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Reblogging this gem because it’s one of my favourite Seb pics and I replaced the original pic with a slightly bigger/better version. Here’s the other pic, because you want them both, trust me.

Searingly Sweet (Marichat/Adrienette)

What do you do when one of paris’ most superlatively handsome heros comes knocking on your balcony door? You would panic first, right? Like, what does he want; why is he here; should I prepare something? Any and all those thoughts might run through your head I’m guessing. But what does Marinette Dupain-Cheng do when a certain leather-clad feline comes a knocking?

She gets pissed…cause duh, right?

And it wasn’t even like she was pissed at him exactly. It was more just that he happened to appear at the apex of her shitty day. Every single client the 23 year old had that afternoon was completely and utterly shitty human beings. And she gets it, a lot of schools in the area were picking up the american custom of having end of the year dances, for socializing and shit. But if she had to hear another shitty 17 year old complain about how the applique on her dress doesn’t absolutely “shimmer” in the moonlight and how the dress doesn’t make her ASS look like that american rapper Nicki Minaj’s (Which by the way if you’re gonna use french in your stage name PICK A REAL FRENCH WORD). She was ACTUALLY going to cut someone.

So it wasn’t his fault that he happened to knock on the balcony door to her apartment. Also wasn’t his fault that she happened to be in the middle of her 3rd alteration of the SAME dress at the time. But that didn’t stop her from viciously slamming open her door, rage blazing in her eyes.

“WHAT?” She roared

Her attitude instantly vanished, however, as Chat Noir collapsed into her arms. She grabbed onto his waist to keep him upright but his harsh hiss kept her hands at bay. She felt a wetness on her hand, it wasn’t raining out so it couldn’t be good. She looked down and sure enough Chat had contracted a sizeable cut above his hip and in different places along his torso.

“Holy shit!” was all she could really comment “Adrien, what happened!?”

They had long since found out each other’s identity. 21st birthdays mixed with intimate truth or dare and too many margaritas will do that kind of thing to you. But the lucky part was that nothing ever really changed for them. If anything, it made their civilian lives that much easier. Now, if anything went wrong they knew exactly where to go for safety.

Guess this was one of those times huh?

“Mari” Chat groaned out pitifully, body slumped over her petite frame

She didn’t allow him to say anything else as she carefully helped him onto the couch. She laid him down gently and rushed to get a bowl and some cool water. Returning back he didn’t look too good, hair matted from sweat and eyes squeezed shut in pain. She gingerly picked up his head and laid it in her lap. She pressed the wet cloth to his biggest cut and pressed down, shushing him softly to soothe his pain.

She looked into his eyes for an explanation “What happened? Was it a really bad akuma?”. Her heart only sank as he remained silent.

“Oh god it was, wasn’t it? Fuck, if I wasn’t so swamped with work I could’ve been there for you. You wouldn’t be like this. Adrien I’m so sorry” He lifted his hand and gently stroked her cheek. A gentle smile graced his features and she felt like bursting into tears that very moment.

“Please don’t cry, Mari” He said, his voice warmer than a summer’s breeze “I didn’t lose to an akuma. Just to a very old cat and a very sturdy tree.”

At first it didn’t click, she was far too wrapped up in her guilt ridden emotions. But then, ever so slowly, the words sunk in further and further

“Could you say that again for me please?” She said a little too sweetly “I just want to make sure I heard you correctly”

“Oh! I just said that these cuts are from me saving a pretty old cat from a tree” He scratched his head bashfully “old beast was not too appreciative and scratched me up pretty good and the tree kinda finished the job”

She stood up abruptly, knocking chat off the couch and onto the floor.

“Noooo” Chat whined as she stormed off “Don’t leave me here to perish in the cold!”

A blanket, quite unceremoniously, pelted him in the face “BUNDLE UP BITCH”

“Someone’s got their chiffon in a knot” He pouted “what? You missed your monthly ‘designer’s digest’ issue?”

Marinette sat back on the couch wordlessly, only speaking to ask him to drop his transformation so she could patch him up. Her speech was so…professional that he dropped it immediately, worried that he might’ve pushed her buttons a little too hard.

