i talked about this briefly yesterday but the push for bi and trans people to align themselves with aces and unite against the LGs because they “understand” what aces are going through is absolutely vile and homophobic. 

rallying bi people to fight against lesbians and gay people ignores the shared oppression they both face, aka homophobia. biphobia and aphobia are not comparable. biphobia is rooted in homophobia, discrimination, gold star politics, and intracommunity issues, while aphobia is little more than people being a little rude to an ace person. it doesn’t hold weight. it’s not a legitimate axis of oppression. 

there’s an even larger gap between “aphobia” and transphobia, too. while pushing for this movement, aces are conveniently forgetting that gay and lesbian trans people exist, and comparing the very real and very current issue of transphobia to, at worst, someone saying asexuals aren’t valid. which while very rude and inconsiderate, is still not oppression. there aren’t laws being made and passed this very second to stop aces from doing anything. there are no bathroom bills for aces, they don’t face issues trying to adopt, they don’t face violence for their identity. 

trying to split up the lgbt community and make them take “sides”, pitting BTs against LGs is homophobia. it’s disgusting. it’s vile. and it is not a movement i will support, nor will i let it have a platform in the discourse

Sensory pain is an experience, not an “interpretation”

Hey, so I read something the other day that used an odd way of wording sensory sensitivities. It said that autistic people can “interpret” some sensations they’re sensitive to as pain. Um, what? I don’t know how this isn’t obvious, but… it is pain. When I hear loud or very high pitched or other sounds that affect me badly, I experience pain. Yes, it is actual pain. It’s not an “interpretation,” it is an *experience*. Let’s use an example: If two people go to get a flu shot, and there is not really any difference between the procedure itself, one of those people may very well experience the shot as more painful than the other person who gets the shot does. Does that mean that the person who had more pain was just interpreting it wrong? No! That’s literally their experience. And if you invalidate them by saying, “Oh, it wasn’t that bad,” you’re being rude, because literally everyone experiences things differently. Anyhow, you wouldn’t typically try to tell a non-autistic person that their pain isn’t real just because it’s not the same as yours (unless you were being very inconsiderate), so why do we reduce the experience of pain that autistic people go through to simply an issue of “interpretation”? Don’t invalidate us just because you can’t imagine the legitimacy of an experience outside your own.

Important Distinction about NaruSaku

An important thing I think we NaruSaku fans need to remember is that we have our own moments, our own development, and our own ‘origin’ story.

Anime and fillers are currently rewriting the history of Naruto to make certain pairings fit. You’ll see fans using headcanons as facts. The anime studio copy moments from other ships to their own ships because they seem to lack their own ideas or they want to legitimize ships that were previously illegitimate.

I just wanted to remind you all that NaruSaku doesn’t need that. In fact, there are two very important things that we don’t need. We don’t need:

= Sakura to be Naruto’s first bond

We all know that Naruto’s first bond was Sasuke. Then Iruka. Then Sakura and Kakashi. Then Jiraiya. And the list goes on and on with some characters in-between. The story of NaruSaku is not about Sakura being the first one there for Naruto. Sakura was just one of the first people who saved Naruto from his loneliness.

The one thing we can point to Sakura being first in is believing Naruto could achieve his ‘stupid/impossible dream’. This is a point repeated later in the manga and is often overlooked (even though the ending does a complete 180 and Sakura doesn’t seem to care or help Naruto achieve his dream)

= Naruto and Sakura to be destined soul mates

NaruSaku is not about Naruto and Sakura automatically having a connection just like that and understanding each other from the get go. That is not them, we do not need to steal that from other ships. That is not what the manga told us.

Naruto and Sakura did not truly understand one another at first. Naruto was an annoying pest who at times, didn’t know when to calm down or back off. Sakura was very inconsiderate of other peoples life circumstances and said offensive things without even realizing it.

Naruto grew up and obviously learned to respect Sakura’s feelings even if she liked another guy (though he still asked her out on dates, some of which she agreed to)

Sakura grew up to have a better understanding of Naruto and his life struggles. She learned the pain Naruto had to deal with, and the burden he carried.

