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Your eye twitched as a very drunk Sam did a very bad impersonation of you to the waiter that was getting you drinks.

You had really liked him. Had even given him your number after a quiet promise of seeing you later tonight. But Sam had otherplans.

He waved his hands dramatically over his hair, something you do when you try to add a little more bounce, but it was the way he did it that made your palm itch for a slap.

“She’s crazy,” you heard him say before you took a seat on the stool next to him. You opened your mouth to protest but stop midway when he looked at you with those glistening hazel eyes of his. “But I love her. Craziness and all.”

You ignored the waiter for the rest of the night as Sam tried (even in his drunken stupor) to impress you.

And he did. Even stole a few kisses here and there.

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Tony was drunk. Very.  He was barely walking straight. He stumbled  across across the quad and saw a figure walking towards him. “What-What do you want? Do me a favor buddy and fuck off. I’ve had a hell of a month. I’m sick,  and I don’t feel dealing with people. so shoo.” He finished his sentence by downing the rest bottle of gin.


I just found these really low quality pics of me from a few weeks ago and let me tell you I was very drunk and very high

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hey dad, so my mom is alcoholic and every night she gets drunk and very angry and i'm the only one living with her because i'm the younger sister so she always insults me, guilt trips me, accuses me of things i have not done at all and pesters me about it until she falls sleep, she threatens me to kick me out of the house, i remember when i was little she would hit me for not wanting to buy alcohol for her. Then tomorrow morning she will come crying +

with excuses to justificate what she has done, playing the victim about the situation and asking for forgiveness, just to do it all over again, I’m tired, honestly, would you say this is abusive? I mean, I am kind of used to it so I don’t really want to call my mom abusive, but sometimes i think about it

I would definitely say that’s abusive. The cycle of insults and guilt tripping followed by begging for forgiveness is a textbook example of emotional abuse and guilt-tripping, and she’s using her position of power over you to force you into doing things she wants you to do.

Also the fact that she used to hit you for refusing to feed her alcohol habit is a huge red flag. I’m sorry that you’ve had to become used to such a thing, and I know it’s hard to admit it, but what you’ve described here is abuse. Nobody really wants to believe that about one of their own family, but that doesn’t make it any less real.

Unless something is done, this cycle will continue. I would seek help.

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ohhh man sorry, I'm the "patater" anon (I just got so excited oopsie) so, AU: fake dating au

No worries! I’ve done that before lol.

1. They find out they’re both not particularly straight a few days before the NHL awards show. Kent recognizes Tater at his favorite gay bar on the strip.

2. Kent is VERY drunk, and jabbering away about how he wants to come out, but how he doesn’t want to be the first because of all the pressure and media frenzy that’s bound to happen. On the way back to his apartment Tater suggests they fake date at the awards show and Kent rolls with it.

3. The next morning Tater wakes Kent up with coffee and asks if the deal is still on. It is. They debut their “relationship” at the awards show and everyone goes crazy.

4. They hide out for a few weeks on a private island in the Bahamas where there’s no internet, no cell phone service, and plenty of other things to focus on.

5. Look, we all know where fake dating AUs end up. They arrive at the island as fake boyfriends and leave the island as real boyfriends. It’s great.

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Jeffmads for the ship thing?

proposes - Thomas
shops for groceries - they shop together and make bad food choices together
kills the spiders - Thomas after a bunch of drama
comes home drunk at 3am - surprisingly neither of them. James doesn’t stay out late and Thomas doesn’t get very drunk only tipsy
remembers to feed the fish - James he loves his fishy
initiates duets - Thomas
falls asleep first - James usually
plans spontaneous trips - Thomas always drags them off on instatrips that turn out amazing. James sleeping on the plane or in the car
wakes the other up at 3am demanding pancakes - both of them
sends the other unsolicited nudes - Usually James actually. He likes to send Thomas nudes while he’s working.
brags about knowing karate even though they never made it past yellow belt - Thomas Jefferson
comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops - Thomas. James likes savory treats more
blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit - Thomas drama Jefferson
killed the guy (also, which hid the body)-Thomas killed the guy James hid the body
wears the least clothing around the house - Thomas. James get cold easier and is usually wearing long pants and sleeves
has icky sentimental moments for no apparent reason - both of them. They stare at each other a lot. Very Rapunzle and Flynn