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“my happiest memory is you… because it’s not just a memory, it’s the present”

//slams hands on desk// when I thought I was finally over this yoi hp au, my friend gave me ANOTHER prompt and it just flew from there;;;;

more hp au


This gorilla mask, it’s just like the one I saw on the tape! It’s a sign, these are all signs.


cons: please don’t leave, ty

but like I loved episode 9 and at the same time I feel kind of heartbroken for Ji Ho

idk man, like that marriage certificate thing at the end and the whole “one love is enough for a lifetime” thing have me thinking it’s probs going to not go so well for the next couple of episodes.

but idk i just feel very pensive, also i can’t wait for tomorrow because I need answers and more cuteness

BUT I do feel super happy because the way Se Hee looks at Ji Ho has changed and he looks at her very softly and I’m in love

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Can u please compare klaroline to st*roline and how different Caroline loves them

I’m usually not the one to write those long metas about my OTP comparing them to my NOTP unless I’m asked a specific question I prefer to reblog other people’s. That being said I think I’ve done at least one meta containing the gist of this questions answer. I’ll try and summarise my thoughts and add some links at the bottom.

First I want to start by saying that I don’t think Caroline loves Klaus. I believe she had and has very intense feelings for him, very conflicting confusing feelings for him. 

But their relationship wasn’t developed nearly long enough for me to concede that Caroline loves Klaus or is in love with him.

I think Klaus’ love for Caroline is intense, selfish at times 

but more importantly, I think Klaus is an important part of Caroline’s development as a vampire because while Stefan may have taught Caroline to cope with her vampirism Klaus was part of her accepting and dare I say, embracing it.

I am firmly in the camp that Stefan never really got over Elena and that his love for her was so strong that he could never have loved Caroline with the same intensity. I believed he loved Caroline, I believed she was his best friend, that he would die for her but I think it was just love, not necessarily a platonic love (although to me st*roline’s dynamic worked so much better when they were brotherly and sisterly) but not an intense life-changing love either.

Plus Stefan had to be talked into loving Caroline


Caroline rightly pointed out that Stefan treated Elena way better than he treated her in terms of letting her make her own choices and giving her the respect she deserves.

I think this is partly because Stefan has always felt responsible for Caroline (remember that sibling-like bond we talked about?) it’s not an excuse for ignoring her wishes but their dynamic has always been: Caroline is struggling with vampire stuff, Stefan is here to help and vice versa. They’re good friends I don’t think they know how to be in a relationship.


I think for Stefan, Caroline was convenient and Caroline seemed like the next best thing and the right choice but I think they were kidding themselves. Stefan settled for her.

As for Caroline. I think Stefan was her ideal. Stefan was the perfect boyfriend to Elena especially in Caroline’s eyes

he was also the perfect guy in general, handsome, gallant, just, kind, heroic, he didn’t drink from humans if he could help it and he saved her in a sense. He taught her how to cope with vampirism and the morals and survival techniques he showed her, lined up perfectly with her own view of right and wrong. 

Caroline is very pragmatic and Stefan by all accounts on paper was the sensible option. Especially after she tried to follow her heart with Tyler who broke it despite the fact that he was supposed to be the love of her life.

Caroline’s always strived for the ideal. She’s a perfectionist, she holds on to the idea that she can craft her world perfectly around her if she tries hard enough. It’s evident in her speech to Klaus in 5x11

The notion of having a normal life and still keeping moral superiority is absurd if you’re a vampire, a fact Klaus consistently attempts to point out to Caroline

and yet Caroline still clings to it and she clings to Stefan because he fits that nice neat framework.

I also think Caroline doesn’t see Stefan for who he is but this idea of him she has worked out in her head. While Elena runs toward ripper!Stefan grabs him by the face and says: I’m here, I accept this. Caroline turns away and says: no this isn’t you, this isn’t the Stefan I know and shuts her eyes and buries her head in the sand (something she can’t and has never done with Klaus I might point out)

Without realizing that gallant, good Salvatore, hero hair Stefan, is one-half of the coin and the ripper is the other. Stefan has many flaws most of which I think Caroline refuses to acknowledge until they become a huge problem in the relationship.

