NCT's dating age preferences


I’ve made this because a lot of people have been asking for MTL’s for certain liners and TBH they’re all very similar. So I’m making this so that I don’t have to write as much for the MTL’s!

This would be for when both persons (them and their partner) are legal, so maybe not right now but when they’re legal. I’ve also put their birth year too so you get what kind of ranges I think.

Please remember that this is MY opinion - this doesn’t mean that they definitely will or definitely won’t date someone within these ranges or not. Also, either ends of their range would be the most unlikely - I think they’d all rather date someone close to their age, so the lowest and highest age would the lowest/highest they’d go so it’s very unlikely.

Do you fit in with your bias’ age range preference?

Taeil (1994)

1992 - 1996

Hansol (1994)

1993 - 2001

Johnny (1995)

1990 - 1999

Taeyong (1995)

1993 - 2003

Yuta (1995)

1989 - 1997

Kun (1996)

1994 - 1998

Doyoung (1996)

1992 - 2000

Ten (1996)

1992 - 2002

Jaehyun (1997)

1992 - 2002

WinWin (1997)

1994 - 2002

Mark (1999)

1994 - 2002

Renjun (2000)

1998 - 2002

Jeno (2000)

1994 - 2003

Haechan (2000)

1997 - 2006

Jaemin (2000)

1995 - 2005

Chenle (2001)

1996 - 2005

Jisung (2002)

1998 - 2006


Derek Hale was a complicated person. He felt detached from the world for a long time, his wolf was desolate and lonely because he had no pack or family to live his life with. Then he met Scott and his awkward friend Stiles who in turn brought more people into a very unlikely pack. Then his eyes met yours, Liam’s older sister who was studying to be a medical nurse, and his world changed. The wolf perked up and turned its attention to you.

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Have you noticed that Tom only interacts with other people if he has some sort of thing to instigate interaction with? He Mr Candle as a proxy when he could have just asked Marco if he had a crush on Star. He uses movie tickets to hang out with Marco even though he probably wouldn't have had to, it kind of makes you wonder if he isn't confident enough in himself to talk to people without some sort of crutch to get them to want to talk to him.

Hmmm, that is quite interesting.

Well, i’d say Tom just going up and asking Marco about any crush on Star after their last encounter together was probably very unlikely to happen.

Tom revealed in Naysaya that he knew this was Marco, I don’t think Marco would’ve given him much of an answer if Tom asked after the events of the Ball happened.

Plus Tom probably didn’t care as much about Marco having a crush on Star, Mr Candle didn’t ever ask Marco about that on Tom’s command.

Tom only cared about two things:

  • If Star had a crush on Marco ((Guess he never found out bout Oskar))
  • If Star was dating anyone

Basically he wanted to make sure she was single and that he had an opportunity to once again be the center of her affections.

Plus at that point Marco had the Naysaya curse planted and in Tom’s mind, that would somehow repulse Star if Marco attempted to ask her out?

Tom never had an opportunity to actually ask Marco that question, he didn’t even know Marco until BmB.

The point of Mr Candle i believe was mostly just to keeps tabs on Star, make sure she’s still available, and kinda be Tom’s wing man without it being obvious XD

And yea, he used a Human as a servant once again, instead of spying on them himself…or using magic…. ((Hmm…))

Tom probably didn’t care if Marco had a crush on her, as long as he still had a chance to win her back before he could do anything.

The Movie Tickets…well i have plans to eventually make a long post talking about Friend-Enemies and discussing the meat of the episode..but lemme bring some of this up..

Tom DID need those tickets.

When he asked Marco to simply hang out, Marco said no. 

Marco wouldn’t have left without that bribe and push from Star, even if he didn’t hate Tom as much at this point.

which is understandable, considering he was kidnapped by Tom and might be worried this is another trick by him.

The Tickets are important to this episode, when i make the post about the ep i’ll really discuss it. But the simple matter is : Both Tom and Marco hung out for selfish reasons, Tom only did it for the badge, and Marco only did it for the tickets.

