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Re: 9x07: One of my favorite (heartbreaking) moments of storytelling through absence is how did Sonny even have Dean's number? We know that they change numbers a lot (and even more frequently during S7), which means that Dean must have kept in touch with Sonny ever since he left, always passing on his #, and at some point must have told/confided in Sonny the truth of what his family does (they mention it Cus' place, but Dean doesn't seem to go into detail). Sonny was THAT important to Dean.

Aaaaaarghghghg go away :P

Now I’m imagining Dean when he’s upset about stuff (like all those changing phones in season 7 prompting him to keep in regular contact >.>) having long conversations with Sonny about all the shit that bothers him. Probably in very vague terms while he’s angling for that invaluable life advice but even so…

(not that he ever seems to take it, but maybe it’s one of the ways he copes to even make it through some of the worse seasons >.>)

Ok so a very long time ago I found a very vague video here on Tumblr and I need it again. Lemme decribe the video:

it was a very vague video on youtube where till and christoph were showering and a fan just opens the curtain and starts making out with them(not at the same time) and everything was filmed and stuff and then some time later the man behind the camera asked something and they answered but I didn’t understand because I couldn’t hear quite well and Idk If it was in Russian or Germna. IF ANYONE KNOWS THE VIDEO I’M TALKING ABOUT OR THE TITLE OR HAS A LINK, PLEASE SEND. IF NOT PLEASE REBLOG AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE IF YOU WANT

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This is probably a silly question, but hormones can't make me taller, right?

hormones can make you grow a little bit. Different sources say different ages are the cap to how late you can take hormones to grow. One source said 12-13(which im not sure I trust), another said in your teens (very vague), and another source said 25 is the absolute. 

Your height is of this of course is affected by genetics. If your parents are both short its likely that you wont grow much if at all. 

If anyone has any more information, please comment

-mod rin

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Are you already working on a new fic?

Hi Nonny!

I am not actively working on anything at the moment because after a solid year of writing and finishing two long fics my muse is finally allowing me a break. I have a couple of projects floating around in my head, but it’s all very vague right now. In the meantime I’m catching up on a bunch of fics in my To Read list and enjoying the mental vacation.

I’ll definitely let y'all know when I start writing again tho :D

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in the future could you tag any SU spoilers as "su spoilers" instead of something like "su spoilers ?????" because ppl don't really have that blacklisted so it doesn't work... thank you very much 💕✨💖💘

i definitely do tag spoilers as su spoilers. every post that actually has spoilers in it has the tag “su spoilers” if u look at my blog. i tagged that one post like that bc i wasnt sure if that one specific post even counted as spoilers bc it was a very Vague general statement

but also like. i leave a space in between the term & the question marks because, even if i put a bunch of question marks or dashes or even more Words, after it, as long as theres the term ‘su spoilers’ in there, blacklist is still gonna catch it! the way blacklist works is it like, looks for that One specific phrase Anywhere in the post. so as long as the words “su spoilers” are In There somewhere blacklist will get it!!

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I'm a bit more feminine and feminine presenting than my girlfriend who is more masculine presenting and a few months ago I made a very vague suggestion to being daddy when we had sex thinking should would NEVER go for it but she did and still does and it is the hottest thing in the world and makes this pure heat crawl through my body.

Lmfaoo good for you ma 💃 get itttt



To Lay My Head || Olyvar & Ronan

The merchant threw his head back with a laugh, slamming a hand down on the wooden edge of his stall, making Ronan jump. “Y'picked a hell of a time to visit the capital, boy!” he barked, wiping an almost visible tear from his eye as he continued to laugh. “The king’s sendin’ us all to early graves, starvin’ us out with this war o'his. You'da been better off stayin’ at your mother’s teet, far from here." 

Ronan frowned. He’d only asked for directions to a cheap inn and that certainly didn’t answer his question. With a rough shake of his head, the young man turned, deciding he was best left to his own devices. He had coin in his pocket, not a lot but enough to keep him fed until he found work. Any innkeeper to turn him away (especially if what the merchant said was true) would be mad.

    IT’S MAX WARREN, gUYs. I’ve been wanting to draw him for the longest time. This is actually for askmaxwarren and the lovely user behind it, gaixau! I really enjoy your ask blog and the art you make for it! Keep it up! (0v<) -

Simmons sat beside Fitz, still outside with their feet in the pool long after the others had gone to bed. Fitz’s hands were clenched up, his blunt nails probably digging into his palms. She’d thought he’d lost that habit after the graduated from the Academy, she used to have to pry his hands open all the time during exams. But apparently not. She sighed, tensing her shoulders as she remembered earlier in the day, and how Fitz hadn’t been that angry in months, maybe years. 

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Why was the scene in history class so important that they had to take ten takes ?? I know that it has something to do with Farkle but that's very vague, thanks :)

Jacobs really wanted sad reactions from Farkle (re: Riley and everything going on). At some point he walked over to give Corey notes. He was superrrrrrrr adamant about getting those reactions. And he definitely got them.