• NAME: the closer
  • BIRTHDAY: january 29
  • ZODIAC: aquarius
  • HEIGHT:  168.5
  • FAVOURITE BOOK:  my bank book
  • FAVOURITE ARTIST/BANDS: i have a few lukewarm to things i like but gone are the days i really supported just one or two wholesomely. night riots has one or two good songs. foreign air, the black keys.
  • LAST MOVIE I WATCHED:  the man from UNCLE because i rp with a character there n i need to learn more before i go deeper into things
  • HOGWARTS HOUSE: ravenclaw
  • RANDOM FACT:  i’ll be doing a non-profit project end of this year we are all very excited about. and unlike solo projects where you have to be in my country to get into, this one can be shared. it’s an idea, ideas are most powerful. i will be writing about it when we’ve done it and maybe if some of you are touched, please take it forward
  • WHEN DID YOU CREATE THAT BLOG:  maybe two months ago, not very long
  • DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER BLOGS:  @slitgraves  @cometcdaddy @hislee @firstmostdangerous
  • WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO GET A TUMBLR: i used to be the top art editor for tumblr many years back when i was doing my bachelors so it started from art
  • DO YOU GET ASKS ON A DAILY BASE: i do! only thanks to ALL OF YOU. i would NOT be anywhere without EACH and EVERY one of you who’s made it sooo pleasant for me and i’ve honestly woken up everyday looking forward to tumblr and rping and even if i don’t get to write, really just talking/chatting/doing whatever we can in the ims and in discord. honestly, every happy thing from here has been because of you and your posts and threads that i do stop to read sometimes and just the whole experience that you have created.
  • WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL:  i was in a big hurry and didn’t care to spend days thinking before i started bruce. so with me i usually just start things without wasting much time.

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quick warning before i start “thanksgiving with seventeen”

• none of these quotes are mine(unless i say otherwise, which is VERY unlikely)

• most of the quotes i found are about salt, height or lines

• we don’t celebrate thanksgiving in my country, so i have no idea what it’s about and have no personal experience with this kind of snapbacks

• please don’t be offended, they’re supposed to be a joke

and if you have any quotes you want me to post just send them


anne-takamakis  asked:

Can you draw shirtless ebisu ?

He is unconsciously seducing us all.

I am very sorry for taking so long and for this turning out very much unlike my other art, I’m experimenting with art styles and I tried a different art program. Also, I couldn’t draw his full torso because I specified that I was only doing heads and shoulders.

i think the only way my pretends-to-be-liberal-but-is-actually-lowkey-socially-conservative family might be cool with me living in austria for the rest of my life would be if i fell in love (unlikely) with a man (very very very unlikely) and got straight married (astronomically unlikely) to him but even then they’d be like “why can’t you come back to ohio :)”

things i want
  • drunk neil being clingy
  • unamused andrew on the sofa staring past drunk neil
  • whiny neil making grabby hands and asking andrew for a hug
  • andrew looking at him blankly
  • neil pouting but respecting andrew’s space
  • andrew huffing in frustration and pulling neil’s wrist
  • neil lighting up and happily clambering onto andrew’s lap
  • neil drunkenly smiling and snuggling into andrew
  • andrew acting irritated as he gently holds a now-sleepy neil
  • nicky dropping his beer bottle in shock
  • aaron pointedly ignoring them
  • neil bringing his face really close to andrew’s
  • neil whispering “may i?”
  • andrew sighing in mock exasperation
  • neil staring at andrew with strangely bright eyes
  • “fine”
  • neil softly pressing his lips to andrew’s and feeling them curl at the ends
  • nicky freaking out while renee calmly collects money from matt and allison

As time passes, the bonds between the IPRE increase and that probably increases the power of the engine. Right at the beginning, though, as they’re racing away from one of the early worlds, Davenport has the sinking realization that it’s not enough. The engine is not running on enough power to outrun the apocalypse again, and of course it isn’t, because it was designed for a leisurely two-month exploration and not a high-speed chase. They’re not going to make it. And he thinks his crew must realize that, too, because they’re all nervously glancing out of the windows as he narrowly evades another deadly blow. 

Damn it all, they’re his responsibility, they look to him for guidance and he’s going to get all of them killed because he couldn’t do the one thing he’s best at well enough. They’re good people and they don’t deserve this. He doesn’t know why, but suddenly it’s vital that they all know that they’re more to him than just strangers. 

