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*waves* love your writing! can I request a fic about claire getting her courses while newly married to jamie and him being all attentive *seeing as he keeps track of these things :p* while claire's a little bit embarrassed by it but jamie reassures her ? Lurker out.

*waves fanatically back* Hi darling!! So glad you dropped me an ask!! I hope you like it! (feel free to direct message me if you want I promise I won’t bite!)

She hadn’t come down for lunch. They’d been married a short time, but he thought he knew her well enough by now. Spend weeks on the road with someone and you’ll know them well. Spend several nights sleeping beside someone and you know them better. It was very unlike Claire to miss meals.

He piled some food onto a plate and ran up the stairs to their room. The door was bolted shut.


All he heard on the other side of the door was a moan.

“Claire? Are ye alright, lass?”

“I’m fine.”

Something was wrong. Her voice wasn’t right. Frowning hard, he thought furiously about what could have caused such a change in her mood. She’d been perfectly happy this morning.

“I’ve brought ye some lunch.”

There was a creaking sound and he heard feet shuffle to the door. When it unbolted, he opened it and slipped inside.

She looked ill. Her hair was a mess and a sheen of sweat covered her face. They hadn’t been wed a full month yet, but he’d been around Jenny enough to know when it was a female’s monthly course.

“Come here to me, mo nighean donn. Let me take care of ye.”

“No,” she protested. “I’ll be alright. I just have to wait for… Damn it!”

She hunched over, balled fists tight against her abdomen. Seeing her in pain sent ice through his blood. He couldn’t stand the sight of it and do nothing.

“I think Mrs. Fitz has a tea she gives to lassies wi’ monthly pains. Should I get ye some?”

“No, no. I’ll be alright. Really. I’m just not hungry at the moment.”

“Thirsty, then?”

Her eyes drifted up to his as she stood a little straighter.

“Maybe a little.”

“I’ll go and fetch us some water. Just go have a lie down, aye?”

Claire nodded and went back to the bed, curling up into the smallest ball she could.

Jamie was determined to get her something to help ease her pains. Anything to take her torment away.

“Och Jamie my dear! How are ye?” Mrs. Fitz said loudly when he stormed into the kitchen.

“I’m well, Mrs. Fitz, I thank ye. Might I ask ye a wee favor?”

“Of course lad, what is it?”

“Do ye have something for a lass’s monthly? Something to help ease the pain a bit?”

Her eyes narrowed for a moment before she remembered that he was a married man.

“Och! Is yon poor lassie having a rough time of it, then?”

“Aye, she is. She sent me to fetch her some water, so if ye have something that willna take long, I would much appreciate it.”

“Of course, laddie. Give me just a moment and I’ll have something for ye.”

Not five minutes later, she came back to him with a tray of tea things.

“I’ve got the tea steeping at the moment, but it should be cool enough to drink by the time ye get back upstairs.”

“I thank ye, Mrs. Fitz.”

She smiled tenderly up at him and cupped his cheek in her worn hand.

“Your da raised ye well. Now go and care for your wife, laddie.”

As quickly and as carefully as he could, he hopped up the stairs back to the room he shared with Claire.

She was still curled up in a ball on the bed, but she had more color in her face.

“I thought it was taking too long for water,” she muttered.

“Aye. Mrs. Fitz says this will help wi’ the pain a bit. At least make it no’ as sharp.”

Claire sat up and pushed her damp hair from her face.

“You didn’t have to go to all that trouble. I’ll be fine tomorrow.”

“It’s no trouble, Sassenach. I promised ye that I’d care for ye and that’s what I’m doing. Here. Drink this.”

She took the cup and sipped at the tea. It smelled quite sour, but he didn’t have to drink it so he didn’t mind. Her face scrunched up at the taste though, so it must be similar to it’s smell.

“This is positively horrid.”

“Aye, I ken it is. But is it helping?”

She nodded and took another drink.

“It is, a little.”

