• (Nanunuod kami ng Just the Way You Are kanina ng pasyente ko)
  • Me: Grabe Nanay noh? Sobrang ganda niya *points Liza Soberano*
  • Px: Ha? Iyan? Maganda ka pa dyan! Masyadong maliit ang mukha nyan. Maganda ka pa!
  • HAHAHAHAHAHA. Pucha! Dami ng tawa ko kay Nanay. Tapos after 15mins.
  • Me: *shows picture of Kylie Verzosa* Tamo Nanay, ang ganda. Idol ko 'to. Gusto ko siya makamuka.
  • Px: Pangit mo!
  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Nyemas talaga nitong si Nanay! Hahahahaha. Iniintindi ko nalang kasi may dementia siya. Pero grabe talaga tawa ko kanina. Hahahaha

 I can finally share this collab with you guys! <3

Between Now and Ever After

a collaboration with Kim Vilanueva (Ilurbooks), Louisse Carreon (fallenbabybubu), Jessica Concha & Jessamine Verzosa (peachxvision)

Short stories po ‘to :)

Ang story ko po rito ay Goodbye, Girl, ang english version ng The Woman in White one shot ko ft. Bayrus from If I Fal :)

English, 195php! :)

I want to kiss you like poetry and make love to you like song; take your hand with syllables and carry you with rhymes.

Let me touch you like a sonnet and love you like a story…

—  There are not enough words to explain my admiration // Pablo Verzosa

I talk to God about you every time
Sometimes I find myself asking Him
What inspired Him to write your story
And how he came up with you
What did he take from sun
To form your eyes
And how many pieces of the sky
Did it take to make your skin

How did he come up with your voice?
Did He take inspiration
From the wind and the birds?
Are your arms derived from
The strength of lions?
Because your strength can carry
Every season that crosses your path
When storms hit, you stand tall
Unwavering in your stance

I asked God what inspired Him
To write you, did He do it because
The earth needs your voice? Or your heart?

I spoke to God about your heart
But I already knew that He had
Taken pieces of His own
To mold yours and that your beauty
Is made in His image

After that I kept silent and praised
Because I realized
that He has a purpose
And I am grateful that He wrote you
That He planned your life
So intricately and intimately
The world is a much better place
And I am here to see it and feel it

—  To my future wife, twenty // Pablo Verzosa
I think about every detail of you
Every morning as it greets
I see you with your smile
That can make flowers dance around
Butterflies flutter in my stomach
Just by watching your lips
And your laugh
Oh your laugh is contagious
I can’t help but make a fool of myself
Just to hear you giggle every time
Your hands are soft to the touch
It makes for a good pillow
And I find rest when I’m with you
Your hair is a work of art
That only you can create
And don’t get me started with your eyes
The look of piercing love
Not enough words can describe it
But if I had to say it
I find it irresistible
I can write endlessly
But for now this will do
Tomorrow’s a new day
And I’m sure I’ll find more things
I can write about you
—  Untitled poem I wrote for a girl I’m smitten with (J.W.) // Pablo Verzosa

I have been eavesdropping

On your conversation with God

I heard that your heart cannot bear

The weight of tears that have been shed

Like the ground you walk on

Has turned into an ocean

As you drown in the very depths

Of your stolen bliss

From a love that was never there

I heard that you were angry at Him

Because you feel like He took it away

You even said that you might take

A darker path
because you feel forsaken

Like the fog has thickened in your eyes

And you cannot see clearly

My dear, you were so distraught

Because you think love

Was never yours to have

You proceeded to talk about

How you prayed and prayed

Because you believed in its power

But when it never came to you

You easily gave in to the sorrow

And grief quickly snatched you

Like a thief or a wolf on the hunt

My darling, I do not mean to intrude

But love already heard your heart

Your hurts and your tears all laid

Before His feet and is already

Making you more than you are now

The pain maybe deep

But love is

above and beyond understanding
He knows your heart
better than anyone

There is more to you

The rain that you feel

Is the healing that you need

It kisses you like a mother to child

He kisses you with hope

In the form of

Morning greetings from the sun

And the chorus of birds flying

The air that brushes your hair

And the strength you gain

When you breathe it in

My dear you are loved you see

And please hear me when I say

That there will never be a day

Without a storm chasing you

But you must know

That love is already with you

It is already making you more

I truly believe in you

—  Daughter, should you ever lose your way // Pablo Verzosa

A significant love in the form of a cross; bloodied and wounded for my transgressions, He took the whip in my stead while I scoffed and mocked and spit on His face. What happened next was wonderful; He took the beating I deserved because He is love, without fear or second thought He freely gave His life. In His final breath it was finished and The ground shook as He tore the veil, all the earth emptied of the sin that reeked every heart; He has won, He has won, freed me from my chains; no longer a slave to the dark, the light shines and I am new; alleluia to the One beautiful and true! Death cannot keep Him for He is holy, gift of the Holy Spirit He gives to me. Death cannot keep Him for He is worthy; Jesus Christ, How I praise thee.

Now my life I live for Him, make Him famous and spread the Word. A significant love in the form of the cross; paid a great cost that I may live.

—  A significant love // Pablo Verzosa

Dear future wife,

I am praying for you tonight;
That your heart may be
gentle and guarded
That you are happy and
Bursting with laughter

And if you should cry
I pray that God’s word
may comfort you tonight
If you have fears and doubts
I pray that He restores you
You are not alone you see
He loves you just as I do
And even more so

Wherever you are, I know
By your heartbeat
That you are praying for me too
I have faith that tonight
God is guiding us both closer
it gives me joy
And it makes me brave

Soon I will see you
Soon I will be with you
My heart is full of promise
And I will be ready to meet you
At the altar

God is at work my love
Love Him first with everything
And I will do the same

He is teaching how to love
Because I want to love you
Like He Does,
I have much more to learn
But I know I am able
Because He is my strength

Take your time
As I will take mine
Be happy and roam
For when the time comes
And God allows our paths to cross
Once I hold your hand
I promise I will never let go

To our first dance
To our first kiss
I love you now
I will love you always

—  To my future wife, fifty-one // Pablo Verzosa

I wanted to write you a love poem
But all I could think of were
Cliched things such as

“How you dance like the trees
With the wind as its music”


“Your eyes are sunrise
Waking up to them, I smile”

And even

“My heart beats and says
Your name and no one else”

But I realized I was wasting ink
For none of these
Could ever compare
To giving you flowers
And walking you home
Cooking for you
And making you laugh

I realized that the best love poem
Did not need to be written
It needed to be shown
Because words stop
When the page ends

But love ever goes on
When carried within
I could go farther
Just by showing you
How much I love you

—  Cliche page // Pablo Verzosa

I often ask myself if I love You
My answer is yes but
my life doesn’t always reflect it
And I feel it crawling in my skin
And my heart begins to cry
Knowing that I disappointed You

But you oh lord
still love me the same

Still fixing my brokenness
Showering me with grace
And clothing me in white

I often question if You love me
And Your answer is always yes
Even when I don’t see it
You make me feel Your heart
In ways I cannot explain

Change my heart
Teach me how to love You

—  Early Morning // Pablo Verzosa