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So, I was looking for Scottish Gaelic names (it might o might no be for name a plushie thistle monster, by the way), when two things call my attention. The name Briannag (Briana) means strength and is the name of Celt Goddess. Ans then we have Murdagh, which means Sea Warrior. What do you make of this? The fact that Murtagh partly means warrior is not surprising.

This is fascinating, anon!

I too am not surprised that it partly means “warrior” - though the “sea” bit has me puzzled.

Unless, of course, this is some kind of very very subtle (if you squint your eyes) hint that MURTAGH MAKES HIS WAY ACROSS THE OCEAN AND MEETS UP WITH JAMIE AND CLAIRE IN NORTH CAROLINA IN SEASON 4

because I’d totally be on board with that!

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Why the fuck did they make tokens brewable?

Look, I understand they’re trying to cut down on the influx of fest items older brewers put in the market with a four day brew. I get it.

But honestly, it seems really FORCED.

Collecting all the recolors seemed like a subtle very long term goal set by the staff that, for the most part, you couldn’t buy your way to (not a lot would sell their coin if they new it was their only one for the month), but they cut that short real quick, eh?

Idk. Maybe I’m overreacting. Lets discuss this please? Maybe?

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Aw love I’m sorry you’re upset. Truth is, there’s been a lot of subtle (and some not very subtle at all) attempts to make it seem as though Harry and Louis couldn’t possibly be in a relationship, and sadly, some people have swallowed it hook line and sinker because of the intense emotions they feel about their fave.

It’s sad to me, because if nothing else it just means that people have lost sight of what brought them here in the first place. As for me? Those tattoos are permanently inked in their skin for nothing, and I love both of my sons so much. I’m a Harrie Louie Larry larrie.

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We always see the swords being shipped with one another or the Saniwa. How about 3 swords (Mikazuki, Ichigo and a sword boy of your choice) shipping their master with another?? Who would they ship their master with?? Do they tease the Saniwa subtly or place them in certain situations that the two are left alone in hopes of a confession occurring?? (The other person could be a fellow comrade or another person from the Government that their master works with).

To make it feel easier for me to answer, I’m gonna write it along with the theme inspired by earlier asks of Husband! Blacksmith. So basically the sword boys are going to like the idea of the Saniwa being with the Blacksmith and I’ll be answering with the meddling they do to try get them together, hope that’s okay.

• I don’t think he’d be very subtle making comments of “you two make a good couple” whenever he can. He’s pretty clear in his encouragement.

• He doesn’t feel it right to meddle to much so the most he does is probably pull aside the Saniwa one day and have an overly serious talk about how he encourages them to follow their heart and that they don’t have to look to far. He doesn’t quite point out the Blacksmith but his intention is clear.

• He probably sets up the most lazy schemes for getting the two alone together or at least in the same room. He relies on Hotaru and Aizen a lot to pull them off, partly because he’s too lazy to always go to the effort himself but also because it makes his complaints of needing the Saniwa to accompany him a little more believable when the two are backing him up.

If Yuuri was a stripper back in Detroit Pt 7
  • Random guy: *double takes as Yuuri and Viktor walk by* Hey! Have I seen you before?
  • Yuuri: Uh, well if you watch figure skating then-
  • Guy: Nah, that's not it... Did you.. Are you Velvet Axel?
  • Guy: No I'm sure I've stuffed a 20 in you g-
  • Yuuri: NOT ME SO SORRY GOODBYE FOREVER *grabs Viktor and power walks away*
  • Viktor: ... Velvet Axel? THAT was your stripper name?
How the signs are Misunderstood

Aries~ A lot of people think Aries is a very traditionally “masculine” sign, in the sense that they take control and are very tough. They don’t feelphased by the cruelties of life? Right? Nope, Aries is the baby of the zodiac and approaches life with an almost niave optimism. They are very sensitive, amd while they are very resilent amd strong, people tend to overestimate them. Others tend to put them in situations that deep down overwhelm them.

Taurus~ Some may view this Archetype as very boring, stuck in their ways and emotionally hollow. However, the Taurus archetype tends to express much like a cat.
Their emotions are very internal, steady and subtle. But just because something is subtle… it does not mean it isn’t there.

Gemini~ Two faced. Gossipers. Backstabbers. Boy oh boy, do people love to hate on Gemini. I wonder if it’s just a trend? However Gemini is like a chameleon.
Boundary disillusionment.
Gemini is so easily taken advantage of and confused in this era of technology and social media.
Gemini is actually very free flowing, and stress free when expressed in a healthy way. Gemini can be your best friend, your mother and your wing man all at once.

Cancer~ Overlysensitive, reactive is a better way to put it. The Cancer archetype is very patient, especially with others emotions. They stay calm in chaotic situations. They are your rock and you didn’t even know it, let alone take the time to thank them.

Leo~ Selfish. Leo can be very tolerant, almost to a fault. Leo is very happy go lucky, and wants everyone to have a good time. They are extremely generous, especially with their presence and warmth. They like to make people feel comfortable.

Virgo~ Control freaks. Virgos are very laidback and let loose a lot more than you might think. As long as things have a precise foundation, where they feel safe, why not dance on top of it? Some of the most fun people you will ever meet will have strong Virgo aspects.

Libra~ Hmm maybe Vain? Or shallow? Libra is an air sign. And they think and feel very deeply, they do have an eye for beauty and perfection. They chase after it because why not? Life is short, why not have beautiful things? Libras are very zen and spiritual deep down. They usually only share this with people they are close to, because while they’re friendly to everyone and love to socialize, they also like to keep things to themselves. Libra is actually very private with things they care about.

Scorpio~ Sexual deviants. My god, I could go on and on about this but I’ll spare you. Scorpio is about purity, truth and intimacy.
Intimacy doesn’t always have to be sexual.
For example, A father and his child playing and laughing together; The moment is intimate because their guards are down. There is no facade, or a need to be something your not in order to be loved.
It’s a moment of truth and purity, when humans can truly bond, and love.

Sagittarius~ Wild and free. Not that those are bad things, Sagittarius actually responds very well to organization amd structure. Earth exalts in Sagittarius, while they always seem so carefree, they are very sensitive and put a lot of high expectations on themselves. They feel down when they feel they aren’t fulfilling their highest potential.

Capricorn~ Cold. Standoffish. Capricorn can be so warm and loving it would just blow your mind. While they tend to keep to themselves, They love to have fun. Just keep it simple and let them know a week in advance. They will laugh with you and cry with you and miss you when you leave.

Aquarius~ Know it all. Weirdo. While Aquarius is usually very modern and is always flying forward into the future, They do value traditional things. These things may seem random and misplaced to you, but it makes perfect sense to them. Some see them as cryptic and hard ti understand, but their words flow out so eloquently. So in touch. So grounded.

Pisces~ Self-destructive. Airheads. Pisces can be very into self-help and obscure health facts and practices. For example, using a copper tongue scraper because its good for your kidneys. They love nature and resonate with it so easily. If anything they’re are the most in touch with reality. The reality of emotion. The reality of the things we can’t explain.