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12x10: an Episode in “Friendship”

This episode … this freaking episode! All about angels’ relationships with humans, whether it be their vessels, their charges or their actual love interests, it all dealt with how they felt about one another. Yeah, yeah—it could be boiled down to the careful tread between the earthly and the divine; but there was more to it then that … a focus here that was just too specific to be accidental: the mirroring between Ishim and Castiel.

They were the traditional good vs. bad. Like most of these types of stories, the good guy and the bad guy are very similar in a lot of ways, almost exactly the same if given just a simple glance, but it’s usually one small event, one poor choice that turns one of them towards darkness. In this case, it was heartbreak that brought out the evil in Ishim. He fell in love with a human so deeply, that he shared everything with her. He told her all of heaven’s secrets, but when she didn’t necessarily return his affection, he grew enraged and retaliated.

Now, we could say this is its own story and nothing like Castiel’s time on earth nor his experience with humans, except—Ishim himself made this connection!  He said, as Castiel was beaten and bloody on the floor: “So now, I am going to cure you of your human weakness … the same way that I cured my own” and then, he heads for Dean.

Ishim “cured” his human weakness by breaking the heart of his love, because she did the same to him … so if that’s the case, what is he implying about Dean Winchester? What is he saying the man is to Castiel? Whose heart is he planning to break next?

And one could say, “Dean is Castiel’s friend, so his death would be heartbreaking in and of itself” which, yes—of course that’s true; however, did we notice the use of the word “friend” in this episode? Specifically when they were talking about Benjamin and his vessel. Dean was surprised to find that Benjamin was in a female vessel—so Castiel explained that the angel and his vessel weren’t just “partners” in some divine deal, they were … [long pause] “friends”.  Hell, Cas couldn’t even find the words himself, so Sam had to be the one to fill in the blanks, and even as he said it, there seemed to be a slanted emphasis to it all, as if “friends” had a deeper, more profound, and special meaning, apart from the norm. So for Ishim to take Castiel’s “friend” away, specifically Dean … seems a bit more significant, especially when mirrored with his own romantic heartbreak.

According to Ishim, human weakness is love.

To highlight this, everything in this episode was coated with a sense of something more happening between friends than just friendship. The bickering between Dean and Cas … the way Dean charged into that diner and scooted in right next to his “buddy”, just so he could stare down the other angel and play “whose got the bigger blade”. The way Dean kept saying things like “Well, Cas knows who his true friends are “ and “Cas, is different now.”  He defended him, even when he was mad at what he did to Billie– he stood by his side and ran to his rescue and helped him to his feet, touched his shoulder, brought him a beer—which is of course, a very touching Winchester-gesture. Yes, Sam did similar things, but whereas Sam also defended Cas, he was more focused on mending Dean and Cas’s relationship. He worried about how his brother was reacting to their friend, and he even playfully mocked the way Dean just couldn’t stay away from Cas in the end. Yes, Sam was defending someone who has become part of his family, but Dean was defending someone who has gotten under his skin and become part of him. There was a difference.

Overall, this episode felt like a lover’s quarrel, healed by risks of bigger problems … a common enemy, and the fear of losing each other. It was a reflection of what could happen if they allow themselves to become greedy with one another, and a lesson in how important it is to always love and respect each other … even when you feel like the other is wrong. This was more than just an episode about Castiel’s past … it was an episode about his “would be” future, if he hadn’t found the right way to love a human.

After all—Acabel had it right all those years ago when he said: Humans are good … how could one know them and not love them?

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I always ask for angst but I want to shake it up! How do you feel about Shiro and Keith going on a date, and having uncle Hunk babysit. I want Shiro and Keith to be really excited cause they haven't been on a real date and they even get a hotel room. But like half way through the date Shiro gets super drunk and flirts with Keith the entire night telling him how handsome he is and that he has the prettiest mouth. Needless to say they get a cab and go home early

[The Voltron Family] I’m guessing Uncle “Hunk” is a typo so I’ll make it Grandpa Zarkon who babysat them cause Allura was busy at the hospital. So the kids had a sleepover at the Galra Family next door and it had been fun. 

Shiro and Keith got out of the car and held hands as they entered the fancy restaurant. They’re so excited it’s been months since their last date!

Shiro: You sure it’s okay? I could still cancel our hotel room, you know?
Keith: *sighs* This is the 6th time you’ve asked me today. I said it’s fine.
Shiro: *frowns* I don’t wanna force you if it’s going to make you uncomfortable. I lasted 8 years, yknow?
Keith: *smiles weakly* I know. I didn’t think you’d actually do that for me.
Shiro: *kisses Keith’s forehead* Well I didn’t actually think I’d fall for a guy either that would mean the world to me. Funny what love makes you do. *squeezes Keith’s hand*
Keith: *rolls his eyes* Cheeseball. 

