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I'm the anon who asked about Bryan's interpretation, and i want to thank you for your very honest answer. It wasn't the one i was expecting but you made a very good point. However I agree and disagree with you: what you said about being in touch with my feelings and no needing validations is what i do naturally when i read a book, i rarely research the author's interviews because it's a medium made to left questions unanswered, to excite your imagination and leave you fill the void.1/2

The way TV works, it’s made to answer questions and give a feeling of certainty and security about the story. It doesn’t make a good viewing at all when you get out of a show or a film with the feeling it was an experimentation which happens in your presence but treats you as if you aren’t there, that’s why i need the showrunner’s vision. If he confused or sends mixed messages i feel lost. Also Bryan said that the show is his fanfiction, so shouldn’t his visions be the most important?2/2

This is veering into very subjective territory. I don’t want to tell you how to consume and appreciate your art, because hey, you do you. But personally I don’t see the need to differentiate between literature and painting and music and film and TV and comics. They should all stand on their own as works of art which convey their own meanings and emotional impact. I don’t need an author to stand up and tell me how to interpret any of those media. Sure, hearing an author speak may deepen my understanding of why I love something, and teach me something about why it’s so successful at doing what it does. But to answer essential questions like whether or not the characters really love each other? I don’t need someone else to provide those answers for me. They are there in the work for me to find. And I love finding them.

There is some amazing novelistic television out there, television that asks the big questions about life and death, truth and lies, good and evil. Television awash in thorny ambiguities, television that – on a weekly basis – throws everything you think you understand about it into total chaos. Television that takes amazing risks with the format. I don’t watch television for certainty and security. If that’s really what you’re looking for, then watching Hannibal must be a very tough experience for you!

I don’t feel the show treats me like I’m not there. The show, in being so open to interpretation, reaches out to me and pulls me into its world. When Bryan Fuller calls his work fanfiction, he is emphasizing its democratic, participatory nature. He is inviting us to glean whatever meaning we want from it, for us to take it and make it our own, just as he has made Thomas Harris his own. That’s not him privileging his interpretation over ours. That’s him inviting us to contribute.

cute weather/seasonal AUs for your OTP

when it rains 

  • who wears the designer raincoat/umbrella set and who is wearing oversized polkadot rainboots and a huge yellow duck raincoat 
  • going for a walk in the rain and splashing in puddles 
  • making a “SPLASH US!!” sign and standing on the side of the road waiting for cars to drive by 
  • person A is Very Enthusiastic about thunderstorms and person B is Very Afraid so A makes up elaborate fake explanations abt where the thunder comes from to make B laugh and forget they were scared 
  • We Were Going To Go On A Picnic But It Rained So We’re Picknicking Inside Anyway 
  • which one seduces the other into standing under a tree before shaking the branch and soaking them 
  • gOING SWIMMING IN THE RAIN and making out maybe 


  • which one gets Super Excited for fall and gets pumpkin everything while the other one shakes their head and can’t wait until mint everything 
  • who rakes the leaves; who jumps into the pile 
  • one carves the pumpkin, the other one stares horrified and whispers, ‘YOU DIDN’T TELL ME YOU WERE GONNA KILL IT’
  • which one buys ugly baggy sweaters and which one actually wears them 
  • one person wears fingerless gloves the other wears fluffy mittens 
  • who buys mulled cider, who buys hard cider 
  • who wears the really intense halloween costume, who wears a sheet with holes in it 
  • which person asks to do a seance in the graveyard halloween night, which one slaps them and says ‘have you ever SEEN a horror movie??”


