very surprised that i did

off to sleep


the best thing that ever happened

no one told me jinwoo was a house dancer

i did some digging bc i was very surprised and impressed with his solo on immortal song bc he never did that only rocky and moonbin ever did that

i don’t?????understand?????? this was 2011 ok and look at him. he was literally 15 ok he has endless potential 

look at him go wow his legs literally never stop what is this shit

he keeps spinning and i keep crying

why does jinjin never freestyle. why does he never dance alone like rocky or moonbin. this is going to bother me forever has anyone actually seen these

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Final Bows in ‘Hamilton’ on Broadway (NYT):

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s final bows for his farewell performance in “Hamilton” on Saturday night seemed routine, if overly humble for the departure of the show’s star and mastermind. He even shared his bows with the other cast members also exiting the show, including Phillipa Soo and the Tony winner Leslie Odom Jr.

But then the theme song to “The West Wing” kicked in from the orchestra pit.

Mr. Miranda giggled and took a couple of shy bows, only to turn around and be embraced then pushed back to the front of the stage by Christopher Jackson, who plays George Washington, for a proper bow.

Still, the curtain call lasted no more than two and a half minutes, despite fervent applause, which had been consistent throughout the night. The opening number received multiple standing ovations, as did many others. But Mr. Miranda and other performers would pause for only a minute each time before moving the show forward.

Afterward, in the pouring rain, hundreds and hundreds of fans filled West 46th Street, waiting for Mr. Miranda to emerge from the stage door at the Richard Rodgers Theater.

Instead, Mr. Miranda appeared, “Evita”-like, on a balcony atop the theater’s marquee. Holding an umbrella and waving to fans, he paced from one side of the marquee to the other, occasionally stopping to hold his left hand over his heart to show gratitude.

Then he was gone.

“It’s over, folks,” a police officer yelled as he tried to keep the crowd out of the street. “There’s no more.”

I have to mention how I went to a class of 12 year olds as a teacher assistant, and, during this, the teacher assigned a group of kids to role play a scene from a book, and there was a little blonde boy who tried keep order within the group and act maturely and take the role of the new teacher within the group. so while a lot of boys were somewhat bigger than him, they were absolutely chaotic, and so the little blonde boy yelled at one of them at some point (another boy who, I might add, reminded me a lot of jack in behavior). the blonde literally went, all serious business like, ‘GET OUT OF THIS CLASSROOM’ and the other boy remained rooted to the spot very much surprised for a second, then asked enraged ‘WHAT THE HELL DID I DO’, to which the blonde boy replied ‘YOU DON’T RESPECT THE RULES’

ANS Myers Briggs Head Canons

Shirayuki- ENFJ: The Protagonist

Warm, empathetic, responsive, and responsible. Highly attuned to the emotions, needs, and motivations of others and finds potential in everyone. May act as catalysts for individual and group growth.

Zen - ENFP: The Champion

Spontaneous and flexible, often relies on their ability to improvise and their verbal fluency. Wants a lot of affirmation from others, and readily gives appreciation and support.

Obi - ESFP: The Entertainer

Flexible and spontaneous, adapts readily to new people and environments. Enjoys working with others, brings common sense and a realistic approach as well as making it fun. Learns new skills best with other people.

Mitsuhide - ISFJ: The Defender

Loyal, considerate, notices and remembers specifics about people who are important to them, concerned with how others feel. Strives to create an orderly and harmonious environment at work and at home.

Kiki - INTP: The Logician

Quiet, contained, flexible, and adaptable. Has unusual ability to focus in depth to solve problems in their area of interest. Skeptical, sometimes critical, always analytical.

Izana - ISTJ: The Logistician

Practical, matter-of-fact, realistic, and responsible. Decides logically what should be done and works toward it steadily, regardless of distractions.

Fun Fact: I simply found this picture in my archives one day; I had completely forgotten about its existence. I don’t even remember when I drew it, although the file says it was created on the 5th of May. I am spooked because never before has a finished image like this been completely wiped from my memory as this has done, and I’m lucky to have stumbled upon it because otherwise it would have disappeared into the recesses of existence.

