yoongi’s mixtape

i was thinking about this a lot at work when my machine was down, and i just wanna say this.

whether yoongi uses beats that has been used by other artists (though i think i heard he produced his own beats???), please, please, PLEASEEEEE, don’t go to the original artists’ page and say, “suga did better” or “suga brought me here” or any of such unnecessary comments. i get that you love yoongi and bts and you want to tell the people, show the people, but in all honesty, your doings are just annoying the people. 

it was already sickening enough to see that during all of bts’ covers already, and everyone just needs to stop. even when a video isn’t bts related, there’s stuff about “bts is better”. like what? . _ .

no one is better and no one needs to know from same multiple comments of the same context saying: ___ brought me here. 

if you want respect, you need to respect others too. 

and if you’re going to be one of those who does this annoying stunt, please leave. 

If you think ‘Even her husband preferred someone else’ is a valid reason to despise/an appropriate thing to say about Hillary Clinton, you should seriously recalibrate your moral compass. In what kind of reality is that a 'funny’ thing to say? Even if you don’t agree with someone politically, that’s just fucking dumb.

Women are not the sum of men’s opinions. A man cheating on his wife does not say anything about his wife’s value, but about his own, and if you want to argue that, you are wrong. Period.

Rurouni Kenshin Week, SET ALPHA, day 6 – Fan Origins

“So when were you going to propose me?”

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What would Snape do if a student tried to befriend him? If a student had a crush?

He doesn’t make friends with students.  He likes to remain professionally distant.  He also knows that some students (not naming any names) try to use said “friendships” with teachers as a way to get away with murder.

He shoots down hopeful students with crushes very quickly and devastatingly.  He prefers to shut them down completely, rather than give them any hope that they have a chance.

ayyyy peeps

do you mind if I say that I have a co-worker who I like and call a friend but man does her talk about me possibly fancying actors or extras or whoever make me uncomfortable

I have difficulties taking it as a joke ‘cause 1. I’m not always good at telling when people are joking, and 2. I’m aro af and sometimes romance repulsion just kicks in like WHADUP BITCH

I just wanna exist in peace thank you very much - The Beauty is a Beast

I love this ship so much! Their flirting and fighting and everything!

I wrote this oneshot about how their first meeting could have happened and I have written another unpublished fanfic about them, which turns out to be really crappy, it was more than one year ago. I will translate them soon and post them, so you can read them, because I read every goddamn oneshot you posted on deviantart and they were so beautiful and perfect. Especially “34. Naptime” was awesome, because I love fluff.

The creepy fangirl spam is over now.

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grab jack & kiss him! | accepting!


    Was this a date? Nobody that he knew of took a date to play laser tag – let alone to play on OPPOSING teams – but one thing was certain: winning was the only option. Jack had already surmised that Elizabeth was one of the most competitive people he’d ever met, even before this trip, which was something which had only succeeded in kindling his own competitive and proud streak that was now determined not to be beaten. After all, he was a keen strategist, could handle a real gun even though he’d never admit to it, and usually had a good sense of direction – surely there was no way that he could lose.

    He’d already gained a healthy number of kills without even SPOTTING his target, desperate to navigate around the darkened corridors of the arena and locate the one woman he was determined to beat and lord his victory over for some weeks to come. As he stalked down one narrow throughway, Jack had no idea that he was being followed until a hand seized his wrist from behind and whirled him around. Quick though his reflexes were, he didn’t have enough time to raise his gun before arms reached around his neck and pulled him into a hasty kiss – and as their lips met he could tell instinctively who this was ( he’d recognise the feel of her lips, the taste of her tongue while blind ). The force of the embrace prompted him to stumble back a few paces until his back hit the wall behind him, letting his thinking mind retreat completely as the gun slipped from his grasp.

    The notion that this might have been a TRAP at all had only fleetingly passed his mind, which was now swept up in the desire that was so often present whilst in close proximity to Elizabeth Swann.

    When she pulled away, Jack had only a second to register the smile on her face, visible even in the darkness, before a sudden BEEP from his pack drew his attention, glancing down only to find that she’d shot him while he’d been conveniently distracted. Flashing her a pointed look, it was all but impossible to hide the somewhat rueful smirk from his face, an expression that both clearly said well played and conveyed his lingering admiration for how dirty she was prepared to play in order to WIN.

    After all, real or not, out of all of the possible ways to die, this was surely one of the better ways.

    As she turned and slowly walked away from him, that same smile remained on his face, unable to ignore the way his heart had quickened against his ribcage during the entire exchange, nor the temptation clawing at him to whirl her around and kiss her again.

              ‟ I will be demanding a rematch, darling.