We must not forget the strongest pillar of NaruSaku is their growth and how they grew up to be better people because of each other.


Always remember what NaruSaku is about and how it stood all on its own. It ran deep within the manga. Other pairings within the series were based off of it. And lastly, our reasons for shipping it were valid without the need to copy other ships or rewrite history.

Have a good day!

I Give Up - part 26 (A Baekhyun Series)

The bedroom door closed with a click and you were halfway out of the bed scrambling in much of the same way as Baekhyun had before he vanished through the bedroom door.

You tried to move as silently as possible and you found your clothes from yesterday on the bathroom floor. Hygiene be damned, this was an emergency.

You heard his voice through the door, much too close to where you sat with your heart in your throat on the edge of the bed.

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This post about Vulcans and physical contact is suddenly giving me all the feels because like…  I mean basically from a Vulcan point of view Kirk is behaving like a complete uncivilized heathen not fit for proper society, and would likely be considered a negative influence on Spock, what with all the Touching™ they get up to all day long. And it is almost always Jim who initiates that, especially in their earlier years; it’s just a marvel that from the very start, Spock never ever seems to mind at all.

But… I mean the thing is that Spock is not all Vulcan. He likes to pretend he is but he isn’t, and there are more than enough studies that show how immensely important it is for human beings to have physical contact – in whatever way, it doesn’t really matter, but we’re human and we need to be touched. Imagine carrying that need in you, so much more pronounced than in any other person on your entire goddamn planet (except for your oh-so-very-human mother); imagine growing up in a society where except for extremely limited and specific circumstances, even the most harmless initiation of physical contact is Not Done. It’s a taboo, it’s an absolute no-go. But I guarantee you Spock has that need, and just like all the things about him that might betray him as being more human than Vulcan sometimes, he pushes it down and denies it to himself because jesus, living in a society like that, what else would he do?

And then along comes Jim. And Jim doesn’t give a hoot about all this “no touching the touch telepaths” claptrap, from the very start he doesn’t, not where Spock is concerned. And you could probably argue that this is very inconsiderate and rude behavior, that he’s smashing headfirst through all sorts of Vulcan personal space boundaries on the daily, and I would argue back that yes, yes he is, and that is entirely and completely the point. Because he needs to do it; because Spock lets him do it. Because these boundaries are society/species-imposed, not personally imposed by Spock, and Jim Kirk is not an asshole. If Spock had ever indicated to him that he was actually serious about not wanting to be touched by him, he would’ve backed off to the other end of the cosmos in a heartbeat. (And then pined quite tragically from afar and lectured any young boys he came across about how if you really love someone you go slow, you be gentle, you’ll know if they really love you back, but ok I digress, I JUST LOVE JIM KIRK OK)

What I’m GETTING AT here is that, goddammit, Spock needs this; exactly this sort of uninhibited but consensual boundary-crossing. I’ll bet you anything that when their five-year mission started, he remembered and catalogued every single brush of the arm or hand on his shoulder, because that’s what you do when you’re a touch-starved half-Vulcan with a crush on your Captain, okay.
And so Jim gets that privilege, and Spock allows this kind of intimacy, and then, after some time, he also starts to initiate it, and they live together happily in their own little sphere where the concept of personal space between the two of them no longer appears to exist (Exhibit A). And that’s even before that time they hold hands really hard and then also get married.

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That "worst nightmare for the types" thing fucked me up cause now all I can daydream about is INTP/ENTP Worst Nightmare (and I have a competition tomorrow, so I should probably be sleeping.)

you should sleep so instead of daydreaming you can nightdream these nightmares which also probably wouldn’t be good for you but at least you might maybe get some rest idk I’m not a doctor

Scared To Be Lonely - Stiles Stilinski

requested by @shannon-601
based on this song

It was great at the very start
hands on each other
couldn’t stand to be apart
closer the better

You walked into the McCall home happily, our hand intertwined with your boyfriends, your other hand holding a box of unpopped popcorn bags.  Movie nights were always the best.

