date the being with no solid shape. they are drifting vapor, but with effort they can pull themself close and make a very cute body. being around other beings can be exhausting for them; their consciousness has no solid barrier, and they feel everyone’s worry and anger and sadness like it’s their own. however, they love to share with you, like a cloud you’re half in and half out of. whenever you’re in doubt of their affection, you can just check. they always love you.

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For anyone needing a Baywatch au, check out Making a splash! By roe87 (it has merman bucky too!) Very cute.

ooohh, thanks for the rec!

Making A Splash! by roe87 (WIP)

When Steve Rogers was eleven years old, he fell from a boat into deep ocean water. What saved him was another boy in the water; he saved Steve with a kiss.

Steve couldn’t even be sure the boy was real, because he disappeared right after Steve’s rescue, leaving Steve to pursue a meandering life on land, until he finally settled back at the beach as a county lifeguard.

When Steve falls into deep water again as an adult, his mysterious guardian from the water reappears, and this time he’s sticking around.

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any interesting things you've seen in spain so far? nice accents? beautiful ppl? cool birds? table cloths? sidewalks? :-)

There is literally so many birds. Like I’m so taken back by it!! We don’t have nearly as much in nz. I have noticed so many dogs too very cute. Everytimw I’ve been out I’ve found cute small streets the structure of the cities is just so different to nz!!! I love it!!!💛💛💛💛 I love the orange juice and papatas bravas👵🏼it’s so yum. I love the paintings on the outside of buildings and I noticed there’s less advertising here and less homelessness. Hmm . That’s all for now :)

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hey, i thought i could boldly take you up on your offer to help me with finnish, i hope that's okay! it's going fine so far, but since i'm learning by books i don't really know the pronunciation. can you direct me to any resources on finnish pronunciation, like videos or music or something? that would really help me a lot <3 :)

hey meike and it’s totally okay! i love helping others! the finnish pronounciation is actually fairly easy, you just have to learn to pronounce the alphabet like a finn and you then you are able to say anything!

but good resources are:

this random website??
this website teaches you how to pronounce the vowels
KatChats youtube channel (very cute)
this shows how freaking complicated things can become a.k.a. finland has too many dialects

other finnish youtubers that don’t teach finnish but you still might like at some point?
Maiju a.k.a. Mansikkka
Iina- Katariina
Julia Ahonen
honestly there aren’t many good youtubers here :’’)

artists to check out!
olavi uusivirta
REINO NORDIN (my love)
samuli putro
jenni vartiainen
haloo helsinki
mikael gabriel
anna puu
yö (please listen to “rakkaus on lumivalkoinen” such a beautiful song)
lauri tähkä
antti tuisku (NB! weird as fuck music)
suvi teräsniska
…and many more

other ways to learn finnish pronounciation is to watch moomin’s in finnish (type: muumit), postimies pate, puuha-mies (bob the builder lmao), tabaluga and many more children’s shows which you can easily find on internet!

this ended up being a total mess but it’s okay!

i’ve mentioned before on here (maybe a couple years ago) that my mom babysits/is a nanny, right? and i’ve mentioned how she’s turned a couple of the kids she baby-sat into low-key kpop fans. 

a couple years ago, i think i wrote about one of the little boys that really started liking all the songs she played while she was at work, and he’d even ask her to put on the songs and he’d always dance to them. 

and i’ve prolly mentioned her most recent little girl she’s babysitting for a couple years now

anyways, her name is Elliot and my mom has been playing soOOO much BTS and other kpop songs, this little…5? year old girl (my mom has been babysitting her since she was a baby) is a BTS fan,,, she’s always asking my mom to show her pictures of “V” on her phone

she thinks he’s “very very cute!!!” 

and the most recent funny story is 

last weekend, my mom told her about BTS appearing on the BBMAs so !!

my mom texts me

and she’s like “Elliot’s mom texted me this morning saying: So apparently I have to record a “”bonton boys”” concert on Saturday night…Do you know what channel it will be broadcast or how do I spell that group name?”  (lol not concert but shhh)


also my mom told me, after they watched it together, Elliot said that Taehyung looked “amazingly beautiful” 

i’m constantly laughing at my mom converting little kids into kpop fans 

this is a 50+ year old- Eastern European lady !!! and she’s making a small “Army” slowly but surely 

ok thanks for reading bye 

Welcome To New York: Jefferson x Reader

A/n: This is old as heck but the concept was pretty cute, from back when I took requests on Quotev. I don’t know what I’m doing, I just like T.Jeffs.

“Thomas! Look!”

You pointed excitedly at the shops lining the streets of New York City. Ever since you had arrived, it all seemed new and exciting.

“Yeah,” Thomas said. “Shops. You did have those is France.”

“But they are different here! Because they are in America!” Thomas smiled at that. He liked your childlike and innocent personality. He had said before that it made you “very cute.”

Thomas Jefferson had been in France for a while, and while he was there, he had met you. You were smitten with him, because he was so different from anyone you had ever seen. He had taken a liking to you as well, and had begun courting you officially in France. But you knew that he couldn’t stay there forever. He never learned of your concerns, but sometimes, as you lay in bed next to him in the middle of the night, listening to only his breathing, you would think about what would happen when he went back to America. Would he send you letters? Could it work at all if he was so far away? Most likely not. What you suspected was that once he was back in America, he would forget about you.

