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Hello, Lovestruck fans!

We have a number of exciting updates for you today, so let’s get right to it.

Client update!

The next time you launch Lovestruck, you might notice that you’re being asked to download a new version.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Pride Month icon featuring some of our LGBT love interests!
  • A few small UI upgrades and changes
  • Bug fixes

June is Pride Month!

We show pride every day by offering more LGBT stories than any other interactive story app, and regularly introducing new members to the casts of our stories, and we wanted to highlight their romances in commemoration and celebration of LGBT heritage and culture.

In addition to our fancy icon, we’ve prepared a very special story starring our LGBT love interests (and a special guest!) we’ll be releasing during June. The first episodes will be released June 2 - check back in next week!

Weekend Sale!

To get ready for the official start of summer, we’re launching a special sale that will run Friday, May 26 through Monday, May 29. For a limited time, get 10% more tickets in the Sack of Tickets!

There are more special offers you can only see from within the app so make sure to check them out, too!

Go forth and read! The next few weeks are going to be really exciting and we can’t wait to share the rest of what’s in store.

Batgirl Vol 1 30

This time we have a very special issue of Batgirl. First of all, it guest-stars Connor Hawke (rather than the other way around with Batgirl starring in someone else’s story), and secondly, we start with a flashback way, waaaaayyyy back into the past to Roman times, when the Legion of IX disappeared on their way to a war in the north.

Back in modern day Gotham, Cass and Barb are watching a crappy crime show episode about a murder by arrow that took place three days ago. Barb questions the quality of the show, but Cass explains that, since she can’t read or write, this is the best way for her to learn. While Barb insists that she will prepare a tutorial to work on Cass’ reading skills, Cass shows that she knows her way around a computer, at least, although the real treasure in this scene is Barb going all typical-mom about Cass’ TV consumption.
Aphasia: 55
Batmom: 25

During Cassandra’s next patrol, another man is shot dead with an arrow after a heated argument over the phone, regarding the way some organization should be run. Cass goes in to investigate, only to spot Connor, who tries to explain himself, but Cass is having none of that.

Connor is holding his own surprisingly well, despite the obvious miscommunication. Almost a little too well, to be honest, given that Cass beat the greatest martial artist in the DCU in hand to hand combat, so one point for dubious characterization here. He is saved by a man I don’t know and don’t care about, except that every second sentence out of his mouth just ticks me off, who delivers an announced blow to Cass’s head.
Dubious characterization: 6

Cass reveals that she is awake and listening, and that she now believes them. While they muse over her taciturn nature, Cass runs off to catch the killer.
Aphasia: 56

After that, we finally get a look at who is behind all the arrow murders: a woman called Agrippina, who is apparently at least 2,000 years old, has a penchant for putting arrows in people… and some really stupid henchmen.

Habits of my Heart: Chapter 24

Hey guys! Very special guest star in this one, especially if you like Red Velvet (wink wonk). Rest of the chapters can be found here [Click]

Chapter 24. 

The next day, everyone was already getting ready to leave the bus and explore the city, but Sharna remained in her bunk. She was lost in her thoughts, when someone knocked softly on the edge of her bed. She opened her curtain and saw Artem crouching next to her, “hey” he simply said. 

“Morning?” Sharna offered, finding his behavior somewhat odd. She yawned and stretched as much as she could with the space she had.

“Is there something going on with you?" 

Her attention shifted back to him, “what makes you say something’s the matter?” She turned onto her side and used her arm to prop her head up. She had to admit that she hadn’t quite been feeling it since yesterday morning. As much as she tried not to jump to conclusions, she couldn’t help feeling anxious about calling James later. She hated feeling this way; being upset made her even more upset.

“I have my reasons.”

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Second best episode: Prince

A very special guest star, funny moments from everyone, and Nick and Jess finally say that they love each other… What’s not to love about this episode? 47% of voters picked this episode as one of their top episodes of the season.  In 3rd place was All In, with 37% of voters picking it.   (GIF credit: x)

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A quick introduction to Japanese family crests and their use in kimono, with special guest star Cat! (He’s very bad at being quiet when he wants your attention, and shutting him out of the room will just make him grab the bottom of the door with his paws and bang it in its frame. lol So I decided to try to have some fun with him being in the background.) Thanks for watching!


New Video! Made Star Trek Cake with very special guest Neil deGrasse Tyson today on Nerdy Nummies! :)


The Supernova of 1054, Our Very Special “Guest Star”

All of humanity likely saw it, a brilliant supernova that lit up the daytime sky in 1054. But 960 years later, there’s still a lot we dont quite understand about the famous celestial phenomenon.

GMWWriters Tweet Roundup #2


  • Game Night: “Another visit from Josh, who stays all night. And so does Lucas.” (x) Farkle is there too (x) “Cory and Lucas go at it over Riley. Everybody ends up under a blanket. Josh announces the whole thing.” (x)
  • Maya is 13 this season, and has a birthday in Master Plan (x)
  • Marissa, Marissa, and Missy: “Episode never happened. idea never came together for us. sometimes that happens.” (x
  • “Fish is part of Season 2 on a very special night. The Season 1 episode instead has a very special guest star.” (x)
  • Episode order as of now: “Game Night, Master Plan, Farkle’s Choice, First Date, and then something special.” (x)


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