“Why did ye no’ have something sooner? Surely ye ken which of your wee herbs would have helped.”

“I do, but I didn’t have a chance to get down to my surgery, or to the kitchens for Mrs. Fitz. I tried to get up about a quarter of an hour ago, but I got dizzy and almost fainted.”

He nodded and looked at her a little harder.

“Is that your other shift?”

Blinking rapidly, she looked down.

“How did you know the difference? They’re identical.”

“Close, but not quite identical. The other one is yellowed a bit more than this one. It’s older. What happened to the one ye had this morning?”

She bit her lip and looked down.

“I, ah… I bled on it.”

“Ye have it soaking in something?”

“I do.”

“Good. Then drink yer tea and get some rest.”

With her tea finished, he gathered it up on the tray and sat with her until she was asleep. Then he got up and went to check on her soaking shift. 

Sure enough, the water was slightly pink. He’d cleaned his own blood out of enough shirts to be familiar with the process. While she slept, he did his best to get the stain out. The monotony of the task let his mind wander a bit. If she’d gotten her monthly course, it meant she wasn’t with child. But they’d only been married a short time. No doubt the other women of the castle were giving her all sorts of tips and tricks to help her get with child. He wondered absently what she thought about it, about having a child. But no, that would be a talk for another time. 

As he hung up her newly cleaned shift to dry, he made a mental note of the date. In thirty days, he would see if perhaps she was with child.

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I was secretly hoping PEarl would get a human girlfriend. Glad it looks like it's starting to happen.

I keep seeing people saying it’s not gonna happen and we’ll never see Mystery Girl again, but I find that VERY unlikely. There are no throwaway characters in Steven Universe. Even characters who seem unimportant come back again in a future episode and get some character development. Plus Mystery Girl is a big part of Pearl’s continuing arc of moving on from Rose, becoming her own gem, and finding love with someone new. So I’m 1000000% certain we will see Mystery Girl.

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idk what's my sexual/romantic orientation is bc the whole "attraction to fictional characters and/or celebrities is meaningless" thing, how i was homeschool and isolated for my entire life and even now my life is still pretty isolated. so i guess what i'm trying to say is... how would someone figure out their sexual/romantic orientation when you have been only attracted to fictional characters bc of your isolated past/life??

attraction to fictional characters isn’t Necessarily meaningless. for a lot of people, it can work either way! like i first really Realized i was gay because it was always the female celebrities/characters that caught my eye, and it felt nice and comfortable to say “wow i have a crush on this fictional girl!” if that’s the case for u, then it’s very unlikely that ur straight.

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If we ever meet in real life (which is sadly very unlikely) I would immediately give you hugs. I'm sorry, but it must be done. FRIENDSHIP!!! (Love your blogs, and you're so nice!)

don’t worry - i’ll ride in on a shark and go from australia to you!! don’t u worry friendo i’m on my way ;3c (also thank you - you’re so sweet and hdjhfd)

Mark's precious laughter
  • Mark's precious laughter

A compilation of Mark’s precious laughter from real got7 eps 1 - 6 [part 2]

p/s. some parts are really soft so you might not be able to hear his laugh


So, in case you haven’t heard, the Pokemon Sun & Moon Demo got data-mined and people were able to extract status screen icons for everything in it. So what you’re seeing now are all of the potential new Pokemon for Sun/Moon (Ash-Greninja not pictured). I also included the corresponding icon for shiny Pokmon (Note: Minior has seven normal palettes and one shiny: the black with confetti Minior).


  • It’s possible (but very unlikely) that some Pokemon weren’t in the demo’s data, but it wouldn’t be more than a couple.
  • While the Ultra Beasts (Pictured between Lunaala and Magearna) are grouped with Pokemon, it’s not confirmed that they will be Pokemon themselves or catchable.
  • Silvally’s multiple formes aren’t pictured here, in order to save space (We’ve seen them already, and it’s just minor palette swaps).
  • Hey, it’s a Pikachu wearing Ash’s hats. Huh.
Things I’d like to see in s6+

Or the end of 5B is fine too.  These are in no particular order…just as they came to mind.