So here y’all go. A hidden Chara of strange origins; stop being so freaky child jeezles.


my preferred ‘coming out’ aesthetic would be dragons

(flags are agender/demipansexual; please don’t tag as kin/me/etc)


my precious sparkplug [17/?]: darling, the thing you did do is a lot tougher to accomplish than the thing you didn’t do (or as @hesparks said ‘IF YOU CAN DODGE A WRENCH, YOU CAN DODGE A BALL’) in 3.15 spacetime.

I listened to “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” for the first time in ages last night and before the words started I don’t know that I could’ve recalled the lyrics but my inner scene kid quickly reawakened and remembered all the lyrics as they came along

But the wildest part of it is that after hearing “Well if you wanted honesty that’s all you had to say” I immediately remembered that that was used as a spell within My Immortal even though I haven’t read that fanfic in???? five years now???

a fragment which consists of numbered fragments


I am a master
of boredom

and a chronicler of the young empire of fire ants,
                       who conquer the room,
                    a future grand fire-ant kingdom

finesse of court
in the corridor

                   (a haiku
               by one of the queen’s
                     ladies in waiting
             written in one masterful splash of ink
                   on a shiny morning
          some time or other in the 4th century)

perhaps you know that da is “yes” in Russian, and so for a Russian ear Dada sounds pretty much like “yesyes.” (the stress is on the second syllable though in case it is indeed “yes, yes” (spelled with a hymen of hyphen, да-да, da-da, da-DA (which makes it sound a bit like Dada pronounced in a fake French accent))).
I can’t believe some of my poems have not been yet written by others, I surely must have plagiarized them and will be very much surprised if I did not (not that it makes any sense in the post-authorship world with its proliferation of anonymous and seduced by themselves discourses).
I’m too things: loner and goner.
I was rereading Holy Robots in what I was hoping to be the last time, and I noticed that Orpheus there descends to Hades to cast at Eurydice “a last reproachful look.”
                                                  tedium of theodicy
                                                   dice of Eurydice 
contemporary mythologies
I was invited, with other writers, to meet Putin in 2013, and I refused. I could have no intention to share a stage, nor indeed any space, with Putin. I knew I had to refuse. yes, it was a temptation. there was not a moment of hesitation, however. empresses of Russian poetry stood behind my shoulder, a solemn company of dear shadows. 
I don’t own a publishing house, sadly. I wish I did, I’d publish poetry and go bankrupt in a year.
the world is amazingly malleable. soft world.
a lute broken over qwerty (it was weird to type qwerty; “qwerty” is a scale exercise of sorts, ascending sequence). keyboard is a musical instrument, buttons are keys, and what better music could there be but language? text is empty, should be filled with voice, and thus is more capacious than any of its readings.
                                     and I, no longer everything.
plagiat is a crime committed to a great disgrace. the problem is that there is no clearcut understanding for the most part what is borrowed and from whom and what is not. in this case every instance of speaking in the language is plagiarism, and as for poets, they are known thieves. it’s their trade, the foundation of that profession of anonymous worms and laborious fungi.    
                                     I can’t believe the ease of my laughter.
idolatry of indolence.


it’s easy to feed on licorices,
                               acacia’s bitter dark honey,
                                           and swarms of half-anonymous words.

I remember

the lyceum in Moscow presented us with a somewhat light regimen of reading,all-night peripatetic disputes
         and other practices interrupted by occasional kisses
the night cold air, the yellow leaves on the black mirror pavement, as though carefully crafted
             [scissored} (which nonetheless cost nothing to the creator, one could tell) cut-outs. fall asleep with my words in your mouth, please.


bubbling of magma, I don’t know
how to describe it any more, magma cells
each with a sting, flowing I hope to where
the lilies of the valley would escape
being turned to ashes and vapor, nor
should–I said that I don’t know how to describe–I care.


it is easy to assume, too easy in fact
that pose that suits you so very well, I trust
the glowing park would open its screechy gate
of great smithery; sweet smithereens collect themselves
into what latter might be called a mosaic of fragments,
an incidental catalog, a shaky exhibition, always ready
to exchange one item for another, yet more precious.


