i talked about this briefly yesterday but the push for bi and trans people to align themselves with aces and unite against the LGs because they “understand” what aces are going through is absolutely vile and homophobic. 

rallying bi people to fight against lesbians and gay people ignores the shared oppression they both face, aka homophobia. biphobia and aphobia are not comparable. biphobia is rooted in homophobia, discrimination, gold star politics, and intracommunity issues, while aphobia is little more than people being a little rude to an ace person. it doesn’t hold weight. it’s not a legitimate axis of oppression. 

there’s an even larger gap between “aphobia” and transphobia, too. while pushing for this movement, aces are conveniently forgetting that gay and lesbian trans people exist, and comparing the very real and very current issue of transphobia to, at worst, someone saying asexuals aren’t valid. which while very rude and inconsiderate, is still not oppression. there aren’t laws being made and passed this very second to stop aces from doing anything. there are no bathroom bills for aces, they don’t face issues trying to adopt, they don’t face violence for their identity. 

trying to split up the lgbt community and make them take “sides”, pitting BTs against LGs is homophobia. it’s disgusting. it’s vile. and it is not a movement i will support, nor will i let it have a platform in the discourse

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That "worst nightmare for the types" thing fucked me up cause now all I can daydream about is INTP/ENTP Worst Nightmare (and I have a competition tomorrow, so I should probably be sleeping.)

you should sleep so instead of daydreaming you can nightdream these nightmares which also probably wouldn’t be good for you but at least you might maybe get some rest idk I’m not a doctor

@ neurodivergent people who have a hard time keeping up with their hygiene: it’s not your fault. nt people tend to be very inconsiderate when it comes to these subjects and i know it’s hard. they don’t know how complicated it must be for you to do something that’s said to be easy. it truly is difficult and i hope you get as much done as you can.


{…And even if he had, it’s even possible that his family might hide it from him. Who knows.}

FIGHT! MUSCLE MUSCLE! Also people who think you’re stupid are stupid for thinking that! *Sticks tongue out* BLEH! BATTER OUT!

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Which type of girls DON'T the 2ps want as s/o (character traits that some dislike while other like for example)

2p France: He doesn’t want an obnoxious s/o.

2p England: Someone who’s literally always negative and has nothing nice to say and no manners.

2p America: A girly girl.

2p Canada: He too, does not want a girly girl.

2p China: a spoiled no respect having brat.

2p Russia: Someone who’s very unintelligent and close minded.

2p Italy: Someone who’s very lazy and unmotivated because he likes to do shit.

2p Germany: He’s not really down for the ones that put no effort into anything and are TOO introverted.

2p Japan: The incredibly loud ones that look like a crayola gang banged their face are not for him.

2p Prussia: Ones that are very inconsiderate and seem to live with out purpose tend to bother him.

2p Romano: They ones that don’t put any work into themselves to not be a better person and don’t work hard to better themselves at all.

2p Spain: The ones that are super super needy, never want to work, and expect him to hand everything for him.


He is a time traveler, and he can eliminate the anomalies in time lines.

  • His magic is the materialization of paired small handguns, and everything connected with them (for example, some spell with bullets, etc.).  With them he removes these time anomalies that are happening in the universes. 

  • He is undersized (shorter than Undertale Sans) and his appearance absolutely fits his character and behaviors. He wears a hat and glasses on top of it. This is one of the most favorite Time’s things with which he never parted.There is also a long coat with the shallow pockets. Beneath the soft green sweater. As well carries a eye colored,yellow bandana. Usually he rolls his pants to his knees or even removes the trousers in shoes. And on his hands he wears gloves.

  • Time is very inconsiderate, overly talkative, sometimes he likes to prank those beings who he will meet and his character may be compared to the nature of the child. Also he not serious about his work on the elimination of anomalies, but usually handles this. However, if any serious threat appears from the outside, that would threaten the integrity of the time and his balance, then it will become much more serious and collect than acting normally. For him, the removal of anomalies - is a cyclical game that he does not get bored. Also he loves punning about time.