They were sat in the middle and Keith noticed people staring at them. Shiro didn’t seem to notice though which was so typical of him.

Shiro: Keith, you seem anxious. Is something wrong? *places down menu*
Keith: *low voice* People are staring at us.
Shiro: *looks around* Oh. *looks back at Keith and checks him out* Hmmm. *smirks* I can definitely see why. I don’t blame them though.
Keith: *hisses* What?
Shiro: *leans over to whisper* You look really hot in that black dress shirt you’re wearing. *gives a quick peck on Keith’s lips*
Keith: *gapes* *looks down at his shirt* I think I look normal?
Shiro: *rolls his eyes* It’s kinda cute how oblivious you are. *grins*

They got drinks after that and Shiro was lightweight. Keith tried stopping his husband but Shiro was very stubborn. He was so drunk.

Shiro: Keith, have I told you that you have the prettiest eyes?
Keith: Yes, third year college.
Shiro: *giggles* I love your purple eyes. They make me feel things.
Keith: *places hand on Shiro’s* Thanks, love, but that’s enough for you.
Shiro: *stares at Keith* That’s not the only pretty thing about you though.
Keith: *raises an eyebrow* Oh really?
Shiro: *smiles shyly* Yeah. You have the prettiest mouth, too. You know back in college, when we started being friends, I couldn’t help but glance at your lips from time to time. They’re just so thin and red and so kissable. I’ve been thinking and dreaming about kissing them one day. I wanted to know how your lips tasted like. 
Keith: *blinks* 
Shiro: Then I asked you if you had your first kiss yet and you said with confidence that you’re reserving it to that special someone. *knits his eyebrows* I got jealous cause I thought you liked someone already.
Keith: *remembers* *smiles* Then I told you I was ace.
Shiro: *nods* Then you told me you were ace and you thought no one would probably even like an ace like you. It made me sad. Cause you implied no one would kiss you. But I did. I wanted to kiss you so bad because you’re so handsome and so kind and you’re really nice.
Keith: I was only nice to you actually. *smiles*
Shiro: *giggles* Really? *walks over and sits beside Keith* *stares at him* *kisses him on the lips* *goes quiet for a while* You know I was scared you wouldn’t like me cause I wasn’t like you. *tears started forming in his eyes*
Keith: *panics* S-Shiro…
Shiro: But then you proved me wrong. That’s why when we got together I was willing to wait. I was willing to get rid of my urges because I wanted you to be comfortable around me that I wouldn’t do anything you didn’t want to. *tears started falling* I wanted you to love me so bad as pathetic as that sounds.
Keith: *panics and looks around* S-Shiro, don’t cry here. *hugs him*
Shiro: Then you proved me wrong again but I can’t help but feel like—
Keith: *caresses his back* Hey, with talked about this already. I told you you’re not forcing me or anything.
Shiro: Keith, I want you to let me know if you want me to stop asking completely, yeah? I’m totally okay with it.
Keith: *very very touched at the gesture* I will. *kisses Shiro’s forehead*
Shiro: *starts kissing Keith’s neck* I love you so much.
Keith: *eyes widens* Okay, okay. Stop there, Champ. We’re in public. *stands up quickly*
Shiro: *looks rejected* *starts crying* Keith, I want to kiss you. Come back.
Keith: *notices everyone looking at them* Oh gods. *looks back at Shiro* We need to go home now. *makes Shiro stand* *places money on the table* 
Shiro: *can barely stand* *is supported by Keith* *stares at him* You’re so beautiful, Keith. *kisses him on the cheek and then the lips*
Keith: Right, thanks. *adjusts Shiro on his shoulder* We need to leave now.
Shiro: *kisses him again as they walk* I love you.
Keith: I love you too but you’re so drunk.
Shiro: *shakes his head* Doesn’t matter. I love you when I’m sober, I love you when I’m drunk. I love you in the morning, I love you in the evening. I love you everyday. I love you so much, Keith. *kisses him again on the lips*
Keith: *stares at him* You’re being unfair, Takashi Shirogane.

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How would Inigo, Gaius, Henry, and Ricken ask a crush to be their valentine?

Ah, that’s coming up soon, isn’t it?

Inigo: He writes you a very heartfelt note, and plans to present it to you. After he’s written the entire thing, he wonders why the hell would he ever do something so brazen and asking for trouble. What if you said no? What if you threw the note on the ground, stomped on it while cackling, and then set it on fire.

