Christian for the win. Mick. One.

 I can finally share this collab with you guys! <3

Between Now and Ever After

a collaboration with Kim Vilanueva (Ilurbooks), Louisse Carreon (fallenbabybubu), Jessica Concha & Jessamine Verzosa (peachxvision)

Short stories po ‘to :)

Ang story ko po rito ay Goodbye, Girl, ang english version ng The Woman in White one shot ko ft. Bayrus from If I Fal :)

English, 195php! :)

Her eyes are of ocean and sky; I can see galaxies in her blink, she can turn off the moon and give rise to the sun; when the stars are playful she dances to their symphony as if she mothers them like children. The look she gives me has me mesmerized as I see the distant heaven that I can almost hold, as if she freely hands it to me by way of her kiss. I dare not blink for I feel I would miss a day; I see it in her eyes, the love she has for me and I look back awestruck by her light as if heaven is welcoming me as I feel the cool by way of her breath and hear choruses by the way she says “love”.
—  Universe // Pablo Verzosa