  • BUILDING SNOWFAMILIES including their pets, house, dog, car,,,, 
  • Who builds the snowman, who eats the carrot nose bc they weren’t paying attention (”OH THATS what the carrot was for, my bad”) 
  • “Maybe Jack Frost isn’t nipping at your nose, but I can do that instead ;)” “Oh my god shut up”
  • who-can-find-the-tackiest-decorations contest that gets super intense and oh god did we really need a second tree and the plastic santa and the rainbow menorah and all of these garlands jesus christ 
  • who makes hot chocolate from scratch, who mixes it with a candy cane and calls it a day 
  • watching cartoon holiday movies together in a blanket cocoon and singing along to the songs bc lets be real everyone does it
  • snowball fights that end up forming barricades complete with les mis references and backup snowballs until person A is covered in snow and person B has to dig them out 
  • oh no we stayed out too long and need to warm up better share the shower/hot chocolate to conserve resources 
  • Who dumps snow down their partner’s neck and runs away laughing 
  • person A burying person B in snow and then kissing their forehead and walking away (”YOU MOTHERFUCKER YOU CANT LEAVE ME HERE” “I love you too I’ll be back!” “EXCUSE ME”) 
  • who wears the oversized scarf and hat, who wears a t shirt and skinny jeans no matter how cold it is (”DUDE ITS FUCKING -15″ “that’s WARM where I come from”) 

6 days post op • Key Hole • Dr. Ereso

The bruising has gone down more than the swelling so far. Some sensation is coming back on the top of my chest, around my areola and nipples I can’t feel anything. The pain has calmed down a lot, day 3-4 were the worst so far. Don’t really remember going into surgery or the first 1-2 days after surgery. I’m not on pain meds, only muscle relaxers once a day. Lost about 10+ pounds since surgery, my body didn’t take the surgery or drugs very easily, feeling very low energy but getting stronger and trying to gain some weight back.
Got up to meditate this morning, really been missing my practices.
But overall Im feeling so much excitement and joy right now, I can’t stop looking or touching my chest. I keep receiving amazing messages from you guys and it honestly warms my heart reading each one, you’re all so amazing thank you.
Caden 💙👍✌️🙏


It’s noranb-artstuffs birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SWEET CINNAMON ROLL /)v(\

I drew her kagehina and iwaoi lovechildren! (no because i ship them very hard, no, never, NOPE). She drew this and here i got very excited about how ‘i hope hiro says the same when they’re playing at the nationals THAT ONE IS GOING TO BE THE MATCH OF THEIR LIVES’ and here we are one week later.  

I am so excited to share my very first ever patreon postcard :’3

September’s was inspired by fall and football <3 

Super stoked to send these out.  

Interview with a Canadian high school amateur wrestler

I started this blog and fan page to see if I can find other female Muslims who are taking part in sports that are atypical. This has allowed me connect with so many boxers, kickboxers, martial arts practitioners and Muay Thai fighters. It’s fairly common to find Muslim females participating in those sports, even those who wear hijab.

The one sport that I hardly found Muslim females participating was amateur wrestling. So you can imagine my excitement when I was able to connect with Rabab Al-Masoodi from Canada, who not only wrestles for her high school’s team but wears hijab while doing it!

Her words were incredibly inspiring and at just 15 years old, she’s going to go places… definitely someone to keep your eye on!

Tell us a little about yourself?
My parents were born in Iraq. They grew up with very specific beliefs and lived a very specific life. For personal reasons they decided to move to Canada, a country filled with numerous amounts of different beliefs. There were and are so many options of what you can be; many which weren’t accepted or understood in the Middle Eastern culture. 

I always felt extra weight put on my back because I was a Muslim hijabi that lives in Canada. I’m fifteen and I’m going to grade 10 this year (2015) and joining wrestling was probably the best and only decision that I made myself. My goals in life is just do what makes me happy, even if I’m not the best at what I do, I’m working hard to get better.

How did you discover your love for amateur wrestling? 
It was my first year in high school and everyone I knew kept telling me to get involved with school teams because it looks good for your college application. That wasn’t good news for me. Why? Because I could barely run a lap without suffocating! I was out of shape, lazy and a food lover my whole life. 

My friend came up to me during our lunch time period and told me to come with her too sign up for wrestling. The idea of me being a part of a wrestling team would never have even crossed my mind when I was a kid; I didn’t even know what wrestling was until my friend told me. 

The happiness and excitement I felt was so beyond what I expected. I never thought that I would fall in love, especially not with wrestling. The moment I stepped on the mat, I knew that this isn’t just going to be a temporary thing, I wanted to wrestle for the lifetime that I will spend on this earth; I was so willing to put everything I have into this sport.

