i talked about this briefly yesterday but the push for bi and trans people to align themselves with aces and unite against the LGs because they “understand” what aces are going through is absolutely vile and homophobic. 

rallying bi people to fight against lesbians and gay people ignores the shared oppression they both face, aka homophobia. biphobia and aphobia are not comparable. biphobia is rooted in homophobia, discrimination, gold star politics, and intracommunity issues, while aphobia is little more than people being a little rude to an ace person. it doesn’t hold weight. it’s not a legitimate axis of oppression. 

there’s an even larger gap between “aphobia” and transphobia, too. while pushing for this movement, aces are conveniently forgetting that gay and lesbian trans people exist, and comparing the very real and very current issue of transphobia to, at worst, someone saying asexuals aren’t valid. which while very rude and inconsiderate, is still not oppression. there aren’t laws being made and passed this very second to stop aces from doing anything. there are no bathroom bills for aces, they don’t face issues trying to adopt, they don’t face violence for their identity. 

trying to split up the lgbt community and make them take “sides”, pitting BTs against LGs is homophobia. it’s disgusting. it’s vile. and it is not a movement i will support, nor will i let it have a platform in the discourse


A Bucky Barnes One Shot

Character Pairing: AU Biker!Bucky x Female Reader

Word Count: 3,143

Warnings: Kissing, a heated moment, a bit of angst (blink and you miss it), and so much fluff. Motorcycles and Bucky Barnes… 

A/N: This is my submission for @theassetseyeliner ‘s Erin’s AU Writing Challenge! I’m so glad I chose this one! I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do!

Prompt: #50: Biker Gang/Punk Gang 


There it was again.

The same sound that kept you up every night.

You loved to keep your windows open in the fall, letting the crisp air waft in while you slept.

But your new next door neighbor was ruining it for you.

Throwing the blankets off your body, you swung your legs over the side of the bed with a huff. Going over to the window, you moved the curtain out of the way to look down at the offending noise.

Across the short lawn that separated your house from his, you saw that he and his friends were in the garage having some sort of get together. There was loud, boisterous laughter and classic rock was blaring.

And he was revving that damn motorcycle.

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Sensory pain is an experience, not an “interpretation”

Hey, so I read something the other day that used an odd way of wording sensory sensitivities. It said that autistic people can “interpret” some sensations they’re sensitive to as pain. Um, what? I don’t know how this isn’t obvious, but… it is pain. When I hear loud or very high pitched or other sounds that affect me badly, I experience pain. Yes, it is actual pain. It’s not an “interpretation,” it is an *experience*. Let’s use an example: If two people go to get a flu shot, and there is not really any difference between the procedure itself, one of those people may very well experience the shot as more painful than the other person who gets the shot does. Does that mean that the person who had more pain was just interpreting it wrong? No! That’s literally their experience. And if you invalidate them by saying, “Oh, it wasn’t that bad,” you’re being rude, because literally everyone experiences things differently. Anyhow, you wouldn’t typically try to tell a non-autistic person that their pain isn’t real just because it’s not the same as yours (unless you were being very inconsiderate), so why do we reduce the experience of pain that autistic people go through to simply an issue of “interpretation”? Don’t invalidate us just because you can’t imagine the legitimacy of an experience outside your own.

Important Distinction about NaruSaku

An important thing I think we NaruSaku fans need to remember is that we have our own moments, our own development, and our own ‘origin’ story.

Anime and fillers are currently rewriting the history of Naruto to make certain pairings fit. You’ll see fans using headcanons as facts. The anime studio copy moments from other ships to their own ships because they seem to lack their own ideas or they want to legitimize ships that were previously illegitimate.

I just wanted to remind you all that NaruSaku doesn’t need that. In fact, there are two very important things that we don’t need. We don’t need:

= Sakura to be Naruto’s first bond

We all know that Naruto’s first bond was Sasuke. Then Iruka. Then Sakura and Kakashi. Then Jiraiya. And the list goes on and on with some characters in-between. The story of NaruSaku is not about Sakura being the first one there for Naruto. Sakura was just one of the first people who saved Naruto from his loneliness.

The one thing we can point to Sakura being first in is believing Naruto could achieve his ‘stupid/impossible dream’. This is a point repeated later in the manga and is often overlooked (even though the ending does a complete 180 and Sakura doesn’t seem to care or help Naruto achieve his dream)

= Naruto and Sakura to be destined soul mates

NaruSaku is not about Naruto and Sakura automatically having a connection just like that and understanding each other from the get go. That is not them, we do not need to steal that from other ships. That is not what the manga told us.

Naruto and Sakura did not truly understand one another at first. Naruto was an annoying pest who at times, didn’t know when to calm down or back off. Sakura was very inconsiderate of other peoples life circumstances and said offensive things without even realizing it.

Naruto grew up and obviously learned to respect Sakura’s feelings even if she liked another guy (though he still asked her out on dates, some of which she agreed to)

Sakura grew up to have a better understanding of Naruto and his life struggles. She learned the pain Naruto had to deal with, and the burden he carried.

We must not forget the strongest pillar of NaruSaku is their growth and how they grew up to be better people because of each other.


Always remember what NaruSaku is about and how it stood all on its own. It ran deep within the manga. Other pairings within the series were based off of it. And lastly, our reasons for shipping it were valid without the need to copy other ships or rewrite history.

Have a good day!

I Give Up - part 26 (A Baekhyun Series)

The bedroom door closed with a click and you were halfway out of the bed scrambling in much of the same way as Baekhyun had before he vanished through the bedroom door.

You tried to move as silently as possible and you found your clothes from yesterday on the bathroom floor. Hygiene be damned, this was an emergency.

You heard his voice through the door, much too close to where you sat with your heart in your throat on the edge of the bed.

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This post about Vulcans and physical contact is suddenly giving me all the feels because like…  I mean basically from a Vulcan point of view Kirk is behaving like a complete uncivilized heathen not fit for proper society, and would likely be considered a negative influence on Spock, what with all the Touching™ they get up to all day long. And it is almost always Jim who initiates that, especially in their earlier years; it’s just a marvel that from the very start, Spock never ever seems to mind at all.

But… I mean the thing is that Spock is not all Vulcan. He likes to pretend he is but he isn’t, and there are more than enough studies that show how immensely important it is for human beings to have physical contact – in whatever way, it doesn’t really matter, but we’re human and we need to be touched. Imagine carrying that need in you, so much more pronounced than in any other person on your entire goddamn planet (except for your oh-so-very-human mother); imagine growing up in a society where except for extremely limited and specific circumstances, even the most harmless initiation of physical contact is Not Done. It’s a taboo, it’s an absolute no-go. But I guarantee you Spock has that need, and just like all the things about him that might betray him as being more human than Vulcan sometimes, he pushes it down and denies it to himself because jesus, living in a society like that, what else would he do?

And then along comes Jim. And Jim doesn’t give a hoot about all this “no touching the touch telepaths” claptrap, from the very start he doesn’t, not where Spock is concerned. And you could probably argue that this is very inconsiderate and rude behavior, that he’s smashing headfirst through all sorts of Vulcan personal space boundaries on the daily, and I would argue back that yes, yes he is, and that is entirely and completely the point. Because he needs to do it; because Spock lets him do it. Because these boundaries are society/species-imposed, not personally imposed by Spock, and Jim Kirk is not an asshole. If Spock had ever indicated to him that he was actually serious about not wanting to be touched by him, he would’ve backed off to the other end of the cosmos in a heartbeat. (And then pined quite tragically from afar and lectured any young boys he came across about how if you really love someone you go slow, you be gentle, you’ll know if they really love you back, but ok I digress, I JUST LOVE JIM KIRK OK)

What I’m GETTING AT here is that, goddammit, Spock needs this; exactly this sort of uninhibited but consensual boundary-crossing. I’ll bet you anything that when their five-year mission started, he remembered and catalogued every single brush of the arm or hand on his shoulder, because that’s what you do when you’re a touch-starved half-Vulcan with a crush on your Captain, okay.
And so Jim gets that privilege, and Spock allows this kind of intimacy, and then, after some time, he also starts to initiate it, and they live together happily in their own little sphere where the concept of personal space between the two of them no longer appears to exist (Exhibit A). And that’s even before that time they hold hands really hard and then also get married.

Signs Of A Bad Apology

Sometimes we fuck up, it happens to everyone..Sometimes we fuck up so bad there needs to be a public apology. There have been some appalling apologies and there will definitely be some more so here are a few signs of a bad apology.