“If we don’t make it out of this,” he calls over his shoulder, “I want you all to know that it was an honor to travel with you.” He can’t turn his attention away from where they’re going, but he can feel their stares on his back. And, because he’s the best at what he does, he can feel the ship shudder slightly under him, gaining the smallest surge of extra energy in the engine. 

The bonds engine, which runs on bonds. Fuck.

Davenport calls out again, this time with far less gravitas: “If any of you want to, I don’t know, hug it out or something now would be a great time.”

It takes a moment for them to catch on, but they’re his crew, so of course they do.

“I think you have beautiful eyes!” It’s Barry, suddenly the approximate complexion of a tomato, and he’s got his face in his hands seconds later so it’s not even clear who he was talking to but the outburst sets the rest of them off.

“Lucretia, you have lovely handwriting even though I can’t read a damn word!”

“Magnus, for the love of whatever gods are watching, you are very brave but please stop getting yourself killed?”

“Those cupcakes without the icing that you made are kickass, Taako!” (And, somewhere in the background an indignant shriek of “Muffins? Do you mean muffins, Magnus?”)

“You make the best coffee at three in the morning which is some kind of fucking lost art, and that’s the only reason you’re allowed to correct my notes even though I was absolutely right about that last equation you erased, wasn’t I?

That was an accident, Lup - Merle I think your approach to both horticulture and religion are… uniquely inspired.”

“Davenport, you are a very brave leader and I appreciate all of the difficult decisions you make.”

They’ve almost got it. They’re almost there, they might make it after all, they just need a little more power. It comes from a very unlikely source.

“That’s just our luck, right?” Taako is looking out of the window, and he sees what Davenport sees, that the force chasing them is still just a little too fast. “Finally get used to having these chucklefucks around and now we’re gonna get eaten. Finally find some people worth keeping and boom, apocalypse. It’s fucking ridiculous.”

Everyone is staring again. Taako’s ears twitch lower as he realizes what he’s just said, aloud, at a clearly audible volume and obviously unintentionally. Magnus sniffles a little, clearly moved, and mutters “Aw, dude.”

Lup sneaks up on Taako and hugs him from behind, holding him firmly in place as Magnus and then the others join in. Davenport is the only one who notices the moment when they outrun the Hunger one more time, just barely slipping through its grasp.

(Davenport considers organized bonding activities after that, but he watches his crew make a mess of breakfast together the next morning, and he realizes that isn’t necessary.)

Self-Care for Empaths

As an Empath, I am sure that you occasionally experience draining, exhausting, and hard-to-deal-with spells of overflowing emotions. We build up the energies that we are surrounded by, and this can sometimes be really overwhelming. For me, I get withdrawn and panicked when I am around too many people for too long. It leaves me feeling like I’ve become out of touch with myself, and oftentimes have a hard time getting her to return to me! So, inspired by some asks I have received regarding this topic, I felt compelled to create a list of things to try. Keep in mind that not all of these will work for every person, but I hope that you take with you some inspiration all the same! Without further ado, here are some of my own tips for those with empathetic abilities:

1). Keep notice of your physical health. I know it sounds a bit silly, but something as simple as keeping hydrated can be such a game-changer! If you notice yourself feeling especially drained and emptied of your own emotions, drinking lots of water can be the first step to regaining your own feelings. ♡

2). Take a moment away from the crowd. Have you ever felt especially over (or under) whelmed in regards to your emotions while being surrounded by others? This tends to happen to me a lot and, judging from my own experiences, excusing yourself for a few minutes is very healthy. I often feel a “build-up” of everyone else’s vibes becoming my own, and it leaves me feeling very unlike myself and especially distant. Take some time to be alone in the restroom or to go outside - take deep breaths, ten being your goal. Close your eyes. Center yourself. Gently pinch your skin, squeeze your own wrist, hold yourself. Allow yourself to come back to reality, and to become one again with your own senses. ♡

3). Keep track of your own emotions. As empaths, we obviously encounter so many different styles of basic emotions - we experience unique forms of sadness, happiness, or dread. Why not begin keeping track of what makes *you* feel certain ways? Start a special journal for your emotions. If you are around a certain individual, in a certain place, etc and experience heightened happiness, panic, love, discomfort, what have you… Write it down. Keep track of what makes you feel what. Try your best to notice patterns, and to avoid people, places, or things that leave you feeling negatively, all while welcoming the ones that do not. 😌🙏🏻

