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Start Again

Pairing: E2 Harrison Wells x Reader

Word Count: 4,184 (I’M SO SORRY!)

Anonymous: Any chance for an E2 Harrison Wells X Reader where he confesses his love but knows that it’d be complicated? (Can the reader also have fallen for him too?) I love your work!

A/N: YES THERE IS A CHANCE! I technically don’t take “one-shot requests” but I REALLY wanted to do this one. The way that E2-Harry is; I wanted to really play up all those little moments in between that would make your relationship. This was one of those requests that was SO simple and easy but SO complicated and heavy all at once and there was no way I could justify cramming into an imagine. This one struck me and it deserved expansion. It STILL isn’t even close to where I want it but it was getting so long… (Thank you for the compliment btw!) Enjoy and thank you for giving me the chance to bring your imagine to life! It was so much fun to write!

Warnings/Tags: Harrison is in a Dark Place, Some Language, Long Fiction and I’m SO Sorry, Grammatical Errors, Possible Age Gap (Depending on YOUR age,) You Help Harrison Open Up, Harrison is a Prickly Pear, Junk Food, Stick Figures, Harrison is Painfully Awkward with You… Until He’s Not, Harrison is Also Stupid-Cute, Angst, Heavy Make-Out Session.

Song Rec(s): Eyes Shut by Years & Years

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He wasn’t sure what is was like to be picture perfect but he knew he didn’t fit the description…

He supposed he used to know, back when he chased pretty girls and picket fences - wanted an ideal family - the kind that put the Cleavers to shame but that was before… Before all of this - before everything - before the lab, meta-humans, and Jesse. He’d long since forgotten what picture perfect looked like but he caught a glimpse - just a taste - the day you walked into the lab.

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Merch anon uses ‘Proxy Pro’. It’s super effective!

(For those interested, the sites listed here are FromJapan, TreasureJapan, Rakuten, Animate, AmiAmi, HobbySearch and HobbyLinkJapan ^__^)

So my mom and I are watching a movie and I started getting distracted by tumblr, so my mom yells “Look it’s TAYLOR SWIFT.”

We both know very well that my eyes shot up to that tv screen faster than taylor shuts down the media (which is pretty fast btw)

It’s Better in Enochian

by pumpkinpeasy

Cas yelling in Enochian when he f*cks Dean. Sam tuning it out because he doesn’t understand it anyway, Kevin losing his goddamn mind because he understands every word Cas is saying and holy fuck are those two dirty in bed.

I’ll come right out and say this is a very well-done porny one shot.  I enjoyed it throughly.  Dirty, sure, but also hilarious.  And it is really cool that you can hover over the enochian for the english translation.

Another close-ups and details for your enjoyment here. I always have rich textures in my originals, but they don’t display very well with conventional shots. These close-ups and details are a way to see some of it, but they are still best seen in person. If you are in the Bay Area, be sure to visit my solo exhibition at 30 Alta Road, Stanford. You may see most of my work from 2014-2015 at the show.

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Trying to watch Star Wars with my roommates is difficult. Especially during emotionally saturated scenes. Especially during emotionally saturated scenes that have to do with Luke. 

The cinematographers did not do a very good job of lighting his face for most of his scenes. And watching Mark Hamill play out scenes that I have begun to remember makes me very uncomfortable. 

When my father killed the Emperor, everyone in the room laughed - I get it, the scene isn’t shot very well, his scream is unrealistic, etc. It is kind of funny.

But the feelings that the scene inspire in me are too weird to just laugh along with my friends. I felt like my heart was breaking in half. I felt like I could have reached out and saved Anakin from having to kill the Emperor by himself. I feel guilty for not being able to do that. And this is all towards a scene where Luke is pitifully wailing on the ground after being shocked by tickle-me-elmo lightning blasts. 

I laugh along with my friends, because I don’t want to ruin their fun, and I don’t want them to think any less of me for having these feelings and memories. I’ve already had discussions with them on fictionkin and their responses were understandable, yet disappointing. 

I don’t really feel the need to explain it to them, though. They don’t need to be concerned with my spiritual beliefs, especially since mine sounds weird as all hell. 