Stefan is complacent and passive in his relationship with Caroline while he was extremely active with Elena.

Idk where full-on, romantic Klaroline would have taken us but romantic!SC was going nowhere fast…


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ughhh its so hard to find impreg fics anywhere pls help recommend me some !! i hate that i love and have this kink jclskslalwkwl

dont worry i gotchu fam!!!!!

insemination wars by one of my faves @blueagust 
it’s just part one of an ongoing series and my life is ruined already…. lou always does the most amazing job of combining filthy smut with tooth aching fluff. it always makes me feel so sinful and also very very conflicted 

doctor dreamy by @jungblue
ongoing series with 2 parts out. this was one of the first impreg fics i came across some time ago!!! altho there’s more emphasis on the expecting parents part and the emotional aspect of their relationship, the smut is really good too and i personally can’t wait to see how everything plays out

don’t cry over spilled milk by @bxebxee
MY PARTNER IN CRIME HOW COULD I NOT INCLUDE BECKY????? ok even tho there isn’t really actual impreg in this but there’s dirty talk related to it and it was just!!!!! so!!!!! hot!!!!!!! i would also recommend reading thru her drafts bc there’s so much sin in there

dogboy! tae and jk by @imaginethisbts
these are more of hybrid breeding aus, and honestly one of the first few fics i read that had to do with breeding. one of the best hybrid aus out there imo, i just can’t get enough :”)

a fuck toy’s paradise by @kpopthispussyyy
ok idk how i stumbled upon this but THANK GOD I DID bc there’s so much cum and tae threatening to knock her up just gets me so good :”) 

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Im like 90% sure this trip is Jungkook's birthday gift to Jimin because the chinese(?) sasaeng fan who leaked info about Jungkook booking 2 tickets for a flight to Tokyo was around Jimin's birthday and because of that they had to cancel it or more like reschedule it. It's sad and uncomfortable coz it's an invasion of their privacy but I hope no one stalks them now and that they can have an amazing vacation! Jungkook really went from not gifting anyone but Jimin to planning a whole vacation, wow!

Well now i have very conflicted feelings. I’m very annoyed about that stalking behaviour. And i’m also screaming? (If it’s true) He could have gifted him anything material but instead went for a trip.. to Japan.. that Jimin has been wanting for a long time now.. with him..

Eclipsa and Star

So, continuing with my previous posts on the subject I have a few more thoughts on the matter of Eclipsa (and on the idea that she may be trying to manipulate Star).

Eclipsa’s influence on Star so far is interesting, to say the least. Star begins Lint Catcher intending on being the best princess she can be, following Tom’s comments in the previous episode. She won’t give Marco whatever job he wants just because she technically can and she doesn’t want him to distract her by being up in the main castle (of course, the real reasoning is a little more complicated but this post is long enough without it - I’ll just refer you to this excellent post by Malthus1 on reddit: - however, her position changes over the course of a single short conversation with our very own queen of darkness.

This line: “well, can’t you?” is particularly unsettling. Note the change in “camera” angle; most of the scene is “shot” (for lack of a better term) fairly wide, at a neutral angle, allowing us to see both Star’s actions and Eclipsa’s reactions - neither is given particular emphasis. When we reach this line though, the camera tilts so we are now not only now looking up at Eclipsa (and by extension she is looking down on us) but doing so at a strange angle. Similar cameratography is used again later when Eclipsa talks about how dangerous the laundry room is (and that turned out to be more-or-less true) so I don’t think it’s supposed to suggest we’re being lied to or anything as overt as that; rather, I think this technique tells us what Star is paying particular attention to, and what we as an audience should be noticing by extension.

Following this very short conversation, Star comes to the very Eclipsa-like conclusion that "I’m a princess, I can do what I want”. A lot of people have picked up on the parallels between this kind of selfish thinking and Eclipsa’s “crime” of doing what she had to do for her. This is even the second time we’ve seen Star decide to rebel after being encouraged to do so by Eclipsa; in Stranger Danger she ends up going to the Rose Tower after Eclipsa mentions earlier in the episode that Star shouldn’t let the fact that it’s been condemned stop her.