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In 2005 Mark Harmon requested that nobody make any fuss about his September 2nd birthday. New cast member Lauren Holly had other ideas though. The frequent victim of Harmon’s practical jokes, she collaborated with Michael Weatherly on a Harmon birthday extravaganza. First they ordered 150 t-shirts that read ‘It’s Mark Harmon’s birthday’, that were passed out to the entire crew. On Thursday, September 1st, she waited in her hotel room for the heads-up call from Weatherly that shooting was wrapping. At three o'clock a.m., still in her pajamas, Holly got the call, loaded up her car with party supplies and drove back to the show’s sets in Santa Clarita. She and Weatherly then proceeded to cover Harmon’s trailer with crepe paper, helium balloons and piñatas, then dumped large amounts of confetti everywhere. They decorated every wall, truck and trailer, then, with the cooperation of the art department, put up a picture of Harmon on all the plasma-screen displays in the squad-room set. Holly then hopped on a plane on Friday to fly back to her husband and three sons in Chicago and waited for word on Harmon’s reaction. When Harmon arrived to work he saw everyone in identical t-shirts, holding signs, and assumed there was a strike. Weatherly was called by the nervous producers, who were worried what Mark would think, and who was behind it. Michael replied “I’m not going to name any names. Lauren Holly”. Harmon was very touched by the gesture, which was filmed so he could take the DVD home to his wife. He did however tell Lauren with a grin, “Payback’s a bitch”.
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so i found out every tuesday i have the day off, and i work like every other saturday instead

when i first found out i was like

and then i realized

a couple weeks ago, every time i would get a tuesday off i would express my extreme elation because it would mean i would get to watch spn live!! and i would be super happy, and sometimes i would express my joy or thank my manager for the random tuesday (eventually i think my coworkers told her it’s because i’m a big giant nerd because she told me she knew i was a big giant nerd)

while i was gone in dc the new schedule for this month needed to be written up and my manager got put up in the hospital for a few weeks. so i think what happened is: the assistant called up the manager to see what days i was good to work and was told that i like my tuesdays…

…because spn…


so while i am very touched by the gesture, i find that i’m going to be twiddling my thumbs a lot on these days. maybe i’ll start a hellatu-esday stream

fuzz therapy (1)

Anti-depression/cheer up fluff, set after Imprinting but it can stand alone. I’ll compile all of it and post it on Ao3 once it’s done. I may or may not have been inspired by visiting my dogs for the first time in awhile. : )

Dipper doesn’t want to admit that he’s lonely.

Or that the separation anxiety just might be getting to him. Just a little.

The days of his seventh summer in Gravity Falls, soon to be his first fall and winter and spring in Gravity Falls, are waxing into the sticky heat of summer that leave his clothes soaked with perspiration and uncomfortably clinging to his body. He’s finished moving into the Mystery Shack, after two entire weeks of fiddling with Ethernet cables trying to setup a wireless router in an isolated wooden tourist trap in the woods in Oregon and organizing his books and gadgets and actually cleaning up the dark crevices that have gone ignored for years. 

Mabel’s already departed with Pacifica for London, where she’ll be starting classes at the University of Art in a few weeks, Wendy’s taking summer classes and save for a few days earlier that month she hasn’t been around much. Following their wedding the previous summer Melody and Soos are expecting their first Melosoos (a portmanteau coined by the happy couple), so despite the regularity of their visits the two are occupied with preparing for the baby. That leaves Stan, whose endearing saltiness and penchant for criminal activity have yet to and will likely never soften into the placid wisdom of old age as the only other full-time inhabitant of the Shack. Sure, there are the tourists that still come to ooh and ahh at the various attractions that utterly pale in comparison to the dozens of paranormal creatures, artifacts, and occurrences that infest the town and surrounding area, making it a budding cryptographer’s playground, but they’re transient. He may strike up a conversation with some of them, but they always leave, of course. There’s also Stan’s new teenage assistant, a small, wiry girl with mousy brown hair a few years younger than Dipper who seems to harbor some kind of attraction to him (now he knows exactly how awkward things must have been for Wendy back in the day), but Sam doesn’t live there.

With the inclusion of himself and Stan that brings the grand sum population of the Mystery Shack to 2.5, the .5 being the alternately amusing, aggravating, and alarming dream demon he’s been spending the past five years bonding with, and whose mark fate has seen fit to leave tattooed on his wrist. Bill doesn’t actually live at the Mystery Shack given that a good bit of his time is spent off doing his own potentially morally grey to actually evil thing, and also because Dipper doesn’t know how to explain to his great uncle that he’s involved with a guy that’s technically a few centuries his senior and also not exactly human. Life is complicated.