How did your teammates/ friends react when you told them you were part of your schools wrestling team? 
When people heard that I was on the wrestling team most of them just seemed surprised, and my friends and family laughed in my face. It was something unusual to see, so I didn’t take it too heart. Also I wouldn’t blame them… throughout my whole life all I did was eat, sleep, repeat, and wrestling required strength, flexibility and a healthy fit body to begin with and I had none of those.

What sort of challenges or reservations did you face when starting wrestling? 
I think it was tougher for me than it was for anybody else on the wrestling team. Everybody was already fit from a previous or current sport they were on, so I had to put in the extra effort and hard work; It’s hard to transition from lazy to wrestler. Of course, I don’t blame my parents for not allowing me to be a part of a sports because to them it was considered “for boys” and “not lady-like”. My parents mindsets were very closed minded, and it took a while for them to understand that its different here in Canada, It did bring a negative effect to my life and my choices but I wouldn’t be where I am today if it were to happen any different.

Did you ever face any resistance from the school team in regards to your hijab? How do you feel wrestling with the hijab on?
I was quite surprised that I didn’t face any resistance from the school in regards to the hijab since it was a Catholic school. There could have been a possibility it could have happened but it didn’t. On the other hand, I feel like I did face some resistance when wrestling with the hijab on. 

It didn’t feel comfortable, I stood out more and I was so self conscious about it; it led me to skipping practices for months and weeks, and not being able to wrestle my best because I was afraid my hijab will fall off. I had the worst anxiety especially in tournaments, I wasn’t just worried about how well I will wrestle like everyone else, I also had the extra pressure of worrying about what others will think of me wrestling with long sleeves, tights and a ninja hijab on. 

Some people told me it looked really weird but as everything progressed I began to not give a crap about what anyone thought. I’m proud to say that I did wrestle very well in the last tournament because I wrestled with confidence. Although I came third and I was one place away from going to OFSAA (Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations), I’m still happy that I was confident while wrestling and hopefully this year I will wrestle even better.

What sort of training do you need to be a great wrestler?
Everyday practice on the mat, and off the mat you would need to do weight lifting, cardio and healthy eating. You have to be in the best shape you can be and you need the moves and techniques memorized. You need confidence, sportsmanship and the desire and hunger to win.

Was there ever a challenging opponent / moment that you learned from?

The matches that I got pinned in the first few seconds were definitely matches that told me that I needed to work harder. I’m not ashamed of admitting that I’m not the best wrestler. That’s the first step in becoming a good wrestler… knowing your strengths and weaknesses. I’m okay with that because I know myself and I know what I need to work on.

It was my first year ever being a part of something sports-like. I could run many laps without stopping when before I could barely run one. I can carry heavy weights when before I didn’t even know what weight lifting was. I learned confidence and technique… I learned a lot. The person I was in 2013 is so completely different from the person I am now. That’s what I’m proud of, and I’m proud of myself. Wrestling changed my life… emotionally and physically.

Where do you hope to take your aspirations with wrestling?
I just want to take it to college wrestling because after college I want to have a good job and family. I know I will in the college wrestling program (insha’Allah), it’s the law of attraction. If you want something so bad you are willing to put in the work, you WILL get it.

Do you have any inspiring words you wish to share to other Muslim females who are thinking of taking part in wrestling?
If you want to join, join! Don’t let anything hold you back. I know there’s not many hijabi wrestlers, but the reason for that is we let our hijab hold us back. But there are ways to run, wrestle, shoot some hoops, kick a soccer ball, and swim while wearing a hijab. It might be a little more challenging but that’s what makes you unique and what makes you stand out. Let’s make it more comfortable for our future generation of kids to be more confident and comfortable with doing sports-like things with the hijab on and that starts with you.