“y/n! Stiles!” Lydia called happily upon your arrival.  You grinned, and Scott came over to take the popcorn box from your hand.

“Thanks! How’d you know we needed some?” Scott asked, already rushing to the kitchen to pop some.  You giggled.

“Because you never learn that you can’t just rely on what you have.  We always run out of popcorn and that makes this one crabby” You nudged Stiles, and he looked at you with a wounded expression.

“I’m hurt you’d say such a thing” Stiles said with a pouty lip.  You giggled, and stood on the tips of your toes to give him a quick kiss.

“EW!” Someone yelled

“Shut up Liam!” Stiles yelled back, and kissed you again before ou could completely turn away.

“Come on lover boy, let’s go take our spot”

You and Stiles got your own love seat couch.  Partially because you always stretched out, and partially because no one else liked to be around you when it was movie night.

Stiles settled down, stretching his legs across the whole sofa, and you crawled in between his legs, laying your back on his chest comfortably.

“What’s the movie tonight?” Malia asked, and everyone looked at Liam, because it was his turn to choose the film.

“Anchorman” He answered, digging into a bag of licorice.

“Is that movie really appropriate for your age?” Stiles asked, and you swatted his shoulder with the back of your hand.

“Leave him alone, I’m not dealing with you two’s fighting tonight” You mumbled, and Stiles sighed.

“Fine” Stiles grumbled.

“Thanks babe” Liam said, and you fell of the couch Stiles moved so fast.

“Listen runt-”

“Hey!” You stood up, brushing your jeans, and pushing Stiles back from where he was attempting to go fight the beta.  “Stiles.  Kitchen. Now.” You walked off first, and Stiles hesitantly followed.  The rest of the pack just watched silently, and once you were both out of the room, began awkward conversation.

“I’m sorry-”

“Stiles” You breathed turning to face him.  “You’ve been all on edge this whole night, and not just since we’ve been here, what’s going on in that crowded head of yours?” You placed your hands over his arms, rubbing them gently to calm his evident nerves.

“I’m..I’m kinda anxious”


“Yeah…” He found it difficult to meet your eyes.  But you waited patiently for him to continue.  Which never happened.

“Stiles what’re you-”

“I want to give you something” He cut you off, and you slowly nodded your head.

“Okay…” You said quietly.

“But I don’t want you to freak out about it” Again, you nodded.

“Promise I won’t” You said with a soft smile.  Stiles looked at you, relief written all over his face.  Then reached a hand down into his pocket.

“Close your eyes” You followed the order, lashes fluttering shut.  You heard shuffling, and him taking a deep breath.  “Okay, open”

You first looked at his eyes, wide with nervousness and hope, then they landed on what was in his hand.  A small blue velvet box, with white silky pillowing on the inside, which protecting the beautiful silver ring with little sapphires embedded in it.  Your hands flew over your mouth, eyes wetting as you looked from the ring to Stiles.

“It’s- It’s a promise ring” He told you, and you nodded, closing your eyes tightly to stop the flow of tears that threatened to leave your eyes.

“It’s b-beautiful Stiles” You told him, wiping your eyes.  He smiled big, pulling it out carefully, and opening his hand.  You placed your wrist in his hand, and let him slide the ring along your finger.

“So…so you like it?” You nodded quickly, looking from your hand up to Stiles, and stood on the tips of your toes, crashing your lips against his in a passionate yet needy kiss.

“I love it, I love you” You said, and he smiled softly again, giving you another gentle kiss.

“I love you too” You wrapped your arms around his neck, and he hugged you close.  “So much, so so much you don’t even know” You smiled into his neck, and pulled back a little again, pressing his lips to yours once more.  “And so, no matter what, I promise I’m going to love you, always, no matter what happens”

Now we’re picking fights
and slamming doors
magnifying all our flaws
and I wonder why, wonder what for
why we keep coming back for more

You were sitting on Stiles’ bed, tapping your pen against your notebook.  It had been six months since he’d given you the beautiful ring that was still put on your finger each morning.  Although the smile that would appear during the action, was no longer really an expression at all.  More of just a routine.  Brush hair, do makeup, put on ring, brush teeth, etc.  

