the seijo side story is about makki and mattsun being dickheads..! You can picture them like..: 

mattsun: would you still be into me if i was wearing that underwear with the flying dicks we bought iwaizumi? 

makki: my dear friend… i would be even MORE into you 

Iwa: the victim was hit by a lightning

makki: this case is electrifying.! 

Iwa: apparently it was a suicide. the victim buried himself under the concrete 

mattsun: i bet his wife turned to stone 


HQ!!AU┌  - Iwaizumi & Oikawa~

that’s right, friends.  I am creating a network. for loving and appreciating the girls of haikyuu!!  (because they deserve it.)

to enter:

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  • must have read this fic
  • must fill out this nifty little application
  • must have your askbox open, so that I can communicate with those accepted into the network
  • must be ready to shout very excitedly about hq!! ladies
benefits of joining the network:
  • new friends!
  • specifically, new friends who don’t get mad when you talk about hq!! for excessive amounts of time
  • collaboration on fics, art, headcanons, etc.

deadline for application is monday, august 31st!