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Do you think Lana is in danger from Fred I mean? I heard rumours and want her safe. We should protect her shouldn't we?

Ähm what? I don’t know where you heard those rumours but I can assure you that this is very unlikely. Lana seems very happy with her husband and nothing suggests that they have anything but a good marriage. And I kind of get the feeling that Lana can take care of herself and has a lot of family and friends around her to support her.

I’m rather sure this rumours are coming from a very doubtful source and are more b.s or a way to hurt Fred and Lana. And even if it would be true (what I really really don’t think)…you wouldn’t know about it. Lana is a very private person and an incredible actress so unless she openly tells you something it’s likely complete nonsense.

As far as protecting goes…Lana’s private life is none of our business. She can handle it herself and does not want your help.  If you do want to protect her do it at Cons or Twitter and give that woman her space. Tell others to let her breath and don’t take it personally when she can’t respond to everyone. Make sure she can go to events and doesn’t feel overwhelmed or trapped.

That’s how you can protect her not by spreading this nonsense.

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i get nauseated every time i see Seishirou even just in pics or when hes being kind b/c its like. hes terrifying b/c i know hes abusive and that evil under the surface even when he has a good front on is so nervewracking and its not like hes worse than lots of other abusive villains but somehow his kind of abuse feels very tangible and real unlike other overblown Bad Characters. i love TB/X but fuck if the Seishirou / Subaru ship doesnt freak me out every time

Things I’d like to see in s6+

Or the end of 5B is fine too.  These are in no particular order…just as they came to mind.

- Henry to be the same age as Jared is now.

- How did Hook learn to Waltz?  I’d like a flashback explaining that.

- Of course, Swan-Jones wedding. Duh

- Emma and Killian adopt a kid needing a home…Liam Jr. perhaps?  Or some kid in SB that is an orphan.

- After adopting, Emma gets pregnant and has to face her past with the Swan family that gave her back when they had their own child.  Of course, Emma will not make that same decision.

- More history on Robin and just plain more character development for him.

- More Captain Charming Hood…a lot more!

- More moments where David says embarrassing Dad stuff around Emma (like “you think I’m interested in Hook?  Emma, I’m a married man”)

- Lots of pre- and post- tacos and coffee scenes for Hook and Emma.  Having all the power go wacko in SB when they do it would be great too.  Like the whole town knows every time it happens.  

- More fun type adventures for Emma and Hook a la 3x21-22 (CS movie) where they are together, are themselves and fighting together.

- In the adventures mentioned above, including Henry in a few of those.

- Some good solid story for Snowing.  I have no idea what that would be.

- Some kind of holiday themed episode where Santa Claus is a character who happens to be a long lost love of Granny.

- Not necessarily a “musical” episode but some sort of opportunity for the actors who sing to show that side of their talent (coughColincough). My head canon, is Tiana comes to town, opens a nightclub and they have a karaoke night.

Likelihood of any of those actually happening?  Maybe 7%?  But hey, we are all allowed to have whatever head canons that float our boats right? Now…writers…

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But imagine if Haylor was actually a thing again and they just ignored each other at the AMAs because they knew the media was gonna have their eyes on them, and they’re trying to keep their relationship out of the eyes of the public this time! IMAGINE! JUST IMAGINE!

Today is Aone’s birthday!

I’m not likely to have time to find a party hat and cake today, and even less likely to have time to actually get into this cosplay and get photos (though we’ll see). I’m also very unlikely to have time to draw anything today at all (so - sorry to Ushijima as well). 

So, for the time being, here’s my attempt at replicating Aone’s character sheet (see below) with cosplay photos. 

She [Jyn Erso] is absolutely a very unlikely heroine. She’s someone on the edges and fringes of society. Physically, she’s smaller than everyone else around her, but… when someone has something they believe in, that’s what powers them, that’s what motivates them, that’s what can give someone enormous strength.

A lot of people are saying the reset button is most likely getting rid of MVP and could reset this week.

Any other week it could be that it’s reseting the week but since it’s double eviction I kinda doubt it. UNLESS Julie tells them this week is “reset” without MVP and then they do a quick HOH, pov, eviction. and THEN have another HOH, pov, and eviction. So it’s like two weeks in one night. WHAT IF.

some doodles of the “shorty squad” members…. i love them all so much