170218 BTS The Wings Tour in Seoul - Spring Day 봄날
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Drabble fragment I wrote because I couldn’t sleep due to a stuffy nose.

Ladybug smiled at Adrien, nervous but refusing to show it.

“I am glad you’re okay.” She said, eyes locked with his.

He smiled back. “It’s all thanks to you.”

Had he moved closer, or had she? She wasn’t sure but they were now rather close. Close enough to kiss, maybe?

Before she could work up her courage to ask for a thank you kiss, an arm slung around her shoulder, pulling her back.

“Ladybug!” Alya exclaimed in her ear. “That fight was amazing! You were really in top form today.”

Ladybug blinked at her, dazed by her sudden appearance. “Alya?” She asked, confused.

“From the Ladyblog, yes!” She pulled her away from Adrien and Ladybug glanced back longingly.

Once Adrien was out of earshot Alya’s cheerful voice dropped to a warning whisper. “Ladybug, I love you, but if you flirt with that boy, I’m going to have to slander you so hard. My best friend has dibs. Respect the dibs.”

After a few excited selfies, Alya ran off, leaving Ladybug deeply touched by the fact that her best friend would stand up to a superhero for her. And also very annoyed.


The Dreaming Dead | 5x05

Jackson: And, uh, if I hadn’t, in all lunacy, set about your freeing?
Edmund: You’ve always been there when I needed you. Why should today be any different?
Jackson: … Miss Reid?
Mathilda: Yes, Captain?
Jackson: Can you hand me my pistol, please?
Mathilda: But… why?
Jackson: Cos I’m gonna shoot your father with it.

🖊✏🐾💕advice I found online I thought was pretty good advice that I think everyone (myself, and soo many fandoms (like teenage mutant ninja turtles and voltron)and many more)) could remember when it comes to discord online or anywhere

So drawn my Miss kitty the magical flying cat from outer space with spooky the ghost with this advice 😊

(P.S. Yes that is klance on the heart Miss kitty is holding)


Shuu and Sayaka’s Amour Eternal senshuraku curtain call (✿◠‿◠)


im in an Ageswap AU Mood


Merry Christmas (And happy holidays!) to the RT community! This was just a little project I was working on to avoid studying for finals so I hope you enjoy it!