It’s meaning, was gone.

You looked up at Stiles, who was busy on his… well you weren’t sure he didn’t really tell you when you’d arrived.  in fact, you hadn’t spoken since you’d shared hellos, then did your own things.  

“I think I’m gonna get going” You stood, collecting your things and putting them away in your bag.

“ ’kay” Stiles said, not turning to look at you.  You twisted the ring on your finger anxiously.  

“So I’ll see you tomorrow at school” You said with a sigh, walking out of the room.

Stiles didn’t say anything.

You weren’t sure what to do, what to say.  You were walking home, seeing that Stiles had driven you to his house, and didn’t bother to offer a ride home.  It was sprinkling, but not full on raining.

So, you called the only person you knew who could answer your questions.

“Hey y/n what can I do for ya doll?” The voice chuckled.

“Hey… Scott” You sighed, slowing your pace as you walked.

“Everything alright? Are you still at Stiles’ place?” He asked.

“Um.. uh no- no I left” Your voice cracked.  “I’m walking home”

“y/n what’s wrong?”Scott asked, voice full of concern.

“Scott I have to ask you a question… and it’s going to be very inconsiderate, and break all the rules of best friends, but I-I need to know”

“Yeah okay, what do you need?”

“Is Stiles out of love with me?” Scott’s silence was answer enough, and you sighed.  “Thanks, McCall” You said quietly.

“y/n I don’t.. I don’t know what to say”

“You don’t have to say anything” You whispered.  “I knew forever could only last so long” A few silent tears slipped onto your cheeks.  “I’ll see you in school”

“Yeah…” Scott breathed.  “I’m sorry” 

“See you tomorrow”

And with that, you hung up.  There was nothing left to say, nothing left to do.  What you and Stiles had was officially gone.  There was no more love, no romance, no passion, and there certainly wasn’t trust.  It was sad, not because you’d lost the boy you thought you would grow old with, but because you both knew it was happening, and neither of you cared to preserve it.  Just watched your relationship fall.  Not a crash and burn, but a gradual decline until eventually, it was so far gone, you couldn’t see it.

Is it just our bodies?
are we both losing our minds?
is the only reason you’re holding me tonight
‘cause we’re scared to be lonely?
do we need somebody just to feel like we’re alright?
is the only reason you’re holding me tonight
‘cause we’re scared to be lonely?

So what do two people do when they fall out of love? They break up.  There’s not a point in mending a relationship that neither person feels loved in anymore.  But the worst part about yours and Stiles’ fallout, was that there was nothing to it.  You’d gone to him, told him that you felt like there was nothing left in your relationship.  To which he replied with a nod, and a short statement of ‘i agree’.

I guess this is the part where we break up” You said, in a soft, sad voice.

“I guess so” Stiles sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.  You half smiled, and put a hand on his shoulder, before reaching on the tips of your toes and placing a tender kiss on his cheek.

“I’m not gonna forget you though” You said, and he nodded, taking your hand from his shoulder, and kissing the back of it for a few seconds.

“I’m not gonna forget you either y/n”

But he did.  It’d been two months since that day in the school hallway, and he hadn’t said a mere word to you.  Which only made fucking everything that much more difficult and awkward.  You had moved to a completely different lunch table, seating only you Lydia, Kira, and sometimes Malia.

You were getting ready for school one morning, and your eyes landed on a small piece of jewelry that made your heart sink to your stomach.

The ring.

Tears brimmed your eyes, and you let out a small cry upon picking it up.  The small band that once symbolized so much love, an entire fantasized future of it.