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Something I really want/need to happen in the season 4 premiere of Arrow: when Oliver decieds to step out into the night as the Green Arrow for the first time, I want Felicity to be the one who puts on his mask and pull up his hood and then they share a sweet little casual kiss (just like the one on your sidebar) and after they pull apart she softly puts a hand on his cheek and whispers "come back home to me in one piece, okay?" and he whispers to her "always" before kissing her again.

ok but I would also like to be alive for the s4 premier and you are making it very hard /:

This is all I want anon. At this point they will have been an established couple for about 4 months. I am so excited to see their little interactions and nuances as a couple in the context of Team Arrow. We know from s3 Felicity that she is actually a very affectionate person when she is in a relationship. Even in public she likes those small touches and little moments. I cannot wait to see them have that because they had it when THEY WEREN’T supposed to have it. I mean these two haven’t had a clue about personal space since s1. Can you imagine what they will be like now that there is no boundaries? They can touch each other, they can hold each other, they can kiss each other, and they can just be everything they have been but haven’t for the last 3 seasons.

That moment you described would be perfect! It would be a call back to the moment she first put his masked on and all the times she has asked him to come back. I hope we get something that meaningful. I think they deserve it. After all, they are a team. At the core of the Green Arrow is a deep love for his family, friends, and Felicity Smoak. 

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the whole time he would be looking at her like this.

Thinking about this girl I sorta loved once. It’s hard to say I really loved her. We never had sex. We never dated. We never even kissed. I tried to kiss her once and she turned away. But she didn’t make me feel bad about it. I think she just told me I had to try harder than that. I just loved her though. I’d get excited when she texted me. I always wanted to talk to her. I felt like we were constantly opening each other’s eyes to things we hadn’t thought about before. We talked a lot. But we didn’t see each other very often. But she still felt like one of my best friends. And I think she felt that way about me as well. Anyway, she ended up sorta kicking me out of her life. I never really understood why. She gave me some reasons, but they felt made up. We’re very different people. Kinda like one of those “from the other side of the tracks” kinda relationships. I think I was a little bit too much of a scared white boy for her. It’s too bad. I really do think that I loved her. Anyway, I’m just rambling. I should be sleeping, but this fucking construction crew is jackhammering outside my apartment at 3am.

Via the Instagram, follow it for more:

The Bizarro cover is one of my favorite pieces by Clowes and so it’s very exciting to see this rough here. The original finished art you can find full-page in The Art of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist. It’s also in Taschen’s 75 Years of DC Comics but printed very small. And I hear it’s in Chip Kidd: Book One too but I’ve never seen that. I believe the original art is owned by Chip Kidd today.

And for a little extra information: I might be completely misremembering and wrong, but I recall at some point stumbling across a LiveJournal post (one many years old, which I can’t find now) talking about a colored Bizarro rough, perhaps what we’re seeing here, being sold at a comic convention to someone on staff at The Simpsons.


Super happy phone call!

They had just had a fire drill, which for some reason made her realize she needs new indoor shoes.

Food has been good…lots of garlic bread.

They have already used up all of their sugar cubes at the evening tea time.

She is VERY excited (and a little nervous) about advanced Spanish.

She thinks all the 9th graders look the same as they did last year as 8th graders.

She wants to see how long she can go without watching tv. But she’s not giving it up. “It’s like trying to go vegetarian. I’m just trying it out.”

There is a new boarder from Germany who was very shy, but now she and her squad have declared her a bestie.

She had to get off the phone to go play cards with one of her roommates.

I’ve got to admit I’ve never been good at introductions. The worst part of any first day anywhere to me has always been the ‘say your name and one interesting fact about you’ portion. Still, this is the polite thing to do so here’s hoping this goes over somewhat well.

I’m Aiden July, have been living in New York for a while again now and am very excited to see NYCDS reopened. I’ve heard quite a bit about the establishment it’s been before and am very curious to see where it goes these days. I’ll also be working as a counselor at the center three days a week – office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday although appointments outside of those times can always be discussed. It’s very nice to meet you all.

Crybaby  (Tony Stark x reader)

Request:  Could you do one where the reader is getting married to Steve and Tony is her dad and Tony gets really emotional the whole time and especially when he has to give her away? Your blog is really great, btw, helps me when I’m feeling down all the time.

Thank you, sweetie!   I hope you like it!   Love to you! 

You were never nervous meeting your dad before, but now that you were meeting to discuss the final details of your wedding, you couldn’t stop from shaking.  Tony had been a bit of an emotional wreck lately, and it was only getting worse as the day came closer.  Now that it was only one week until the day you married Steve, you knew that your dad would be more than you cared to deal with on top of all the things you had yet to do.