1. You’re only apologizing for forgiveness: You need to very carefully reflect on your actions and why and how they upset people when issuing an apology. Are you embarrassed of your behavior? Did you hurt people you care about?  Are you receiving unwanted attention as a consequence for your actions? Why? Lastly are you apologizing to resolve the problem and the consequences at once? A sure sign you are only apologizing for forgiveness is not being prepared/understanding if an apology is rejected and or your actions unforgiven. 

2. “I’m sorry if you felt that (way)”: If you’re including this in an apology you’re implying that the person you’re apologizing to possibly overreacted when taking offense to your actions,and that there was nothing wrong with the actions warranting the apology in the first place.When you use phrases like this you are putting the blame on people you have hurt. 

3. You’re not taking responsibility: It’s important that you actively take responsibility for your actions when apologizing. You can explain your emotions during your actions, but should not attempt to justify or excuse them in any way if you are apologizing sincerely. You need to accept personal responsibility and not shift the blame on anyone but yourself. “I’m sorry ____,that I did _____” Accept fault and responsibility for your actions you guys. Address who you are speaking to and what you have done. 

4. Your apology is an explanation:  If your apology is just a long paragraph of why you did what you did, it is not an apology and can even be taken as an attempt to justify your actions by the receiving party. If you are in the wrong just admit to being in the wrong. 

5. “I’m sorry for what I did, but”: Don’t do it please see above. 

6. Your Apology wasn’t meant to be replied to: All great apologies involve conversation between yourself and the people you are apologizing to. You cannot write out an apology and then imply that this is the last you want to hear of the topic or your actions. You will always have to take responsibility for what you have done, and you will have to listen to and accept what the person you are apologizing to has to say in return. Again, if you are not ready for your apology to be rejected or your actions unforgiven, and then react badly to this-you are not apologizing because you are sorry. You are only trying to placate those you offended. 

PS: When it comes to apologies you are not apologizing to cope with what you did, you cannot forgive yourself..and then move on that’s not how apologies work. If you are issuing an apology and ignoring the other party because you apologized (and therefore it doesn’t matter to you anymore) you’re being very inconsiderate, selfish, and you are not sorry at all. 

7. You’re only apologizing because you’re being prompted to. Not because you mean it: If you’re only apologizing because you feel obligated to and not because you’re actually sorry your apology is shitty by default. It’s not sincere, you won’t learn from your actions, you don’t care. 

8. You’re apologizing for your entire existence and not your specific actions:  While making a mistake might feel like the end of the world to some of us, it’s not. Apologize specifically for what you did, not for living. That won’t make your apology a true apology, only an attempt to illicit forgiveness through guilt. 

9.  You at any point in your apology shift blame to the other party: You cannot apologize and then tell someone that they should have handled your emotions/reactions better. Do not victimize yourself in your apology. Do not try to get the other party to sympathize with you in order to get them to understand where you were coming from when you made your mistake. Do not refuse to take responsibility/fault in the situation if you are apologizing. 

10. You make no attempt to change your behavior or make amends: If your apology is true, sincere,  you will do your best to change and learn from your mistakes. Your apology by no means excuses your past actions nor sweeps them under a rug never to be brought up again. 

Christian Yu x Reader: Let Me Explain - Chapter 6

Chapter 1: These Seoul Streets. | Chapter 2: Uninvited Guests | Chapter 3: Confrontation | Chapter 4: Who Wouldv’e Thought?| Chapter 5: Red Roses

Chapter 6: It’s Party Time

Word count: 5287 (I’m sorry lol)

Series type: Angst.

Warnings: Bad language and mentions of alcohol and consumption of it.

Additional Characters: DPR LIVE (Dabin) and mentions of other artists/fictional characters.

A/N: Thank you everyone for supporting the series the way you have, sadly all good things come to an end, this is part one to the finale. Please keep in mind English is not my first language therefore there might me some spelling/grammar mistakes

You can’t even explain how everything happened so fast. It’s been three days since that night, and it has also been three days since you’ve seen Christian face to face. You keep in contact through texts and calls and see him through late night face time sessions, but both of your schedules were too packed to actually meet up. Especially now that operation fake relationship is up and running.

After Christian attended that meeting at YG he had been so busy, being pushed around like the media puppet they made him to be. Christian explained that they wanted to get the important stuff out of the way first so that the public would keep paying attention to them, which was key for all of this to work. He told you it was temporary. That he’d be really busy for a week or two before things would slowly start to die down. It was exactly what you were afraid of. Every time he’d text you to ask you if you were okay with something you didn’t have a choice but to say yes. You had to. He was being considerate of your feelings throughout the whole thing, but you didn’t even put up a fight. Not even when he expected you to because you felt like you were secretly being watched by Hyung Suk. It made him question why you didn’t care anymore, but he didn’t have much time to think about you because he was kept busy. Christian was only trying to please and help everyone around him at the same time, neglecting his own work and relationships in the end. In some weird way you were relieved he was too busy to be with you. It made it easier to keep your secret. But you missed him. More than you expected to.

You could have predicted this. You could have said no when you had the chance. But now you’re glued stuck to a spot you couldn’t get out of because you were being blackmailed. You partially blamed yourself for this mess, thinking back to that night in the dance studio when you so childishly thought of this deal as a test for Christian’s loyalty to you. Would you have done differently if you could have? Absolutely. Can you now? Absolutely not. Not with all of these consequences. You weren’t only responsible for your own life if this video got out because of you, but also the lives of Christian, Dabin, Cream and the rest of the people affiliated with DPR. There was too much damage to be done with the truth. Damage that couldn’t be mended.

You nearly broke your brain overthinking the past couple of days and nights. You contemplated on whether to tell Christian or not, but you know you can’t. Not until you figure out a solution.

You had been coping with your emotions by shutting them out. Living on automatic pilot. It’s like you slowly tricked your mind not to care anymore, even though you do. More than anything.

You manage to smile at the Starbucks employee who handed you your two Americano’s. Saying a quick thank you. You hastily run to your car through the rain and put the coffees on the passengers’ seat. You drive to Dabin’s apartment. You hadn’t seen him since that night either. He texted you last night If you could come over at around 3 in the afternoon to listen to some of his new music. He loved to hear your opinions on his stuff because he knew you get to listen to new releases before most people, since you choreograph songs for many idols and solo artists. It unexpectedly made you an expert on new trends in kpop/khiphop.

You arrive at around 1:15 in the afternoon, you knew you were early. A little too early. But you were bored and way too happy to find some distraction with a good friend.

You ring his doorbell first, waiting for a good 30 seconds before you decide to bust out his spare key. He does it to you all the time, so you figure you could too. Maybe he isn’t home? Hence the 3 o clock time stamp you figured.

You clumsily enter, trying not to drop the coffee.

“Dabin?” you yell out kicking off your sneakers before you walk into his living room. No response.

You frown putting the coffees on his kitchen counter when you hear a door open. You turn around to see a half naked Dabin standing before his bedroom door, softly closing it behind him. You raise your eyebrows at him.

“Where’s your shirt? It’s 1 in the afternoon” you ask looking him up and down.

“Why…. are you here?” he asks wide eyed in a hushed tone.

“Uhm, you asked me to come?” you say crossing your arms.

“Yeah at three y/n. At three” he repeats, still talking in a hushed tone.

“Why does it matter, you’re always up at 10.” You say rolling your eyes. “And why are you whispering. Is Lori sleeping? Is Christian making you dog-sit again because he’s too busy?” you ask taking a sip of your coffee.

Dabin doesn’t say anything, he just stands there guarding the door to his bedroom when suddenly it clicked.

“Oh my god…Are you? Did you? Is someone here?” you stammer.

He closed his eyes nodding. He’s embarrassed, how cute.

Your eyes lit up, giving him a devilish smile “Can I meet her” you say enthusiastically.

“What!? Are you crazy!?” he says in that hushed tone again, frantically looking around for his shirt.

When you look around with him you see a trace of both male and female clothes paraded on the floor.

You snort trying to hold in your laughter when you see Dabin trying to collect both his clothes, and the clothes of the still unknown female.

“Is she still asleep?” you ask walking towards the couch to sit down.

He nods still trying to find something.

You adjust yourself on the couch, feeling something poke you, your hand searched for the culprit, pulling it out from under you. A bra.

“Were you looking for this?” you ask swinging it around in the air.