4). Practice grounding or shielding. Visualizing methods are not for everyone, but for some, they can very positively influence your state of mind! Take some time alone to meditate and manifest your own personal method of visualization. This could be imagining a golden light surrounding you, acting as a protective shield from others’ vibrations. It could be coming up with a special mantra that you repeat in your head during times of feeling overwhelmed: “I am here… I am real… My feelings are valid, and they are my own.” Practice this technique until you experience draining in real-time, and test our your method during such instances. ♡

5). Lastly… Remember to take time for yourself. Everyone needs to recharge, empath or not. Do not overwhelm yourself with activities or energy. Take a special day every now and then to show yourself some extra love, letting yourself be comfortable in your own presence and allowing the regaining of your own energies. Do something you love that relaxes and rejuvenates you! Focusing on yourself is always the best way to refocus your vibrations, and really embrace what makes you, you. ♡

BTS Scenario | Fight [One]

A/N: Hi guys! It’s Admin Sunshine, thank you for supporting me. I’ll be re-posting my reactions & scenarios on my blog.

PS: All of my reactions/scenarios and fictions will be fixed and there will be new things added in.

Requested from Anonymous.

Warnings: Angst

One | Two

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All Night Long

All Night Long (m) (80′s song choice)

Words: 9k

Warning/genre: 80s!au: smut and language

Pairing: Reader x Chanyeol

Summary: Chanyeol isn’t your stereotype popular jock. He loves to come into the arcade, you work in, with his friends. Spending all his time having the highest score on at least half of the games. When you two are the only people left in the arcade on a Friday night, there is no telling what adventures you’d get up to that night. 

Based off of this moodboard by @bluenoceur

You were leaning on the counter with your head in the palm of your hand. You loved working at the arcade but even more because Park Chanyeol came in all the time. He was a very well known senior. He and his group of friends were very popular even though they didn’t look like it. Chanyeol has a baby face but a deep voice that made you swoon like any other school girl. Even his smile crushed you like an ant under a boot.

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The amount of potential momther contained within Defiant’s future… it’s too much. IT’S TOO MUCH. IN TEN YEARS WE WON’T BE ABLE TO STOP HER ANY MORE. SHE WILL BE THE SMALLEST, ROUNDEST MOM.


On this, the day of Harry’s movie premiere, Liam represented.

Credit: hsfashionarchive, lpfashionarchive

also like, I was willing to look for parallels and like, try and find meaning in rehashed clips of Isak’s season used for Sana but this throwback to Eskild’s guru moment with Isak, but with Sana talking to him now? it makes no sense. the guru clip during Isak’s season was funny and heartbreaking and lovely because Isak was so close to Eskild, and had chosen him to be the first to open up to. it was nice because Eskild brought lightness and fun to some very heavy moment in Isak’s life. the whole guru advising thing was a joke from Isak’s season, one we laughed about a lot. but to bring it up again, to rehash it like this, why? why?

The Bughead reconciliation we deserved

This is totally rushed and emotionally charged and probably has errors but enjoy

Jughead trudged home, the energy sapped from his body as the crushing weight of reality pushed further onto his shoulders. He couldn’t believe it: Mr. Phillips, the one person at Southside who had appeared to take genuine interest in Jughead, was the Sugarman. As if he didn’t have enough going against him.

He walked up the steps to the trailer, quickly slamming open the door and preparing to head straight for the fridge when he realized that the door should have been locked. 

He looked up, surprised to find a very nervous looking Betty Cooper standing in his living room. Quickly glancing down to check her fists, a habit he would need to work on letting go, Jughead breathed a small sigh of relief to find her fingernails free of her palms.

The relief was short lived, however, as an uncomfortable tension settled between them.

“What are you doing here?”

His voice was rough, a combination of anger and exhaustion giving his tone a darker coloring. Betty took a nervous breath, and he couldn’t help but feel a small sense of satisfaction as her eyes clouded with apprehension. She should be on edge. She didn’t belong here, not after she made it very clear that she was too good for Serpent trash like him. 