“Good evening, Miss.  It’s very nice to see you again.  I trust that you must be very excited about the festivities next week?”

“Hey, JARVIS.  Yeah, excited and nervous.  How’s dad been holding up?”

“Why don’t you just ask dad?” Tony laughed as he pulled you in for a hug.  “Not worried about me, are you?”

“No, not worried. Just wondering how you’re doing with all of this.  You seem to be a little…emotional lately.”  

He pulled back from the hug with a look of surprise on his face.  “Emotional?  Me? I’m sorry, you must be thinking of that softie you’re about to marry.  That guy is nothing but hearts and flowers and happy tears anymore.”

“Nice, dad.  You need to ease up on your future son-in-law.” You looked up to see Tony’s eyes turning red and the familiar rim of tears lining his eyelids.  “Dad.  Seriously you need to get this under control.  I didn’t even say anything!”  

“I just can’t believe my little girl is giving me a 95-year-old son-in-law, okay?”  


“So, your dad tried to sit me down for a talk today.”

“Oh, god.  What happened?”  Your father was the master of putting his foot in his mouth, saying things that are definitely better left unsaid.  In his current state of emotions, he could have said or done just about anything.  

“He cried.  A lot.  And then he hugged me.”

You wished that you could see Steve’s expression as he said that, but being the night before the wedding you had decided not to see each other at all.  “I’m sorry, babe.  He’s not really himself right now.”  There was a long pause before he spoke again, and you wondered if he had fallen asleep. “Babe?”  

“I miss you.”

“Steve, it’s been three hours.”  A loud sigh and a low groan came thru the phone as you reminded him.  “By the time tomorrow’s over, you’ll be totally sick of seeing me.”

“You’re joking right?”

“Go to sleep, and before you know it, I’ll be walking towards you, dragging my sobbing father along with me.”

He chuckled quietly, imagining what that might look like.  “Can’t wait.  I love you, (Y/N).”

“Love you too, Steve.”


It was time to go.  It was time for you to meet Steve at the end of the aisle, and to commit your futures to each other.  All you had to do was get your father to hold it together for a bit longer.

“You really couldn’t be more beautiful, (Y/N).  I’m just so proud of you.”  Tony wiped tears from his eyes as he spoke, trying to hide it from you.  He didn’t want to be so emotional; it really wasn’t like him at all, but he couldn’t help it.  You were his only child, and you were about to take another step further away from him.

“Thanks, dad.  You did good, you know?”

“What do you mean?”

Tears began to fill your eyes now too as you looked at him, finally understanding why he was having such a hard time keeping it together.  “I know it was hard for you, not being able to raise me with mom, not having time together as much as you wanted.”  You grabbed a tissue from him and carefully wiped your eyes dry as to not mess your makeup.  “And we both know I was a terrible teenager, so I just want to say how sorry I am for that.”

“Yeah, you got that from me.”

“But now…now things are good, aren’t they?  I’m so fortunate to have you in my life, dad.  I can’t imagine it without you, and I love you so much.”

Tony took a deep breath, pulling you to him for a final hug before he walked you towards Steve.  He kissed your forehead and put your arm in his. “I love you too, sweetheart.”

As the processional music began, he started to move you forward.  His eyes were still wet with tears, as were yours.  The plan you had to keep your father together had failed and he took you down with him.  But really, it didn’t matter anymore.  You were just happy that this moment was here and you were sharing it with him.  As you looked down the aisle, you saw Bucky hand Steve a cloth to wipe his eyes dry as well.

Tony’s hand squeezed yours gently as he saw Steve and whispered, “Wow, what a crybaby, huh?”

Laura as a Narrator

“Sorry for getting all ‘cliff-hangery’; sometimes a girl’s gotta manufacture her own excitement, you know?”

Laura is very much an illusion of honesty.  Pretty early on in Season 1, she lets us that she’s just about the most unreliable narrator there is.   She has a very clear objective with the narrative she wants to tell.  And, in the vein of telling a story (because we all know how much Laura loves stories), she’s going to tell an exciting one.

