Words to Use Instead of Very

Here’s a list of words I’ve collected (from Tumblr) over the past few weeks while working to improve my writing. I hope this list helps if you’re struggling to find a replacement word for very!

  • deafening 
  • frequently
  • ancient
  • archaic
  • transparent
  • excruciating
  • ashen
  • destitute
  • flawless
  • compelling
  • beautiful
  • rapid
  • hushed
  • pouring
  • wealthy
  • sorrowful
  • petrified
  • chilling
  • keen
  • grave
  • gleaming
  • brief
  • timid
  • basic
  • awfully
  • chiefly
  • clearly
  • completely
  • deeply
  • dreadfully
  • enormously
  • especially
  • exceedingly
  • exceptionally
  • extraordinarily
  • extremely
  • evidently
  • fantastically
  • greatly
  • infinitely
  • immeasurably
  • immensely 
  • incredibly
  • intensely
  • mainly
  • notably
  • obviously
  • outstandingly
  • particularly
  • remarkably
  • seriously
  • significantly
  • tremendously
  • uniquely
  • unusually
  • vastly
  • wholly

Because I need an Hogwarts AU. 

I hope you can read the text, Tumblr doesn’t deal well with wide pictures… I also should have drawn Henry, but I got tired (Henry, for the record, is a Hufflepuff). 

there’ll be times, sometimes, when … once even and sana are close enough, and i mean, really really close enough, to the point where even can ring sana even at 2am because there’s an ache, a heaviness, in his chest 


he can’t sleep because he’s been thinking about something too deeply, and so he rings sana, because he needs words right now. 


and sana’s good with words. because she speaks when she has to, not when she needs to. and there’s a difference in that. sana isn’t selfish. she won’t speak because she needs to speak to have her say in a situation. she’ll only speak when she has to speak, because the situation is demanding for her to have her say

and there’s a difference in that. because sana listens. she’s always listening.

but sometimes, even wants to listen. and he wants to hear sana talk. explain something that’s been on his mind. “how can this be, if this coexists too?”, and “do you not get tired, sana?”

so, sometimes, he’ll ring her, like on a saturday at 5pm, because isak’s not at home because he’s out with jonas and even’s at home, alone, because he doesn’t wanna go out. 

and so he asks her how she is, how she’s been. “alhamdulillah,” she’ll say in reply. 

“i know what that means,” says even, “all praise be to Allah, right?”, and he can hear sana laughing, that gentle soft laughter that he remembers so well from the christmas kosegruppa party last year. it’s the same, fond, affectionate one. it tells him that indeed, he is right.

and usually, phone calls like those between them end up with even asking sana if she wants to come round to his and isak’s new crib, and usually, it always ends up with sana going. it’s easy. hanging out with sana is so, so easy. 

because on days like those, even asks sana, “could you pray something from the qur’aan?”, and sana does. and even listens, because even needs words. or when the adhaan sounds from sana’s phone, he knows what that means. and the spare room at even and isak’s new place has now unofficially become a prayer room for sana. they don’t know how it happened. or when it happened. it just happened. and there’s a prayer mat kept in that room too, just for sana, if she ever needed to pray when she came over (and she does come over very often).

and sometimes, even will catch a glimpse of sana praying her salah, raising her hands and folding them, if she kept the door open of the room,

and there’s something so peaceful about that. something that fills him up with such ease and calmness, as he watches her pray.

it’s something, even realises, he’s so honoured to have. so thankful to have. that this friendship he has with sana isn’t just surface level deep. no.

it resonates, right into the soul, spiritually, deep within.