So despite the wonderful friends and family he hears from fairly often Dipper is actually rather lonely. He misses Mabel, and as much as he loves Stan and spends as much time as he can with Bill it’s not enough to fill the hole left by his sister and the move to Oregon. Sadly Waddles is also absent, having departed for the big old mud wallow in the sky about a year before his move, so there aren’t any piggy cuddles to dull the ache, either.

With these feelings weighing him down, he’s not prepared for Bill shimmering into existence in front of him one day while his nose is buried in a book and announcing with a dramatic flourish, “ I got you a present, Pine Tree!”

Dipper is used to Bill’s presents by now, so he doesn’t bother looking up from his novel. “Is it another screaming head?”


“Deer teeth?” Bill isn’t exactly a candy and flowers kind of guy, unless that candy’s been forcibly stolen from a child and the flowers are carnivorous or something.

“Don’t you have enough of those already?”

There is a macabre box of teeth in Dipper’s nightstand drawer that he hopes the police never find when they inevitably descend on the Shack to arrest Stan for tax evasion. “I had enough after the first one.”

Bill sighs. “Geez, you’re bad at this. Catch!”

Dipper barely has time to drop his novel in time to catch the pitch black item Bill lobs in his direction, praying it’s not explosive. The thing that lands in his lap is neither explosive, nor a thing: it’s a small, furry creature radiating warmth and making snuffling noises. “A puppy?”

He gingerly picks up the squirming puppy, only to almost drop it again when he realizes that its eyes a vivid glowing red and when it opens its mouth to yawn it emits a small flicker of orange flame - no more than that of a lighter but that’s not a thing that dogs do. “What the hell?” He looks up at his beaming demon boyfriend, on the verge of panic. “What’s with the eyes and the fire? Why is there fire?”

Bill gives him the obnoxious look he saves for when Dipper’s said something stupid, although that’s not quite fair in this situation. “It’s a hellhound! Wasn’t that obvious?”

“Was it supposed to be?” Granted a fire-breathing puppy is definitely not the weirdest thing he’s ever seen in Gravity Falls but it’s not exactly normal, either.

“Don’t you meatbags like keeping pets?” The derogatory term is an indication that Bill’s less than thrilled with his reaction, but Dipper thinks he has a right to be concerned.

“They don’t usually breathe fire, Bill,” he points out. “Also how…what?”

“I thought you’d be happy.” Dipper looks up at him; the dream demon actually looks and sounds disappointed. “Shooting Star’s not around anymore, so I thought you could use a little friend.”

It’s actually a very touching gesture, given that he hasn’t explicitly mentioned being lonely in conversation;  if Bill knows anything it’s from careful observation. The puppy in his lap makes a squeaking noise, the half whimper and whine that precedes learning to bark, and Dipper picks it up again, getting a good look at it. The black fur seems to absorb all light, but it’s velvety soft against his skin, and the eyes are unnerving but when he instinctively cradles the puppy against his chest and it snuggles against him, snuffling and sniffing and squirming in his grip it’s love at second sight. He’s never had a dog, nor an actual pet - that’s Mabel’s deal, although he always grew to like whatever she brought home. The puppy - his puppy, because no matter what else is said this is his puppy, settles happily into his arms and yawns again.

“Come on, look at that widdle face. Can you really say no to that?”

Dipper raises an eyebrow. “Did you just say widdle?” Bill either doesn’t notice or doesn’t give a damn about his judgment. Probably the latter.

After about a minute of stroking the area just behind the puppy’s soft, floppy ear, Dipper clears his throat, venturing almost shyly, “…so the fire thing. Can you do something about that?”

reaction: hip hop unit

Anonymous asked: how would the hip hop line react to finding out that their photographer girlfriend secretly included a picture of them in one of their exhibits?

S. Coups would be so flattered upon seeing it, he probably wouldn’t shut up about it for the next year. “guys did you know my girlfriend put me in one of her exhibits yeah I bet that’s never happened to you” He’d even go as far as to offer to pose for even more pictures. Basically, he thinks he’s a model now.

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Wonwoo would be taken aback completely, yet very touched by the gesture. He’d wonder when you’d even taken the picture, but later realise it was probably best he didn’t ask. Later on, he’d try to get her back and use her camera to snap some candid photos of her.

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Mingyu had probably been begging to be put in an exhibit anyway, so he’d be very excited about this – even more so than Coups. The word ‘wow’ would leave his mouth approximately 27 times after seeing it. He’d probably try and take a selfie with the goddamn photo, even if pictures weren’t allowed in the exhibit. 

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Vernon would be completely flustered at first, becoming super shy whenever someone brought it up. Eventually he would be able to appreciate the art and meaning behind the photo, and the exhibit in general. 

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