You slipped it onto your finger, for the sake of nostalgia maybe, perhaps sad and broken memories, you weren’t exactly sure what brought you to do it.  But inspecting the glimmer of blue and silver next to your knuckle brought back so many memories.  So many thoughts and wishes, early morning ideas and late night conversations, long talks about college and careers, little banters on Star Wars, stolen shirts and late afternoons wrapped in white sheets, rides in the jeep and kisses you could still feel on your lips.  All of it, all of the fire, all of the ice.

It was gone.  And you were scared.

Scared of being this lonely, forever.

and there it is, i hope you liked it :)

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56, 95, and 50 for Oliver Wood, please?

Prompt Request - Prompts List
50. “Did you just flick me?”
56. “What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since I was eleven?”
95. “I don’t know how you convinced me to do this.”

Character: Oliver Wood
Word Count: 354
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

+ + + + +

I don’t know how you convinced me to do this,” you muttered loudly as you slung a leg over the broomstick. “Oh come on, Y/n, it’s not that bad. It’s just flying, one of the basic fundamentals of Quidditch!” Oliver said in his deep Scottish accent that you all but loved.

“I could die, you know,” you said, gripping onto the broomstick like you were about to fall off, though you hadn’t raised off the ground yet.

“Then I’ll plan your funeral well,” Oliver said with a grin, hopping onto his own broomstick as he got ready to set off, “Ow, hey! Did you just flick me?

“Yes! You are being very inconsiderate about my feelings right now, Wood. And I’m honestly very hurt,” you said indignantly.

“Don’t worry, Y/n, I’d never let anything bad happen to you. We’re just going to fly around the grounds for a while, that’s all,” Oliver told you, reaching over to place his hand on yours comfortingly.

You pursed your lips, “How can I be sure that you won’t let me fall?”

What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since I was eleven? Would that make you sure?” He asked with a grin, taking his hand from yours as he began to ascend in the air.

Your cheeks flooded red as the Scottish boy flew off. The broomstick you were sat on seemed to understand that you wanted to catch up to the boy, and began raising you up into air, where you felt your heart beating so fast, though you weren’t sure if it was because of the height or the fact the boy you’d had a crush on since first year had just admitted his feelings to you.

“Hey, Wood! Come back here! You can’t just tell me you’re in love with me and then fly off!” You yelled across to Oliver, who had come to a stop just a metre away from where you were.

You gave the boy a smile before continuing, “Especially when you didn’t give me to chance to tell you that I’m in love with you too.”

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I don't think this says much about how long she will be around for, but I think it says a lot about E as a person. Presumably, she didn't discuss with Max before agreeing to drop her blog and social media for bearding. Considering he was her work partner this is very unprofessional and inconsiderate of her

100% agree

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don't you feel this is partly sana's fault for not speaking up?

my dude, if sana could notice everything that was happening in vilde’s life without vilde speaking up in season two, if she could notice things were happening with noora and william in the same season without noora saying a word, then her friends can extend her the same courtesy this season. when you care about a person, when you’ve been friends with them for a long time, these are things you notice. you notice when your friend starts acting off, when they start isolating themselves. sana was always that friend. so who’s gonna be that friend for her?

at least one of the girls should have noticed by now. but they haven’t. and that is not sana’s fault. if she doesn’t feel comfortable speaking up, that is not her fault. she’s going through so much and she feels like she can’t relate to the people she’s closest to and she feels like they’re probably not going to understand so? no, i don’t think it is partly sana’s fault. i don’t think it’s her fault at all.

i’m holding out hope that one of her other friends – particularly isak – will notice something’s off with her, the same way sana noticed something was off with him in season three. although i don’t lose hope in the girl squad altogether, even though the lot of them have been very inconsiderate thus far. i’m holding out hope that someone will reach out to sana and realize she’s not being/feeling herself. sana deserves a sana in her life, basically. so please, please do not blame sana for this whatsoever. it’s not her fault. 