Dabin looks at you with his embarrassed/angry look and nearly jumps you trying to get the bra from your hand.

“Y/n I swear to god” he says pretending to slap your cheek. You just chuckle at him. Enjoying the fact that you got to tease him.

It has been too long since playful you took a step outside. You knew that coming here would result in a fun time, but you didn’t imagine it to be this type of fun.

“Who’s the lucky lady?” you ask taking another sip, crossing your legs making yourself more comfortable.

He sighs. “Remember Kang In Ah?”

“Kang In Ah, you had a crush on since middle school Kang In Ah?” you ask surprised.

“Yeah, I’ve been…seeing her” he says avoiding eye contact.

“Is that why you always leave early or bail on Christian and I lately?” you ask cocking your head to the side.

He just nods at you, combing his fingers through his hair.

You smile, genuinely happy for him. If anyone deserved to be in a loving relationship it was Dabin. You were especially happy because it was In Ah he was seeing, you always hit it off very well with her.

“Why didn’t you tell us? We could have hung out together.” You ask a little offended.

“I didn’t want to introduce her officially until things got serious, besides when do you or Christian have time anymore.”

Your smile drops hearing his name, and it didn’t go unnoticed. So much for your fun distraction.

You try to steer the conversation back into the casual direction. ‘Well…looking at the clothes on the floor I’d say things got pretty serious.” You say with a faint smile on your face, trying to conceal your true feelings once again.

“When is the last time you’ve seen him” Dabin asked sitting down next to you, you should have known those things don’t work on him. He knows you like the back of his hand.

You don’t respond biting your lip, looking to the floor.

He sighs. “You miss him, don’t you?” he asks fixing a piece of hair that was in front of your face.

You just nod, looking at Dabin. He gave you a warm smile, softy rubbing your back.

“Things will go back to normal in no time, you waited 2 years to actually be with him because both of you were too afraid to admit your feelings. Two more weeks won’t kill you right?” he says trying to make you feel better.

Oh Dabin. You know he means well.

“I guess.” You reply not knowing what else to say.

“At least you’ll see him tonight.” He says leaning back. “Maybe not in the way you want to but at least you’ll see him.”

Right. You almost forgot.  The first public appearance of the YuYu couple was tonight. Their couple name made you want to throw up, without exaggeration. Since everyone of DPR was going to be at the AOMG party tonight, so did you. It didn’t only mean you had to see Christian pretend to be in love with someone else, but it also meant that the chances of running into Hyung Suk quadrupled. You closed your eyes. You weren’t mentally ready for this.

“Hey” Dabin says squeezing your thigh. You look up to meet his eyes. “You don’t have to go If you don’t want to.”

Suddenly your mind flashes back to the letter Hyung Suk sent you.

If you, in any way or form talk Christian out of our little deal or form any type of threat, I will release the video online with a time stamp. Showing his disloyalty to Yura. Turning him into the bad guy. What a story that would be righ?

“No I have to go…It’d look to weird If I didn’t go. Especially since there will be a lot of people there who personally know Ian and me. Everyone thought something was going on between us, so if I’m not there I feel like I’ll make that more obvious” you say playing with your fingers.

Dabin pursed his lips together. “That’s damn smart of you to think off, but also very inconsiderate of your own feelings.”

“It’s not about me right now.” You say resting your face against your palm.

“Right, It’s about Yu-ra” Dabin says articulating Yura’s name extra strong, making you look up at him. He was mocking her.

“I still think her sudden change of heart is a little strange don’t you?” Dabin says looking at you, trying to read your facial expression.

“Well, I don’t know. I guess her whole story kind off makes sense?” you say not knowing where this is coming from.

“To me it kind off doesn’t.” he says.

“What do you mean?” you ask out of curiosity.

What is Dabin’s point of view to this exactly?

“I mean, even though things in her life are very unfortunate, she always manages to get what she wants.” He says shrugging.

You think about it for a second. She did admit she liked Christian.

Yura was being really nice to you. Maybe a little too nice? Would she have been nice to you if there was another way to solve her problems?

You shake the thoughts out of your head. You had enough to deal with as is.

“I don’t know Dabin. I really don’t. All I know is that Christian really wanted to help her out. He was the first one to notice that she was a descent human being.”

Dabin bites the inside of his cheek. “Whatever. I just hope it’ll be over soon so we can all get back to our regular grind. Christian has been so caught up in this whole fairy tale that he forgot to edit my latest video.”

You frown. “That’s so unlike him”

“Yeah, it’s also so unlike you to let this happen, but the day I figure out what’s going on in the both of your heads is the day world peace is declared I guess.”

You roll your eyes at Dabin. Getting up.

“Let’s do the whole music thing next time. I don’t think I could have picked worse timing.”

He jumps up smiling widely. “Finally! Something we agree on.” He says grabbing you by your shoulders, walking behind you to lead you to his front door.

He was desperately trying to get you out off here before Kang In Ah woke up.

“So, I’ll pick you up at 11.15 tonight”

“Eh okay” you agree as you were being rushed out of his apartment, quickly putting your shoes on.

He opened the door for you giving you a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks for the coffee y/n, see you tonight!” he says giving you one of his boyish smiles again as you step out of his house.

“…See ya, and next time I want to meet her!” you yell a little louder hoping it’d wake her up as he was already closing the door.

Dabin stuck his face through the little opening, giving you an angry look before closing the door on you.

You chuckle. Shaking your head at him.

                                                    - time jump -

You check yourself out in the mirror one last time. Dabin was already downstairs, waiting for you in the car. You take a deep breath. “You’ve got this” you encourage yourself looking at your attire.

You were wearing a black off the shoulder tight fitted midi dress that complimented your figure. You had minimum jewelry on so the attention would be drawn to your glammed up make-up. You put on your heels and grab your jacket just in case the weather would turn on you.

You rush down the stairs knowing Dabin was waiting for you. As you open the door to the passengers seat you were greeted by a whistle.

“Daaaaaamn girl, where you going?” Dabin says smiling, looking at you.

He knew how anxious you were about tonight, so he couldn’t help but lighten the mood. You chuckle smacking his arm. “Shut up.”

“Don’t forget I’m right beside you okay? He says starting the car. You nod at his words, feeling somewhat ensured with Dabin’s presence. You really don’t know what you would have done without him.

You talk about this and that, mostly about Dabin’s new music or gossip in the industry. After about 35 minutes you arrive at the club.

You got out of the car, smoothing down your dress leaving your jacket in the car.

“Are you sure you won’t need that tonight?” Dabin asks referring to your jacket putting out his arm for you to loop yours through. You start walking to the club shaking your head. “I’ll be fine.”

Your heart was beating super fast when you entered. Both of you avoided the red carpet, not feeling up to it. Dabin let go of your arm to hold your hand, squeezing it for reassurance. “Smile” he says through his teeth.

You do as he says as the man of the evening approaches.

“Ayee DPR gang wassup!” Jay Park says coming in for a kiss on your cheek and one of those ‘bro hugs’ with Dabin.

“Where’s the man of the hour?” he asks looking at you.

“I guess he’ll be here soon” you answer acting innocent to your best ability.

“He’s all up in online news lately though, did you guys know?” Jay asks leaning on a pillar looking into your eyes.

Dabin chuckled. “Of course we did. He’s family” he answers putting his hand over your shoulder.

Jay’s attention diverted to Dabin, giving him a nod. “Is he bringing her?” he asked.

Jay isn’t stupid. He was asking all of the important questions because he knew something was iffy about the situation. Jay had always seen you as Christian’s girl.

“Yes” you reply. “He told me he would.” You try to keep your facial expressions neutral. If you seemed just the slightest bit nervous or put off, you know the questions wouldn’t stop.

“Well I’ll anticipate their grand entrance. So many reporters are lined up outside because they found out they were both on the list. It’s crazy.” Jay says sniffing. “The rest of your crew is on the left side of the VIP area. I’ll let the staff bring some bottles to your table” he smiles winking at you.

Dabin was the first one to thank Jay with another one of their bro hugs. You do the same, giving him a quick hug, walking towards your table. The club wasn’t that packed yet, but a lot of eyes turned to the both of you when you walked to the VIP area.

“If this is what tonight is going to be like than I don’t know if I can handle it” you say to Dabin sitting down.

“People are nosey as fuck.” Dabin says annoyed. “We just have to act like we don’t know much. Let Christian deal with it. He wanted to do this so badly.” You bite your lip, somewhat agreeing with him.