But after they actually bond together genuinely and everything falls apart, Tom ends up feeling like Marco only tolerated him for the tickets, and Marco ends up feeling Tom only bonded with him for the badge.

In Tom’s case, Marco trying to leave the carriage as opposed to spending more time with Tom made Tom feel like Marco cared much more about the movie marathon….then him.

Tom was jealous, over the freaking Movie Tickets. And you can tell by his dialogue that he’s hurt Marco chose the tickets over him:



With the tickets, it’s more then just a bribe to get Marco to spend time with Tom…

It proves how much Tom has grown fond of Marco, and how much it hurts him to see that the things he was only using to get Marco  to show up, seem to matter more to Marco then he did.

This wasn’t how it was supposed to go, he shouldn’t care that Marco chose the tickets because that’s what he came here for and he knows that.

But after feeling like he had a friend, something he rarely has. He actually feels betrayed because now he actually likes Marco and in his eyes Marco doesn’t feel the same and just wants his end of the deal.

Tom was upset about more then just the badge.

Marco, after finding out what’s going on, ends up feeling a similar way because he also feels like Tom doesn’t like him and only wanted his badge.

They’re heartbroken, because they feel like the other doesn’t care about them and only did it for personal gain, when in reality they actually do.

Marco had no reason to be sorry, he didn’t trick Tom, Tom knew why he was here to begin with.

Tom lied to Marco, bribed him to come only for personal gain, and in Marco’s eyes only pretended to be his friend and didn’t actually care about him.

I do think Tom isn’t very good socially, but i wouldn’t call either of those proxies in my opinion. I don’t think Tom could’ve handled either of those situations on his own, especially with his relationship with Marco at the time.

Mr Candle is closer to being a proxy, since Tom could’ve used magic to handle all this and to interrogate Marco, but he’s softer then other demons so that might not work for him.

However, using proxies in order to do stuff like this does feel in character for him. Stuff like that might be more obvious if he uses them in the future.

Those two i just would say were definitely necessary for the episode and there wasn’t exactly a clear other way Tom could’ve gone, the tickets especially are important.

  • let’s be real here, Hansol is a young, inexperienced boy so all that caring gentlemanly stuff is very unlikely
  • sure he’s quite sweet and polite but also just a little oblivious to even your clearest signals
  • you’ll have to tell him very openly what you want or need and it might make him feel a little silly that he hadn’t noticed before, but as long as you reassure him that he hadn’t done anything wrong he would be okay
  • he’s a boy of simple tastes, and because he is happy assumed you are also content
  • but once you let him know that your relationship is lacking in some areas he would be quick to fix things
  • whether it was calling you more often or asking Scoops to please stop chaperoning your dates, Vernon would immediately do whatever you asked
  • doesn’t text or call too often, not from any lack of affection, but because he’d rather talk to you in person
  • when he does text it’s at the weirdest times and is about something totally off the wall that somehow related back to you
  • likes to send you pictures of random items with zero explanation, then tell you three days later why it reminded him of you
  • That goat looked just like you when you’re angry.” 
  • he might seem a little spacey and preoccupied or hyper when you’re talking to him, but it turns out that he soaked in every word you spoke and genuinely likes to hear about your day
  • if you stop talking or switch the topic suddenly he’ll look up from whatever he’s doing and urge you to continue
  • Okay but what happened to the ex-boyfriend? Did he ever find out why she dumped him?
  • surprises you sometimes with the large store of random trivia he has about you and your life
  • like he’s always caught up on all the drama between your friends and knows exactly who got your cousin pregnant and how old you were when you got that scar on your leg
  • but he can’t remember what time you were supposed to meet up for a date or that he’d promised to skype you
  • “How can you remember the exact date I had my tonsils removed but not know my middle name?” 
  • he brings the oddest gifts every time he comes to your parents’ house
  • like he’d show up to dinner with a box of laundry soap because you’d casually mentioned that you were all out, or a tiny figurine that looked just like your pet, or these adorable overmitts for your mother 
  • speaking of parents, your family loves him
  • he’d bond immediately with your father or brothers, to the point that you’d have to remind him he was here to hangout with you, not your dad
  • he’s extremely polite and offers to help your mom with the dishes or sits over tea and compliments her new hairstyle. Not even trying to butter her up or anything, but just because he likes her much a lot and sometimes forgets that she isn’t his own mother
  • casually brings up marriage and wonders aloud what your future children would look like
  • he doesn’t kiss your mouth often, but likes to kiss your hands or cheek
  • will take both of your hands and plant a big smooch on the back of each, or leave a big humming kiss on your cheekbone, then go on about his day
  • claims that he’s not big on public skinship, but will absentmindedly put his arm around your waist or begin playing with your hair all the time
  • as quiet or shy as he is, Vernon is head over heels for you and will turn into an actual beam of sunshine when you’re mentioned
  • if asked about his ideal type or celebrity crush, he’s going to say ‘My girlfriend’
  • Without fail. 
  • Every time. 
  • “My girlfriend is my ideal type. She’s the best. She’s not like, an idol or anything, but she’s famous to me.”
4CC ladie’s free review