I would also extend this idea and encompass Eclipsa herself - she has long been condemned but, Eclipsa argues, that shouldn’t stop Star from forming her own opinion. Of course, by the end of the episode, whether she trusts Eclipsa or not, Star still ends up defending her from the Magic High Commission. This scene was also accompanied with a close up - signalling to the audience that Star herself is noticing these words more than anything else being said.

The thing is, I can’t decide if Eclipsa is doing this on purpose to manipulate Star, or if she’s just naturally rebellious and is giving what she thinks to be good advice. Especially in the second example where it’s not certain if Eclipsa even knew who Star was at this point, the things she’s saying and encouraging fit entirely within her worldview, which - while definitely selfish - certainly doesn’t seem to be motivated by malice. I imagine if you were to look inside a Mewman thesaurus, you would find “Eclipsa” as a synonym for rebel; I don’t get the sense that she’s being hypocritical or even particularly manipulative with this advice. Surely if you wanted someone like Star to help further your goals, you’d be trying to convince them to do what’s best for you, not them.

So yeah… very very conflicted. I feel as though she will probably end up being the antagonist, simply because no-one else has been introduced who could really fill that role, but I feel it would be much more interesting if it turned out that, far from being manipulative for some higher purpose, Eclipsa is genuinely trying to help but just has a worldview and moral values that are really unhealthy for someone in Star’s position to adopt.


so i have started reading the grisha triogy by leigh bardugo after reading six of crows. for some reason i thought its Impossible for me to like it as much as i liked six of crows. that was a severe error of judgement of course because im halfway through book three and i have loved every single moment in the series.

i highly recommend for anyone who likes fantasy, romance and interesting world building.

i havent been able to stop reading GDI

now to talk about this the darkling becausE I HAVE TO ADDRESS THIS MATTER: I HAVE VERY STRONG AND VERY CONFLICTING FEELINGS ABOUT HIM and so does alina maybe

on one hand i despise him for literally all the things hes done on the other though i would still definitely kiss him at least once or twice or more and that is Terrible!!!!

alright ive said my piece haha


Summer 2017 Watchlist First Taste (Sunday to Wednesday Edition)

Summer is here and so is a new season of anime, woohoo! I was initially super excited about several of the shows, but after watching the first episodes of them, I’m still… somewhat on the fence about them. Still anticipating “Welcome to the Ballroom” and “Project Altair” though!

If you’re looking for something in the spring season to watch, I also wrote some not-so-serious reviews here and here. I’ve actually either dropped or am super behind on most of the shows I wrote about, but I highly recommend “The King’s Avatar/Quan Zhi Gao Shou” (technically a donghua), “The Royal Tutor”, and “Kado: The Right Answer” for a new series to start. 

Listing from shows that have the most potential:

Nana Maru San Batsu (aka. 7O3X) | Fastest Finger First 

A sports anime about quiz shows! It’s actually better than it sounds, I promise (except for that frustratingly cliché panties scene but I think it’s just a one-time gag so I’ll forgive them). The first episode introduces us to protagonist Pidge Koshiyama, who’s a bookworm, is super shy/anxious and has no friends. Upon entering his first year of senior high, he was introduced to the school’s Quiz Circle during club presentations, and he realizes that all the books he’s read as a child and teenager can finally be put to good use because as it turns out, even though he’s slow on the buzzer, he can answer some of the most difficult questions. There’s also the weird/over-enthusiastic megane club president, the takes-quizzes-super-seriously girl whose voice sounds like a young boy (I think the seiyuu is new, so I can’t tell whether she’s just really bad at voice-acting or they just… mis-cast her). The first half is protag intro, blah blah, lots of self narrative, but the second half, which is like a sample quiz show, is quite exciting. I think I like where the show’s going, so I’ll definitely keep watching this.