I mauve the paws of the tiger one by one,
the tiger of the blue abyss and maddening maze,
the muzzle is covered with blood, and I, and I
am overwhelmed with marvel,
a lizard loosing its wriggling tail, the raven,
its silver black feather.

                                                                           fraternity homoeroticism.


of the lionhearted
is the full exoneration
of the world’s blame                       I’m blank, as only the fresh snow could be,
                      turning into steam on your blazing, ultrared, heated eyelashes,
                      I have logged in for a tamer of words, a handler of sound,
                      and can’t find where to exit or log out,hence I make it simmer with the unbearability of vicious, fervent beauty,
for such is my pleasure, black-bile whim, caprice, joke, law, and duty.

                                                                                  hard to read it, I know.


in her mustache of an ambitious fascist,
she kept a silver sleek serpent for the modest aspiration
to the Ustaše-like cruelty, stained, unwashed;
timid, hidden somewhere
in shadows of the well-trimmed, summer Salisbury,
solemnified herself by the eagerness of her demonic tigers,
a violator of the sacrosanctum,
a sorcerer, by definition.

INTP-ENFP Of All the People She Could Want Attention From

INTP: *Is just about to put headphones on*

Zoe (a two-year-old): INTPP!!


ENFP: INTP, someone is calling you.

INTP: Oh god.


Zoe: INTP, come here! Lay and read with me.

INTP: Oh, no, please.

ENFP: YEssss.

INTP: *Reading the story* Wow, he hasn’t even gotten to try the pudding yet, that sucks.

Zoe: It SUCKS.

ENFP: Omfg.

INTP: (to ENFP) Oh god, haha, uh, sorry about that.

Zoe: Oh god.

ENFP: FFfffff–


INTP: *Stands up and walks away*

Zoe: Where are you going, INTP??

INTP: The bathroom, Zoe, I’m not perfect.

Zoe: You are perfect.



INTP: *Is about to type something on the computer*

Zoe: *Runs over and sits next to INTP* I am going to help you!

INTP: Oh. Uhh. Okay. *Starts typing*

Zoe: *Mashes the keys*

INTP: Hmm. 

INTP: Uh… maybe, I’ll just do this later, okay? Just… leave it to me.

Zoe: But… I was going to help you! D:

INTP: *Closing laptop* I know, but you were… (oh god i feel like a jerk)

INTP: *Smiles and rests hand on Zoe’s head*

INTP: It’s just a little more complicated than that.


anonymous asked:

Someone pointed out that in the trailer, chargers can hold their charge when you turn into a squid. Granted, you'll be shining if you do that, but that means you can fully charge and sneak up on someone with a surprise attack! As a charger main, I am very excited.

I DID!! And that’s definitely another give and take, in case anyone’s like “UGH CHARGERS ARE GONNA BE SO OP”

Consider it like the Rainmaker, cause that glow is SUPER obnoxiously bright…Any charger who does it is gonna stick out like a sore thumb, and possibly be snuck ON if they do it too long, so it’s gonna take a lot of strategy not to make it a total hindrance as well as an advantage!

I’ve gotten sniped by people I couldnt even see cause they’d do the “around the corner” thing so it’s definitely a neat approach! RISK BEING SEEN TO HOLD YOUR CHARGE AND FIRE QUICKLY…

It’ll be fun to play with for sure!

anonymous asked:

iM cRYING I HAVEN'T CHECKED YOUR BLOG IN AWHILE BECAUSE I FORGET TO LOOK AT MY NOTIFS (jsjd I get alerted when u post bc im a loser who thinks your art is adorable) aND I SAW THE SUTAO KABEDON,,, okay,,, um calmdown me,,, just,, um thank you for that

C: you’re very welcome~ (aksjd tbh I was really surprised that got a positive response !! where did all this love for sutao come from suddenly) anyway I am v happy to provide sutao content if your heart can take it ! :3c