1 Mihara Yesss! you go baby ! show them all! She did so fucking well it was perfect!

2 Daleman! Great ! Less so than her sp but still awesome!

3 Nagasu Yes!! so fucking good as well! before this comp started I expected her to win actually but after the sp it was very unlikely.

+Tursynbaeva/Higuchi/Hongo Noooo! why T.T I’m so sad for them!

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Apartment neighbors AU AND High Fantasy AU (or Scifi AU for High Fantasy canons)

I ridiculously love WELP NOW THEY’RE NEIGHBOURS, particularly for ships that clash or have a loose cannon + uptight vibe. I want all the UGH THEY HAVE A PET and melting eyes over houseplant gifts and everythingggg. 

I don’t think I’ve ever written it, though. If I did, it’d be … well, right now, it’d probably be Jyn/Cassian, though it’s also an A+ scenario for Darcy/Elizabeth. But with the former, there’d be the potential wrinkle of spy shenanigans. I mean, you wouldn’t have to do it with that, but it’d be amazing, lol. The irritable fellow neighbours turn out to be, respectively, a criminal and a spy? YES.

Sadly, I am very unlikely to write it myself. I’d read the hell out of it, though. 

High fantasy/Sci-Fi AU is … hm. I don’t tend to go for generic AUs, but I do really like setting fusions. Westworld version of Star Wars? YES. P&P in Star Wars? YES GOOD. The Borgias with firebending? 100% here for it. 

The likelihood of actually writing really depends. My current favourite idea is, also, Jyn/Cassian: Rogue One but in the Silmarillion! I don’t see myself writing a proper linear longfic, but I definitely have bits and pieces I’m having fun with.

Ok like I understand that John “mooing” is a very real and raw form of emotional expression but please consider

When faced with literally any other emotional turmoil in the past, John clams up. His body tightens up, he squeezes his fist, he loses all speech capabilities until he can calm down. 

Sherlock dying…. Sherlock coming back….. thinking he was going to die in the subway……. 

The reason so many people are making fun of this is because even though it may be a reasonable way to show grief, that’s not how John does it at all…this reaction was not normal for John… something is up

Why Victor fell in love with Yuri

The reason that I’d like to bring this up is because this was something that really bothered me, the fact that Victor tried to emotional shatter Yuri’s heart… I was like what Victor why! But then I realized, this adds a whole new layer to Victor’s character… he’s still a mystery to us and this act was just another piece of the puzzle. He may seem like the care-free fun loving guy, but it makes me wonder why. After that he says that to Yuri and then he realizes that he really did break him but it he seemed rather shocked that he actually cried. In my head I’m like OF COURSE YOU MADE THE BOY CRY HE FUCKING LOVES YOU, and that this was very unlike him to do something like this.