“Jug, there’s something I need to tell you.” She took a small step forward, to which Jughead parried with a small step back. He watched as her lips, once warm and lush and pink, tightened into a thin white line. 

“What? Are you here to tell me that you still love me again?” He crossed his arms across his chest, releasing a laugh that contained absolutely no humor. “Pretty sure you’ve already poured enough salt on that wound for one week, thanks.”

He moved into the kitchen, hoping that if he just walked away maybe she would get the message and let herself out. He couldn’t deal with this right now. He already had so much going wrong this week.

Of course, in typical Betty Cooper fashion, she didn’t leave. Instead she followed him toward the kitchen, leaning over the counter as she watched his back.

“Jughead, please. I need to tell you the truth. There are things you don’t know.”

“Yeah, well, that makes two of us.” Jughead mumbled beneath his breath, opening the fridge and pretending to survey it’s decidedly empty shelves.

He didn’t even have to look up to know Betty had furrowed her brow, “What does that mean?” She asked, her voice hardening just a bit.

He closed the fridge, looking her dead in the eye with as cold an expression as he could manage.

“Toni and I kissed. More than once.”

He wasn’t sure why he said it - maybe because he wanted to hurt her like she’d hurt him, or because he wanted to prove to her that he was fine without her. Something inside him told him it was more likely that he was simply incapable of keeping such truth from her. Absolutely none of him felt any better when he saw the pain in her eyes.

“Oh.” She whispered, her eyes flickering down to the floor, “Did it - I mean - Did it mean anything?”

Jughead shrugged, “What does it matter? You broke up with me, remember?”

“I did it to protect you!” Betty’s voice rose suddenly, before quickly finding its way back down to a whisper, “I did it to protect you.”

Jughead sighed, backing out of the kitchen to meet Betty on the other side of the dividing wall, “From what? The Serpents? Newsflash - you’re a little late.” He pushed up the sleeve of his t-shirt, revealing the black and green ink that hid underneath. Betty’s eyes widened, just a bit, but she quickly composed herself. Not that it mattered - he knew she was judging him. “Go ahead,” He growled, “Say it - say what you’re thinking. Say all the things you sent Archie to.”

“Jughead that’s not - What Archie said, none of it was true.” Betty looked up at him, her glassy green eyes searching his for even a semblance of understanding. “I told you I would support you, and I meant it. I still do.”

Jughead was reeling with emotion. Why did she have to be here? Saying these stupid things in that stupid soft voice of hers and looking at him with those stupid eyes. His whole body ached just thinking about her, her very presence leaving him feeling like an addict who had just been offered one last hit. He wanted her out, wanted the pain to just stop, but he took one last mistaken look at her crumpled appearance and couldn’t stop his heart from faltering.

“If what Archie said wasn’t true, then why would you break up with me? Why would you -” Jughead’s voice gave out, his throat tightening as he attempted to hold back his emotions, “Why would you take away the only good thing I had left?”

“Jughead,” Betty stepped forward, reaching out to stroke his face on instinct before realizing better and pulling away. 

“Just tell me what is going on Betty.” He was practically pleading now, desperate to know why she had left him. Why, if she never wanted to see him again, she had insisted on helping with the drag race and jumped in his car to ensure they both escaped the police safely. Why, if she really didn’t want him to be a part of his life anymore, she would tell him she still loved him.

Betty took a deep breath, and Jughead braced himself for whatever was about to come next.

“The Black Hood - he contacted me.”

“With the letter, I know.” 

Betty shook her head, “The letter was just the beginning. Last week, I started getting these phone calls. He’s been calling me, threatening me, threatening Polly and Veronica, threatening…”

“Me?” Jughead asked, the pieces in his mind slowly clicking together. He couldn’t believe he had been stupid. He had been too distracted by his insecurities and his anger to recognize what had been going on. He hadn’t even questioned it when Archie had appeared at his door, hadn’t even doubted that Betty was abandoning him. He’d just left her at the mercy of a psychopath. “Oh God, Betty -”

“Please,” Betty started, “forgive me Jughead. I… I understand if you want to be with Toni, if she makes you happy, but I don’t think I can live with myself if you don’t forgive me.”

She looked so small standing in front of him, so vulnerable and so very unlike the Betty Cooper he had fallen for. She had sacrificed so much for him, he couldn’t believe he’d been so selfish.