- Henry to be the same age as Jared is now.

- How did Hook learn to Waltz?  I’d like a flashback explaining that.

- Of course, Swan-Jones wedding. Duh

- Emma and Killian adopt a kid needing a home…Liam Jr. perhaps?  Or some kid in SB that is an orphan.

- After adopting, Emma gets pregnant and has to face her past with the Swan family that gave her back when they had their own child.  Of course, Emma will not make that same decision.

- More history on Robin and just plain more character development for him.

- More Captain Charming Hood…a lot more!

- More moments where David says embarrassing Dad stuff around Emma (like “you think I’m interested in Hook?  Emma, I’m a married man”)

- Lots of pre- and post- tacos and coffee scenes for Hook and Emma.  Having all the power go wacko in SB when they do it would be great too.  Like the whole town knows every time it happens.  

- More fun type adventures for Emma and Hook a la 3x21-22 (CS movie) where they are together, are themselves and fighting together.

- In the adventures mentioned above, including Henry in a few of those.

- Some good solid story for Snowing.  I have no idea what that would be.

- Some kind of holiday themed episode where Santa Claus is a character who happens to be a long lost love of Granny.

- Not necessarily a “musical” episode but some sort of opportunity for the actors who sing to show that side of their talent (coughColincough). My head canon, is Tiana comes to town, opens a nightclub and they have a karaoke night.

Likelihood of any of those actually happening?  Maybe 7%?  But hey, we are all allowed to have whatever head canons that float our boats right? Now…writers…

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Sweet Jinki watching over Tae during that risky Everybody toss

Could you guys please stop passing around the article about the Xicana woman being arrested for burning sage. She is not connected to any Indigenous nation or community. It is very unlikely that if she did find her people that they would have burned sage, most Indigenous Peoples of Mexico do not. Her claims that burning sage is part of her “Native American/Indigenous spirituality” is homogenising. It is appropriating from Northern Nations.

She appropriates my language on her social media with a phrase that is made up, bastardised, incorrectly translated and made popular by New Agers. It goes along with that whole “Hunab Ku”/”cosmic butterfly” thing.

Please look deeper into stuff like this. It is an extremely widespread problem and when people who do this cause big problems Indigenous folks of Mexico and other parts of LatAm get pushed even further away from resources and support.

I really don’t want to put more energy into this right now. I was really hoping that I would see some questioning of the situation or discussion but I haven’t so I felt I had to address it. I am just really worried with all the hype going around about it and with her wanting to fight it in court and claiming its part of her “Native American/Indigenous spirituality” how it will look if and when these things are brought up when there is so much attention on it.

P A R A L L E L   T I M E



And many more parallels, but I’m too excited to find more atm




You’re probably saying: “WHY DON’T YOU JUST SAY IT ALREADY?!”


She remembers what he said back during Phantom. It made her feel accepted and loved, like she belonged somewhere. 

Natsu is in a position where he probably thinks everything is mostly his fault, he is a demon, he is Zeref’s brother, what could possibly benefit his comrades if he kept living? This is very unlike Natsu, and people say he doesn’t feel this way because he hasn’t said anything. He is keeping it all inside, people. It’s what you would do, right?

Sooooo, Lucy finds out, sooner than later, probably because of Invel, and Natsu feels relatively hopeless.

So Lucy looks him in the eye, tears in her eyes, but with a steady voice, and she says:

“You’re Natsu of Fairy Tail. This is your home.” 

She points to herself, because she is his home.

She is his safety.
The Next James Bond: 11 Actors Who Should Play 007
With Daniel Craig reportedly not returning to the Bond series, who will play the next James Bond? Here are 11 possible options to step into the role.

I don’t even know what to do with this, mentally….