“Hey Mari, you know I was only kidding right?” this silent treatment was a bit of a first for him, he hadn’t meant to offend her, only poke at her a little “I didn’t mean all that stuff I said. I really am sorry”

He tried putting on his best sad face, nudging his head into her in the hopes that it’d melt her heart enough to forgive him. She sighed and put his head back into her lap.

“I’m not mad chat.” She said, preparing a disinfectant cloth “there’d be no point in that”

He breathed a sigh of relief, he wasn’t totally convinced but at least she wasn’t gonna kick him out of the house

“That being said, you tear up the shirt I made you. Sooooo, you deserve this entirely”

Adrien’s eyes shot open wide as a stinging, searing pain shot through his whole side. He moved to shoot up in his seat but, surprisingly, Marinette was pretty strong and held him down, giggling the entire time. A disinfectant cloth slapped to the cut would teach him a lesson or two


“I know right? You must be so sorry for playing with my emotions and tearing up that shirt aren’t you?”


“That’s interesting cause, see, that doesn’t sound like an ‘I’m sorry’ to me”


“And you’re still screaming. I do have neighbors you know”

Adrien gritted his teeth as he tried to bear the burning sensation traveling all through his body “I’m sorry for tearing up the shirt and playing with your emotions even though I did nothing of the sort

She pressed down on the cut harder


She took pity on his poor soul and finally released him. He rolled back onto the floor and scattered away behind her curtains


Marinette was hardly perturbed “1.) I checked the bottle before-hand it was gonna sting regardless of what I did and 2.) you still have like 8 more lives, you’re fine”

Adrien was now in full pout mode “I’m not an actual cat you know. The american phrase ‘YOLO’ does actually apply to me”

“You’re so dramatic” she laughed. Scooting over on the furthest side of the couch, she stretched out her arms to lure him back to the sofa. He turned from her, refusing to even acknowledge her offer.

“Oh come on, kitty. I still have to wrap up your other cuts before they get infected”

He wrapped the curtains further up on his body “Better than dying from the shock of the pain!”

She rolled her eyes “I promise I’ll be gentler this time. And, I’ll make sure to tell you when the sting is coming”

He eyed her cautiously, coming out from behind the curtains and inching closer “I want free cuddles the rest of the night”

She sighed “fine, whatever you want”. It was like telling him he’d won the lotto, his perfect white teeth gleaming in a cheshire like grin. Adrien tossed himself on the couch, instantly slipping up her body and snuggling closely to her chest.

“You are so unbelievably spoiled you know”

“You know I think I can still feel the pain of the disinfectant. I wonder why?”

She laughed warmly and let him stay there for a while.

There was no way to really describe the relationship they had. On the one hand they were definitely friends; they had the occasional coffee meet-up with Alya and Nino, popped in on one another if they had a bad day and, duh, saved one another from certain death every now and again. They could go out and see other people, sure, but then they did things like this. Cuddle times where they just stayed silent and share body heat, sleeping in the same bed because one couldn’t be bothered to stay up enough to make the trek home, and even spending whole weekends just vegging out at home watching Totally Spies reruns on TV. It was a weird set up but if you asked Marinette if she would change anything, not a single second would be unmissed.

“Ok mon minou, let’s get you patched up before I have to clean your blood off my couch…again”

He begrudgingly agreed and left her warm hold, sitting with legs crossed and patiently awaited her medical care. She returned back with her famous “Chat almost died today” first aid kit and something thin and white sticking out from between her lips. It caught the blonde’s attention and his feline instincts began to flare up again. Nevertheless, he sat still,only moving to remove his shirt and give her space to wrap his body in bandages.

“There, all done” She said, ever so slightly proud of her work “You were a very good patient this time around kitty. Usually you’re so squirmish”

Even as she scritched his favorite spot behind his ear adrien still couldn’t get his mind off of whatever was occupying his lady’s mouth

“Uh Adrien? You ok?” She said waving a hand in front of his eyes. He blinked back to reality and smiled apologetically

“Sorry Mari guess I’m a little distracted” He laughed nervously. She shrugged it off as no big deal and left to warm up some leftovers for him.

Adrien watched her with childlike curiosity, he didn’t wanna be a real bother to her but it killed him not knowing what it was that was in her mouth. Even still, he hesitated on bringing it up, choosing instead to stuff his face with honey mustard glazed chicken and pasta.

