very very winter y

of witches, wardrobes and wallowing: a tfc fic

title: never half-hearted, always hesitant
pairing: andreil
word count:  12068

In which Neil strikes a deal with a witch: complete obscurity in his past, present and future, for the small price of his soulmate.

Now if only he could find his soulmate.

dedicated to @wonwuo for the @aftgexchange! the prompt got a bit out of hand (it was really fun, I can’t be blamed), and it’s not very winter-y, but I hope you enjoy!

00 : 00 : 00 : 00 [Part 1]

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: I believe there is cussing but I can’t remember haha. Also angst, later on though.
A/N: This is from wattpad and it’s going to be a four or five part series. It’s also an AU, you’ll figure it out as it goes on :) Also, there is stuff regarding Civil War, but it’s solely based on the trailers so not really spoilers.


Bucky hated the clock.

He remembered wondering why it never started counting when he was younger, and his mother would say it was because his soulmate wasn’t born yet. As soon as they were born, it would begin counting. So he waited.

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