  • This character - Outcode. He does not have any alternative universe and most likely, it was not at all. It moves only during time but he has no specific place. Once Time removes the anomaly,time begins to run on the track. But all those characters, previously in contact with him, forget about time.Because of this he feels the loneliness some weight and therefore, He is trying not to make friends at work.

  • Several types of temporary anomalies: 
  1. -  Violation in the web of time - for example, at some points strange anomalies occur at the moment of the type of stop.
  2.  Time Trap - cyclicality of the time moment.

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HEY for the writing meme: the, uh, heartrending chunk of stuff after this sentence in "The Case of The Caged Heart"? “Why are you gone? It’s inconsiderate and very frustrating,” Odo grumbles to the disc before turning back to his work. (actually any commentary you have on any part of that fic would be good, it's still one of my favs because I LOVE TO FEEL PAIN)

(fic link)

MWAHAHA okay so it’s under a cut because there’s *a lot* of heartrending (literally) stuff after that sentence and I got self-indulgent.  BUT IM SUPER PROUD OF CAUSING YOU PAIN wait that didn’t come out right uhh…. anyway….

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Hey, you don’t have to be a CSA or abuse survivor to ship something, and if you are a survivor, NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO PRESSURE THAT INFORMATION OUT OF YOU. IF SOMEONE TRIES TO FORCE THAT INFORMATION FROM YOU THEY ARE A VERY SHITTY, SELFISH, INCONSIDERATE, RUDE, IGNORANT PERSON AND THEY DO NOT DESERVE YOUR TIME or speaking privileges for that matter. Nobody is entitled to such traumatic, personal information no matter what. They’re doing in for the smug satisfaction of trying to tell people what to do and feeling self-righteous, and it’s manipulation and abusive behavior in itself. You do not have to come out for the petty satisfaction of nasty hearted strangers on the internet. Have your ship and do what you like, but please tag ships and potentially triggering content.

If you even think it’s okay to ask a person if they’re an abuse or CSA survivor because you think they shouldn’t be shipping something, you need to gain some empathy and/or understanding, educate yourself, then get the fuck over yourself. Get your priorities straight. You are NOT entitled to that information EVER. If something makes you uncomfortable or triggers you and you intentionally follow a person who ships or posts that content, blacklist it or unfollow them.

Stop going into people’s tags and tagging your hate, you’re triggering a bunch of people.

Also, don’t assume people haven’t suffered abuse, sexual or not, if they haven’t come out about the situation. Some people aren’t fucking open about it. Some people try to forget about it. Some people aren’t comfortable putting “survivor” in their fucking blog description and they are entitled to their privacy. Grant them that basic respect and don’t be a self-absorbed jerk. 

This post is dedicated to how much I loathe Manspreading! It’s very inconsiderate. And using “balls” as an excuse to take up to 2 seats on a train is weak. I know dogs with bigger balls then most men!

Some man had the nerve to look at me sideways because I wouldn’t move my purse so he could sit between me and another woman.

Call me Petty White, but I just stared back at him like “Bish Whet?”
Why don’t you ask one of them to move their nutsack so you can sit then 💁


More chats with Elise, huzzah! (ft. some VERY inconsiderate seagulls)

INFP Confession #173

My dad is an ESTJ and his bossy, controlling attitude really rubs off on me when I interact with my little sister. At times, I’m very inconsiderate of her feelings when trying to teach her something. I just keep pointing out all the things she does wrong and don’t really give her any support. It makes me feel horrible later, because I strive so much to be a good, understanding person. I just can’t help it.

friendly reminder: if dan and phil say not to take photos or film during tatinof, don’t.
they said it isnt like a concert, it is against the rules of the theatre to film!
if you can’t go, they said they themselves are filming it so be patient
seriously don’t spoil it, it isn’t fair and very inconsiderate