Today at the library, a girl lost $40 on the Children’s Floor. Another little girl found it and gave it to her mother, who put it away in her pocketbook.

Later, the first girl came to us for help, and my co-worker walked around with her to look for it. Second girl saw them poking around and asked if they were looking for the money, then, discovering that they were, told my co-worker that she’d found it, was going to give it to a librarian, but gave it to her mother instead.

My co-worker had to go up to the mom, who was looking uncomfortable, and ask her to give it back.

…I’m not looking forward to the day that the second little girl absorbs the lessons her mother is teaching her.

How am I supposed to tell you about Arkus without screaming for 84 years

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Just wanted to share this; so I went out to eat with my family yesterday at a Lebanese-Mediterranean restaurant and sitting next to us was a very loud white family. At one point they got up to get more food from the buffet and the came back with a bowl full of falafel and then called them "herbal meat cookies". My brother and I were in tears because we were laughing so hard.

Falafel is made out of chickpeas, parsley, and coriander

Where the meat in that??

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Hakuba was resting on a ledge in the water path when he jumped hearing a very loud splash. He moved off the ridge his eyes able to clearly see through the water despite the darkness of night and he could see the vague form of a person who fell in the water. He stared stunned a moment that someone had managed to fall in the water path and swam up to him. A human drowning in the water path no matter how clumbsy would cause hell if humans tried covering them up. 

Hakuba sighed then swam up grabbing the idiot. He was in some white suit with a cape and the cape was floating all over the place making it awkward for him to grab the guy. It even managed to cover up his face and Hakuba spent a moment glad for that so he wouldn’t see him and tried pulling him up, getting hit by his flailing hands.

“Keep the hell still” Hakuba swore forgetting to keep quiet but he doubted his voice would ,matter much. He broke the water and holding his breath he lurched up and dropped the human on the bank before going back under the water breathing in trying to calm back down.

elisa navarra ref! for their body, you can draw a dress like this or really anything

quick facts:

japanese / mexican

bigender (male / female), they/them pronouns

17, junior in high school

eyes are pure black w/ VERY minimal highlight, if not none.

dullahan, head is off and they’re holding it around everywhere. keeps hair short for this reason

very stylish, loves fashion

very sociable, LOUD AF

huge activist online and offline 

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What type of drunks would all you be?...

Group asks answered in text

Sirius: Horny drunk
Remus: Melancholic / Morbid drunk.
Peter: Out of it and distracted drunk, once he focuses very loud.

Gilderoy: Flirty (it fails more than normal), loud, and obnoxious
Andromeda: Sad drunk
Molly: Affectionate drunk.
Sybill: Emotional drunk (not that she would know)

Rabastan: Silly/Out of control drunk

Pandora: Energetic/Hyper drunk.

Severus: Emotional drunk
Lily: Silly/Giggly drunk

How I see the signs (virgo perspective)

Aries: I think you are funny but are also quite annoying
Taurus: You guys are so lovely and sweet, old fashioned, but also quite stubborn
Gemini: hate the stereotype but bitchy and confrontational, although interesting nonetheless
Cancer: either adorable bundles of joy or people I find tolerable, overall good people :)
Leo: great selfless people who needs to learn to put themselves first at times
Virgo: annoying, but I still love you
Libra: so kind and sweet although too open about things
Scorpio: very flirtatious and possessive, prone to jealously
Sagittarius: very loud, brash and obnoxious but still funny to be around
Capricorn: chill on the outside, whirlwind on the inside, great people but insecure
Aquarius: interesting specimens that always seem to confuse me with how detached they can be
Pisces: Little bundles of cuteness that always seem to make me smile

Anyway I’m at my mom’s without my bike and everyone here is drunk so I can’t leave but it’s nice here but it is very loud I want to watch the rest of wet hot American Summer the series but it is too loud


yay a new yelling baby goat vine!