i drew @baka2niisan‘s ethos!! he’s such a big teddy bear i love him so much omg!! anyways Juan writes a really good Godzilla/Dangan Ronpa crossover fic that you can find here! He works super hard on it and it’s just really good in general, pls go love and support him and the fic!!!

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Every time I watch Zootopia i think of Rush Reaction because of that song.😂

Oh, no! Cause I used Try Everything in the fiction…? Haha I’m SO sorry, anon. That could only either make the movie better or worse. I hope I didn’t ruin the movie for you!! ;) Thats an incredibly fun song though…

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Read Rush Reaction Here

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I've love to hear your take on the meaning of Ichigo and Rukia's "The Sun that Locks Heaven / The Moon that Eclipses the Night".

I’ve previously touched on Ichigo’s powers (and Rukia’s) and I think that, in addition to a lot of the other reasons that have been articulated, that holds some importance. The reference to them as celestial bodies fits in very well with the classical Japanese elements: “Void or Sky/Heaven represented things not of our everyday life.”

Their connection seemed to be important for reasons beyond what it meant just to them. I’d go so far as to call them unique and certainly “not of our everyday life.”

Since they stand out so much, and hold such a promise of change, I would hazard that the key to their epithets actually lies with Aizen:

Aizen never really clarified these remarks, but as far as he’s concerned, the heavens stand empty. The Soul King is, seemingly not a true ruler. I sort of went over this, but the real things to focus on are the remarks of Sajin’s grandfather. The Soul King, and the system under him, is apparently transient.

Okay, so what?

So if Ichigo is the one that locks heaven, it’s implied that he is the one to stand atop it, and to end the unbearable vacancy of its throne.

What do you call it when the sun is at the height of the heavens? The day. And before then must surely be what? The night.

Rukia is the one who has guided him every step of the way. She is the one who will eclipse the night, and usher in the day.

(And of course, the moon can just as easily be in the sky when the sun is up…)

The fact that they are identified by these kind of heavenly themes, whereas the regally themed Soul King is denied legitimacy, says a lot to me. (Of course, Ichigo and Rukia also get regal themes, but canonically that’s entirely Zangetsu’s conception of them.)

This once again reaffirms how little connection the ending of the series had to any of its content.

(Also, isn’t it great how the giant eyeball never had like, any payoff? There was a serious Cthulhu Mythos type vibe from that, and then nothing.)

(What are the gods he’s making reference to anyway? Are they like the Quincy gods? Why does Nanao have an anti-divine weapon? Etc.)

This one time

I had filled up a 5 gallon water bottle and put it in on the floor of the backseat of my car and it was an older bottle and the cap was cracked and didn’t fit on very well. I took a turn too quickly and heard a thud and then I heard a *glug glug glug* as half of the water (literally over 2 gallons of water) poured out all over the floor of the back seat of my car.


Commission for LayDeDeadpool.

This is her OC, Jehtt, in Team Instinct.
With so many expressions, it really have a lot of fun.xD

I designed the white suit with the image of Zapdos’s wings, and the black shirt with yellow lines also fit very well.:P


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There doesn’t need to be a second or third debate. This debate made it very clear who is fit to sit in that chair in the Oval Office.


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I love, love, love all the brand new tales from Peyroux. They are simply sublime! What a perfect way to start the season. I was wondering when you anticipate that those ghoulish T-shirts will be released. I'm more excited than a tot on Halloween to order one!

Ah shirts. We keep tackling the issue and it keeps falling apart.

I have very specific fit requirements, they have to come in a range of sizes, I want screen printed and not ink jet / dye… etc. – and honestly part of the reason is the size of our shipping office.

I’m eying something like Kickstarter or something, every handful of months. “Here is a design!” Rent out the conference room in the building our shipping office is in when they arrive, have a giant pack party, get them out the door, draw another shirt, repeat.

Working on it, promise, but keep scrambling on the ideas.

It’s comfy too!

Considering that everything in the dream wants to hurt him emotionally I think it’s very fitting that a warm blanket filled with love is the best defensive armor before the final boss.

To all my followers, if you don’t care about this game it’s best if you block the tag or unfollow me because I will probably only post stuff about it for a good while.

“Someday my pain will mark you. Harness your blame and walk through, with the wild wolves around you. In the morning, I’ll call you. Send it farther on.” — Wolves (Act I & III) by Bon Iver

solas graphite drawing i did because i needed to practice drawing trees for this art project and i figured that the scenery was very fitting for a post-trespasser thing?

(don’t remove my caption !!)

⇢ ravenclaw!namjoon

part of the BTS x Hogwarts series.
for the other members:
seokjin | yoongi | namjoon | hoseok | jimin | taehyung | jungkook | all

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As promised, I’m continuing my Hogwarts AU and so without further ado, we have Kim Daily next, our wonderful prince, too good for this world, dance king, cute as shit leader!
And I’m sorry if the tags are rushed and links are incorrect, episode 11 of Moon Lovers just came out and my Ass can’t wait to watch so that’s why I’m sorry

  • When 12 year old Namjoon had the hat on his head at the ceremony, he was hoping for Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, his parents houses, but instead he got Ravenclaw
  • He was kind of shocked but then again, this is his time to shine and to prove to his folks that despite being in Ravenclaw, he can still do good and continue the family name proudly
  • And he’s very fitting for Ravenclaw because they’re intelligent and witty, just like him
  • VISUALS as per usual
  • He’s got his natural black/brown hair to begin with and has it that way all the way up until fourth year, when a potion goes wrong and it turns his hair along with a few others in the class different colours
  • His then goes into a lighter colour and eventually fades to blonde, which he ends up liking a lot, until it becomes this silvery colour and he’s :O because he actually looks decent
  • He also has nice robes because his parents aren’t loaded but they wanted their son to have nice robes for school
  • His wand is also really good, it’s a 10¾, vine, dragon heartstring, identical to the wand that Hermione had in Harry Potter just because I think this headcanon fits
  • Anyway

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Emma. Right from the beginning, you captured Isaac’s complex tone; the palpable discomfort, the anxiety just beneath the surface, the short, tart replies. We love how deeply you dove into his troubled past, and how you didn’t shy away from exploring exactly how it’d shaped even the most mundane and unassuming parts of his life. It was so very in-character that you had us both sympathizing and rooting for him after that application alone. Your headcanons were creative, well thought-out and very fitting for who Isaac is in our story. We can tell that you researched our story’s setting beforehand, which was an added bonus that lent merit to your application. Overall, we cannot wait to have Isaac on the dash and to see how his story flourishes alongside the rest of our cast!

Emma, thank you very much for applying. As for Isaac…

         ⚜ ~ WELCOME TO VIEUX NOYÉS!!! ~ ⚜

Wondering what to do next? Click here and let the good times roll!

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The Star


Look, I made a tarot card for my Inquisitor! I tried to make my card fit in with the rest of the deck and, well… I tried.
I probably should mention that I got heavily inspired by Alphonse Mucha's Morningstar for this piece (: