very very rough sketch


Let’s ignore the fact I didn’t know how to end it and just threw in my Avatar reacting the way I did when I read up on my husband’s full backstory Q-Q 

But ye, very <i>very</i> rough sketch comic of the backstory to Henry from Fire Emblem Awakening! Henry is my absolute favourite from how complex a character he can be, and learning his full story and seeing him develop in the dlc only made that more true ;u;b

anonymous asked:

i was wondering how you do your works?? like what stages you go through to get the finished product?? thank you!!

It’s really really simple tbh! 

1. I start with a very very rough sketch. My sketchs are always very messy but that’s how I like to work! (tbh this one is not the messier) 

2. Then it’s a more detailed sketch, and it’s actually my fav part in the drawing process! I just love to sketch eheh

3. Then it’s the inking/lineart wtv. I really hate this part but ugggh it has to be done right?

4. And finally I color it and I add the text :^DDD

Annnnd voilaaaaa it’s done!! ;^DDD


This might help someone? If it does then I guess that’s good!

My rough sketching procedure: 

- Super rough almost stick-figure pose, where I mark out the head, hips, and chest, as well as where the limbs will be. Very rough, very simple.

- I do a second sketch over the top, blocking in the limbs, and adding details, and completely ruining the pose in the first step.

The final image is how I break down each part of the body in my head as I’m drawing. Everything is a pretty simple shape and not exactly 100% anatomically accurate.

”We’ve been making shades of purple out of red and blue.”

for him. was a very personal song (to the point it almost didn’t make it in the album) and only Troye knows who that song is for, so I’ll keep the guy nameless.

Any and all similarities to real people this red haired mystery man has are purely coincidental -cough-