Knight’s & Magic

If you want to watch giant fighting robots, you might want to give this show a shot, though definitely don’t expect it to be anything like Gundam. Protag Kuroda, who’s obsessed with mecha and is a computer engineer working in modern day Japan, got into a car accident and is reincarnated into this fantasy world in which people can pilot giant robots called Silhouette Knights through magic fuel. I’m hoping the protag will grow up soon cuz I don’t know if I can stand watching a show that’s entirely about a robot-obsessed 12-year-old boy (yes, he’s a boy), even if he is kind of a genius. The plot is nicely paced so far and the action scenes are nicely animated. I don’t really care about any of the characters yet (which is usually a bad sign for me LOL), but we’ll see. 

Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun | Cleanliness Boy! Aoyama-kun

Sort of reminds me of “Sakamoto Desu Ga”, but I’m hoping it’ll be better because the gags in “Sakamoto” got boring and repetitive after about 4 episodes in. Aoyama is a genius soccer player who plays for Japan in the U-16 tournament and has lots of passion for the sport; he’s also a bit of a germaphobic and will not come in contact with other players during a game or move around the field when it’s rainy and dirty because eww mud on shoes/clothes, no thanks. Not quite sure whether this will be entirely comedy with some sports elements or an equal mixture of both; I’m hoping it’ll at least have a good plot to go with the laughs. 

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I have a head cannon, I don't know if you've done this before but here it is anyway. What would it be like to be in a relationship with Toxic Rick and Detoxified Rick?

Toxic Rick [C-137]🌿
•The most degrading and insulting asshole you’ve come across, or been exposed to.
•Absolutely makes yourself feel like shit, a constant voice and itch pointing out all your flaws.
•Toxic!Reader and Toxic!Morty don’t know what to do when all he is doing is being completely insulting.
•Is a very toxic person indeed, but the next second he is very touchy-feely and all over you with degrading talk but at the same time he manages to whisper sweet compliments.
•As soon as you try attempting to leave he won’t let you at all, will completely go berserk with affections and insults
•Will sacrifice himself for you and Morty in a second, hates when detoxified!Rick lays a hand on you to prove a point.

🌿Detoxified Rick [C-137]
•Strangely polite and kind to you, at least that’s what it appears on the outside.
•Very distant from you, refuses your affections but the thing is, he genuinely means it.
•Doesn’t compliment you or says anything sweet for the matter, he just stares at you.
•Doesn’t allow himself to touch you or doesn’t allow you to touch him.
•He is quite, BUt what alarms you is his “please”’s and “thank you”’s.
•When he willingly hurts you and Morty you just stare at him very confused and very hurt
•He has not one hint of remorse or pain from the harsh slap across your face that burned with a pink shade bursting in color.
•Is this how he feels he would be better off?
•You question multiple things afterwards, your very hurt.
•Toxic feelings?
•You were very very conflicted, and I’m assuming that a detoxified!verison Of you would also no longer have feelings for someone like Rick Sanchez

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I'm curious: was yoosung once your bias for you to have him in your url??? i mean yeah it doesnt have to be your bias but why yoosungshoodie and even stick with it even when men like eisuke have arrived in ur (otome) life hmmm i hope i don't sound rude ;-; i love yoosung too (tho same w/ u, i have a different best mysme boy) but u r so into ur biases sometimes it's hard to see yoosung in the picture lmao but yeah he's in ur url hehe

I’m going to be honest. Yoosungshoodie? An impulse decision on a URL choice, since this blog was made a solid year ago. I thought about it, didn’t know what to use for a URL because incorporating the word imagine or headcanons into it just didn’t feel right. Thought about Yoosung and his hoodies, and it became a thing. I’ve never changed it solely because of consistency; this would involve me moving around some links probably. Also, nobody knows me by R. About a good 90% of the people I’ve met have seen me around before and yoosungshoodie is far more impressionable than a simple R. I met a lot of my friends through mutual friends and they didn’t know who R was, but they knew YoosungsHoodie right off the bat. In regards to stanning Yoosung though, he’s a mood LMFAO. I stan Yoosung but not as hard as the others, I think Yoosung is the cutest in MM though. Plus, that side profile? Biiiiiitch.