  • Sirius: Oi, watch it! You couldn’t see me there? Seriously?
  • [James laughs]
  • Remus: Not everyone’s staring at you, Sirius.
  • Sirius: That is untrue and you know it.
  • James: [Turns to the familiar sallow-skinned kid] Hey, I know you. No, wait, don’t tell me…
  • Sirius: Snide?
  • James: Snippy?
  • Sirius: Snivelly!
  • James: Ah, right! Snivellus!
  • Sirius: Slimy, slippery, slithery Snivellus. How lovely it is, to see you again.
  • James: Smashing. Really.
  • Sirius: Congratulations on getting sorted, I suppose. You must be so very surprised that you did at all, being the brainless-
  • James: -brawnless git that you are.
  • [Their synchronised gazes flit between the sour Slytherin boy and pretty redheaded Gryffindor]
  • Sirius: [His face is congenial but his voice makes no effort to hide his sarcasm] I can see what you see in him.
  • Remus: You should be nicer.
  • James: I am nice. I’m nice to all people: large… [Condescendingly sizes up Something-Rather Snape] …and very, very small.
  • [Remus rounds on Sirius]
  • Sirius: Don’t look at me. My family isn’t filled with the friendliest of folk. The closest thing I’ve got to Nice is that I know it’s a splendid place to holiday sur la Côte d'Azur.
  • Remus: Pardon?
  • Sirius: On the Fr-
  • [Snape whips out his wand]
  • James: Expelliarmus! Hey, come now, Snivelly. We’re having a conversation, here.
  • Sirius: Interrupting was rather rude, you know.
  • James: Gormless Gorgons, does he have eyesight problems? Maybe he really didn’t see you before.
  • Sirius: Nah. I think he just enjoys being an impolite ponce. Petrificus Totalus!
  • Lily: Leave him alone!
  • James: I think she has somewhat of a point. I think Snivellus looks a touch uncomfortable there.
  • Sirius: I think you’re right. I think he’d be much more homely hanging from the chandelier.
  • James: How considerate of us, old chap, putting the needs of others first.
  • Sirius: Quite, kind noble. Would you like to do the honours, this time?
  • James: [Puts on a show of bowing respectfully] Wingardium Leviosa!
  • McGonagall: [Mouth tightens as she storms towards the first year boys in her house] Potter! Black!
  • Sirius: Oo, there go the lips. I heard that if you make her mad enough, they disappear completely.
  • James: You up for the challenge? Raise her ire, and a maybe a little hell along the way?
  • Sirius: I feel like I should be offended you even felt the need to ask me that.
  • [Over a week later]
  • Remus: Okay, Sirius, last batch of girls.
  • Peter: Please, please say one of them looks familiar.
  • Sirius: Ahh…
  • James: Apparently none of them look familiar.
  • Sirius: No, hold on. Hold on. Yes. That one. The blonde Ravenclaw. The fittest one in the middle.
  • James: What is she? A year above us?
  • Sirius: Why yes, she is.
  • Peter: You are my hero, Sirius Black.
  • Sirius: Why yes, I am. As I should be.
  • Lily: [Distractedly walks by the future Marauders] Excuse me, what do- Oh. It’s you lot.
  • Sirius: I’m terribly sorry. We sincerely apologise for, hm, what was it that we were doing wrong, exactly?
  • James: Blinking too loudly?
  • Sirius: Breathing a tad funny?
  • Lily: Go away.
  • James: You don’t like us. You don’t know us, but you don’t like us.
  • Lily: I know you.
  • Sirius: You do?
  • Peter: She’s in our year.
  • Sirius: Uh huh…
  • Remus: And our house.
  • James: Right. The angry ginger.
  • Lily: I’m still here.
  • Sirius: Snivelly’s lady friend.
  • Lily: I can still hear you.
  • James: I’m sorry. It slipped my mind. Can’t believe I forgot about you, er…
  • Lily: Lily! Lily Evans!
  • James: Nice to see you again, Evans. You’re looking well. Angry works for you.
  • Sirius: Although I have always been partial to blondes, I must say that I agree on that.
  • Lily: I’m not angry, I’m just irritated.
  • James: By us?
  • Lily: Not so much all of you. [Looks apologetically to Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew] But you, Potter, and you, Black, yes.
  • Sirius: Simply because we forgot for a moment who you were?
  • Lily: No, because you speak to people as if they’re below you.