It was maybe 20 minutes into their third episode when Adrien just stretched himself out flat onto her lap. She remarked on his keen ability to make “make himself at home” but it only went in one ear and out another as he watched her cheek poke out with the offending object.

He poked it

She switched it to the other side

He poked it again

She sat it in the middle while looking at him with a strange look on her face

He didn’t even notice as his long fingers kept poking around her face, expecting to flush it out from behind her lips

“Adrien!” She commanded, swatting his hands away “Will you please stop tha-”

“My lady, what is in your mouth?”

The question came out so abruptly that it caught her completely by surprise. She blinked confusedly at him. There was not a hint of joking attitude in his eyes so she took it out.

“It’s just a lollipop. See?” she placed it back over her tongue, sucking on it hard “Nothing special. Cherry flavor I think”

Adrien didn’t exactly know what to feel. Yes, he got the answer he’d been looking for but, at the same time, a cherry lollipop? Really?

“Why didn’t you say you got one?” He fussed

“Why do you care? Kitty, it’s just candy”

He didn’t really have a witty retort to that so he kept silent, rolling over in her lap and facing the TV. Marinette assumed he’d finally gave up so she settled back in her seat.

“I want one”

She groaned, rubbing her temples soothingly

“No, Kitty you may not have one”

Adrien poked out his bottom lip “Why not, you have one”

“Ok, And?”

“Where do you keep them?”

“If I told you that it wouldn’t be a secret stash would it?”

He almost took offense to that “Why would you keep it a secret from me? Do you not trust me?”

“To not eat all my candy without me knowing? No”

“I’d replace it”

“Adrien the last time you ‘replaced’ my candy stash it ended up being more expensive than my rent”

He pulled her into a face squishing hug “Maaari let me have one”

She struggled to push away him away, he was stupidly strong when he wants something “No dammit let me go!”

Adrien finally released her and suddenly stood up. If she didn’t know any better she would’ve assumed that she got the hint. But, sadly, she did and, without remorse, glared him down.

“Chaton, don’t you fucking dare”

He shot out of the living room and into the bedroom down the hall. She chased after him, knowing exactly where he was going and for what. Just as she suspected, Adrien was making quick work of her room, sifting between the sheets and crawling beneath the bed.

“Quit it you fucking sugar addict!”

“Let me have my fix and I will!”


“Then the hunt continues!”

Her room was becoming an utter mess. Clothes were being tossed everywhere, it was like a horror movie. She forced him into a corner to maybe try and talk things out somewhat civilly but the blonde bastard just carefully scooped her up and tossed her onto the bed, breaking out from the corner to just fuck up her room even more.

They were on the floor now, huffing and wheezing as they tried to catch their breath. Adrien looked everywhere, the sheets, under the bed, in the closet. He even took the ultimate risk and went through her drawers (The kick to his gut proved that that wasn’t too good of an idea). But still no sweets for a little blonde boy named Adrien

“Please tell me you quit” She huffed out

“It’s not fair” he whined “all I wanted was something sweet”

“I just fed you”

“Dessert is an important part of every meal”

He clambered up onto his feet and stumbled back, knocking into the wall behind him. There was a clamor from the top of Marinette’s closet. She prayed that he didn’t hear it….it was a stupid prayer let’s be real here.

“Hey Marinette”

“Yes Adrien”

“What’s in your closet”

“You looked in there yourself…nothing”

She didn’t dare move from the floor as he stared her down

“If I go over there right this very second, you’re not gonna move”

“I see no reason to do so”

The millisecond he moved toward that closet door she raced in between him and the doorway. A dark smile stretched across his lips. He moved in close and she could hear his heartbeat in her ears. He leaned down, his breath tickling her ears.

His voice made her knees weak “It’s in there, isn’t it my lady”

She sucked on her cherry blowpop harder and harder as she shook her head vigorously

“Then what did I hear in the closet. If it’s not what I’m looking for then what’s there to worry about?”

Her eyes looked everywhere but his own vibrant green ones. He knew what that tone of voice did to her and did it anyway.

