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'It was obvious he was muslim' REALLY? So white Christians don't commit terror attacks? I fucking hate you. I hope these 'dangerous' Muslims hunt you fucking down and kill you.

When’s the last time a white Christian deliberately rammed his vehicle into a crowd of people and stabbed a police officer to death while chanting “Praise Jesus Christ!” compared to the last time Muslims have done so in the name of Islam? It doesn’t take a genius to know a Muslim was involved the moment we heard about the nature of this attack, turned out to be exactly correct once again and the fact that it’s so easy to predict a Muslim as the perpetrator just proves that we have a very serious, disproportionate problem with this religion in the West and all over the world. It’s a primate, tribal religion whose religious leader is a blood thirsty warlord, can anyone be that surprised? 

Lol thanks for proving to everyone the true nature of “moderate” Muslims, it’s exactly what I’ve been talking about. When we say that a large proportion of Muslims are radicalized, that doesn’t mean that they’re all terrorists, it means that they hate and despise non-Muslims, Western values and they want anyone who critizes Islam to be killed which is what you’ve just showed us - in fact under Sharia, anyone who insults Muhammad or Allah are to be executed. 

All the polls I have posted show that these “moderate” Muslims living in the West hate gays, they hate women, they believe terrorism and honor violence is justified and they refuse to assimilate and adopt Western values, they view non-Muslims as dirty and refuse them entry and force them to pay money to Muslims (Jizya) as a sign of their inferiority. Students refuse to condemn ISIS as it’s apparently Islamophobia and when Muslim students in UCSD were asked to condemn Hamas (a Muslim terrorist organisation set on wiping out Jews world-wide) they refuse to condemn them also. This is because while they may not be terrorists, they still hold much of the same beliefs. This is what is meant by radicalized Muslims, it’s not all about terrorism. 

The whole point of this discussion is to provide awareness of the mentality which you so clearly possess. If someone scrutinizes or points to very real problems within Islam, it gets labeled Islamophobia and death is called upon us. We often hear “if you say mean things about Islam, it will make more Muslims turn to terrorism and it will be your own fault”. This narrative just proves how radicalized and on the brink of terror moderate Muslims are if they will turn to blowing themselves and others up because some girl on tumblr proved Islam has flaws. So much for Islam having nothing to do with terrorism. Lol I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect example than yourself, some people think I’m just making this shit up so thank you for proving to us what we already know. Islam has never been the religion of peace. 

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i hate it when people say it not hard to lose weight, like tell that to my mum who been trying for years but because she has a very serious lung problem, she can't really exercise, so it pisses me off like when fatphobias tell her, she's lazy, if she were to exercise she literally need to be put on oxygen, and i don't want to see my mum be forced to do that.

Our bodies are literally designed to not lose weight easily because for thousands of years, losing weight meant you were starving. It’s only in the last couple decades that society decided that being extremely skinny was the ideal body and that fat people should just exercise to lose weight.

-Mod Egg

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You ship DRARRY???!!!! ❤😱😍❤

I do ship Drarry. Tbh, it’s all @hoechlindylan ‘s fault for throwing me back into them in a high key fandom way. I ship a lot of people in a casual way, or talk/think about them without necessarily looking up headcanons or reading fanfic. I’m usually a fanvid kind of gal when it comes to my ships. But all it takes is one person to be super enthusiastic and rant about them to me - @artemis69 *narrows eyes* - and I am falling down the rabbit hole for the long haul. 

As a result, this is what one of my walls looks like: 


The Fic Writer’s Beatitudes

Blessed are the readers, for theirs is the archive.

Blessed are the betas: for they help us write the stories we see in our hearts.
Blessed are they that kudo, for they reassure us that someone likes what we’ve done.
Blessed are the rebloggers and reccers, for they help the readers find our work.
Blessed are they which leave comments on a WIP that say something other than “write more please”: for they comfort us when we feel taken for granted.
Blessed are the commenters; for their words bring us joy.
Blessed are the loyal fans, for they keep the fandom alive.
Blessed are the fan artists, for they bring our worlds to life before our eyes.
Blessed are they which read an entire long fic and comment each chapter, for the string of comment notifications fills the writer’s heart with delight.
Blessed are ye, who rec our fics in public and tag us, for seeing that we made somebody squee is the light in our days.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in fandom.


“Being a member looks very flashy and grand from the outside. Its very lonely job. That’s all people see, it’s hard work and its really hard to get to the top. A lot of people don’t know that. It feels like were walking on a tightrope. We feel insecure.”

Stress and mental illness is a very serious problem in the Kpop industry and some fans and companies need to start realizing that idols are not objects but humans too. They deal with so much shit its not even funny. Take a second before you say something how it may impact on someone else’s life cause you have no idea how strong words can be especially for someone who is insecure and feels alone. Also don’t be one of those fans who attacks idols for every little thing they do. How about you try having the spotlight on you every single day and still manage to smile.

Some companies not all, need to start learning that they ain’t bloody robots and need rest. Like does it really take peniel to lose all his hair from stress, chanyeol to cry in his car alone because schedules are so heavy, taehyun to suffer from depression because he is so overworked, kai to fracture and injure his legs so many times from being over practiced, suga and chanyeol to dye there hair so much that they complain that it hurts, idols to faint on stage, and groups to disband till companies actually do something about these problems before it turns into a serious issue! This ain’t directed at fans but you stupid ass companies who implement such strict and tiring schedules for your idols who make you so famous when you give them so little. Stuff you and your dating bands, strict diets, intense schedules, over practicing and let idols be fucking humans and let them do what they want, talk to who they want and see their families when ever they want. ITS NOT THAT HARD!!!

P.s Respect to those companies out there who actually take care of their idols and give them rest when they need it however fuck you to the others for being so careless when you know they deserve better….


I just really like flowers, tattos and these two

Okay so-
Lets talk Klingons, and how great they are.

Garak is claustrophobic, and he’s also the only one that can save them. (Of course.) So he has to go into a teeny tiny crawlspace to do his mechanical magic, and try not to panic. Worf is stuck fighting Jem'hadar after Jem'hadar in staged fights, and everyone’s all “Oooohhh Worf, so honourable!”

Their reaction to Garak forcing himself into the crawlspace again? Not “Ugh silly Cardassian, afraid of small spaces.” It’s “Damn, he is brave as fuck. Going in there is terrifying for him, and we respect his courage.”

Klingons are great.


                                         What are you doing? 

There are so many problems that need fixing on this site. 

  • A way to block blogs on mobile without going to said blog. 
  • Weeding out the pornbots 
  • Taking care of the problems with notifications {I.E. having double notifications or not actually being able to see all notifications}
  • The glitch where themes just suddenly disappear from blogs for a few minutes
  • On blog ads that keep turning on  { Note: I understand the need for ads. I do. But putting them on our blogs without warning and messing up people’s themes — themes that people spend a lot of time perfecting — is not the way to do it. }
  • Actual child pornography 

But, instead you take away our ability to check mutual followers… a choice which has caused many people, including myself and my friends, very unnecessary anxiety. 
Perhaps, if you focused your energies on solving the very serious problems that plague Tumblr, rather than make them worse, we could turn this site back into what it was MEANT to be: 
A place where people can form friendships, share common interests, express themselves!

 Let’s try to make it that, again. Please. 

Just Write It

Write a children’s book about a silly issue that’s made out to be solemn. For example, a kid is outraged about the broken crayons in the class set and is determined to find the culprit. However, at the very end, reference a serious problem of the present world. For example, the crayons are as broken as today’s economy.

Man I wish I had like…energy bc I’m going into animation, which I do have a talent for, but I’m also really good at helping people with their problems and since I’ve been through so much shit I’ve seen all kinds of people with all kinds of problems so I have experience with helping different people and knowing how to talk to them, naturally i’d go into being a therapist right? There’s still a lot I need to learn bc I do make mistakes but I know I’ve made a positive difference before. But helping people as a career rather than just helping my friends sounds so fuckin exhausting,, I really only have the energy for my friends (and really anyone who I know that doesn’t have a bad relationship with me. Or anyone on here even if I don’t know them just cause we have Tumblr in common). Idk it’s conflicting bc I know skill wise i’d be really good at it, and I like learning about psychology n shit bc it kinda gives me more of an arsenal (for lack of a better word) of knowledge for helping my friends who are struggling with mental health stuff
And all of this is really cheesy tbh like I haven’t totally accepted it bc since I used to be in such a bad spot I feel like I have to still be like that bc it’s actually comfortable sometimes. Also the whole “helping people!! uwu” feels kinda sappy and embarrassing but hhh. I mean if I’m not going into a career for it, which I’m not planning anyway, I’ll at least have that extra side of me that people can rely on. It’s like a bonus lmao. I’ll probably take a few psychology courses in college and maaaybe if animation falls through I’ll look into being a therapist. Really each job is exhausting in its own right but I’ll see

I think it is important for parents to know this, it is a very common problem:

Bed Wetting

If your child wets the bed beyond early childhood and into their teenage years this can be caused by some of the following reasons:

  • Serious Mental Health problems, including anxiety, depression, psychosis, obsessional thinking, and other mental health problems which you may or may not know about.
  • Anxiety to do with Learning Difficulties such as undiagnosed or diagnosed Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and anxiety and other mental health conditions caused by these things.
  • Bullying, Social Neglect, Social Isolation, all of which are very serious problems, which may relate to the first 2 points, which you may or may not know about.
  • Abuse, not limited to physical, verbal, emotional, and sexual abuse, which you may or may not know about
  • Complicated environmental/nurturing issues, such as not seeing one’s parent/s enter the bathroom or express the need to use the toilet. 
  • Serious phobia’s and trauma to do with anything to do with the toilet. Again parents may or may not know about this.
  • Medical reasons, often to do with the bladder, kidneys, or perhaps neurological disorders, which parents may or may not know about.

Children Often lack the volcabulary to explain abusive situations and mental health issues, and into their teenage years. Bedwetting can carry on until the late teenage years or beyond if none of these issues have been addressed. 

Children and teenagers DO NOT wet the bed out of malice. Punishments such as humiliation in any form, accusing the child of purposely wetting the bed, verbal/physical/emotional and even sexual abuse will not help the child and perhaps make things even worse. Please take into account that children do not and are often unable to express concerns about abuse in any form, mental health problems, or any of the other things listed, EVEN in their teenage years. Although perhaps not medical, these problems can seriously affect a child’s physical health and cause serious infections.

If you are someone who does wet the bed, recognise and remember that it is largely and often completely out of your control. One day it will stop. Addressing issues about your past or current situations are important for this to stop happening. Keep up a regular time for going to the toilet even if you do not feel like you need to go, often it can feel like you don’t need to when in fact you do, because of problems you have experienced. This is such a common problem and you are not alone.

Nasty comments left on fanfic stories

*adding un-asked for 2 cents to @shadu-kiam‘s post*

Expressing resentment to a fanfic author is, to me, wrong because it represents two very serious problems.

1. The reviewer is unacquainted with the concept of personal accountability…


2. The reviewer is unwilling to accept personal accountability.

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to have strong negative reactions to a fic, just as it is perfectly fine to have strong positive reactions to a fic. The problem lies in blaming the author for your reaction.

I’ve actually recently stopped reading a fanfic dozens of chapters in because I can no longer deal with the pace, characterizations, relationship progress, etc. I get that. It does happen. There are plenty of people who have stopped reading my long fic (if I can believe ffnet’s numbers) because of, I can only assume, similar issues.

Fair enough. No harm done. My fic is not your fic and my ideas are not your ideas. No problem.

But to express resentment…? Why?

Why waste more of your precious time to tell a fanfic author whom you do not pay or support in any way that they are unworthy of your precious time?

Doesn’t that completely miss the point?

You are the one who decided, of your own free will, to seek out a fanfiction. You used your precious time to search through millions of postings to find something you decided to take a chance on. You clicked on it and began reading. You continued reading until you decided (for whatever perfectly valid reason) to not read anymore.

All these things you did yourself. The author had absolutely nothing to do with it. The author is simply unfortunate enough to be the target of your frustration at yourself for spending so much time reading fanfic.


Because you feel you are owed something. The author owes you for your time and trouble. They owe you for allowing yourself to become emotionally involved.

And here’s where the money argument comes in.

