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        One of my favorite things in rping is seeing how passionate some writers are about the characters they portray ( myself included ). It’s really a delight to see that spark within them when they talk about their faves and why they love them so much. Brilliant writing is an amazing gift to have, but honestly understanding your character and being passionate and excited about them is such an admirable quality too and I feel like this should be addressed.

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I was kind of confused about the end of the new tokyo ghoul episode today, what happened to Kaneki

he turned himself in to the ccg. i think arima restrained him or something (i don’t think he injured or killed kaneki, tho.. that’s disputable, really. they could take him to a ghoul detention center, but that would be a boring continuation for a mc like kaneki, so it’s safe to assume the worst). the ending was very vague tbh. i assume kaneki simply abandoned his self-imposed obligation to protect everyone bc he lost the person that he probably wanted to protect the most. so fighting for that purpose/existing was no longer a necessity. he must have been aware that turning himself in would mean possible death, & he didn’t hesitate to do that; he was prepared to die. he must have thought that he deserved that haha he probably wanted to reunite with hide in heaven. maybe he was just tired idk. tired of living/ suffering/ solitude/ taking decisions/ thinking rationally idk man idk how would you feel if the most precious person in your life died in your arms

A Tall Tail, part 5

Hello friends!!! Apologies for the short update, but the next one will be longer.

I’m so glad to see so many people enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it. You guys are AWESOME and I love you all.

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Hook, you’re half mermaid.”

The statement hit him like a ship. HALF mermaid? It couldn’t be. Wouldn’t that mean… “That can’t be…that’s…that’s impossible,” he said, shaking his head.

"Think back. Do you ever remember your mother spending lots of time in the water; maybe an aversion to eating fish?"

His mother loved the ocean, but he also had very vague, fuzzy memories of her parents; he remembered their brief presence after his father left. “It couldn’t have been her—she had family on dry land.”

"What about your father?"

A lump formed in Killian’s throat that no amount of swallowing would get rid of. His father had left them…actually, the very night he had just dreamed of. He thought he had long forgotten the pain and betrayal, but now it was bubbling up fresh in his memory.

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I want exactly two things from life and those things are to help mogai youth and to live near, if not with, my qpp, who lives in a different country. I just feel so lost. I have no motivation to live or to do things beyond two very vague, seemingly unreachable goals. Because I'm nonbinary, I feel excluded from a lot of spaces in society, and the only place I really feel okay is when I'm talking to my qpp. He has a boyfriend and his own life though, and I don't want to impose.

That’s not a bad place to be, to be honest.

Yes, the goals are vague, but you HAVE goals and even though they’re seemingly unattainable right now, there’s no reason they have to be in the future.

A lot of people - especially younger people - think that goals have to be completely flushed out and bright and complete before they’re realized. That’s painfully unrealistic. You want something? You have an idea? Go and start TRYING to do it, even if you’re not sure how exactly, even if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You wanna help MOGAI youth? Find a clinic near you, or a counseling center that helps LGBTQA students. Go find a community center that does talks for queer people - the opportunities are endless. But only if you look for them actively. They will not knock on your door. You have to open it up, step outside, and START walking towards them. 

One way or another, if you push yourself into the right spaces, you will see more solid things appear in front of you - things that you can become a part of to make your life the way you want it to be.

As for your QPP - don’t give up on that dream, but don’t let it control your life. Find yourself, and don’t try to depend on a separate person that’s in another country. No matter how much they love you, or how little, you will always be reaching for your goals by yourself. They can support you, but they cannot always be there for you, no matter if they’re in another country, or if they’re in the next room. The best thing to do is to motivate yourself - the rest will come naturally. 

— Chekhov


Sterek AU: Ever since he was a kid Stiles has dreamed about being a baseball player. He eats, sleeps and breathes baseball, and the thing he’s always wanted more than anything is a chance to play alongside his idol, Derek Hale. Once they’re finally on the same team Stiles and Derek clash over the fact that Stiles can’t seem to take anything seriously, and Derek can’t seem to take a joke. The only thing they can agree on is baseball. 

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To Lay My Head || Olyvar & Ronan

The merchant threw his head back with a laugh, slamming a hand down on the wooden edge of his stall, making Ronan jump. “Y’picked a hell of a time to visit the capital, boy!” he barked, wiping an almost visible tear from his eye as he continued to laugh. “The king’s sendin’ us all to early graves, starvin’ us out with this war o’his. You’da been better off stayin’ at your mother’s teet, far from here.” 

Ronan frowned. He’d only asked for directions to a cheap inn and that certainly didn’t answer his question. With a rough shake of his head, the young man turned, deciding he was best left to his own devices. He had coin in his pocket, not a lot but enough to keep him fed until he found work. Any innkeeper to turn him away (especially if what the merchant said was true) would be mad.