You’ve never had this many people say Hi to you, trying to make small talk. Of course it was always about Christian and Yura. Your head hurt from all the fake smiles and fake story’s, so you decided to order something a little stronger than your usual virgin cocktail. The alcohol loosened you up a bit, so you started talking to people how you normally would, trying to forget the problem at hand.

It was now half past twelve. The YuYu couple still hadn’t arrived and it was making you more and more anxious as time went by.

Dabin was chatting it up with some Show Me The Money 6 contestants while you were seated beside a few female artists from AOMG and Club Eskimo who were gossiping away with each other. You didn’t really pay attention to what they were saying, too consumed with your own thoughts to actually hear what was going on. Suddenly all of their heads turned to the entrance of the club. People were talking louder and pictures were being taken. You just knew that had to be them.

You close your eyes for a second. Mentally preparing yourself for what you were about to see.

You look at them as they entered. Yura was smiling from ear to ear. Happily showing off her arm candy. She was dressed to impress, that was for sure. Christian’s facial expression was neutral. He looked good, maybe a little too good. He led her through the entrance. greeting Jay. You watched them as they said their hello’s. Your heart was beating like crazy, your eyes searching for Hyung Suk but he wasn’t there. You guess the universe seemed to be on your side just a little bit tonight.

Jay pointed to your table, probably telling him that the rest of us were seated over here and that’s when you made eye contact with Christian. He looked at you, and kept staring. Your heart dropped and you immediately look away, getting up.

“Excuse me girls, I have to pee” you smile at them as they let you through.

You struggle walking through the crowd as everyone’s attention was fixated on Ian and Yura. The alcohol in your blood didn’t make it any easier for you either.

You almost trip at least twice before you make it to the ladies’ room.

You open the door, happy to see it empty. You stare at yourself in the mirror suppressing the urge to cry and run away.

All of this has become too much. You close your eyes, only seeing the way Christian looked at you once you locked eyes. It’s like he forgot you were going to be there. He hadn’t even texted or called today either.

He’s slowly slipping away from you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Without your knowledge a tear escapes from your eye. As you feel it go down your cheek you look up. Immediately wiping it away, trying not to ruin your make-up.

“It’s fine. You’re okay” you encourage yourself taking a deep shaky breath. “Let’s just find some distraction”

                                                   - time jump –

Dabin had been looking for you for the past half hour. He knew he couldn’t ask people if they had seen you. It’d be too obvious because you went messing the second Christian and Yura walked in.

After his second round through the club, Dabin decided to tell Ian.

“Bro.” Dabin says coming up closer to him. He paused when he saw that Yura was listening as well.

“Have you seen y/n? I locked eyes with her when I came in but when I looked back she disappeared.” Christian says worried.

“I was just about to tell you that I can’t find her either.” Dabin says frowning. “She won’t answer her phone when I call.”

Yura stayed quiet until Christian was about get up to leave and look for you. She grabbed his arm, pulling him back down on the seat again. He gave her a confused look and so did Dabin “Don’t you think it would look a little weird if you would leave me alone to look for someone else?” she says giving him a sheepish smile.

Dabin squinted his eyes at her. Of course she’d say that.

“This is y/n we’re talking about.” Dabin says. “You know, his actual girlfriend.” He gave her a blank look.

Yura’s eyes widened. “Don’t speak so loud!” she says shocked. Dabin saw the annoyance in her eyes, but Christian was a blind man when it comes to things like that.

Christian frowned at the both of them, not knowing what to do or say. “Let me call her.” He says.

Yura rolled her eyes while Dabin sat down beside him, putting his arm over Christian’s shoulder while leaning in so he could hear the phone.

                                            - your point of view –

Your phone lit up “Christian?” you read out loud.

You lean your cheek on your palm contemplating on whether or not to answer the phone, but your alcohol controlled brain already pressed the ‘accept call’ icon.

“Y/n?” you hear his voice. It was muffled by the sound of the loud ass music on the background. But you could recognize his voice through anything.

“Y/n where are you?” he asked impatiently as you didn’t reply.

“At the club” you slur your words. Your elbow slipped off of the bar, losing the support you were giving your heavy head. You lose balance for a second but regain your composure, giggling at your own clumsiness.

“Are you drunk?” you hear his voice again.

“What? She never drinks” you hear Dabin this time.

“Dabinnie!” you say excited to hear his voice.

You hear rumbling on the other end of the line and raise your eyebrows.

“Y/n” you hear Dabin this time. “Where are you?”

“in the club” you answer again, a little annoyed this time. Why can’t they just leave you alone? For the first time in the past couple of days you feel fine.

“I get that you’re in the club, but where.” He says like an angry father.

You look around, inspecting your surroundings. “It’s like…open air? Jesus It’s cold up here.” You answer slurring your words again.

“She’s on the rooftop bar” you hear Dabin say to Christian.

“y/n don’t move; do you understand.” Dabin says in a stern tone.

You nod as if he’d be able to see it. “Aye-aye captain.” You giggle.

You hang up the phone, resting your head on your palm again.

                                                   - meanwhile –

Christian wanted to come with him but he told him no. Yura was constantly breathing down his neck and he didn’t know what your drunken state would do if you saw either of them. Dabin promised to call Christian once you were safe and out of the public’s eye.

Dabin rushed back to his car to grab your jacket before he went to get you. He opened the door to his passengers’ seat, lifting your jacket from the chair when suddenly a red card fell out of one of your pockets. He frowned, not thinking much of it as he quickly put it into his pocket, running back to the club to come and get you.

He ran up the stairs, seeing you chatting with the bartender. Dabin sighed walking up to you, putting your jacket over your shoulders. “Let’s go” he says removing your shot glass from your hand, returning the new bottle of Soju to the bartender. “She’s had enough” he says putting a 50,000 won bill on the table to pay for whatever you had consumed. The bartender nodded taking the money, giving him back the change.

“Dabin” you ask staring into his eyes. “Did they leave?” you ask trying to get up.

Dabin quickly got a hold of your upper arm, making sure you were stable enough to stand. Which you weren’t.

“No y/n they didn’t leave. You did.” he says trying to make you understand. He had never seen you like this before. It saddened him.

“Shit! Do you think people noticed?” you ask worried.

He just shook his head “No, y/n.” he answers. He only gave you short answers. He’ll talk to like an adult you when you’re sober.

“Come on.” He says linking arms with you to support you. You carefully walk down the stairs avoiding crowded places or people you may know. The both of you finally arrive at the hallway where back exit of the club was located.  You see Christian standing there. Waiting for you.

You squint your eyes, trying to make sure if it was really him.

“Babe are you okay? Why did you drink so much?” he asks putting you down on a random stool in the hallway, kneeling down in front of you.

“Who babe? Me babe?” you ask pointing at yourself with a fake confused expression on your face.

“Don’t be like this.” He says looking into your eyes.

“Where’s Yura?” you ask him, fixing a piece of his hair for him.

“Y/n come on.” Christian says a little tired of your childishness.

Dabin crosses his arms, waiting for things to kick off between the two of you.

“What? Don’t you think I have the right to feel this way?” you say stumbling over your own words a few times.

“No. You don’t. I have asked you a hundred times if you were okay with this, and you kept saying yes. You didn’t even care! And now you do?” he says angrily.

“I don’t have a fucking choice Ian!” you yell at him this time.

“Yes you did! What are you talking about!?” Christian says getting up.

“Guys calm down. If people hear us we’re in trouble.” Dabin says putting his hand on Christian’s shoulder. “Don’t take anything she says too serious right now okay. I’ll take her to my place and let her sleep it off.”

“I want to go to my own house” You say giving Dabin a look.

“You don’t get to want anything right now.” Dabin angrily says looking at you.

It was like they were both ganging up on you. Where Dabin was usually on your side with things like this, this time he was on Ian’s. You can’t really blame him though. Even you knew you were being unfair. You cross your arms and legs. Annoyed at the both of them.

Christian sighs after having calmed down a bit by Dabin’s words. He looks at you a little saddened.

“Just…sleep it off okay, we’ll talk tomorrow about all of this.” Christian says kneeling down in front of you again, putting his hand on your thigh, trying to comfort you.

You look at him. “I can’t talk to you about this” you say looking away again as if he was supposed to understand.

“What do you mean?” Christian asks a little hurt.

