“Time stood still as I stared upon blank pages of my poetry book thinking of ways to write you into perfect metaphors that tells my love in an amplified voice as if I was shouting
on top of a mountain;
I realized that metaphors were not of use because such beauty existed harmoniously within you and I could not wave my pen to dance in the white canvas because I am lost for words when it comes to you.
So yes, I am speechless and stunned by the way you are and I can only speak from my heart because every time it beats I can hear it say your name.
I have decided that if I should write, I would simply scribble your name for in it I have found art and perhaps the greatest poem I have ever read.”
— Your name is one that will stay with me
—  Pablo Verzosa (via thelyrics)

I want to kiss you like poetry and make love to you like song; take your hand with syllables and carry you with rhymes.

Let me touch you like a sonnet and love you like a story…

—  There are not enough words to explain my admiration // Pablo Verzosa
First, I want to know God. It is only then that I will learn why the ocean moves like it does and why the earth is abundant in color; why the birds sing and why our bodies are just chrysalis for our soul. I must know God because it all belongs to Him; every grain of sand and every drop of rain, creation cries out His name. I must know God because He knows me better than I will ever know myself and knowing Him is the purest way of discovering self, because I belong to Him.
—  To know God // Pablo Verzosa
Her eyes are of ocean and sky; I can see galaxies in her blink, she can turn off the moon and give rise to the sun; when the stars are playful she dances to their symphony as if she mothers them like children. The look she gives me has me mesmerized as I see the distant heaven that I can almost hold, as if she freely hands it to me by way of her kiss. I dare not blink for I feel I would miss a day; I see it in her eyes, the love she has for me and I look back awestruck by her light as if heaven is welcoming me as I feel the cool by way of her breath and hear choruses by the way she says “love”.
—  Universe // Pablo Verzosa
I think about every detail of you
Every morning as it greets
I see you with your smile
That can make flowers dance around
Butterflies flutter in my stomach
Just by watching your lips
And your laugh
Oh your laugh is contagious
I can’t help but make a fool of myself
Just to hear you giggle every time
Your hands are soft to the touch
It makes for a good pillow
And I find rest when I’m with you
Your hair is a work of art
That only you can create
And don’t get me started with your eyes
The look of piercing love
Not enough words can describe it
But if I had to say it
I find it irresistible
I can write endlessly
But for now this will do
Tomorrow’s a new day
And I’m sure I’ll find more things
I can write about you
—  Untitled poem I wrote for a girl I’m smitten with (J.W.) // Pablo Verzosa

I wanted to write you a love poem
But all I could think of were
Cliched things such as

“How you dance like the trees
With the wind as its music”


“Your eyes are sunrise
Waking up to them, I smile”

And even

“My heart beats and says
Your name and no one else”

But I realized I was wasting ink
For none of these
Could ever compare
To giving you flowers
And walking you home
Cooking for you
And making you laugh

I realized that the best love poem
Did not need to be written
It needed to be shown
Because words stop
When the page ends

But love ever goes on
When carried within
I could go farther
Just by showing you
How much I love you

—  Cliche page // Pablo Verzosa

Christian for the win. Mick. One.

 I can finally share this collab with you guys! <3

Between Now and Ever After

a collaboration with Kim Vilanueva (Ilurbooks), Louisse Carreon (fallenbabybubu), Jessica Concha & Jessamine Verzosa (peachxvision)

Short stories po ‘to :)

Ang story ko po rito ay Goodbye, Girl, ang english version ng The Woman in White one shot ko ft. Bayrus from If I Fal :)

English, 195php! :)

‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day’

I read as I looked into your eyes
Shakespeare was right about you
The sun is brighter as the flower petals
Shine their colors and slowly
And intimately I start falling in love

It was like a planted seed watered by
The inches of your smile
Every single time I just melt
The heat your love radiates do not fail
And thus the seed grows

Arms wide open and my heart ever be
I can hear the song playing
A tune that only beauty can awaken
And it’s in front of me

Shakespeare was right about you
Your love can only render me in awe
I dare not cage your spirit’s nature
For you must run free with grace
True to what you were created for
And grow ever so strong

Untouched by calamity
Unharmed by vanity
Speak life by the way you are
Just as the summer sun displays
Beauty inside and out

—  Shakespeare was right about you // Pablo Verzosa