Aisles teaser #2

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Nayeon hesistantly walked over to the couch and sat down. “Would you like some tea? I just made myself a cup and there’s still some hot water” you asked nervously. The two of you hadn’t spent much time together. And you couldn’t remember the last time you were in the same room without Jungkook.

“What’s on your mind? You asked her as you handed her the mug of of tea. She nodded a thank you as she took the mug from your hands. She blew on the hot liquid before setting it down on the coffee table.

“Have you talked to Jungkook lately?” she asked you.

Her questions caught you off guard.“I talked to him the other day, but only for a few minutes. What’s going on? Is everything okay between you guys?” It wasn’t a lie. The two of you did speak, yelling at each other did count as speaking. Very loud speaking.

She furrowed her brows, “Yes, I mean, I think so. I don’t know. He won’t talk to me” she looked at your with tears in her eyes.

“Have you tried talking to him?” you asked softly.

Nayeon nodded, “All the time. He won’t talk to me. You’re the only person he talks to. And I know I shouldn’t be jealous because the two of you are best friends. But I am, Y/N” she sniffled as she spoke, “I just want him to be with me like he is with you”

You felt a twinge of guilt as she spoke. Because deep down, you still wanted to be in her shoes. You wanted to be the one who slept where she slept. You wanted to take your shoes off next to his. But he had married her, not you.

“I’m sorry Nayeon. I truly had no idea”

“Do you love him?” she asked you.

As you looked into her eyes you knew you couldn’t lie to her. That you had to be honest. She deserved at least that. “Yes, I do”

You watched as her head drop, “Does he know?”

She wiped the tears from her eyes as you spoke, “Yes, I told him. But he chose you, Nayeon. He’s marrying you”

“Then why won’t he talk to me?” she asked, desperation clinging to every word.

“I wish I could give you an answer, Nayeon. I really wish I could, but I can’t” you tried to hold back your own tears when you felt her eyes on yours.

She was staring at you. “Y/N, please don’t take him from me”

You brought your gaze to meet hers. She looked like she was about to break into a million pieces. You could see how desperate she was. How scared that the man that she agreed to love for the rest of her life was going to walk out on her.

And that’s when you knew. It was time for you to let him go. It wasn’t fair to her. It wasn’t fair to you. You tried to smile as you reached out your hand, “I promise”

day 27, some of my neighbors in animal crossing


I do a lot of automaton-like work at my job and I like to listen to what appears to be some long ass Russian novel audio book while I work. Sometimes with 1960s music playing over it. 

Because gruff Russian talking soothes me for some reason. 

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Hi! I want to request a BTS reaction to you making them embarassed on a show. Like sharing a weird habit to the fans or idk~

Hope you enjoy Anon. I didn’t say what embarrassed them just how I feel they would act.

-Admin Hyun Mi

Jin- Jin would probably just kind of blush and cover his face. I feel like he wouldn’t really say much he would be more of the embarrassed reaction.

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Suga- OMG I can picture Suga doing that lil like aish thing he does. Just like “Aishhhh Jagi no no. you are lying” while blushing a little. He would try to act all tough about it though and just a lil whiny.

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J-Hope- Oh he would be very loud about it and whining. “Jagiiiii that is so not truuuuuue’ while making his weird faces and softly hitting you. Then he would try and turn it around onto you.

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Rap Monster- He wouldn’t get to embarrassed outwardly. He would just be like “No no Jagi you have it all wrong” and try to talk his way out of it. Inside he is cringing.

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Jimin- Would laugh nervously and cover his face and look down. “Ahh Jagi why why why do you do this to me”

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V- This one would just laugh uncontrollably and get red. He would probably face away from the cameras.

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Jungkook- He would just get one of his famous faces like he always does. He would just look shook and lost. No words just silence and no movement.

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So I’m a self destructive moron who went into the tags to see what people’s reactions to Viktor literally, explicitly offering to be Yuuri’s boyfriend specifically and out loud are.

And yes, people are still calling it queerbaiting.

Even with screenshots of Viktor saying he would be Yuuri’s boyfriend if Yuuri only asked, people are still saying that this is queerbaiting.

Do you people not understand what queerbaiting is?

It’s not “my gay ship doesn’t get canon in the end.”

It’s “We are going to tempt queer viewers to watch our show by implying the possibility of queerness without ever acknowledging it, so that we can keep both the queer niche audience and the larger Straight audience.”

Viktor Nikiforov explicitly and specifically offered to be Yuuri’s very queer boyfriend, out loud and in the show. 

You cannot call it queer baiting when the queer character is openly existent.