Though then the way he tries to fix it is by wondering how he should make up for it, and asks if he should kiss him or something. But all Yuri wants him to just believe in him and stay by his side not force himself to do something that he doesn’t have his heart set on just to please him…. 

This was also done before back in Japan when he’s asking Yuri what he wants their relationship to be between them. Though Yuri just Victor to simply be himself because that’s the one that he Victor that he loves. It doesn’t seem like much but think about it like this, Victor is basically asking “what do you want me to do that’ll make you love me” or “what do you need me to do to gain your acceptance”, that’s what it’s actually translating to.

You see when Victor pretty much threaten that if he didn’t score on the podium that he’d stop being Yuri coach, he was basically holding emotions hostage if he didn’t succeed in other words saying “I won’t love you if you don’t win”, and Victor thought this would be the best thing stop him being nervous as if it was naturally the right thing to do. The only reason why Victor thinks like this was  because was that something done to him.

This brings all the pieces together: why Victor acts the way he does, why Victor gave up skating to become Yuri’s coach! And even more promptly why he chose Yuri. Victor has never had anyone truly love him.  

I think this may pertain to within his personal life, or maybe in his skating career where maybe someone could have had emotionally abused him. I believe that’s what his scene of in the opening symbolizes. I think Victor with long hair was when he was vulnerable and the current him is confident.  

They made him fell that he always had to be perfect, and when we failed they’d take that love away. They’d point out his flaws an failure and mentally messing him up. Because here’s the thing with with what Victor’s action’s say he’s always has to do something to gain people’s affection. That love can only be obtained when being successful and flashy. 

That’s why he’s always trying to be the best, to feel the love from his fans, and that’s why he’s able to feel so confident and strong. He was fine with this and thought this was all he wanted, but this wasn’t the type of love that he really needed … That’s why he loves, Yuri’s the only one that has given Victor unconditional love. He can feel the love and passion that Yuri has for him in his skating that’s why he’s so inthralled in his skating when he sees it.  

At first when Victor saw Yuri’s video, he knew it was a video of a fan who admired him, though there was something more to this video. For the first time it made him feel something; something that couldn’t be explained, so he packed his bags and left to Japan to become Yuri’s coach, Not just to help him win the Skating Grand Prix Final, but to explore these feelings he has for Yuri

Victor finally was able confirmed his feelings he knew the he said something terrible to him. But even so Yuri didn’t believe that and knew Victor wasn’t the type of man. And despite being upset with him, he didn’t throw the competition, he gave it his all, and show Victor that he was worth his love!

They really were meant to save each other, Yuri who was unsure of himself before, is able to start to believe in himself because he is able to turn Victor’s love into his confidence. While Victor is able to finally able to understand and be truly loved because Yuri loved him unconditionally and accepted him, and was able to, well fall in love himself.


love the piggy!

tbh i have a Thing for adam “im straight” birkholtz like. imagine him being a theater kid and all the theater kids going “hes the ‘straight’ one” but everyone knows hes at least bi. like its like theyre gay bloodhounds and holster is a fox and theyre sniffin. even bitty when hes a frog and he gets to know holster hes like ….uh, holtzy, sweetie, no. and hes gone thru his whole life with people thinking hes kinda gay and hes gone to such lengths to prove that hes not that when hes like “shit im definitely in love with rans” and ransoms like “i told you so but i wont say it because i love you BUT i told you so” and he has to reevaluate his whole life bc yeah, he is kinda gay.

I think Rogue One hit me so hard because it felt so real and less fastastical than the other SW movies. And Jyn and Cassian fucked me up because their relationship was so realistic and unexaggerated and understated and beautiful. And thats how falling in love can feel. Their relationship felt very personal and relatable unlike a lot of the other Extra™ shit i ship. I think the pride and prejudice quote sums them up perfectly: “I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun.”

These fuckers are gonna kill me, friends, i swear.