And, to her, that story at the end of the day, has nothing to do with Laura herself.  Through her investigation, she is actively trying to tell someone else’s story.  Why are the girl’s going missing?  What does Carmilla have to do with it?  Who killed the newspaper kids?  What is happening to SilasU?  

It makes sense, then, that we don’t actually know much about Laura or who she was before coming to Silas.  Because to her, the story isn’t about her.  It’s about everything else around her.  She is, in every sense of the word, a woman of the people.

Though, I think it’s safe to say, she definitely doesn’t view herself as the hero of the story.

Carmilla is interesting because we have two different stories at play.  The story as Laura is telling it and the story that Jordan and Ellen are actually telling.  It would be messy, poor writing for Laura to suddenly turn to the camera and ramble off information about herself and who she is just for the sake of giving us that information.  Because this isn’t about her.  It’s about Carmilla.  It’s about Mattie.  It’s about Vordenberg.  It’s about Silas.

Not her, though, definitely not her.  So she, as our narrator, isn’t going to give us the information.  Because, really, why should, or would, she?

But even if we know more about other character’s backgrounds and who they are.  We know more about Laura as a character/person than most other characters on the show.  Because we spend so much time with her.  This is her story.  She is front and center.  Her actions and behavior give us a clear sense of who she is as a character.

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How would hakone + makishima + midousuji celebrate their s/os birthday?

To anyone who has their birthday this month, happy birthday~

Arakita: Arakita would spoil his partner shamelessly on their birthday, in any way they wanted. His gift was something practical, something they could use just about every day. Arakita would stay up so he could call them exactly on midnight, just so he could be the one to say “happy birthday” to them first.

Fukutomi: He would be the type to buy his partner something very extravagant–not because it was pricey, but because he thought they would really like it or really need it. But he would also bring out all the cheesy decorations (including party hats that they had to wear). He took singing “happy birthday” very seriously.

Izumida: Izumida would be super excited to celebrate his partner’s birthday with them. He planned out a nice day trip with some of their friends along; birthdays were always better with more company. He would wait until they were alone to give his gift though, too shy to do so in front of anyone else. 

Manami: He ended up getting them a couple different small gifts, because he kept seeing things and thinking of them. Manami actually spent a lot of time planning to do something for their birthday–he showed up at midnight at their house to give them their congratulatory kiss on making it another year, and as good luck for the years to come.

Shinkai: Shinkai left the day totally up to them. Whatever they wanted to do, he would do.Wherever they wanted to go was fine by him too; he’d prefer to spend the day just the two of them, but if they wanted a get-together with friends, that was great. He just wanted the day to be a happy one for them, no matter what.

Toudou: Toudou would want to have a two-part birthday celebration–the first part would be having a nice party with all of their good friends, and the second would be a more private celebration. He just wanted time to spoil them all on his own! He made their favorite dessert on his own and presented it to them with great ceremony, insisting on singing “happy birthday” to them again.

Makishima: He was oddly nervous about celebrating their birthday with them. What if they didn’t like his gift? He enlisted Tadokoro’s help in making a cake for them, because he thought homemade was always a nice touch. Makishima planned out a party with their close friends, even offering up his house as sacrifice for the get-together location.

Midousuji: He wanted their birthday to be a good day for them. Birthdays were supposed to be good days. Midousuji thought for a long time about what to get them and ended up getting something small but thoughtful. Midousuji took them out to breakfast, and let them dictate the rest of the day, content to do whatever would make them happiest.

Upcoming Jared Padalecki Series

Hi everyone! So, as I won’t be able to post a one shot tonight I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek of my upcoming Jared Padalecki series that I am very very excited about! Tell me if you like the whole idea and if you want me to add something special to it!


The story basically takes place at the start of the series, like in 2006, so everyone is a lot younger and such. Now, the reader is Jensen Ackles’ younger sister and obviously Jared Padalecki’s love interest. Due to her courses from University being transferred to Canada, she moves in with her big brother. The story is a love story, but also a story about coping with mental illnesses when no one is ready to talk about it. The reader finds her own ways of coping with her illness and finds a shoulder to lean on from Jared. Her problems will not be the main topic in this story, but it will be something that’ll be mentioned every now and then as it is obviously a big part of her life.
Now, the fact that the reader is Jensen’s sister doesn’t make the whole thing easier, especially as he doesn’t agree with their relationship after he finds them hungover in the readers bed. 