“I just can’t. I’m not allowed.” You say out loud, and immediately regret it. You curse at yourself and the alcohol for making you slip up.

Christian and Dabin both looked at each other, unable to understand what you were saying.

“I think it’s time to go.” Dabin says, helping you stand up.

“I have to stay here.” Christian says. “I’ll be at your place first thing in the morning.”

Dabin nods at Christian. “Thanks man” Christian says giving Dabin a hug.

You look at them, but when Christian looked at you, you look away.

He walked towards you, making you look at him with his thumb and index finger on your chin. “Try to sleep alright?” he says trying to get you to look into his eyes, but you wouldn’t.

He sighs, pulling you closer to him to kiss your forehead.

You look at him as he did, and look away again, not saying anything.

Dabin took you by the arm. “Let’s go.” he says pulling you away from Christian who was also reluctant to go back to Yura. He just stood there, watching you until you were out of sight. He sighed to himself. He walked back to his table to see Yura on her phone.

“I was just about to call you, how is y/n? What happened?” she asked worried.

Christian sat down beside her putting his arm over Yura’s shoulder. “Let’s not talk about it okay?”

Yura smiled at Christian, nodding at him.

The ride to Dabin’s home was silent. You fell asleep after 15 minutes of staring out the window, giving in to your heavy eyelids.

You made a fool out of yourself tonight, you knew you’d deeply regret your behavior tomorrow when you woke up. There’s a reason why you don’t drink.

Dabin carried your sleeping state into the house. He put you down on his bed, taking off your shoes and your earrings, putting the covers over you. He sighed looking at you. “You know better than this y/n” he says shaking his head.

He walked back to his living room, ready to get comfortable on the couch to go to sleep. He took his phone and money out of his pockets to put it on his coffee table when he suddenly feels that odd red piece of paper in his hands again.

He remembered how it fell from your jacket and put it back on the coffee table.

                                                    - time jump –

You woke up with a pounding head and a dry mouth. You groan at the throbbing pain in your head and turn over to lay on your stomach.

You open your eyes, looking at your surroundings. Why are you in Dabin’s bed? You look around again. You don’t see him.

You remove the covers off of yourself, seeing how you were still dressed in your dress from last night. Something clicked seeing your attire and suddenly all of your lost memories came rushing back.

You panic a little, not knowing if you did anything else that would get you in trouble.

You curse at yourself rubbing your forehead.

You walk out of Dabin’s room, into his light filled living room.

You squint your eyes at the attack of sunlight and walk to his kitchen for a glass of water.

“y/n?” you hear Dabin’s voice. You turn around slowly, feeling like you were about to get scolded like a child.

“What the fuck is this!?” he angrily says, throwing a red card down on his kitchen counter.

You stare at it. Unable to take your eyes off of it. You only needed a fraction of a second to understand what it was.

You close your eyes. Fuck.

Chapter 7 

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That "worst nightmare for the types" thing fucked me up cause now all I can daydream about is INTP/ENTP Worst Nightmare (and I have a competition tomorrow, so I should probably be sleeping.)

you should sleep so instead of daydreaming you can nightdream these nightmares which also probably wouldn’t be good for you but at least you might maybe get some rest idk I’m not a doctor

I Love You AU

AU where one half of the otp can only say “I love you” for the whole day.


  • If Natsu was affected: He would constantly shout “I love you” at Lucy until she got red in the face. The mood changes when Natsu shouts “I love you” at multiple people during a Guild Hall fight (At least the guild had a good laugh at this). At the end of the day Natsu and Lucy reflects on what just happened. Lucy comes to the conclusion that Natsu saying “I love you” has no meaning anymore since he just shouted it at everyone. Natsu declares he’ll find a new way of saying “I love you” just for Lucy now. 
  • If Lucy was affected: Lucy would do her best to write down everything she wanted to say while letting some “I love you” slip out. Natsu would do everything in his power to make Lucy talk (main method is tickling).


  • If Gray was affected: He would freeze his mouth shut. Nothing comes out of the ice fortress. Juvia would do her best but to no avail. Then when the day is done Juvia will finally hear those three magic words come out of Gray’s mouth. Was it genuine? Was he forced to say it? No one knows. 
  • If Juvia was affected: She would not talk to anyone except Gray. Only Gray-sama is able to hear the sweet nothings of Juvia. 


  • If Jellal was affected: Erza would make sure to always be near him. Jellal is rarely open with his emotions so she hardly gets to hear it. At first Erza would tease Jellal to goad him into saying it. Tables turn when Jellal gives in and said it whenever Erza asks. Erza turns into a blushing school girl and can’t handle it. 
  • If Erza was affected: At first Jellal would pretend he was affected too (just for an excuse to tell her he loves her the whole day. This is cute at first until Erza finds out only one partner is supposed to be affected (Is Jellal seeing someone else? Is Jelall’s fiance real??). Jellal will quickly admit that he was faking it, much to his own embarrassment. Erza would light up and reward Jellal for being so cute. 


  • If Gajeel was affected: He would try his best the whole day to make the words “I love you” sound intimidating. Panterlily has a scoreboard to rate how scary it is. Gajeel gets irritated because he can’t get a score higher than 3. Levy finally gets mad at Gajeel for trying to ruin such a beautiful phrase. Gajeel apologizes with a heartfelt “I love you” to which Panterlily rates a 10. Gajeel proceeds to eat the scoreboards. 
  • If Levy was affected: She would find a loophole and say “I love you” in different languages to convey her feelings. Then she would try to teach Gajeel all the different kinds of “I love you”. Gajeel thinks Levy is a cute teacher and can’t pay attention to the lesson. 


  • If Laxus was affected: He doesn’t talk much in the first place so no one notices he’s not talking; however, it is clear he is in a bad mood. Mirajane is the first to ask what’s wrong (she has no fear), to which Laxus tries his best to resist her. Eventually Mirajane finds out and blackmails Laxus to buy her silence. Laxus reluctantly agrees to go shopping with Mirajane for the whole week. 
  • If Mirajane was affected: Mirajane would act like nothing changed and talk to people like normal. Laxus is irritated that Mirajane is telling random drunks that she loves them so he decides to kidnap Mirajane. The Raijinshuu has to pick up Mirajane’s shift since Laxus is very inconsiderate to the the status of the bar. 


  • If Wendy was affected: Chelia would be laughing a lot because Wendy’s meek “I love you” is the cutest thing in the world
  • If Chelia was affected: Wendy wouldn’t notice at first that Chelia was affect and would spend the rest of the day apologizing to Chelia. 

He is a time traveler, and he can eliminate the anomalies in time lines.

  • His magic is the materialization of paired small handguns, and everything connected with them (for example, some spell with bullets, etc.).  With them he removes these time anomalies that are happening in the universes. 

  • He is undersized (shorter than Undertale Sans) and his appearance absolutely fits his character and behaviors. He wears a hat and glasses on top of it. This is one of the most favorite Time’s things with which he never parted.There is also a long coat with the shallow pockets. Beneath the soft green sweater. As well carries a eye colored,yellow bandana. Usually he rolls his pants to his knees or even removes the trousers in shoes. And on his hands he wears gloves.

  • Time is very inconsiderate, overly talkative, sometimes he likes to prank those beings who he will meet and his character may be compared to the nature of the child. Also he not serious about his work on the elimination of anomalies, but usually handles this. However, if any serious threat appears from the outside, that would threaten the integrity of the time and his balance, then it will become much more serious and collect than acting normally. For him, the removal of anomalies - is a cyclical game that he does not get bored. Also he loves punning about time.

  • This character - Outcode. He does not have any alternative universe and most likely, it was not at all. It moves only during time but he has no specific place. Once Time removes the anomaly,time begins to run on the track. But all those characters, previously in contact with him, forget about time.Because of this he feels the loneliness some weight and therefore, He is trying not to make friends at work.

  • Several types of temporary anomalies: 
  1. -  Violation in the web of time - for example, at some points strange anomalies occur at the moment of the type of stop.
  2.  Time Trap - cyclicality of the time moment.
Scared To Be Lonely - Stiles Stilinski

requested by @shannon-601
based on this song

It was great at the very start
hands on each other
couldn’t stand to be apart
closer the better

You walked into the McCall home happily, our hand intertwined with your boyfriends, your other hand holding a box of unpopped popcorn bags.  Movie nights were always the best.

“y/n! Stiles!” Lydia called happily upon your arrival.  You grinned, and Scott came over to take the popcorn box from your hand.