“Betty,” Jughead rushed forward, capturing her cheeks in his hands and pressing his lips in a bruising kiss. She released a slight sob against his lips, quickly grasping on to the fabric of his shirt and relaxing against him. He breathed her in, the fog that had been surrounding him lifting and giving way to a buzz of pure adrenaline. When pulled away, pressing his forehead against hers and wiping a stray tear from her cheek. “I’m so so sorry. I can’t believe I didn’t even notice -”

“No, Jughead - it’s my fault.” Betty placed a hand over his heart, “If I had just talked to you -”

“We should have talked to each other.” He reached up and took her hand into his own, melding his fingers with hers and wishing he could never let go, “I shouldn’t have just taken Archie at his word. I should have fought for you -”

Betty cut him off with a kiss, softer than the first but just as full. “Let’s just forget all of it, okay?” She smiled at him, that wonderful Betty Cooper smile. It hadn’t even been a week, but oh how he’d missed that smile.

If love were a drug, Betty Cooper was, without a doubt, the most addictive of them all.

“I love you.” He whispered against her chin, slowly tracing kisses along her jawline as his fingers trailed around her waist. “I love you, I love you, I love you…”

Betty captured his face in her hands, bringing his eyes up to meet her own. They were brighter than before, shining exactly the way he remembered them at night. “I love you too.” She said, her lips brushing against his with every syllable, before crashing down into him once more.

What if Hela is actually Loki’s mother? [Possible Thor Ragnarok Spoilers]

Watching Thor it always bothered me that Odin just picked up this little frost giant baby and walked off with it. I mean why did he do that? He had just defeated the Jotuns so why should he take one of their babies with him?

In the movie he says that Loki was meant to keep peace between the two worlds. But what was Odin thinking? How should that possibly work? Odin isn’t stupid. He knew that Laufey wouldn’t leave his son on a rock to die if he loved him. So why should Laufey care? Odin’s explanation for taking Loki doesn’t really make sense…

But now we met someone new. Odin’s first born, Hela. She seems old enough to be Loki’s mother. But how would that be possible? Loki is younger than Thor and after Thor was born Odin locked her away. But we don’t know how long it took him to do so. I mean look at Hela! She’s Hela strong! Bad pun, I know. But to be serious it would have taken him a while to lock her away.

But what does all that have to do with Loki? Well let’s compare him to Laufey.

Something that I noticed right away is that he has hair. Even in his form as frost giant he has the most beautiful mane in the nine realms! But frost giant’s don’t have hair. The second thing I saw was that his facial features aren’t as prominent as those of his father or the other frost giant’s. It took be a long time to notice but he also has an iris in his frost giant form. Guess who doesn’t have an iris! His dad. Adding that Loki has always been very short for a frost giant the first logical conclusion would be that his genetics are mutated or damaged. But he is obviously healthy and strong which is very unlikely with such a mutation. So if his genetics aren’t mutated then why doesn’t he look like a normal frost giant? Obviously his mother must be someone who looks human. Very human. Like Hela.

What if Hela ran away after Thor’s birth? Maybe to Jontunheim? Triggering the war between asgardians and frost giants.

I don’t think Thor is that much older than Loki. I give him 100 to 200 years, that’s enough time for Hela and Laufey to bond. I don’t say they were in love! Maybe it was just something like a one night stand.

So let’s say the war ended with Odin locking Hela away and finding Loki. Knowing it was the son of his daughter he took Loki with him to raise him like his own son. But why was Odin always so cruel to Loki? Probably because Loki reminded him of Hela the older he got. Like Hela Loki is very good with magic and knives. Which would bring us to the genetics.

Loki has beautiful black hair, incredible blue eyes and cheekbones which could cut air. Guess who also has those traits! It’s Stephen Strange. And Hela. Obviously.

I won’t say that green clothes prove that they are related but I think there’s a reason behind the choice of colour.

But why didn’t she recognize Loki as her son? First of all she probably thinks he’s dead. Why should she think that Odin saved the son of his first born daughter which he has locked away because he was afraid of her? Second she probably gave as much a shit about Loki as Laufey did.

This would also explain why Odin said that both Thor and Loki were born to be king. If Loki was Hela’s son it would be his right being next in line after his mother. But Hela was locked away. They couldn’t know if she died in her prison… well Odin would probably felt it if she died but who knows right?


Thanks for reading c: