writing the documentation. My best bet to make it more stable is to a) split the terrain into four subhoods to make it less computer-killing, b) remake all the houses from scratch in a clean game environment without ever moving sims in (because so many of the lots were playtested and packaged by the time I got on the project, community lots would creaty junk sim files when opened, so on. That was always my main suspect).

That’s, of course, if the simless version of the hood is unstable, because if it’s the sims that cause problems then there’s no fucking way I could do it more carefully unless I just didn’t touch any of the unmarriageable NPCs, let the game spawn them, and included the submitted sims as townies… But this is an amount of work I no longer have the strenght or time for. If I knew for sure that rebuilding all lots would fix it, fuck it, I would do it, but when I imagine doing all this work and then seeing that it’s still buggy I’d be so angry at myself for wasting time when I have so little of it.

But taking buildings from just one subhood and putting them on a separate terrain might work for testing, I guess….? If it works well enough without rebuilding the lots, I might go for the split version. If it doesn’t - that means the played lots cause problems, and I could bite that bullet and rebuild just one district and playtest it with the NPC/Townie pool. If it then starts crashing, I’ll just go out on town and meet some people or whatever, maybe go to a zoo, do some knitting.

I just want someone to enjoy this hood after how much love was poured into it, and if that enjoyment comes form me managing to wrangle that sn of a bitch into obedience, so be it. 💀


because i can’t help that Super Rookie Flashback scene when i saw Eric Oppa trying to use his cellphone as a mirror during this DoR episode.. :)))

let me have this face transformation GiF set:

Kang Ho Vesion aspiring Kang Tae Ha look alike :)))


Worth It.

A/N: Okay, so I wrote this over te course of, I don’t know, like, two months (don’t fucking judge me,) anyways, if there’s any major grammar mistakes, just tell me, I won’t be mad. It’s my fault for being lazy. lol.

“I hope it was worth it.”

The sound of skin smacking skin fills the room in one loud crack.

“I hope you understand how upset you made Niall, had the poor guy convinced you were tired of us.”

Another smack, and a loud mewl.

“I’m sorry, so, so sorry, j-just please–” he babbles, tugging at the belt digging into the olive skin of his wrists.

“I’d hate to be cliche, Zayn, but, bad boys get punished, and it seems you forgot who you belong to.” He says, compsed to completly contradicting the way he lands another solid smack on the pale skin of his ass, rubbing the dark pink imprint on his ass.

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Hi I’m sorry about this but i needed to tell someone that i just finished watching billy elliot and I’m drowned in feels ; _ ; (have you ever watched it?) Anyways I realized michael and billy look kind of like kid vesions of dean and cas just loOK aT thEM

oh my gosh they dooooooooooooo

i have seen it, years and years ago. i might watch it again just because that gif is fucking adorable and i 100% need a dancing children AU in my brain