Adrien snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her away from the door. His stares were so paralyzing she couldn’t say that she even noticed. They walked over to the bed and gently pushed her onto its soft sheets. He climbed atop of her, smoothing his hands across her skin

“Be a good girl and stay here, ok?”

This man could’ve told her to commit murder and all she’d need was a spoon and a name

He moved back over to the closet and rooted around its dark shelves. Eventually he noticed that the side wall was uneven. Sure enough, when he pressed down on it the panel fell away to a secret hole in the wall, complete with its own neatly painted shoe box.

“Hello my sweet”

He was a kitten on christmas coming out from that closet. Pressed close to his chest the box clearly said ‘Keep out, especially you kitty!” but he couldn’t care less, soon he would indulge himself in a sugar sweet paradise.


Or at least he would if she didn’t break out of her lust induced trance

He bolted out of the room, eyes darting left and right for any kind of hiding space. Alas, it was no use. Marinette had him stuck in the kitchen corner with nowhere left to run. She took a cautious step toward him and he grabbed the first thing he could, a deluxe chocolate bar that she’d been saving for a super shitty day

Much like this one actually

“S-stop! Kitty, just leave the box on the counter”

“Fine! I’ll just take the chocolate bar then”


He tore off the label, never once taking his eyes off hers

“Put it. Down”

A corner of the aluminum wrapping hit the floor and her mind went into a blind panic. He was really gonna eat it if she didn’t come up with something!

He opened his mouth comically wide and brought it to his teeth


And as he brought his teeth closer together for bite she decided that she had no choice

Marinette ripped the candy from her mouth and pressed her body roughly against his, grabbing a fistful of his hair and bringing their lips together.

That alone would be seared into his subconscious for the rest of his life but what followed would follow him for as long as time stood.

Cherries, the syrupy sweet taste of artificial cherries flooded his tastebuds as her tongue slipped between his lips and into every corner of his mouth. His mind couldn’t take it to the point where he just dropped the box in his hands altogether, grabbing tightly onto her hips and savoring the flavor as much as he could.

But as soon as it started, it ended. She backed away from him, face redder than the candy in her hand.

“Never touch my stash again”

He tried to speak but she shoved the red sucker into his cheeks

“And I’m sure you’ve probably earned that”

She gathered up her box and walked out the kitchen, grumbling something about ‘Stupid cats’ and ‘putting it in a safe next time’

Adrien’s favorite flavor used to be chocolate

He was fairly certain that’s not the case anymore.

I wanted to paint Jerry’s tree from Jordan’s old survival series for nostalgia’s sake and I’m pretty satisfied with the results

Also the reason why this is blob shaped is because I literally just coloured in a blob at the corner of my canvas (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Take You Down

This fic exists purely because @evil–isnt–born is a wonderful friend, writer, and birthday (almost) twin. I’m so glad she enjoyed it because her writing and friendship are so much more beautiful than any alternate universe I could dream up. Happy Birthmas Round Two!

Rated: K+/Light T
Word Count: 14.4k
(Read this fic on AO3)

Emma slides into the room, listening to the silence ripple through the hallways she’s just cleared. The muted click of her shoes on the floor beneath her feet is noticeable, but she doesn’t have to worry about being loud right now.

She needs to be quick.

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your-trash-lord-and-savior  asked:

Can I request a scenario where you and jb or namjoon go out to look at the stars while driving and he pulls over and you and him have a really heart to heart moment but soon gets heated with a 5'6 girl with big curly hair!? 💖💖 btw I love your work!

You just had to make me pick didn’t you? We are not friends right now lol Also! Thank you for the love!

“Or you could just tell me where we are going cause I mean, I hate surprises.” At 5′6″ She hated when he used his height against her, and currently he was doing just that.

Arm stretched high, JB held high phone with a map pulled up away from his girlfriend, smiling down at her. 

“You never let me surprise you, stop being a brat.” He grabbed her outstretched arm, and swept her body into his nuzzling his nose into her hair. 

The curls brushed gently over his face, and she bucked against him still protesting. “Im Jaebum, I am not joking.” 

“Neither am I!” He pushed her away gently, smacking her butt as he did so. 

Pouting, she crossed her arms over her chest, and glared at him. Apparently, she forgot who was the king of staring people down, and he watched her passively until she crumbled. Stamping a foot, she acquiesced to the situation and followed him to the car. 

