227 // Walwalan na ba us? Hello Manila in a few hours. Feeling ko sa Mckinley na naman ako mapapadpad bukas. Haha. Wala pa akong maayos na itinerary because everything is a mess! I couldn’t find a decent or maokay na car services. Pero most likely here are the possible details:

15: 12MN arrival in Manila (prolly going to stay at McKinley)
15: Millionaires Club Meeting somewhere in QC
16: QC
17: Batangas
18: Batangas
19: Manila or Tagaytay (depends, if we can push through with the plans to stay at Kuya Sam Verzosa’s rest house)
20: Prolly on my way to Baguio
21: Baguio
22: Baguio
23: Vigan/Sand Dunes (not sure)
24: La Union (Santorini Spot, we’ll see)
25: Manila
26: Manila or prolly going to book a ticket to Davao now

I haven’t booked a return ticket yet so good luck, again. Lol. I want to meet as many people as i can, so i might squeeze a lot of happenings in between. Just PM me and let’s hang!

I talk to God about you every time
Sometimes I find myself asking Him
What inspired Him to write your story
And how he came up with you
What did he take from sun
To form your eyes
And how many pieces of the sky
Did it take to make your skin

How did he come up with your voice?
Did He take inspiration
From the wind and the birds?
Are your arms derived from
The strength of lions?
Because your strength can carry
Every season that crosses your path
When storms hit, you stand tall
Unwavering in your stance

I asked God what inspired Him
To write you, did He do it because
The earth needs your voice? Or your heart?

I spoke to God about your heart
But I already knew that He had
Taken pieces of His own
To mold yours and that your beauty
Is made in His image

After that I kept silent and praised
Because I realized
that He has a purpose
And I am grateful that He wrote you
That He planned your life
So intricately and intimately
The world is a much better place
And I am here to see it and feel it

—  To my future wife, twenty // Pablo Verzosa

A significant love in the form of a cross; bloodied and wounded for my transgressions, He took the whip in my stead while I scoffed and mocked and spit on His face. What happened next was wonderful; He took the beating I deserved because He is love, without fear or second thought He freely gave His life. In His final breath it was finished and The ground shook as He tore the veil, all the earth emptied of the sin that reeked every heart; He has won, He has won, freed me from my chains; no longer a slave to the dark, the light shines and I am new; alleluia to the One beautiful and true! Death cannot keep Him for He is holy, gift of the Holy Spirit He gives to me. Death cannot keep Him for He is worthy; Jesus Christ, How I praise thee.

Now my life I live for Him, make Him famous and spread the Word. A significant love in the form of the cross; paid a great cost that I may live.

—  A significant love // Pablo Verzosa