So it came as a surprise that he invited you to go back to America with him. You had never felt so happy! 

“Il m'aime!” you sang, when he asked you to go to New York with him. “He loves me, I love you, you want me to stay with you! C'est excitant! (That is exciting!)”

He picked you up and spun you around. “That’s right, (y/n)! We’re going to New York!” You squealed in delight as he kissed you and swept you off of your feet.

In America, everything looked different to you. The trees, the buildings the people, all different. Maybe it was just because you were so used to the streets of France. But anytime you saw something exciting, you squealed and pointed it out, and Thomas was happy to tell you what it was, or how it was different in America. You were pretty sure he liked it because it made him feel clever.

You had been in America less than an hour, and you insisted that you look at everything that interested you. Which was a lot.

“(Y/n),” Thomas said, slightly out of breath. “I love you, but please, slow down! We’re in New York for a reason!”

You slowed down. “I am sorry, I was just excited! I have never been here before!”

He laughed. “I know you haven’t, but I’ve got a cabinet meeting to go to. I’ll have all the time in the world to tell you about America after, I promise.”

“How do you Americans say… pinkie swear?” You held out your pinkie and looked up at him earnestly.

“Yes, pinkie swear,” he said, trying to keep a straight face. He kissed you, and you pouted. “Do you have to leave? Please, stay with me a little bit more!”

“I don’t know…” he teased. “I don’t know how it was in France, but here in America, people get mad if you don’t show up to important meetings.”

“But here in America, it’s a place of freeeeedooooomm!” you said, drawing out the letters.

“You have a point.”

You took both of his hands, and squealed, “Perfect! Let’s go!”

“Wait, what?”

But there was no stopping you. You were too excited to see everything there was to see. 

‘Dear God,’ Jefferson thought. ‘Where does she get all this energy?’

“So,” you said, “are you going to tell me about THAT?” She pointed behind her without looking.

“Yeah. That’s a bird.”

“What?” You turned around, and yes, you were pointing at a pigeon. “Okay, thank you. And what about…. ummm…”

“Hey, (y/n)? Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t want to offend, but are you just looking for things I can explain to you so I don’t have to leave?”

You hung your head. “Maybe…”

Thomas put his arm around you and started to walk by your side. “Well, don’t you worry, because I’m not going anywhere.”

You smiled. “I’m glad. I was scared that… with this exciting life in America, you would forget about me, and find someone better….”

“Oh, (y/n).” He shook his head. Right now, no one is better than you. I brought you back with me for a reason, you know.“

In fact, you did know. At least, you did now. And it felt wrong to doubt him before.

“I am happy you do not hate me,” you said finally.

“I definitely don’t,” he said with a chuckle. But now that you know how much I want you here, can I please get to my cabinet meeting?“

“Yes, of course, but one more thing I would like to ask you…”


You kissed him, not as softly as you had done many times before, and for a much longer duration of time. He gently pulled you closer and you ran your fingers through his curls. When you broke apart, you said quietly, "My question was, am I allowed to do that?”

“You are definitely allowed to do that.” He grinned, and said, “ I really, really have to go. But I can show you some more things you’re allowed to do tonight, okay?" 

You blushed. "Oh! O-okay!”

As he walked away, you felt butterflies in your stomach. The feeling wasn’t entirely unwelcome.

“Welcome to New York, (y/n),” you whispered to yourself. “I think I will like it here.”

100 word fic: Strap

Guy-Man glances at the pianist at the other end of the stage. He was added to the band just days prior, and it’s uncertain if he’ll stay after the upcoming performance. Him leaving would be a shame, though, because he’s very talented. And also cute. Like, ridiculously cute.

Standing, Guy-Man pulls the guitar case’s strap over his shoulder. He should talk to him. Say “hi”, exchange names, maybe ask if he wants to grab a bite…

He’s still deliberating when the pianist suddenly looks at him, smiling. Reddening, Guy-Man promptly gyrates and hurries off.

He can say hi another day.

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Hello beautiful person, You must be sick of ship stuff but... Could you pretty please make Arsloid and IA cuddle? Snuggle? Arsloid princess carry IA? Or vice versa? Arsloid brushing IA's hair- Whatever with these two! I'm feeling so down right now rl ಥ_ಥ Yoyr models are very cute.. So..


i’m not even close to finishing IA yet so she’s not resized but that’s their height different for now

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How about a domesticated banette? I love their zipper mouths and such!

Banette are very cute, I agree! One interesting tidbit about domestic Banette is that they can be almost overwhelmingly clingy and cuddly. No one knows quite why this is, but Banette love nothing more than being hugged by their favorite person, and will follow them around as much as possible in hopes of getting physical affection. This can get a bit annoying as time goes on, though. Remember to hug your Banette at least daily!

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I really liked Norman this stream. He was very alpha in the beginning but was very cute for the rest. He made sure Alex was ok over the radio whenever the casino shit happened (Jayden to August? This is August. Is Markov ok????). He just wants to make sure his dad is ok and wants to impress him. (I also loved when Aleks said "Markov to Son")

I love it too! It’s so cute, their father son dynamic. Aleks has really accepted the whole father thing. He’s still pretty bad at it, but at least he tries. I also love when Norman goes “Jayden to Markov” and Aleks goes “Go ahead Son” :’)