Typing something out in caps using the shift key instead of the caps lock button is the computer equivalent of slightly raising your voice but it ends up being a very loud scream and I just want my fucking caps lock key bring it back

Yesterday, I went for an interview sa Alabang then went straight to town afterwards to meet my artist friend who lives in Alabang. Tapos we had this very loud conversation inside Starbucks because it went too hype after discovering that we were secretly hiding something in between….

Him: *ranting*
Him: *click lips*
Me: IS THAT?????
Him: YOU KNOW!?!?!?!
Me: OHMYGAWD *hysterical*
Him: GUUURL!!!!
Me: *click lips*

We turned real gayness for 5 seconds after learning we were both watching RuPaul’s Drag Race. Then the whole hangout went down with topics about the show. I’d just found another bestfriend. That was an actual unforgettable conversation of my life. We sounded like real white girls as in legit. That small Starbucks store just heard two gay guys converse like some loud bitches. Wtf. I’m loving that person. HAHAHAHAAA

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Peridot hasn't really interacted with the citizens in Beach City much right now, or average humans really. But how do you think she'd be like interacting with them as a smol gem and a beeg gem? CX

Now that’d be interesting, Peri would be rather frightened I imagine if she were small- I can see her getting overwhelmed easily and having to hide away with Steven, grumbling and griping about people and pretending she’s totally not terrified by the fact they’re all so gigantic compared to her!
But I’m sure she’d be able to be coaxed out from hiding in a pocket eventually, then she’d bite people for calling her cute and be VERY loud all of the time because that’s Peridot!!

But if she were big……. she’d probably declare herself the biggest, strongest thing around and state that SHE should be beach cities leader and mayor- then sigh like a maniac, end up realising she’s reeeeeaaaaaly high up and everything’s very breakable and fragile
And then lie on the beach refusing to move bc she doesn’t want to hurt anyone!
Also once she’s used to being big probably a lot of unannounced picking up of people, I can imagine Peri being the sort to not really realise she’s being a tad scary- she probably wouldn’t mean it, she’s just curious!

Also I hope we get more Peri interactions with humans in the show, I wanna see my lil green goober making friends and learning things!!
And causing chaos!!!

Lupa kids

*Keen eyes, ears, and running

*They dislike anything social until they are around people they trust

*They don’t love easily but they have a soft spot

*Super loyal

*VERY loud like VERY

*Unless they want to be completely silent

*No ones sees them coming

*Very wolfish

*Like order but chaos

*They’re better fighters in groups

*Many of them joined the hunters of Artimis

*Can sometimes shapeshift into half wolves or complete wolves but it’s very rare

*Messy eaters

(chapter 5)

Brutal clashing swords that was happing outside was very loud. I was taking my walk like I used too. I sat down on a bench and there was another Tere of bench’s behind me. I really didn’t notice the other elves right behind me, they spoke in whispers but loud enough that I could hear them.

“To tell you the truth the king himself really didn’t love anyone but himself.” The female elf said.

I closed my eyes and counted backwards, trying not to listen, but than another chimes in.

“Especially a human! He despise them, even if he knew one for so long.” He laughs.

I stood up and shook it off as much as I could, they’re just bullies trying to make me leave. But why say hateful to a person that you really don’t know? Even when it’s about your king? What has gotten into them? When I had left for awhile the king had his court around giving him ideas. Of course they are apart of the court!

That makes more sense than anything, tears came down my face as I walked the other way. Wanting to hide my face from them, I won’t let them see me cry. I went to my room and cried about it, I hate feeling like a teenager. But could have they been right? Or it’s not about his wife?No they couldn’t be, the invited me to his palace to stay with him. Maybe he only like younger girls? I’m older know maybe he doesn’t like me anymore? Or maybe they are doing this because they don’t like humans them selves?

I lay on my bed with my face laying in the pillow, I heard foot steps walking across my room and then stops.

“Lady Y/N, the King demands to see you.” She taps my shoulders.

I lift my face from the pillow, she saw my eyes were puffy. “Tell the king it’s not a good time.”

“Yes my lady.” Before she left she gave me a glass of water and curtsies and left to tell the king himself. He won’t be pleased I know that much, but right now I wanted to be left alone.

It must have been hours before I left like moving, knocks on the door were not soft, it was a pound, that made my head spin. I dared to be quite, Before I’ll know it he’ll have my door down before I’ll start counting. I must be a mess, more pounding on the door, but no one said anything on the other side. I gave up, feeling like crap, eyes blood red shot, I moved towards the door. Opening the door I saw a very tall Elven man standing with his back towards me. Before he gets to knock once more he face me.

“Oh.” He straight himself up infornt of me. And walked right into my room.“Mayflower are you alright?” He too my hand and lead me towards my bed as we sat down he gets to get my hair some want neatly. “You know better when I call for you, you must come as I wish.”

