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1. One of my uncles traced my family back to the 13th century and believed we may be related to King Harold Godwinson, he of the arrow in the eye at Hastings, 1066 and all that… I am less sure, but it’s a nice fantasy!

2. I have been to Lord’s cricket ground once in my life, and it was in the company of a fully-paid-up, card-carrying member of the Communist Party of Great Britain, a man who used to get his vodka supplied free by the Soviet Embassy. Such is the nature of British society…

3. I have a picture of myself holding the FA Cup. It dates back to 1978 when my home team, Ipswich Town beat Arsenal in the final, 1-0. I got very drunk the night of the game.

4. I cannot eat avocado (sorry, Thomas). My body just can’t digest it, and I get really unwell for a few hours if I have more than a tiny piece. Sam problem with bananas, unless they are cooked. It’s a real pain in the arse.

5. I was born by caesarian section, and I was very small at birth. My Mum wasn’t well during the pregnancy, and apparently, I was a reluctant feeder… I’ve made up for that since.

6. My first three serious BFs were all professional soccer players. Yes, I was a WAG (before the term was coined - we’re talking mid-1970s here, ladies)

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Oops - Lady Devonshire

 (( 19. Your character walking in on mine masturbating. I’m so sorry >.>  ))

Bralyna had gone to see The Lady Devonshire and see to the guns, just as the had agreed, she just didn’t realize how late she had gone until the night full of wine and whispers about men love and anything else they could think of hit her as she stood to go. The lady, still laughing elegantly if not down right hysterically still at the punch Bralyna had thrown the night before gasped as the very drunk Gunner tried her hand at leaving. “ Oh no, you are not going anywhere in this shape. you have a room and I insist you use it. “

The girl was to inebriated to fight and she nodded, giggling as she was lead to the room and shown all that was their for her to indulge in. Lotions and perfumes, robes of just about any color and fabric she wished, she even had her own bathroom attached. Sobering some at the sight of it all , she decided to fully indulge in a night back within noble walls. 

She undressed, a bit clumsily and managed to make her way to the bath room to draw the bath water and soak, for quite a long time in the heat of the water. Pink from soaking in the water far to long, her cheeks flushed and her tiny form properly warmed up she took to the room again after drying and just placing the shirt and Panties given her for a fresh set of clothes. She marveled at how the lady seemed to have know her size perfectly, but shook her head and moved to the bed slowly, still taking it all in.

Sitting on the bed with a leg tucked under her she grabbed a bottle of lotion, one that smelled of roses, and she began smoothing into her still damp skin. It had been ages since Bralyna pampered herself like this and for once she was feeling very much like a woman, Soft, sensual, and when her eyes closed it was almost instantly he came into her mind once again. She had just seen his likeness on the wall not long before, it was not a surprise really.

She leaned back, her hands traveling lazily along her form before dipping into the fresh silk resting between her legs. Her imagination going so heavily she did not even notice when Anatheliea walked in to make sure she was settled alright, before going to bed herself. Bralyna jumped, grabbing the blankets quickly to cover herself before turning a bright red face to the Lady and stammering lightly “I - -uhm- ..Fucking fel, ..”  She finally stammered as her face went into her hands, peeking through cracked fingers at her with a smirk and a light shrug. 


here is an account of me being drunk

gettign very dRunk and listening to taylor swift for about 5 hours

thats it

so we went to Grafton street tonight! it was a long day and sort of annoying and sort of terrifying at one point where a very drunk older man groped my ass when my roommates and i were walking to the store but we unpacked and settled in and some boys from our program invited us out for a drink at around 10 or something so we went out and drank and laughed and talked and sang along to pub songs (well… I sang along to pub songs) and we just got back a bit ago and like it was so fun i was feeling homesick and unsure a little while ago but like i feel like i can do this. it feels so great :~)

went to a christening today let me tell you about it

- i went to a church…already bad enough for me

- mum and i didn’t know what kind of church it was (anglican? catholic?) so i said something along the lines of “let’s see how fond of the child the vicar is” and caused about 5/6 people around to burst out laughing in the middle of the service

- got VERY drunk and mum and i discussed how we’re going to get loads of money out of dad

- came out to my brother who didn’t know about the homo thing and also i met his girlfriend and she’s very nice

- talked about hats for about 20 minutes with my mum

- i nearly proposed on the phone omg

after my next tattoo i will pierce the nips after a very drunk and convincing conversation with dinerstuck on new years eve

In a stunning turn of events, a very drunk housewife dropped an extra twenty bucks on a forty dollar tab. Definitely not complaining about that, maybe I should have slipped her an extra vodka shot in her Long Island Ice Tea.


The prequel to this post!

Freddy got mighty drunk at the Fazzbear Christmas/New Years party. (making it New Years too now since I was VERY LATE GETTING THIS FINISHED.) And Bonnie was taken out of his comfort zone.

Should I continue this? I’m a little tempted.