I’ve read really terrible books that I would like to get my money back for. I’ve walked out of movies that were just awful and wished I could get my money back. And I would have no problem leaving a review on that book/movie stating the fact that I thought it was not worth my time.


Because I paid for it. I didn’t just invest my time and trouble and emotions - I spent money on it. The writer of the book and the movie makers profited from my reading/watching experience.

The fanfic author does not profit from anyone. Our payment comes in the form of comments left on our stories. We do not put ads in the paper asking for reviews. We do not charge for reading. We. Do. Not. Profit.

There is no way to convert anger, tears, laughter, screaming, excitement, etc. into monetary compensation that I can put into my bank account and buy food with. It doesn’t work that way and, therefore, I owe you nothing.

And you know what? You owe me nothing, too.

You are not required to review my fic. You are not required to like, follow, kudo, comment or even tell me that you’ve read it. You do not owe me your loyalty, your emotional stability, your time, your money, your patience, your love, your tears…

You owe me nothing. That is the beauty of fanfic. We come together from all walks of life to share a fandom in a safe, sane and consensual (I’m winking at those of you who get the reference) environment where everything is free and beautiful…

And people who bring negativity and shaming into it are a problem. There is no justification for taking out your frustration on an innocent person and it is bad etiquette and childish behaviour.

Personally, I think we have enough negativity in the world at the moment. We really don’t need to bring it to the place we go to get away from all of that.

a phrase people like to say a lot is “no mental disorder is inherently abusive”. it’s a good phrase. it’s simple, to the point, and very true. but I’ve seen some confusion on what exactly it means, and it’s causing some people, especially young people, some very serious problems. let’s talk about what it means.

here is what it DOES mean:

being mentally ill does not mean being abusive. a diagnosis for a mental disorder is not the same as a diagnosis for being an abusive person. no one is a bad person for being mentally ill. no matter what their mental illness, everyone deserves kind judgment and forgiveness when they make mistakes. you cannot assume someone is abusive just because of their mental illness, even if the mental illness makes them act out sometimes.

and here is what it DOES NOT mean:

if you are mentally ill, you cannot be abusive. you cannot be judged for the actions you take due to mental illness, and you do not need to apologize or make amends for actions your mental illness contributed to. you have no responsibility to keep your mental illness in check whenever you are able. if you hurt someone due to your mental illness, their pain is not “real”.

if you have hurt someone because of your mental illness, I’m very sorry. having a mental illness is tough. the correct thing to do next is to take some time to try and pull yourself back. then, as soon as you are able, go to the person you think you may have harmed and ask if they are okay. apologize if necessary. explain that you didn’t mean to harm them, and that your mental illness makes this difficult. it’s possible to do this without making it into an excuse, but it’s important that you apologize and try to set things right. if you can, talk to the person about ways they can help you do what’s necessary to keep it from happening in the future. I know it’s hard, but this is your responsibility.

if someone with a mental illness has hurt you, I’m also very sorry. being hurt is hard, and it’s difficult to know when you should forgive someone when their mental illness can make them lash out. please take a look at the above paragraph. that is how you will know whether the person is doing their best. in some cases, mental illness might also prevent the person from approaching you openly. please try to be receptive to their apology. apologizing is very hard even when you don’t have mental illness getting in the way. ask if there is anything you can do or change to help them keep it from happening again. this shouldn’t be something extremely hard or unreasonable for you to do. if it is, or if the person continues to hurt you because of their mental illness and shows little or no concern for your feelings after hurting you, you are being abused. it’s okay to call it that. please leave the person if you can, and ask for help if you can’t.


The tumblr user anonami-42 is getting abused by her parents, and it got way worse!
You can see what her parents did to her in those screenshots(in those screenshots is her girlfriend talking to her). And her parents now want to teach her “the right ways” aka conversion therapy. Her girlfriend is scared for her life and safety! And if this might go on, ami will get ruined by her parents +her girlfriend will lose her and way worse things might happen..
If you know someone who can help, or have advice or something else that can help, please contact me. If you don’t know what to do, please reblog this, it’ll help a lot. It’s a very serious problem and if nothing happens it won’t end well for her gf and friends. Please, help us..