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It's sad that people want to dismiss Seokjins feelings, but BET if it was Jungkook they would lose their shit. Deadass ARMYS don't even care about seokjin, and that's so sad, because he's so much more than their "eomma seokjin!!1!1" shit. He's talented, amazing, beautiful, smart, the whole package. I honestly have a feeling he might leave BTS, and I will whole heartedly blame the ARMYS who didn't lay attention to him. Your post was so accurate, I'm happy you pointed it out

Thank you! Yes, it’s terrible when people ignore and overlook Jin’s feelings, especially when he has expressed displeasure with being labeled by a female pronoun. V said he didn’t like being called alien, and people listened, but apparently when it’s Jin, people don’t.

However, this is my personal opinion, I also think that even if Jin didn’t express displeasure with the term and was neutral, it’s still very inconsiderate of other Army’s to dismiss so many people who don’t like that Jin is labeled mom/wife etc. People are entitled to their opinion of course, but when other Army’s shove their ship down our throats, and dismiss Jin’s ships with comments like “Eww, mother and son shouldn’t do that” or “Stop cheating on Namjoon”, that’s just unnecessary and they should stop.

Yes, Jin is so much more than a mom role. And it’s really horrible when all his actions are reduced to a fixed role. He’s a multifaceted and complex person, with so much inside of him. I really dislike it when people automatically associate him with Namjoon, like they’re some type of package deal, where Jin can’t even be his own person. Remember this: Jin is a person who came with no prior dancing or singing ability, and he has worked so hard to improve, that now I don’t even understand why people say he’s a bad dancer or singer. Yes, he’s worse than the best of BTS dancers, that does not make him bad. And in terms of singing, I love his voice. He is very good at conveying emotion, and when I listen to Awake I just AGGGHHH… He’s so underrated and under appreciated, if he leaves BTS, it will be the worst.

I went completely off-track lol, I’m sorry. I hope you have a great day!

As I said in the text:
“12. “But we know that he is a man, it’s just a joke”: Jokes can be problematic and harmful, and as I mentioned before, it still misrepresents Jin’s personality, stereotypes him and limits how we view his interactions with other members.

13. “It’s still a joke. Calm down. If you don’t like the comments, just ignore them.”: People are entitled to their opinion, but don’t tell us not react or tell us it’s just a joke, because we understand that it’s just a joke, but we don’t find it funny. Stop trivializing our feelings, perspectives and experiences and blame us for implicitly for being “too sensitive” and “not being able to take a joke” when so many people do not like that Jin is called mom/wife/princess etc. Our feelings should be acknowledged. We should not be marginalized and overlooked, and we need to speak up, because if we don’t, people will continue to call Jin mom/wife/princess. Stop misrepresenting Jin’s personality; stereotyping him; being hypocritical about how you chose to interpret Jin’s relationships/personality as mom/wife/princess when you wouldn’t have done the same with another member; and limiting how we view Jin’s interactions and relationship with the members. ”

Not much had changed since the incident (and really it wasn’t much of an incident at all ) Y/N seemed to shrug it off as something all friends do for each other.  Though Harry wished that this would have led into something more, he knows it was just wistful thinking and knew he had to get over it. They’re adults kind of – casual blowjobs shouldn’t be out of their vocabulary. 


Harry likes Y/N and things get not so friendly after awhile

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Which type of girls DON'T the 2ps want as s/o (character traits that some dislike while other like for example)

2p France: He doesn’t want an obnoxious s/o.

2p England: Someone who’s literally always negative and has nothing nice to say and no manners.

2p America: A girly girl.

2p Canada: He too, does not want a girly girl.

2p China: a spoiled no respect having brat.

2p Russia: Someone who’s very unintelligent and close minded.

2p Italy: Someone who’s very lazy and unmotivated because he likes to do shit.

2p Germany: He’s not really down for the ones that put no effort into anything and are TOO introverted.

2p Japan: The incredibly loud ones that look like a crayola gang banged their face are not for him.

2p Prussia: Ones that are very inconsiderate and seem to live with out purpose tend to bother him.

2p Romano: They ones that don’t put any work into themselves to not be a better person and don’t work hard to better themselves at all.