“Thanks! How’d you know we needed some?” Scott asked, already rushing to the kitchen to pop some.  You giggled.

“Because you never learn that you can’t just rely on what you have.  We always run out of popcorn and that makes this one crabby” You nudged Stiles, and he looked at you with a wounded expression.

“I’m hurt you’d say such a thing” Stiles said with a pouty lip.  You giggled, and stood on the tips of your toes to give him a quick kiss.

“EW!” Someone yelled

“Shut up Liam!” Stiles yelled back, and kissed you again before ou could completely turn away.

“Come on lover boy, let’s go take our spot”

You and Stiles got your own love seat couch.  Partially because you always stretched out, and partially because no one else liked to be around you when it was movie night.

Stiles settled down, stretching his legs across the whole sofa, and you crawled in between his legs, laying your back on his chest comfortably.

“What’s the movie tonight?” Malia asked, and everyone looked at Liam, because it was his turn to choose the film.

“Anchorman” He answered, digging into a bag of licorice.

“Is that movie really appropriate for your age?” Stiles asked, and you swatted his shoulder with the back of your hand.

“Leave him alone, I’m not dealing with you two’s fighting tonight” You mumbled, and Stiles sighed.

“Fine” Stiles grumbled.

“Thanks babe” Liam said, and you fell of the couch Stiles moved so fast.

“Listen runt-”

“Hey!” You stood up, brushing your jeans, and pushing Stiles back from where he was attempting to go fight the beta.  “Stiles.  Kitchen. Now.” You walked off first, and Stiles hesitantly followed.  The rest of the pack just watched silently, and once you were both out of the room, began awkward conversation.

“I’m sorry-”

“Stiles” You breathed turning to face him.  “You’ve been all on edge this whole night, and not just since we’ve been here, what’s going on in that crowded head of yours?” You placed your hands over his arms, rubbing them gently to calm his evident nerves.

“I’m..I’m kinda anxious”


“Yeah…” He found it difficult to meet your eyes.  But you waited patiently for him to continue.  Which never happened.

“Stiles what’re you-”

“I want to give you something” He cut you off, and you slowly nodded your head.

“Okay…” You said quietly.

“But I don’t want you to freak out about it” Again, you nodded.

“Promise I won’t” You said with a soft smile.  Stiles looked at you, relief written all over his face.  Then reached a hand down into his pocket.

“Close your eyes” You followed the order, lashes fluttering shut.  You heard shuffling, and him taking a deep breath.  “Okay, open”

You first looked at his eyes, wide with nervousness and hope, then they landed on what was in his hand.  A small blue velvet box, with white silky pillowing on the inside, which protecting the beautiful silver ring with little sapphires embedded in it.  Your hands flew over your mouth, eyes wetting as you looked from the ring to Stiles.

“It’s- It’s a promise ring” He told you, and you nodded, closing your eyes tightly to stop the flow of tears that threatened to leave your eyes.

“It’s b-beautiful Stiles” You told him, wiping your eyes.  He smiled big, pulling it out carefully, and opening his hand.  You placed your wrist in his hand, and let him slide the ring along your finger.

“So…so you like it?” You nodded quickly, looking from your hand up to Stiles, and stood on the tips of your toes, crashing your lips against his in a passionate yet needy kiss.

“I love it, I love you” You said, and he smiled softly again, giving you another gentle kiss.

“I love you too” You wrapped your arms around his neck, and he hugged you close.  “So much, so so much you don’t even know” You smiled into his neck, and pulled back a little again, pressing his lips to yours once more.  “And so, no matter what, I promise I’m going to love you, always, no matter what happens”

Now we’re picking fights
and slamming doors
magnifying all our flaws
and I wonder why, wonder what for
why we keep coming back for more

You were sitting on Stiles’ bed, tapping your pen against your notebook.  It had been six months since he’d given you the beautiful ring that was still put on your finger each morning.  Although the smile that would appear during the action, was no longer really an expression at all.  More of just a routine.  Brush hair, do makeup, put on ring, brush teeth, etc.  

It’s meaning, was gone.

You looked up at Stiles, who was busy on his… well you weren’t sure he didn’t really tell you when you’d arrived.  in fact, you hadn’t spoken since you’d shared hellos, then did your own things.  

“I think I’m gonna get going” You stood, collecting your things and putting them away in your bag.

“ ’kay” Stiles said, not turning to look at you.  You twisted the ring on your finger anxiously.  

“So I’ll see you tomorrow at school” You said with a sigh, walking out of the room.

Stiles didn’t say anything.

You weren’t sure what to do, what to say.  You were walking home, seeing that Stiles had driven you to his house, and didn’t bother to offer a ride home.  It was sprinkling, but not full on raining.

So, you called the only person you knew who could answer your questions.

“Hey y/n what can I do for ya doll?” The voice chuckled.

“Hey… Scott” You sighed, slowing your pace as you walked.

“Everything alright? Are you still at Stiles’ place?” He asked.

“Um.. uh no- no I left” Your voice cracked.  “I’m walking home”

“y/n what’s wrong?”Scott asked, voice full of concern.

“Scott I have to ask you a question… and it’s going to be very inconsiderate, and break all the rules of best friends, but I-I need to know”

“Yeah okay, what do you need?”

“Is Stiles out of love with me?” Scott’s silence was answer enough, and you sighed.  “Thanks, McCall” You said quietly.

“y/n I don’t.. I don’t know what to say”

“You don’t have to say anything” You whispered.  “I knew forever could only last so long” A few silent tears slipped onto your cheeks.  “I’ll see you in school”

“Yeah…” Scott breathed.  “I’m sorry” 

“See you tomorrow”

And with that, you hung up.  There was nothing left to say, nothing left to do.  What you and Stiles had was officially gone.  There was no more love, no romance, no passion, and there certainly wasn’t trust.  It was sad, not because you’d lost the boy you thought you would grow old with, but because you both knew it was happening, and neither of you cared to preserve it.  Just watched your relationship fall.  Not a crash and burn, but a gradual decline until eventually, it was so far gone, you couldn’t see it.

Is it just our bodies?
are we both losing our minds?
is the only reason you’re holding me tonight
‘cause we’re scared to be lonely?
do we need somebody just to feel like we’re alright?
is the only reason you’re holding me tonight
‘cause we’re scared to be lonely?

So what do two people do when they fall out of love? They break up.  There’s not a point in mending a relationship that neither person feels loved in anymore.  But the worst part about yours and Stiles’ fallout, was that there was nothing to it.  You’d gone to him, told him that you felt like there was nothing left in your relationship.  To which he replied with a nod, and a short statement of ‘i agree’.

I guess this is the part where we break up” You said, in a soft, sad voice.

“I guess so” Stiles sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.  You half smiled, and put a hand on his shoulder, before reaching on the tips of your toes and placing a tender kiss on his cheek.

“I’m not gonna forget you though” You said, and he nodded, taking your hand from his shoulder, and kissing the back of it for a few seconds.

“I’m not gonna forget you either y/n”

But he did.  It’d been two months since that day in the school hallway, and he hadn’t said a mere word to you.  Which only made fucking everything that much more difficult and awkward.  You had moved to a completely different lunch table, seating only you Lydia, Kira, and sometimes Malia.

You were getting ready for school one morning, and your eyes landed on a small piece of jewelry that made your heart sink to your stomach.

The ring.

Tears brimmed your eyes, and you let out a small cry upon picking it up.  The small band that once symbolized so much love, an entire fantasized future of it.

You slipped it onto your finger, for the sake of nostalgia maybe, perhaps sad and broken memories, you weren’t exactly sure what brought you to do it.  But inspecting the glimmer of blue and silver next to your knuckle brought back so many memories.  So many thoughts and wishes, early morning ideas and late night conversations, long talks about college and careers, little banters on Star Wars, stolen shirts and late afternoons wrapped in white sheets, rides in the jeep and kisses you could still feel on your lips.  All of it, all of the fire, all of the ice.

It was gone.  And you were scared.

Scared of being this lonely, forever.

and there it is, i hope you liked it :)

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56, 95, and 50 for Oliver Wood, please?

Prompt Request - Prompts List
50. “Did you just flick me?”
56. “What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since I was eleven?”
95. “I don’t know how you convinced me to do this.”

Character: Oliver Wood
Word Count: 354
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

+ + + + +

I don’t know how you convinced me to do this,” you muttered loudly as you slung a leg over the broomstick. “Oh come on, Y/n, it’s not that bad. It’s just flying, one of the basic fundamentals of Quidditch!” Oliver said in his deep Scottish accent that you all but loved.