But that didn’t sit well with me. Even if he sent those two to push my button or not. I wasn’t having it. “I’m not a dog Thranduil.”

From worried to hurt. “Of course not Mayflower. Are you alright though?” He pats my hand.

I looked down. “Yes, I’m better now.” Maybe he doesn’t want to love anymore because people he loves leaves him.

Thranduil put his fingers under my chin and made me look at him. “Mayflower if someone has upset you or if i did, do tell me.”

“Last night, what we did. It was because you didn’t want to right and not because of me is it?” I asked, I wanted this to be done and over with.

Now he was getting angry. “What? Why do you ask such of a thing?”

“I just thought it’s because I’m older now and that I’m human..” I can’t cry Infront of him.

Since elves and humans have the same emotions, but we give out more and want to talk more, elves they don’t have to speak they just know. I couldn’t tell what his mind was racing though. Even if I knew the answer was in my head I could be right. He downer want me and he never did. It was all a trick. Thranduil hands started to get cold.

“What I feel for you is different than others.”

“But you were different with me last night.” I proclaimed.

“You- Why haven’t you said anything to me last night?” He puts an arm around me.

“I thought all of this had to do with your late wife, so I kept it to my self until now.” I slowly moved away.

“My late wife? What dose she have to do with any of it?” He was pissed.

“I just thought , you haven’t done it in awhile so it was hard for you..” My head went down.

“No Y/N it hasn’t to do with that. I’ve done it. But it’s not what you think.”

I should have known, I turned away from him, I don’t know why I feel like this. I felt a cold soft hand on my shoulder.

“Please let me explain.” He begged.

Before I could make him stop and I wanted to hold his hand. But the door swings open and the guy that made fun of me runs into the room and blurts out.

“My King! Clarissa she is with child and she claims that it’s yours!” He cries out.

I got up and walked into my bathroom, it’s over for us if there was ever going to be us. I really didn’t care what happen after I left. I could feel Thranduils eyes following me and I heard footsteps and coming towards me and than soon left.

I came out after I put my night gown and raining was coming down like cats and dogs. Pain of tears fell down to my pillow, I just came here for my pa and my step brother, when it’s morning I’m out of here. It was Prue black when I was up in the morning because of all of the rain. I gained some confidence to go into his chambers and tell him im leaving. But he has those eyes you can get lost in.

I opened the door and looked into the room. “King?”

Thranduil turns his head as he was reading his book. “Yes?”

Relax! “ I’m going back home.” It was out of my mouth before I know it. Now I can think more.

“Home? I thought you were.” He acted like it was nothing.

Well that was the plan before but now not anymore! “No, I just found out I need to attend to my place.” I had my job that I was sent out over a year ago.

“Oh.” Thranduil acted like he wanted me to stay. “Well you can’t go today.” He fully turns towards me. “It’s raining very hard. You may catch a cold when you get home. Wait until it stops.” He was hurt or it seemed like it.

“Fine I’ll leave tomorrow morning.” He always had his way. I walked out of his chambers.

I felt alone once more in this palace I just wanted to hide all over again. My heart was beating so fast, I sat down on a chair and counted backwards, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I started to have a panic attack and I felt strong arms around my upper chest. A man started to talk.

“When it rains it makes everything grow and as it grows it makes a beautiful flower, as the beautiful flower grows a smile grows on to a face that has a lovely person hose along with that face.” Thranduil whispered into my ear. It may not make sense to me at all. He may had said more, but I couldn’t keep up as I’m trying to be calm down.

My body began to relax that got chillers he rubs up and down my arm. Anger papers and I got up from him. “Don’t just don’t.” As I was feeling hot.

I know he loves me in his own weird way. Thranduil would never want to hurt me.“Flower please listen to me.” He true to reach out.

“No Thranduil I don’t want to hear your charm, I was to stupid to think that we could be something. I cross my arms as my body still shaked. He gave my his cloak.

"Please.” He helps me to back to the chair I was on.

I just shook as I rocked my self back and forth, it was getting bad, Thranduil picked me up and carried me in his arms all the way to my room. He would do his best to take care of me when I had these panic attack. As sad as I am , I just wanted to crawl into a whole or if it was different I would curl into Thranduil arms and stay there forever and never leave.

As he put me in my bed he lays down with me for two to three minutes. I sat up and so did he. “Thank you.”

“No need.” He ran his fingers through my hair. “Are you feeling any better?”

“About this? Yes. About you and the other elf girl? No.” I looked posted to him.

He sighed as his head went down with shaking it when he looks up at me. “I understand, I never met to hurt you. But like I wanted to say it was before you came back. I do not want you to leave me. I want you to stay, I can’t lose you.” He put a hand on my lap.

“I know, but I must. I love you.” I never saw this man cry.