Tatoeurs, Tatoués

Exhibition - Musée de Quai Branly

1. The last tattooed Kalinga woman, Philippines, 2011. © Jake Verzosa, artist’s private collection.

2. Women wearing tattoos and costumes. Photographer: anonymous. © CORBIS pour Bettmann.

3. Maras portrait, 2006 © Serie Maras, 2006. Isabel Muñoz.

4. & 5. Traditional Japanese tattoo © Photo: / Martin Hladik.

6. Flottenbesuch in Hamburg 1966. Photo: Schwarz-Weiß © Courtesy Herbert Hoffmann and Galerie Gebr. Lehmann Dresden/Berlin.

7. Portrait of an Algerian woman, Algeria, 1960. © Marc Garanger, artist’s private collection.

8. Poster of the anthropological exhibition: “Tatoueurs, tatoués” from 6th May 2014 until 18th Octobre 2015 © Musée du quai Branly.

9. Images from the ‘Recueil Lacassagne’, 1920-1940 © Gdalessandro/ENSP.

10. Artoria Circus Lady - Painting by Titine Leu, 2000

“Artoria Circus Lady” tattooed by her husband R. Gibbons, 1921-1924.

Acrylic on canvas, 200 cm x 150 cm.

Leu family’s private collection.


Christian for the win. Mick. One.

I wanted to write you a love poem
But all I could think of were
Cliched things such as

“How you dance like the trees
With the wind as its music”


“Your eyes are sunrise
Waking up to them, I smile”

And even

“My heart beats and says
Your name and no one else”

But I realized I was wasting ink
For none of these
Could ever compare
To giving you flowers
And walking you home
Cooking for you
And making you laugh

I realized that the best love poem
Did not need to be written
It needed to be shown
Because words stop
When the page ends

But love ever goes on
When carried within
I could go farther
Just by showing you
How much I love you

—  Cliche page // Pablo Verzosa

 I can finally share this collab with you guys! <3

Between Now and Ever After

a collaboration with Kim Vilanueva (Ilurbooks), Louisse Carreon (fallenbabybubu), Jessica Concha & Jessamine Verzosa (peachxvision)

Short stories po ‘to :)

Ang story ko po rito ay Goodbye, Girl, ang english version ng The Woman in White one shot ko ft. Bayrus from If I Fal :)

English, 195php! :)