  • James: People?
  • Lily: Sev.
  • Sirius: Sev?
  • James: I’m almost positive she’s talking about Snivellus.
  • Lily: Would you stop that?
  • James: Stop what?
  • Lily: Stop talking to people as if they aren’t there. You never seem to properly talk to people. You talk at them, over them and about them with no care for their feelings. You talk to people like they’re dirt, and that’s why I’m looking at you like this.
  • Sirius: What did we specifically do that was so awful?
  • Lily: You call him names!
  • James: Him?
  • Lily: Severus!
  • James: Where you derived ‘Sev’, yes?
  • Lily: You are impossible.
  • Sirius: I only call them as I see them.
  • Lily: You cursed him last week!
  • James: He drew his wand first, if I recall correctly.
  • Sirius: You do. The greasy git went for that mangled stick of his while I was mid-sentence.
  • Lily: I don’t care. You are jerks!
  • James: Wow.
  • Sirius: Ouch.
  • James: That sure stung, that one did.
  • Sirius: I am unsure whether we will ever be able to recover from that fatal barb.
  • James: Oh, the shame!
  • Sirius: The embarrassment!
  • Lily: Just because somebody doesn’t have a fancy magical family, doesn’t mean they’re inferior to you.
  • James: I agree. [Peers almost nervously at his new friend who also happens to be a Black] What say you, Sirius?
  • Sirius: I think a lot of people are inferior to me, regardless of who they are or where they come from, because I already know I’m better.
  • Lily: Are you serious?
  • Sirius: Apologies. I assumed you were already aware of that. [Holds out his hand] Sirius Orion Black. Pleasure to meet you.
  • [Lily crosses her arms, unimpressed]
  • Sirius: [Dramatically rolls his eyes] For the sake of argument, I don’t give a toss about all that pure-blood nonsense. But I do believe in my own brilliance. I only get more and more brilliant, the more you get to know me.
  • James: You should believe it too, Evans. Have you seen this bloke’s hair? I mean, look at it!
  • Sirius: Thanks, mate. And you? You have great teeth.
  • James: Your singing in the shower? Excellent!
  • Sirius: I admire the way yo-
  • Remus: -Are two you going to flirt all day?
  • James: Perhaps.
  • Sirius: If we feel like it.
  • James: I have faith we could last that long.
  • Sirius: Merlin knows the endless many things there are to compliment me on.
  • James: You haven’t even seen me on a broomstick yet.
  • Lily: Your heads cannot possibly get any bigger! Just stop being so stuck up and stay out of my way.
  • Sirius: You are not the boss of us. We can do anything in any manner which we choose.
  • James: We are fully entitled to decide how we act on any given day - stuck up or otherwise.
  • Sirius: However, the rules of a civilised society may frown upon a certain obvious display of snobbery, so if that is your argument-
  • Lily: -I don’t have an argument!
  • James: We can give you a moment-
  • Sirius: -and ourselves a strategic sidebar-
  • James: -to formulate one if you want to continue.
  • Lily: I’m busy!
  • James: Oh, she’s busy.
  • Sirius: Translation: she concedes.
  • Lily: I don’t like it when people hurt my friends.
  • James: And you react when goaded.
  • Lily: I am not goaded. I am so far from goaded. Get out your compass, and I will show you how far from goaded I am.
  • Sirius: I think we’ve got a serious debater in our midst, gents.
  • James: And she’s ferociously loyal, lads. We’ve got to give her a louder hand for that.
  • Sirius: 'Angry ginger’ was spot on. Nice one, James.
  • James: Tell Snivellus we said hello.
  • Sirius: We promise to remember you instantly next time.
  • James: Now, Evans, can you actually tell me that wasn’t fun?
  • [Lily is speechless and her face is red while all the boys but James start to walk off]
  • James: Chief Warlock.
  • Lily: What’s that? A book?
  • James: No. That is what I want you to call me from now on. [Winks and struts away to join his friends without a backward glance]
  • Lily: Ugh.

No one ever asked for Ethan getting flustered while he and Danny try on each other’s clothes, but… Well, why not?