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The most striking part of this is not Dean’s fury or cold bloodedness or over kill. No, the most telling bit of this scene is Sam- his face, his actions. As his brother slowly loses some vestige of his human control, Sam sits cowering in a corner, sweating, shaking, and flinching at Dean’s every shot. Sam- who through great personal injury, saved his brother and brought him back to humanity, now watches in utter terror as his brother reverts to a kind of “Mark of Cain attitude”. It obviously makes sense that Dean’s actions would scare Sam, but the extent of his fear! He tremors, he sweats- he looks at his brother as if he is a stranger. And that has to be the worst part of it all, as doubt is implanted in his mind and he wonders if what he brought back is 100% pure Dean.


get to know me meme: [1/5] villains » Lucius Abraxas Malfoy, Harry Potter, portrayed by Jason Isaacs

"Malfoy’s been giving generously to all sorts of things for years …. Gets him in with the right people … then he can ask favors … delay laws he doesn’t want passed … Oh, he’s very well connected, Lucius Malfoy…."