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I still have a lot of Anders feels. He’s probably the character I relate to the most in so many ways, and I know the kind of courage it takes to stand up to people who have all the power over you… but man I am still pissed at him. And my empathy for Anders is boundless. He’s probably the most complex character (which is saying a lot, cuz dude… Solas) in the DA universe. 

And that little breathy sound he makes when he kisses you? Dayyymmn.

For @emperorirene and @rhizunis, who is feeling sicky and obvs needed the spirit healer to the rescue.


I hear about you guys all the time and I see your cute OC’s on sei’s dash constantly so I figured I’d draw them for you! @itsnabii and @junkiedoodledandy I’m not as into don’t starve as sei is but I’m really glad he found good friends in the fandom!

Ps. You guys are hella rad artists
Pps. How the heckie do you draw buff guys?

General Imperial Topaz

Height: 9’

Gender: Agendered

Pronouns: She/her

Personality: Bold, valiant, and humanitarian in nature, Topaz is one big softie, even if she seems intimidating at nine feet tall. Imperial Topaz is always there to lend a hand, but certainly isn’t afraid to jump into action at the drop of a hat. She’s tough and able, but balanced as a leader should be.

Backstory: Trained in Yellow Diamond’s Quartz army since emerging, Topaz has done a great deal of work for organizing and helping to train fellow Quartz’s. Topaz now works with other ranked officials in Yellow Diamond’s army to plan strategies for colonies and new recruits.


AghFHGH 😍🌸

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Adoption!verse future fic and Bae's "Real Mom"

Tri-sarah-top-saurus said: Teenage Bae has to tell his parents that he got Emma pregnant? Belle is distraught that she has failed as a mother and doesn’t react very well? Obviously everyone is very emotional and Bae lashes out…???

This is part one of probably 3 on this particular installment, because no way I was going to be able to addresss ALL of the issues here in one little fic.  So keep your eyes peeled!

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