No! No!

Don’t read a completed, years-old slash fic, and say, you know what would make this story really great though, is if instead of being about this slash pairing, it was about this character and a female OC because there’s not enough “straight” fic from this fandom.

*sprays you with a water bottle*

Yes, authors love comments, but as a general rule we love comments on things that we *wrote*, which is kind of an important caveat. 

Yes, this just happened. Yes, it is 2016. No, I’m not making it up. 


Dear Sergs

“You are dying. Don’t panic. In this, we are equal. Regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, political linen, preference of music, or favorite shape of animal cracker. We are dying. Don’t panic, there is still time. You are only dying. You are not dead.”

keep looking forward

life can be a mess

but you can still achieve success

wait and you’ll eventually receive your reward

-Le me-


Hi Jajaa! You are very afraid of failing other people’s expectations but your life shouldn’t be revolved by that. You are so smart, friendly and helpful, continue to help others when they are in need & thank you for being one of that few people that encouraged me to keep on doing the things I love the most.

 Your pal,


Jaja! Kol. Hehe stay positive and hardworking! You are a nice friend.. Keep facing life with a smile! Wish you all the best mah nigga 



Sergs, thank you for everything from grade 7 until now! Stay the same!



Be proton and enjoy life to the fullest! Take care and God bless



Hello you clingy potato!!! Thanks for always being there whenever i have rants and all hahaha! Remember that I am game to listen to your “realizations”, no matter how sentimental they may be. Stay madasigon and be positive sergs! Godbless



Hi sergs!
Always be helpful to others and be a good guy. Use your talents well and aim high.


im applying to college and my parents will kick my ass if i don’t apply As A Girl so lol jokes on them i will hopefully be 8 months on t by the time i enter college and ill be walking into the girls dorm floor like “HEy *voice crack* WHATS UP *SCRATCHES MY PATCHY NECKBEARD*”

actually its not funny im very afraid and im seriously considering just going back to pretending to be a girl