“I could die, you know,” you said, gripping onto the broomstick like you were about to fall off, though you hadn’t raised off the ground yet.

“Then I’ll plan your funeral well,” Oliver said with a grin, hopping onto his own broomstick as he got ready to set off, “Ow, hey! Did you just flick me?

“Yes! You are being very inconsiderate about my feelings right now, Wood. And I’m honestly very hurt,” you said indignantly.

“Don’t worry, Y/n, I’d never let anything bad happen to you. We’re just going to fly around the grounds for a while, that’s all,” Oliver told you, reaching over to place his hand on yours comfortingly.

You pursed your lips, “How can I be sure that you won’t let me fall?”

What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since I was eleven? Would that make you sure?” He asked with a grin, taking his hand from yours as he began to ascend in the air.

Your cheeks flooded red as the Scottish boy flew off. The broomstick you were sat on seemed to understand that you wanted to catch up to the boy, and began raising you up into air, where you felt your heart beating so fast, though you weren’t sure if it was because of the height or the fact the boy you’d had a crush on since first year had just admitted his feelings to you.

“Hey, Wood! Come back here! You can’t just tell me you’re in love with me and then fly off!” You yelled across to Oliver, who had come to a stop just a metre away from where you were.

You gave the boy a smile before continuing, “Especially when you didn’t give me to chance to tell you that I’m in love with you too.”

Royalty Mess: Part One

author’s note: I’m such a sucker for royalty and Shawn but I won’t be making Shawn as a Prince here just for reasons, sorry. Feedback is very welcomed x



”Don’t be silly,” another non-grateful glance from my mother was sent straight to my face, ”you can be eighteen but it doesn’t mean you can go outside by yourself to meet your loving boyfriend.”

”And he is still not allowed to come to the palace, how equal is that?” Madness took over me again, trying to explain the Queen herself that I deserve some normal lad’s rights too. ”People don’t know that we are a thing, isn’t that already enough to go incognito and be myself who I am already?” I sighed.

”You’re a Princess, my darling. We do have to be careful what we are doing and saying, not just loose in and go with the flow,” her sigh was louder and more angrier than before. ”Also, in my opinion, but I don’t know  your father’s, you should break up with him - it’s not going to work out like that way. Come on, look at your nephew Harold, what happened with him and this girl Hannah - kinda hurtful, wasn’t it?”

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The Purple Gift

Being an avenger is awesome, but when you share the same Birthday as Hawkeye you have to expect people to forget yours. Or maybe not….


Warnings: Swearing I think? Maybe, idk. There is a lot of fluff though

Word Count: 1315 (this was meant to be a drabble but I don’t know the definition of the word short)

Note: I just wanna wish the lovely @marvelgoateecollection a very happy birthday. I’m so sorry this is late Molly, I wrote it on your birthday but with everything going on I ran out of time to post it. I hope you like it love!!!

Opening your eyes slowly you rubbed the sleep from them and smiled when you saw the time. It was very rare for an Avenger to get a sleep and the fact that today was your birthday just made it so much better. Checking your phone your smile grew at the pictures your sister had sent you. Last night you’d gone out to see Heather’s the musical with your family and it was such a lovely way to spend the day before your birthday.

Unfortunately today you were back to work. The very inconsiderate bad guys had blown up a very important base in Europe so the team had to go deal with that. You weren’t actually supposed to go out yesterday with all the paperwork you had to do but with Clint striking up a fuss you were able to sneak out. Sighing you locked your phone and pulled yourself out of bed, hoping to get in a good breakfast before going to work.

Throwing on some clothes you opened your door only to find a small box wrapped in purple wrapping paper on the floor in front of your door. A sad smile fell upon your face as you pick up the box and placed it at the door next to yours. Clint’s door. You figured that some late night gift giver had accidentally put Clint’s present outside your door instead of his. It was an easy mistake to make, your rooms were right next to each other but it still hurt to see that gift so perfectly wrapped in purple, clearly meant for Clint, and not one for you. Sharing your birthday with the sharp shooter meant that since he always made such a fuss, your Birthday was often forgotten. Not that you minded. At least that’s what you told yourself.

Making it to the kitchen you greeted Steve and Bucky who both wished you a “good morning” before going back to their heated debate. Sam rolled his eyes at you and you let out a light laugh picking up on how he was already so done with the two super soldiers and the day had hardly started. You finished the pancakes you’d made yourself and headed off to your office. On your way there you bumped into Wanda and Natasha.

Well, by bumped into you mean forcibly stopped in the hallway so the women could give you a hug each and wish you a happy birthday. Natasha slipped a small box into your hand and Wanda gave you a wink as they let you go on your way. Opening it you found a small bow and arrow pendant. So maybe not everyone had forgotten, although you kinda wish Nat had forgotten about your little crush on Clint. Oh well, you can’t win everything.

When you got to your office you sat down and started to work. It took you far longer that you care to admit to notice a small purple package sitting on your desk. The same one from outside your door earlier. Picking it up you gave it a small shake and stared at it confused. How’d it find its way in here? It couldn’t be for you. It just couldn’t. Shrugging you put it aside, making a mental note to give it to Clint later. You didn’t hear the dejected sigh nor the shuffling that came from the vents above you.

After a day of paper work and a small interruption at lunch, in which Nat, Sam, Wanda and Vis brought you a cake (baked by Vis and Wanda) and sang you happy birthday. As lovely as it was, you couldn’t help but to wish Clint was there too. Which reminded you, you still had to give that gift to him.

“Hey FRIDAY?” you called into your quiet office, “do you know where Clint is?”

“He’s in his nest Miss,” replied the AI. You smiled. Clint’s nest was his special place. No one knew of its exact location. Clint only saw you as trustworthy enough to know its location. You made your way up the stairs and at the half way point between the 68th and 69th floor you removed the false panel in the wall and crawled through the gap it left, the purple package and a bag of your own in tow.

Emerging into Clint’s nest you couldn’t help but smile. The ‘nest’ consisted of a whole heap of beanbags and cushions, all somehow purple in colour, two flat screen TV’s, 4 different gaming consoles and a coffee table littered with empty pizza boxes.

“Clint!” you called out. Just as you’d called out his head popped up from between the pillows and he paused his game, strutting over to you. When he saw the purple box in your hands, he stopped, his smile falling.

“You don’t want it?” he asked, barely masking the pain in his voice.

Furrowing your brows you looked at him confused. Your mouth moved but you couldn’t form any words. Eventually you managed to get out, “it’s for me?”

“Of course,” chuckled Clint. “How else did it end up out front of your door?”

“I thought it was a late night well-wisher who mistook my door for yours.” You replied quickly.

“And then it was on your desk?” Clint prompted unable to keep the amused smile off his face.

“Um, I ah. That one I don’t know.” You muttered back, rubbing the back of your neck awkwardly.

Taking a step closer to you Clint placed a hand on your forearm. “You gonna open it?” Clint prompted. Nodding you slowly unwrapped the perfect purple paper to find a small jewellery box. Hidden inside was a charm bracelet decorated with bows, arrows and purple charms amongst others. Looking up at Clint you had tears in your eyes as he took it from you and placed it on your wrist.

“It matches the necklace Tasha got you. It was my idea,” the archer admitted sheepishly. “She knows everything about me, which includes my crush on you and so when I asked her if she’d help me with it she seemed more than eagre.”

“Wait,” you murmured, “You have a crush on me? I don’t… But Tasha… She knows…” you paused before looking up at Clint and whispering, “Nat knows that I have a crush on you too.”

It took the archer a moment to get what you were sawing but when understanding dawned on his face he swooped you up in a hug spinning you around before setting you down and kissing you. To say it was the most amazing thing you had experienced was an understatement. Pulling away due to the need to breathe you both grinned at each other before you pushed your bag into Clint’s hands.

Looking down at the bag then up at you Clint’s boyish grin remained plastered on his face as he ripped the bag open and pulled out 5 purple arrows, each with a purple boxing glove on the end. He looked between you and the arrows four times before he pulled you in for another kiss. Breaking away he looked back down at his arrows and whispered under his breath,

“I cannot wait to use these on Stark. God you know me so well.”

Slapping Clint on the shoulder you both laughed. Gesturing to the screen behind him he asked, “Race me?”

