My “Common Ground Labyrinth” design is derived from an ancient symbol of harmony and unity called the Vesica Pisces. The symbol is formed when two interlocking rings create an eye-shaped oval where they intersect. In his discussion of Sacred Geometry, Charles Gilchrist reveals that “ALL form evolves from this shape. The Vesica Pisces is literally the womb of the universe, the ever unfolding mother of Sacred Geometry.”

The Vesica Pisces is viewed as a symbolic representation of bringing opposites into balance. The central space formed by the overlapping circles holds the potential for the birth of new perspectives on dualities. It is a place of common ground where two opposing forces can dwell harmoniously. A meditative walk on this Labyrinth can assist us in embodying the idea that dualities can achieve peaceful co-existence.

The fact that the Vesica Pisces is an ancient universal symbol that can heal separation and create wholeness closely links it to the Labyrinth. The marriage of the two in this design is intended to provide a sense of peace, harmony, and connection to those who walk it.

The placement of the “Common Ground Labyrinth” at the Ground Zero Memorial site would offer an effective way for people to process their seemingly disparate and opposing feelings relating to the events of September 11. Even before that fateful day, when speaking to my workshop audiences, I likened such confusion to riding on a pendulum that swings back and forth between hope and despair, love and hate, fear and courage. To be aware of the events going on around the world is to feel the sense of being in a whirlwind of other such dualities. Perhaps walking this Labyrinth can help us remain in balance in the center of the storm.

The marble pathways that wind through both circles can be entered by turning either right or left at the entrance. Traditional Labyrinths that lead us to the right tend to present us with a masculine viewpoint while a left turn entrance offers the feminine perspective. Regardless of which choice one makes to enter, both views will be experienced because the paths lead us through each of the circles and out the other side.

Inside the rings of the “Common Ground Labyrinth” the names of those who died on September 11 will be displayed for honoring. The interior space of the circles will be a flower-lined lawn. The focal point will display a written dedication and can be viewed at four different turns on the walk.

When we reach the middle of the Labyrinth, we can feel the supportiveness of the interwoven circles as well as the calming effect of the expansion of time and space. On the paths surrounding it, we have the opportunity to view the center from the inner edges of each of the two circles. We walk all the way around as water glides from two low fountains across the steel surface of the Vesica Pisces shape and spills over the edge creating the healing sound of a waterfall.

In this new form Labyrinth, we do not retrace our steps as we leave. Instead, we walk on to absorb the perspective that the second circle offers. We then exit through the opening opposite from our chosen entrance. It is my hope that when people walk these joining rings, that the new perspectives they gain will ripple out into the world to create the elusive inner and outer peace that we humans yearn for.

3-5-12 / We both had the feeling that something is happening, that planets are doing strange movements, it was like having some additional light in my view of “things”, and then i started the alchemical process and “accidentally” i created the image of Vesica Piscis symbol. Our “reality” is changing. We are doing a shift. Svetluška is having many symptoms of ascension and i have strange feelings and conjunctions of phenomenas too. Hold us fingers. 


The only pattern I have ever made that needed to be color-coded, numbered and lettered so I could remember how the pieces fit together. A simple a-line strap dress made out of interlocking, interwoven vesica’s, laid out onto a grid that starts smaller on the top and grows as it goes down the length of the pattern. The first picture shows you the “map” of the whole pattern, the later images show you the first layer of the pieces and the second layer, where the vesica’s are interlocking.

Started this a year ago, hope I can finish it in the next few months!

Friday August 12th’s vibration (12+8+2+0+1+6) = 29/11 (/2). It’s an 11 MASTER number day! Today, we can really tune into 11’s energy and to truly appreciate the metaphysical meaning of this vibration, one needs to understand the GEOMETRY it creates, the geometry of LIGHT itself!

11 is known as THE Master number because it reflects the expansion of consciousness, of LIGHT, when two 1’s are joined, as represented by the two circles (the number 1 is expressed geometrically as the circle), joining in the geometry of 11, the Vesica Piscis, (1+1=3, not 2, the revelation of the trinity is revealed through this symbol).
And naturally, The word LIGHT has a letter total of 11, too! I wrote a blog recently about the symbolism of the 11:11 phenomena:
11 reveals to us what we are, light-beings who are reflections of the creator looking back upon itself throughout the whole of creation. The 11:11 phenomena triggers this awareness: it is the divine spirit reminding us of who we really are, and connects us with the Unity of creation, it opens up a gateway in our consciousness that leads us back home to the source of that light within us all.
If you can embody and ground this light today, you can tap into immense spiritual WISDOM, which is another word that vibrates to the number 11.

Interestingly, the word Duality adds up to 11 too, and it is this illusion that the 11 can teach us to overcome, and indeed it is this polarised perception that will be transformed as we enter the new cycle of cosmic awareness.
When the marriage of polarity occurs, such as in the instance of balancing the left and right brain perceptions equally, our awareness is reborn.
This concept is the key message that underpins the geometric symbolism of the 11, the Vesica Piscis, and the holy trinity, the joining of the two to create the third.

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