@ neurodivergent people who have a hard time keeping up with their hygiene: it’s not your fault. nt people tend to be very inconsiderate when it comes to these subjects and i know it’s hard. they don’t know how complicated it must be for you to do something that’s said to be easy. it truly is difficult and i hope you get as much done as you can.


{…And even if he had, it’s even possible that his family might hide it from him. Who knows.}

FIGHT! MUSCLE MUSCLE! Also people who think you’re stupid are stupid for thinking that! *Sticks tongue out* BLEH! BATTER OUT!

245: Fireworks on the Fifth

I have some very inconsiderate neighbors across the street. Papi was not too fond of the July 4th celebrations, and I’m not too pleased the show is continuing on the 5th in the AM hours. Hrumph!

Anyway. Hope everyone else enjoyed the holiday, and if you’re from outside the states I hope you’re having a lovely weekend. ;)

- H

the farthest reaches ive heard in the tag about connor

gavinmacintrash i cANT.

“Connor pushed Jude into labeling himself”

“Connor was  gonna leave Jude because he chose not to label himself, THATS [insert sexuaity/idenity]-phobic!” 

 “Connor is being [insert sexuality/identity]-phobic! very inconsiderate”


“Jude deserves someone better than Connor”

“Connor only cared about himself, rather than Jude’s comfortability to not label himself”

“Connor only thought about himself, instead of Jude’s feelings”


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Are you still doing that? How about a NozoEli AU where they're kindergarten teachers and the rest of the u's were their student.

(To be honest I’ll probably be doing this forever at this rate. Also I’m making this much longer than 3 sentences because you cannot contain the amazingness of this AU in those boundaries.)

Eli knelt down next to the sniffling girl and rubbed her back comfortingly. “Hanayo-chan, I’m sure that your mother would have packed nothing but the best for you,” she assured her. “After all, she loves you very much, right?”

“Y-yeah…” Hanayo nodded timidly.

“Then, do you think you can eat the lunch she worked so hard to make for you?”

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yes but with those few fansites, yall arent even uploading their photos! and when you do, you upload them like 10 years later??? it has nothing to do with not being online, i check every ones tags to reblog their photos on to my blog because unlike yall i treat every member equally. stop acting like theres no photos, did you not see what i said initially? THERE ARE PHOTOS. YOU GUYS ARE JUST NOT UPLOADING THEM or doing a decent job to find them! ‘we do not play favoritism’ my ass.

I will try my best to be polite here but honestly i’m finding it hard to do when you’re being very rude and inconsiderate. First of all, in case it’s not clear enough:

  1. We are a fanblog.
  2. We are not being paid to keep the blog active.
  3. It’s not our obligation to post anything at all.
  4. We are using our own free time
  5. We could close the blog even right now if we wanted to.

Also i’d like to ask you, do you check the fansites’ twitters and their tag on our blog everyday to see if everything has been posted, every single photo? If you do, you’ll have noticed that at most, we post the photos ONE DAY late, NOT 10 YEARS, because we do have a life we have to live and are not free 100% of the time. Since we actually have a moderator assigned with each Seventeen member, i check the fansites’ twitters and tags on our blog, and see if our moderators have posted everything, not everyday because 13 members is a lot, but every week at least, yes i have a life and i’m a human being so i also need to sleep *shocking truth*. Don’t talk to me about favoritism when one of the members with least fansites happens to be one of my favorite, but yeah i can’t make photos of him magically appear.

Do you know how hard it is to maintain a blog dedicated to 13 membered group? Posting previews on the blog real time they are being released by the fansites (without even being able to appreciate them ourselves), posting fantaken photos (+ HQ link) and fancams with all the correct credits & tags for easy access, we gather information, translate tweets/info, look for streaming links (even when we can’t watch it ourselves, we still do so that others who may be able to watch have access to it), look for english subbed videos, try to reply every question others may have about Seventeen, etc. Yes it’s hard work. No i’m not complaining, as that’s what i’ve decided to do on my free time, i enjoy seeing Seventeen receive love from everyone and if i can help with that, i will continue to do so.

If you don’t like our blog, you can just unfollow us and never click on it again. You’re free to make your own blog if you think you can do a better job than us, you can post all the fantaken photos yourself, no one is making you reblog from us. Thank you.

I’m sometimes concerned if I meet the emotional needs of my woman. 

I could be very inconsiderate sometimes and only think of my own emotional needs instead of hers. 

So I think I should change that.

It’s not very likely for a man like me to be in a relationship with a strong woman. 

A strong woman who knows what she wants and has high standards.

And I want to reach her standards no matter how high those standards may be. 

So I will try. For her, I will always try.

—  I Will Always Try by Juansen Dizon
Let's Talk Consideration At VidCon

So, this is my first year at VidCon and while I’m having a freaking amazing time meeting new people and creators and just generally lolling around, there are some things I would really like to say.

Security at VidCon do not want to upset you or make you miss out on getting a picture with people. Do you think they’d want to mess with 10,000 excited teenagers? No. They’re doing everything they can for YOUR protection and the protection of the creators you’re meeting. Please be respectful of the security and coordinators because they are trying to help you.

What I saw at the signing hall this morning was not respectful, calm or as simple as it should have been, and I feel terrible for the VidCon coordinators that had to take the blame for it even though it was the very inconsiderate crowd that complained and pushed and shoved and were just very rude and not nice. Everytime a security guard walked over, people would push and shove to get the guards to notice them so they could get through to the actual signing lines. Then when an officer said, “I can’t do anything about it”/“I can’t let you in”, people would complain and whine and say how terrible that officer is and how terrible everything is. 