“Only if you’re prepared to be beaten Barton,” you sass back. Chuckling again Clint pulled you into him and he crashed onto the beanbags. Handing you a remote he let you snuggle into his side as he booted up the game. You couldn’t help but keep glimpsing at your new bracelet and nor could Clint stop looking at his arrows.

“Happy Birthday y/n.” Clint whispered in your ear.

“Happy Birthday Clint.” You whispered back.

So maybe sharing a birthday with Clint wasn’t so bad after all.

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I Woke Up Next To You Again (p.p.)

Author : @dej_okay

Word Count : 847

Warnings : College¡Peter (though its mentioned like once), Sadness, My Try At Fluff, Many One Night Stands

Author’s Note : I’m trying my hand at fluff because @rileywrites-parker convinced me not to leave you guys on the edge . Thank you to some of my biggest inspirations @hufflepuffholland @babyparker and @parkerroos

Tags : @tiny-friggin-human

She woke up next to him again.

It felt like the closest to unrequited love she’d ever get.

How long had this been going on? In what time between him only calling her on late nights, the stench of alcohol on his breath, and the days after she spent alone, did she forget to just leave it be?

Why hadn’t she stopped after the first time?

She still remembered that night.

The club on 32nd street, it was all too loud, too hot, too much. Bodies that danced together in crazed movements, sparkles os swear dripping down their ivory skin, young and full of life.

She didn’t know why she was there.

But she’s glad she was.

His hair, curls slicked back messily, shirt bottoned up to a certain point on his chest, which let the chain around his neck show, the jewelry glimmering in the colourful club lights in strobes.

Eyes a deep brown colour that seemed to be staring at her. And oh, he’s heading this way.

“I’m Peter.”

His voice brought shivers through her spine. Their conversation continued, lingering touches, gazes of lust, flirting the world away.

They both knew where it was heading.

They both knew it was a one time thing.


She liked to remember their bodies, intertwining, the sound of teeth gnashing, clashing, moans shared between two. His fingertips, trailing over her skin, digging into her hips, constant, always.

But he wouldn’t be there always.

The following day was as awkward as a one night stand should be. Shy, slow, embarrassed smiles, and “where were my pants again?”, and “oh, right here”.

“Let’s keep this a one time thing, yeah?”

Like it would ever be just a one time thing.


The fifth time she woke up next to him, head pounding a storm, punishing her, she realised she didn’t want it to stop.

She wished she could.

It was painful to wake up to something you couldn’t have. And she couldn’t have Peter. She wanted him, of course she did, how could one not fall in love with the source of their problem? But she couldn’t, nor would she ever.

Each time, she stood up as quickly and as quietly as she could, not wanting to wake him up, and face the never ending phrase.

“Let’s make this a…how many times has it been again?”

She didn’t want to wake up next to him feeling like a never ending one time thing.


The twelfth time she woke up next to him, she cried.

She didn’t let a sob loud enough to wake him escape her kissed lips, but she cried. Salty, fresh tears that felt cold sliding down her warm cheeks.

She was sad.

Why did she keep waking up next to him? When he came calling, in that voice she loved so much, why did she come running? Was she that smitten with him?

Come a few months later, it seemed as if the world wanted Peter Parker all to itself. She never saw him, if only thw brief moments she passed him on campus. He never made an effort to talk.

She hadn’t talked to him since twelfth time.

At least she didn’t go home in his arms, only to leave the next morning. Sure, she was alone, she knew that, but at least she wasn’t wishing to wake up next to him forever.

She was still hurting though.


He came back for a weekend.

He loved her for a weekend.

He left on Monday.

The confession, the reality that she was infatuated with him bared a weight on her shoulders she couldn’t take anymore. She needed to tell him. She needed to let him go.

If she told him, she would never see him again. He made her feel alive, made her feel worthwhile. No one had ever made her feel the way Peter Parker made her feel.


She was nervous that day.

When she told him.

Her hands were shaking, knees clanking together, palms sweating oceans. Would he turn her away? Or make a complete fool out of her? Would she cry again? She’d probably cry again.

He sat down, slow and steady, eyes wide. She was never the one to call him. He was always calling out to her. What was different this time?

Everything was different this time.

She wrung her hands, kept her gaze everywhere but on him. Avoiding those eyes, those eyes were how they’d ended up here.

“It’s very inconsiderate of you to make me fall in love with you”, she rushed out.

He was shocked. Of course he was shocked, he couldn’t wrap his head around her. She was perfect, in every sense of the word. And she loved him.

“Not what you planned on, hmm?”

“Not at all.”

“…Well I’m pleased to announce I’m not sorry.”

How was he so casual about this, she wondered. She was going insane, shaking visibly, heart meaning to leap out of her throat. Her mouth opened, betraying her body, betraying her mind.

Let him go, let him go, let him go. There was no use in hanging onto something that wasn’t yours.

“…neither am I.”

And she looked back, and she smiled. She smiled at him, the biggest, brightest smile she could muster feeling this anxious, this scared.

And as he smiled back, she knew.

She’d wake up next to him again.


toes (i swear this isn’t based around foot fetishes, no shade tho) ~ daniel seavey

a/n: major swearing like wow oh my goodness gracious please prepare yourself for the amount of swear words that are about to be typed into my keyboard i’m so sorry

“holy fuck shit dick! jesus christ! ow!” i screamed, holding my foot and jumping up and down, my voice echoing off of the walls of the why don’t we kitchen. 

“what happened?!” daniel asking, running into the room and sliding across the wood floor because of his socks. he tapped my shoulder once i didn’t look up at him from my fetal position ball on the kitchen floor.

“you good?” he repeated. 

“no,” i shook my head while continuing to hold my foot. 

“what the hell?” jonah asked, coming into the room while rubbing his eyes. he had undoubtedly just woken up, which is understandable since it was quite early. i pulled an all nighter last night so i have been up the whole time and i am realizing now that it was very inconsiderate of me to start screaming this early in the morning. to be honest, i didn’t surprise me that daniel was awake since he is an early bird, but jonah is the soundest sleeper of all time and the fact that i woke him up is saying something. 

“aw i’m so sorry, jonah!” i exclaimed as soon as i saw him in the doorway. “i didn’t mean to wake you up!”

“you’re chill, it’s gucci,” he grumbled, walking to the fridge and grabbing the carton of chocolate milk and drinking straight from it. “so what just happened?” he asked as soon as he put the cap back on the chocolate milk and returned it to the fridge. 

“that’s what i’m wondering,” daniel added, lifting himself up onto the counter and resting his head on his hands as he stared at me in anticipation for a response. 

“i stubbed my toe on the leg of the chair,” i mumbled while rising from the ground. 

“i’m sorry, love. can you repeat that?” jonah asked tauntingly. 

“I STUBBED MY TOE ON THE LEG OF THE CHAIR!” i repeated, half yelling, not really planning on waking up the rest of the boys. i’m not about to be held responsible for them all being in awful moods today. 

“alright, well. good luck with your toe. i’m going back to sleep,” jonah half smiled, walking back towards the stairs. 

“thanks. pray for my toe!” i called out as he left the room. 

“i will!” he replied. 

“okay babe seriously,” daniel smiled at me, climbing off of the counter top and walking towards me. he then backed me up against the nearest wall and put his hands on either side of my body. 

“i can distract you from the pain in your toe. ya know, if ya want,” he taunted, his face so close to mine that i swear i felt his lips brush against mine somewhere in the middle of his sentence. 

i was at a loss for words, my eyes not leaving his as i was taking in everything. my hot boyfriend had me pinned against the wall and my toe is in excruciating pain but the toe can wait, goddamnit. i smirked before pressing my lips to his soft ones in a passionate kiss. 

“oh good god!” jonah screeched from the doorway. “i just forgot my chocolate milk!” jonah groaned, grabbing the carton of chocolate milk and bringing it with him. “god, i leave these kids for a minute,” he mumbled to himself as he shook his head and walked out of the room yet again. 

“my toe hurts,” i whined to daniel. he rolled his eyes before tackling me to the couch and attacking me in tickles, completely distracting me from my toe. 

this boy. god, i love him. 

bigbangcreator999  asked:

I don't understand why people keep saying bojack is a bad person I mean it's not like he intentionally do the things he does

I understand and somewhat agree with you, but he can be very selfish and inconsiderate towards people’s feelings sometimes. He’s flawed, but also capable of great compassion and empathy - that’s what makes him a great character, in my opinion.