2p Spain: The ones that are super super needy, never want to work, and expect him to hand everything for him.

as bad as art reposting is without artist consent, so is editing it! it’s extremely rude and disrespectful, especially if it took an artist a lot of time to draw detailed backgrounds. You are essentially ripping off an important piece of the art just so you can use for it personal uses that meet your needs? And even worse, editing out watermarks that a creator has specifically placed there. That’s very inconsiderate;; I’ve seen it happen for icons, wallpapers, side art, and even music videos(???) and that’s really saddening..please don’t do it, and especially if you “can’t find the source” or even bc “someone requested it”


All Grown Up – Part 1

You have been part of Daryl’s group since before Rick. Since then, you have felt something special for the redneck, though you were positive he saw you as the same little girl as he did back then.

Author’s note: excuse any typos! I’m writing this after a little too much to drink and in the middle of a Fallout 4 rage (I have terrible gaming rage). Part 1 of at least 3.

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 1326 Words
  • Warnings: Smoking, drinking, cussing.

Daryl was a horrible drunk. He was mean, inconsiderate, yet very truthful. When he drank, he told it like it was, if not even in the best way, he knew what he meant. And that was the thing about a drunk Daryl Dixon: he remembered everything he said and always tried to make up for it without apologizing.

Since you came along in the group, however, Daryl refrained himself from drinking too much, if at all. He claimed he wanted to be sober to look after you, but you were afraid of what his real problem was.

You weren’t exactly old enough to drink when you first joined the group and afterwards, there was just no need. Anything with alcohol was hard to come by, even in little gas stations the group crossed on the road. It seems everyone had the same thing on their mind once this all went down.

Fast forward to one night in Alexandria. It was a little chilly out for once with a light fog settling in. It was like a veil draping over the town, shielding you from the outside world. None of that mattered, not now, not ever.

It was some time after midnight and the children had gone back home into their beds, hopefully fast asleep so the adults could drink and talk about shit they had no business talking about. That was how Aaron’s parties turned out.

You went to every single one of them; loving the couple more than anything. Aaron and Eric were two of the closest friends you had in Alexandria. Since coming here, they made you, and everyone else, feel at home.

But tonight was different. Tonight was the night you found Daryl at the party. He usually took off the moment he arrived, saying he wanted to be alone in his own house. You always thought it was silly, always wished he would stay and party.

Daryl stayed tonight. He sat at the window and drank his shots, throwing his head back violently with each one before grabbing another.

You would never have the courage to talk to him now. Not while he was fuming in the corner, avoiding all human contact and drinking away his worries. He would soon lash out, scream at someone, break a table, and leave. That was just how Daryl dealt with the pain.

“Want a drink? Water?” Eric asked from the couch. With his injury hardly getting better, he was told to stay off his feet and rest whenever possible. He always complained about being useless, but Aaron found a way to make him happy at home. He planned the events.

You shook your head and reach for the untouched drink in his hand. “I think I prefer something sweeter.” You say, taking a small whiff. It smells like strawberries, something you could handle.

Eric’s eyes grew a couple inches and his jaw opened just enough to make a little sound before be obviously changed his mind and shrugged his shoulders. “If you want, sweetie.” He said, a little unsure.

You press the cup to your lips and throw your head back, just like you saw Daryl do not too long ago.

The liquid hit the back of your throat harshly and went down easy, leaving your throat feeling like you just drank fire.

“Y/N?” Worry laced Eric’s voice. “Sweetie, are you okay?”

“Hell yeah.” You took another drink and tossed your head back, downing half of it in one go. You did feel the rush, your head started to spin as you glanced over at the quiet man sitting on the windowsill. He was pulling a cigarette from his lips and blowing out a puff of smoke with ease. Suddenly you wanted to be that stick.

You made your way over to Daryl as you watched him press the cigarette to his lips once more, this time keeping it there as he rose to his feet and stuck his back to the wall, still trying to stay away from human contact.

“Can I have one?” You smiled. “I’ll grab you another on the next run.”