Unfortunately, I was in the middle of this mob. 

I also got to watch Tyler Oakley walk through the signing hall and then being chased by fans who left their photo/signing lines to run to him. And even people from the mob. Like, he was just trying to get through quickly and easy so he could make it somewhere in time.

While it is true that the lines probably could have been dealt with better and that security shouldn’t have let anyone in or lined up UNTIL an hour prior to the start of signings, the fault was ours.

After a guard said, “okay a few people can come up into this line” about a hundred people flooded towards that and it got out of control. I had to leave. I could not physically be there anymore as I was embarrassed, literally unable to breathe and just incredibly appalled at how inconsiderate everyone was being. I didn’t expect everyone to be calm and courteous, but I was almost shoved to the ground and pushed over and pulled back by these people. This is when I decided to leave because now my anxiety was getting ridiculously bad and I wasn’t able to breathe or move.

So after exiting the expo hall, I then witnessed Finn Harries being mobbed and followed and screamed at by so many people. He was obviously in a hurry and had his bodyguards around him but people still ran to him and pushed eachother just to get a photo or even a glimpse. The fact he even needs a bodyguard is saying something. I understand Finn Harries was literally sculpted by the Greek Gods and is so handsome and charming and basically Prince Charming, but he is a human. Two minutes later, Hannah Hart was rushing to the mainstage and I waved to her and she smiled and was just a lovely lady, but there were about 15 girls trying to get photos with her while she was in a hurry and I happened to be a little too close and then got pushed over. 

VidCon is meant to bring us together as a community and enables us to learn more about creating good content as well as meeting the super cool people that inspired us all. But it’s only going to be like that if we remember that safety is important and that we need to respect other people.

I’m upset I didn’t get a photo with Charlie McDonnell. He was the first YouTuber I watched in 2008 or something and he is just a genuinely good creator and probably a very nice person. However, even if the opportunity to take a picture with him arises but I’ll have to push and shove my way to it, I won’t do it. Charlie is very cool(like), but what’s cooler is remembering everyone wants to get a photo and an autograph and being mindful of that. I understand you want pictures and photographic evidence of BEING IN THE PRESENCE OF SUCH COOL PEOPLE, but please, I implore you to be thoughtful of the people around you and to the cool people themselves.

Obviously not everyone is like that and it’s a very small minority but it does affect it for the rest of us trying to enjoy the small time here.

Other than that, VidCon is pretty rad and you should definitely try and go next year.

This post is dedicated to how much I loathe Manspreading! It’s very inconsiderate. And using “balls” as an excuse to take up to 2 seats on a train is weak. I know dogs with bigger balls then most men!

Some man had the nerve to look at me sideways because I wouldn’t move my purse so he could sit between me and another woman.

Call me Petty White, but I just stared back at him like “Bish Whet?”
Why don’t you ask one of them to move their nutsack so you can sit then 💁

Hey, you don’t have to be a CSA or abuse survivor to ship something, and if you are a survivor, NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO PRESSURE THAT INFORMATION OUT OF YOU. IF SOMEONE TRIES TO FORCE THAT INFORMATION FROM YOU THEY ARE A VERY SHITTY, SELFISH, INCONSIDERATE, RUDE, IGNORANT PERSON AND THEY DO NOT DESERVE YOUR TIME or speaking privileges for that matter. Nobody is entitled to such traumatic, personal information no matter what. They’re doing in for the smug satisfaction of trying to tell people what to do and feeling self-righteous, and it’s manipulation and abusive behavior in itself. You do not have to come out for the petty satisfaction of nasty hearted strangers on the internet. Have your ship and do what you like, but please tag ships and potentially triggering content.

If you even think it’s okay to ask a person if they’re an abuse or CSA survivor because you think they shouldn’t be shipping something, you need to gain some empathy and/or understanding, educate yourself, then get the fuck over yourself. Get your priorities straight. You are NOT entitled to that information EVER. If something makes you uncomfortable or triggers you and you intentionally follow a person who ships or posts that content, blacklist it or unfollow them.

Stop going into people’s tags and tagging your hate, you’re triggering a bunch of people.

Also, don’t assume people haven’t suffered abuse, sexual or not, if they haven’t come out about the situation. Some people aren’t fucking open about it. Some people try to forget about it. Some people aren’t comfortable putting “survivor” in their fucking blog description and they are entitled to their privacy. Grant them that basic respect and don’t be a self-absorbed jerk. 

DECEMBER 2, 2014

Tuesday, 2 Dec 2014

You are headstrong and rash at this time. Wild and daring physical activities, or just plain recklessness and impatience, can put you into dangerous situations. Your drive for freedom, independence, and absolute authority over your own life is quite strong. You tend to be very abrupt and inconsiderate of others.

Tbh, even though I am 100% for the ideas behind it, I still feel really uncomfortable with the whole “You don’t have to be polite and considerate to anyone who makes you uncomfortable or creeped out” because as someone who’s neurodivergent, I DO often make people uncomfortable/creeped out just because of my “odd” mannerisms and difficulty making eye contact, and have been treated very inconsiderately and even cruelly because of it, and I feel like while everyone should keep themselves safe and no one is obligated to be around me or interact with me if they feel uncomfortable doing so, I still think I deserve basic consideration.

What a lot of adults don’t understand is that kids/teens don’t dislike learning. We dislike the way we receive it. Schools start way too early modern days. The brain can’t function before 10:00 a.m. It’s a scientific fact. We dislike the kind of people we are forced to stay with for 7 hours. Students are grateful for teachers, but sometimes teachers can be very inconsiderate and unfair at times. 

I think that just needed to be said.