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The difference between Killian and a lot of other villains on the show is the fact that Killian is GENUINELY bothered by what he turned into. And rather than wallow around in it, he tries to put himself back together. Everyone is there telling him how horrible he is and a deep part of him agrees with them, but if it will help Emma, he'll defy his OWN perception of himself to make her happy. He still thinks he's too far gone, but he's willing to TRY.

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I think it's because there's a good bit of just raw sexuality to him. I mean his vibe isn't so much "handsome" as it is sexual. And I say natural sexuality because he's not really trying. He's goofy and I think he sees himself as goofy, but he can naturally just go to this hooded eyed, mouth agape thing just oozing sexuality. It comes and goes so fast with him because it's NATURAL.

I honestly believe he doesn’t really try to be sexy (except maybe during photoshoots, if that’s what look is required), it just happens. And that my friends is the sexiest kind of sexy. :)

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The "actual glampire" tag makes me want SebStan to play a modern vampire who is just 10000% done with modern vampire glamorization. He runs a book store and shops at the grocery store at midnight and just wants to inform everyone that blood has a funny after taste and the weird pseudo-goth kids who smell like patchouli need to step back from his rare New Age book section like NOW.

Title: Here, Or In A Jaeger
Author: ducksbellorum 
Rating: PG 
Fandom: Pacific Rim 
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me, no Jaegers, no Kaiju, no nothing.
Notes: For JaegerCon Bingo - Aftermath and also for my gift exchange partner, verysharpteeth. Have some Raleigh feels.
Summary: They tell me that I looked at Gipsy Danger the way Captain Kirk looked at the Enterprise. It’s funny and they laugh, but when I watch the ancient show I can see their point. 

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God, I can’t get over that ‘Lazarus Syndrome’ Pacific Rim fic. I just get this strange feeling in my chest whenever I think of it now. I smiled when coming down to that ending. My God, it was beautiful. I was almost brought to tears by it. Of course I haven’t read all the Post-Pacific Rim fics, but this one was probably the most honest, accurate, mesmerizing, in character Pacific Rim fics out there and I can more than imagine it happening at the ending of the movie. If you haven’t read it yet, read it.

Instant favorite :’)

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Platonic my ass. If those two didn't end up making babies eventually I'll eat a hat. They had a better working relationship than 70% of the OTPs Hollywood tries to shove down my throat.

Hm… I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one!

Mainly just because this film avoided exactly what you mentioned in the last part of your comment: they didn’t shove Raleigh-and-Mako-as-a-couple down our throats like so many other movies do.

BUT. If you like the idea of them eventually popping out babies, then, yeah, the evidence is there. Likewise, if you prefer to view their relationship as a platonic one - as I do - then that’s fine, too! The film allows multiple interpretations, and I absolutely loved that.

And yes, I choose to see them as bff’s who maybe once in a while bump uglies. You know. For stress relief and the like. But if you ship ‘em, then go for it, because a) telling people what to ship sucks, and b) I could totally see it.

Either way the film handled their relationship brilliantly, so A++ all around.