Put on fake wings & horn, nemo becomes confused. Pokemon nemo is confused. 😂

- Mod: Pokemon Nemo? Lol! It’s very cute, thank you. Don’t think Nemo would adjust to his wings very well. He’s afraid of heights.

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h..hello yes you look very nice in your new icon. very cute anna i hope ur havin a nice day [skitters out]

hey wait come back

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i...i really want to put flowers in her hair and cook for her. We can share our love of sweaters and flannels and I can be the big spoon when we cuddle! I also wanna take her on a very cute date. im hooked

sorry anon but that’s hecking gay

171019 Official_GNCD:
[#Golden_Child] 골든 차일드의 알방라이브🐣 재밌게 보셨나요?😮 MVR 재석부터 레알 재현이까지! 꿀잼, 허니잼은 물론 귀엽고 사랑스러움이 꽉꽉 채워져 있어 더욱 재미있었던 시간이었답니다!😉💕 #늦은_시간이니_다봤으니_코코낸내_하세요 🌙

Translation: [#Golden_Child] Did you have fun watching Golden Child’s Hatching-Out-Live🐣?😮 From MVR Jaeseok until real Jaehyunie! It was so very much fun, super cute and packed with loveliness. They had a really great time!!😉💕 #SinceIt'sLate_AndYouWatchedItAll_Please_SleepTight 🌙

Translation by: Admin J @ gncd11
Please take out with full credit

I remember I once watched a production of Romeo and Juliet where

  • Juliet’s character arc was treated like a horror story
  • There was guitar, I think?
  • Benvolio was a very cute girl
  • Mercutio kissed Tybalt during their fight

And that is how I came to like Romeo and Juliet despite hating it with a burning passion mere hours earlier.

Guess this means I’m not anonymous anymore, oh well. Anyway have a little family photo for your alpha, omega and their pups. I know this probably isn’t how you see them, most likely far from it, but I’m not the best at drawing. Hope you like this 🐾

—- Submitted by shadowkitten0321 Aaaaah!!! Very accurate!!! So cute!!! I love them thank you!!!