Daryl turned his attention to you, though you had a suspicion that this was not the first time that night. His eyes landed on yours, then travelled down to your waist, where you were clenching the glass in your hand. His eyebrows shot up in a little bit of surprise.

“First drinkin’ an’ now ya wanna steal my smokes?” He grumbled.

“Is that a problem? This is a party.” You huffed.

Daryl grunted and handed you the stick that had been swinging from his lips as he spoke. “Try it. Ain’t gonna waste one if ya ain’t gonna like it.”

Hesitantly, you took it from him and pressed it to your own lips. As you did so, there was a sudden spark in Daryl’s eyes, like he might have been seeing you for the first time. He was amused.

The first drag choked you. You sputtered, tried to tell him you were going to be okay as you tried once more. The third time was easier, you were inhaling much better, though it still sent you in a fit of coughs that lasted a whole minute.

“Alrigh’. Little girl grew up fast.” Daryl tilted his head back and took one more shot. He licked his lips, drawing your attention to how cracked they were. He lifted his shot glass and the tiniest smirk spread across his lips.

You felt accomplished. Daryl was finally seeing you as something more than just the little girl his group saved all those years ago. “I’ve been grown up for some time, Dixon.”

The smirk fell from his lips and he turned to the bookshelf. He gingerly sat his glass down on the wood and looked down at you. “Didn’t take ya as a party girl.” He growled. You loved the way his gravelly voice gave you goosebumps.

“Didn’t take you as a party goer.” You shot back proudly. You took note that Daryl took two steps closer to you as you spoke.

“You don’t wan’ me.” His southern accent flowed through thicker than ever as he closed in on you. This was a new side of Daryl you hadn’t seen before. “I’m pathetic.”

You shook your head and caress his cheek with your left hand, your right holding onto the cup and cigarette. “Daryl, you are not. Don’t talk like that.” You tried to soothe him.

Daryl snatched your hand and ripped it from his face. “Imma loser, Y/N. Ain’t never gonna be a husband. Or a father! Hell, my own daddy didn’ wanna stay for me.” His voice kept rising with each sentence. You tried to keep him calm before any of the other noticed, but it was too late.

The talking had died down and Rick was now standing at the front of the crowd, ready to pounce if the situation got too much.

You set the stuff in your hand down on the bookshelf and grab Daryl’s cheeks in your fingers, a plan running through your mind. You would kiss him. Men always stopped yelling when the girl kissed them, right?

Daryl grabbed your hands again and shoved you back. You stumbled into the wall, knocking down a photo of Aaron and Eric in the process. It was a beautiful picture, one you always caught yourself staring at when you came inside. Daryl didn’t seem to care. He stepped over the glass and narrowed his eyes at you.

“I can wish for ya all I wan’. Never gonna happen, nope! Nuthin’ I ever want comes true. He lifts his hand, but he had no time to do anything.

Rick was between the two of you in a second, throwing Daryl off guard and caused him to take a few steps back. “That’s enough.” Rick ordered.

Daryl blinked a few times before he grabbed his jacket and walked out of the door.

Boarding House | BTS

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

A/N: Wrote this in a whim to release myself from sexual frustration. It’s fucked up, it’s everything I am not used to, and I don’t fucking care. It’s hilarious… I think…

Genre: Mild smut, mature, angst, fluff, … (idk)

Summary: Kang Mari is a girl with a vivid imagination. Struck with perversion, she is one of the most popular smut fanfic writer on the internet, while being the only girl in a boarding house. Seven boys live with her and it was no doubt she gets her inspiration from those hormone-raging boys.

Count: 2223 words

Introduction characters:

Originally posted by knjtrash

- Kim Namjoon

  • The geeky roommate who has knowledge about almost everything.
  • Has a strict daily routine. Wakes up at seven, goes to sleep at ten. Everything has to be neatly organized.
  • knows how to kill the mood with his awkward presence
  • accidently breaks everything very quickly
  • secretly a very famous smut fanfic writer, because he is very perverted from the inside

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