Thanks for liking my work! And I think this is the right time to show up some SF outlook changes I guess

Actually the main reason I don’t make many Swapfell art is because… I can think of them really “fontcest” way! Like till now when I think about how they would live with each other, all the ideas and scenarios comes out are all very brotherly and, sfw??? Unlike the other bros which I can make at least suggestive thing??? I do want to draw some of the ideas but I guess most of the other brothers and ships have occupied my mind first lmao. Another reason is I still haven’t make up a really firm settings for them, and this makes me not very confident for build up art for them without giving them a fine personality/characteristic first? At least this is my own standard when I do fanworks, I just love to explore some more for the characters.

But hey since you asked, I can still share you some developed headcanons (You can see my general headcanons on them here first):

  • SF Sans still make tacos, but SF Pap’s favorite would be can whipped cream for me. (Since no one sure what kind of stuff he like by the original setting)
  • As a linkage of the Fell brothers, SF Pap is the one who caused the scar on SF Sans’ left eye, but it was SF Sans asked for it when little at first. SF Pap is secretly holding deep guilt over this till now.
  • SF Pap knows how to trick minds very well, like he can pretend to like you very much you won’t even notice that to him you are just like shit. (Of course he has to be willing to pretend first) This is one big advantage for letting him still survive in Snowdin.
  • Both of them cannot leave each other for too long, or they will start act aggressive around. SF Sans will start smashing and destroying things around him and become more and more violent if his brother is still not there with him, meanwhile SF Pap will stop interact with other, even resisting others to get close with him, you are basically fucked if you dared to touch him at the moment.
  • For the above point, this is caused by both of them never leave each other when living under such dangerous environment from young, this led to both them grew very strong dependence for each other.
  • SF Sans properly hit his bro unintentionally, a lot, like when he is too excited, or too pissed when shouting at him. But SF Pap never stop him for the hitting, not because he masochist (I don’t think he really is one anyway), more like he just spoiled his bro too much he chooses to tolerant this.
  • Is still debating with my morality that whether should let SF Pap into drugs
  • Is still debating with my morality that whether should let SF Pap into prostitution
  • Seriously my morality is constantly fighting myself when get close to SF Pap fucc this bitch what the fucc
  • SF Pap loves his brother a lot.
  • SF Sans lovers his brother a lot, too.

I guess this will be disappointing if you are looking for me doing little cute sexy SF Sans and huge cute obedient SF Pap, I just go to my own preference like what I always do… If you don’t like this version of Swapfell brothers I am so sorr

Wait who the fuck am I kidding why should I be sorry about this fuck everything else like everyday ok.

PS: The original creator of the whole Swapfell concept is kkhoppang! Even though both their tumblr and twitter seems to deactivated, please don’t forget the one who created things you like!

What You Deserve

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Imagine: You and bucky develop a close relationship when you join the team, but it’s put to the test when he accidentally hurts you

warnings: smut, choking (tragically not the sexual kind), angsty if thats a warning? 

a/n: buckle up y’all this is a long one, like 5.3k words long (yikes i know i got really carried away okay) I’m really sorry if it gets typo-y at the end, i’ve been working on this all day and my head hurts and i want to get it out for you guys so i didn’t proof read please for give me. Enjoy!


When you joined the Avengers, you didn’t expect to fall in love. Save the world? Sure. But falling in love was most definitely not on you radar, at least not until you met a certain boy with a mess of brown hair and striking blue eyes.

Bucky was your first friend when you moved into the compound. You were more on the quiet side, very unlike your other team members, who were a rambunctious bunch. It’s what drew you and Bucky together, staying behind while everyone else went out to a club or party.

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high school: paper is due at the end of class. seems like a big assignment but your grade is pretty much locked in at whatever it is already. this one assignment is very unlikely to affect it but you’ll get great feedback anyway and the teacher will call you a good writer

college: paper is due 12pm in the professor’s office. the room is locked and you have to slide your folder in under the door. your grade depends on the alignment of the stars and whether or not you followed your professor on twitter. stay tuned and you’ll find out on christmas eve when your entire family can harass you about it