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Well, Minhyuk thinks it's a him. All of the murders have been of models, makeup artists, and photographers. Most people think Glamour Shot (damn media outlets giving killers ridiculous names) was female. Minhyuk's gut tells him they're wrong.

but wouldn’t minhyuk make a great police officer though? I feel like he’d do it very well! (also; glamour shot 😂)

Birdman or (the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014)

Birdman was the best picture winner in 2015, and even though I firmly believe that Whiplash was a better movie and deserved to win a heck of a lot more, it doesn’t change the fact that Birdman is amazing. Birdman and the Revenant are two very intense, very well shot, emotionally engaging movies. Birdman is very intense in a very different way than the Revenant; it’s more about existential crises than getting mauled by a bear. On the whole, I think I like Birdman better. It’s smarter, it’s funnier, and it’s more relevant. The script is impeccable. A little too perfect, even, but this works to its advantage. Birdman is not trying to feel like real life, or even like a movie. It’s closer to a play, but it’s closer still to nothing that has ever been done before. Birdman’s unrealistically perfect and tight script means that Birdman plays out more as a collection of ideas represented visually than it does as a story being told through film. If you haven’t seen it, I would check it out for its camerawork alone. If you haven’t seen it in a while, I would give it another shot; this movie has a lot to say.

Pher’s Score: 8.1


In 28 Weeks Later, Alice uses a Leatherman Wave.

Given that she takes it from her husband’s belt and considering what happens shortly after this scene, you might expect the tool to make a poignant return later in the movie; sadly, its appearance is limited to this brief cameo. You don’t even get to see the Wave itself very well; notice the clear shot of the traditional leather pouch, though, which helped in identifying it.

Alice uses the can opener to open a can of tomatoes, even though it had a pull ring.

Inner Carriage - Shoot #2

Final day of filming! (30/1/16)
This shoot was very contrasting to the previous day, we were shooting outside and also filming using a horse and carriage, which DK Carriages provided. Light proved a difficult aspect as we had to manage natural light and electrical light. However, we decided to use reflectors especially when shooting the close-up shots they worked very well!

This shot sums up the shoot, it was rough terrain, but provided a fitting backdrop. Working with animals is all about time management as they are not very patient, so it was my job to ensure we got the shots we needed in the time provided.

After here, we did the final shots on a long stretch of country road. The scene involved the actors to run one by one down the road towards and away from the camera, which we placed on the road. These shots had to be done quick as even though it was a quiet road, the odd car still approached. One of us stood either side to flag down the car if it was mid shot. This was a very quick last shoot, but it looks very effective.

Left - Robin Trinity (Assistant Director) Middle - Me (Producer) Right - James George Oshoba (Director and D.O.P)

L x

High Key and Low Key

Here we have two stills taken from two very famous films. The first is from Gone With The Wind, and the second is from Schindler’s List. Both are very powerful, very strong, well composed shots with a lot of narrative in them - but they have a very distinct difference as well - what values they possess. The image from Gone With The Wind is a high key image because the values in the shot (save for Scarlet’s distinctive black hair) come mainly from the higher, or more white end of a value scale. On the other hand, the image from Schindler’s Lis (Save, again, for the lamp) contains values primarily from the lower, or more black end of the value scale. 

Very belated update | Shots Fired

Lost my long time job at Disney, leaving me with the little hours being offered by Dripp until our shop opens, so I guess coffee is just that much more important to me now. It’s all I’ve got.

If that alone didn’t add enough stress, they threw me into the Chino Hills shop two mornings in a row, these would be my first days in an actual fully operating shop. And ya know, it wasn’t so bad once I got comfortable. Of course I didn’t work bar at all, I don’t blame them, who would put the new guy in training behind bar his first day. But I did do a hell of a lot of pour overs, I actually loved it, I can practically do a quality pour over with my eyes closed now!

Day 2 was a bit more stressful, super busy all morning, even a line out the door at one point. And for most of it they had be in back doing grunt work, again o don’t blame them, that’s practically what I’m there for.

Anyhoo, that was my brief update.
Hopefully we get out shop opened up soon!