“I pick the music then.” Buckling up in the passenger seat, she turned on Bounce which JB promptly turned off and shot her ‘the look.’ “What?” She asked grinning. 

“Play something else.” Was all he said, as he looked down at his phone before pulling off from their shared apartment. 

Looking at her phone, she turned the stereo back up and started to play some Alicia Keys. JB was a quiet driver, he sang along to music and paid attention to the road. That was it. On the other hand, she sang, played games, ate snacks and complained about being cramped in the seat for so long. After an hour she had enough. 

“Jaebum! Come on!!! Is it a resort? A cabin? What!?” He ignored her, and continued to sing along with Musiq Soulchild.

Reaching over she poked his cheek, and waited for a reaction. Then again, and when he didn’t move on the third time she slid a hand across his lap and into his crotch. 

“I can’t concentrate on driving when you do that.” His deep voice finally answering her. 

Raising an eyebrow, at him she scoffed. “I thought you were sleep driving for a second.” 

JB glanced over at her, sighing. Without a word he pulled over on an exit and along a gravel road. Getting out of the car, he opened the trunk and grabbed a large basket and a backpack. 

Stretching, she looked back at him. “And you cam prepared. So, I’m assuming we walk now?” 

“You would be correct.” JB grabbed her hand, lacing her fingers in between his as he started out. 

He knew where they were going, watching her face as she lit up at butterflies and colored flowers. Cooing as she saw rabbits in the distance. They had been together almost a year, and he had never felt this way before. His heart never felt this light. They fought, that was normal but they also solved it quickly and got over it. She never held a grudge, and didn’t blame him. She never blamed herself either. She was understanding of his time, and didn’t complain when he had practice. When they were together, it was something else. She was his world, and he was hers. They started a climb up a hill when JB opened his mouth to speak. 

“I brought you here to be alone. I wanted to tell you something. I wanted to talk. I know a lot of the time I never say how I really feel. I know you wonder, but you don’t say it.” He pulled her hand closer so she was under him. He stopped under the shade of a very large, very old oak tree. 

“When everything else hurts I turn to you.” He let the backpack slid off his shoulders as he looked at her. 

“JB..” He stopped her, placing a finger on his lips. 

He needed to say this, he needed her to know. “I don’t usually express my feelings very well, something Jinyoung and I share. I’m lax too, I don’t like feeling open and exposed. I don’t want to be hurt.” 

Shit, why was this getting hard? The way she was looking at him, the way her eyes seemed soft and doe-like. He couldn’t stop now, he just got started. 

“In my head, I was right where I needed to be, unaware of my surroundings. Then I met you, and my heart started beating so fast it took my concentration. It brought me back and then I started thinking why have I never felt like that? How have I missed something like this? All I know is this moment with you, is everything I ever wanted. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but if you stay with me-I don’t really care.” He had his hands clasped the whole time, he was fidgeting with his fingers and his shoes and now that he was finished he looked up at her watery eyes and trembling lip. 

Had he said the wrong things? Had he done something he wasn’t supposed to? Then she threw herself at him, his breath leaving his lunge from the impact. Her arms around his neck, she sniffled leaving a trail of kisses up his jaw. Sinking to his knees he kissed her. Holding her face in his hands, his mouth on hers seeking entrance to her mouth. She gave it willingly, letting her tongue touch his, wrap around his, as her hands itched for him to take off his shirt. She wanted to feel his touch, to feel his fingers on her skin, in her hair, she had to have it. 

JB kissed her lips one more time before leaning away. “Wait, the ground is too soft.” 

Quickly turning around he grabbed a thick blanket and laid it down on the ground. When he turned back to her, she was already on it, pulling her shirt over her head. 

“Jagi.” He said, his voice catching in his throat, if she didn’t stop, he wouldn’t be able to either. 

Snapping her head up, she looked at him with lusty, narrowed eyes. “You can’t tell me all that, and not have me ask you to take me.” 

Jaebum nearly swallowed his tongue, her slim waist coming into view he fell onto her, while her fingers worked at his shirt. The sun was setting, but it was still very warm, no one would be up here, so he let go. Watching as she wiggled out of her jeans, he nestled himself between her legs as his hand found her breast. 