In this story I do in no way romanticize mental illness! I got this idea because I, too, suffer from depression, OCD and panic attacks, and I felt like a Jared series would be a good way to talk about it. I will not go into to much detail, as this is not the place for it, but with the #alwayskeepfighting campaign (which means very much to me), I felt like it would work pretty well. The story is obviously mainly going to revolve around the reader and Jared, so if you are scared that the story is going to trigger you, don’t worry. If there is ever going to be a chapter where I feel like it could be triggering, I will put everything in the warnings so that you could skip it. 

I hope this little “sneak peek” made you curious enough to start reading the series when I’ll post it. I will probably be able to post the first chapter next weekend. 

Part of Your World

Fic Request: a stydia little mermaid? where ariel is lydia and stiles eric, etc etc

Rating: K

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Author: prettylittleliarbunnies

Authors Note: I only wrote the beginning of the story because I like leaving room for imagination and besides, we all know that story. But if you want me to write other chapters, send me an ask on my blog.

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petition for ishida to draw hidekane bromance

reblogs are signatures


ummm can a tumblr famous person reblog this cause like no one’s gonna see it from just me (i have like 5 followers and I still have ZERO idea how tumblr works)

Alsoooo if somebody knows how to translate this into Japanese please do so! I’ve heard Ishida-sensei isn’t fluent in English so if he ever is able to see this I’d want it to be easier for him to read! :D (this is meant to be considerate, not offensive, please don’t scold me)

long story short: if ishida drew hide and kaneki together (EVEN IF ITS NOT LIKE YAOI TOGETHER) even just fooling around or playing video games or chilling and reading or even watching a movie I think I would be the happiest person on earth and people that reblog this are agreeing c:


It’s a selfie I don’t remember taking from Saturday, and one I do remember taking post body combat this morning 👊🏻

Some things
• Worked all bastard weekend. None of it was bastardly.

• Today I had my annual review and the feedback was excellent! I also got to spend some 1:1 time with my manager to talk about how things are playing out, my concerns and hopes. She was very, very positive about it all, she said she was proud of me and excited for me and my future, the things I was talking about as wider issues in the service were things she had identified and was glad I was on the same page. So that was a lovely moment of unity.

• THEN she asked me about my 5 year plan. I said I felt like I was building a solid foundation and had no intention of leaving imminently but that I’d consider London, Australia etc? London for the lifestyle, Oz because they pay nurses good there and I know somebody who did it who could hook me up. She was like ‘DO IT!’ And told me stories about how she was a young mum but feels there’s a lot of being young that she didn’t get or will have to do late in life now. I felt very inspired and #YOLO. Probably not til next winter, but watch this space I guess?

• Weighed myself this morn and was surprised to find myself 6lbs down! Three weeks of nailing the gym and being more mindful of food - for mood rather than body. For mood its worked effectively but old habits die hard and I was curious! Then weighed myself again at gym and I was 6lbs heavier. Unsure if my first reading was wrong, my scales are 6lbs out, or the breakfast was heavy. Sort of trying not to care, but somewhere in my mind I want to know what it all means. It hasn’t made me sad though cos I feel pretty bangin right now and that’s all that matters 💁🏻

• Two days off from tomorrow, working weekend, then four days off in which I will see my mam, go to London and see the tumblr babes, and also see one of my old school friends. There’s a lot to look forward to and a lot to be happy about so ☀️ very zen, many happy.

Very wet, very famished and very excited about this situation! @haleiwabowls do the world a favor and open one of your little joints with your gorgeous smiling smoothie girls and jaw dropping smoothie bowls in every town across the globe!? ☺️! 🌴✌🏼️🌴🙌🏽💦 thanks @fijisurfco for one last hoorah! Safe travels !! ✈️🌴 have a beautiful day ! 😉💦💦 (recipe for acai bowls on website🌴) (at Hale'iwa, North Shore Hawai'i)