How to Add an Image to a Reblogged Image Post

Ok, I finally figured out how to add an image to reblogged photo posts. If you’ve noticed, new tumblr doesn’t let you do this, it only lets you add pictures that are already uploaded somewhere else and that linked image is always a shitty grey box.

1. Click the reblog button on the post you wanna reblog and start to make your rebloggy post.

2. Then, in a new tab or window open tumblr and start to make a text post. 

3. Click the “Upload Image” button and upload your image

4. Right-click the image and “Copy Image URL”. Now you’ve got a tumblr-uploaded URL!

5. Go back to the post you’re in the middle of reblogging from Step 1 and click the “Insert/Edit Image” button.

6. Paste that into the “Image URL” field.

and there you go! 

looks like ya’ll are in finals.

I’ve been out of college for like 5 years now but I thought i’d hand off this tip for the almost-dead college student:

Need to cite something/another source material?

Search online for an out of print obscure book with a relevant title. Or a crappy book that’s really “casual” rather than really well researched, etc.

For history related stuff, I loved using those shitty, shitty books that you always see for 10 bucks at Barnes and Noble because the titles sound like they apply but holy shirt are they dubious reference material at best, basically a children’s book.

The idea is: find a book that sounds legit but isn’t therefore your prof will not have it on hand (they will not give a shit enough to look, either). If you get caught, say you must have gotten the cite wrong because you were looking at so many books.

anonymous asked:

I hope it's ok to ask, but- how did you find your current day job? do you have any advice for someone with severe anxiety/depression working that kind of art related job? and do you think it's safe to say you have a degree when you don't?

I found my current job through networking and looking for one, having a good portfolio too. Most artists just don’t look for jobs and complain and think they’ll just be discovered but that’s rare. So applying is the best advice.

If you have severe anxiety that impacts your relationships and ability to work (which is a basic difference between being understandably nervous and having an actual disorder), you need a combination of medication and therapy. Medication makes it so that you can actually interact with other people and function. Therapy helps give you tools to survive, but it’s difficult to participate in therapy if you’re in constant suffering and not on medication to help alleviate that. Like how do you even get to the office of your therapist or pay for it if you’re too freaked out to get a job?

And no, don’t say you have a degree if you don’t. Say “I have experience in X”, have a strong portfolio. No one cares where you went to school as long as you can do the work quickly and well.

Hope this helps.