Kneading the lump of flesh he, kissed a trail down her throat as she moaned, moving her hips into his and the hardened length in his boxers. “Jaebum, please.” 

He shivered, hooking a finger in her panties pulling them away. Her wetness against his fingers, he dry humped her letting his length slide against her. 

“Don’t tease.” Her fingers in his hair she pulled his head back, legs wrapping around his waist.

The hair pulling was enough for him, and as he danced on the edge of pain from it, he slipped inside her, and listened to her growl his name. She ran smooth legs against his sides, lifting her ass to get closer to him. JB moved his mouth to her breast, licking his tongue across a pebbled nipple as he snapped his pelvis into hers. She was tight, and his need could not be controlled. God she was so wet, he thought he might slip out as fast as he moved. As her channel engulfed his shaft, as she begged for more her lips against his chin. As he buried his face in her neck, and took a handful of her hair breathing his dedication and love. This was it, his body on that slow climb, hers dancing on the knife edge that lead to orgasm. He opened his eyes, leaning his body up as he pushed in and out of her. 

Hands on his chest, she lifted her eyes long enough to meet his, and then that was it. Ecstasy overload. 

Clothed once more, a mosquito net hanging from the tree and over the blanket, JB fed her a chip as they watched the Perseids meteor shower. 

“Have you made a wish yet?” He asked, watching her lick her lips free of BBQ. 

She laid her head on his shoulder, pointing out another meteor. “It already came true.”

“What?” He smiled, an inkling of what she was going to say. 

“I have you. “ 


What the Signs Feel Like

Aries: Aries feels like hot rocks that have been sitting in the sun for far too long. Not burning hot, but a very soothing warmth.

Taurus: Taurus feels like freshly cut grass and dew in the morning.

Gemini: Gemini is like climbing a tall tree and a slight breeze. 

Cancer: Cancer feels like wispy baby hair and light fog on a cool fall morning.

Leo: Leo is the heat of the sun on a hot summer day.

Virgo: Virgo feels like freshly stirred dirt, very rich and full of life.

Libra: Feels like a sun shower and nostalgia.

Scorpio: Scorpio feels like the coolness of a summer night next to a crackling fire.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius feels like the wonder of a child and the heat of holding hands with your best friends or someone you love.

Capricorn: Capricorn feels like the bark of a very old tree, they are very wise and have stories to tell.

Aquarius: Aquarius feels like the wind on the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean.

Pisces: Pisces feels like stepping into a lake full of fresh water after sitting in the sun.

Closed • what once was •youwerealwaysmyking-Dwalin


Hunting had become part of his life now. But not hunting in the traditional sense. No his quarry wasn’t pheasants or deer. They were demons and witches. All things that the darkness had left behind when it had been destroyed. Remnants of a life long past. He had decided to join his partner Dwalin along his quest with finding how to break the curse he was under. And how to help others with their own demons along the way.

He wore a mix of these modern clothes with his old ones. Hair still loose and free flowing as he raced around this new forest. Full with life and energy. The trees were speaking all around him. Whispering of an elf, some very very old trees remembered his kind but most had only heard of stories. So they were all in awe of him. He was happy to speak with them. Complimenting their strong trunks and healthy leaves.

The birds and creatures of the woods followed him. Especially the deer. They did not fear him though their kind had not seen elves in thousands of years. It was instinct in graved in them from their ancestors. That his kind did not harm them. After a while of trailing this way and that he made it back to Dwalin. Throwing himself into his arms. Laughing and smiling, “isn’t this forest wonderful. I wish you could hear the trees talk. They’re shocked you haven’t begun chopping them down.”

Write a story including a set of three things

1) Music, friends, an unexpected death

2) The sun, running away, a teddy bear

3) A mug of hot chocolate, a wish to die, a mantra

4) A very old book, a tree, a flute

5) Magic, a very talkative dragon, a book of fairy tales

6) Whispers, paint, anger

7) A fear of falling, the quiet, a long day

8) Nighttime, a long talk, ice cream

9) A particularly shiny rock, the ocean, a bird

10) A bedtime story, a fallen hero, the underdog