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So I’ve been reading a thing. A wonderful, awful thing. And I encourage you to check into it too. Kudos to @phantomrose96 and @kikaiz for their excellent work bringin this crazy AU to life.

bonus: the truth

Old Man Drack

• he complains when the kids get in the galley and crowd his personal space

• laughs at all the dad jokes, because he makes the dad jokes

• throws crumbs on the floor to feed the hamster but blames the mess on the hamster

• sleeps at most random of times

• shouts at omni-tool when hearing the news

• sleeps with the stuffed animals you find in the crew quarters (they were gifts from Kesh when she was smol)

• complains about being old but denies anyone who points out that he’s old

• angry grandpa


{make me choose}
- anonymous asked: final fantasy xiii or mass effect


I was a big fan of all the X-Men films growing up. I still am. I recently watched all of them again and they’re awesome. I love special effects movies, and the whole idea behind X-Men of homo superior and homo sapiens being at war and trying to accept homo superior—it’s a universal struggle. It’s a very relatable thing, and I think it gives it a lot of heart. That’s important when you’re dealing with a movie that’s very special effects and sci-fi driven.

drrr characters + social media headcanons

- favours instagram and tumblr - surprisingly, he doesn’t like talking too much online unless he’s playing a particular ‘character’
- has countless accounts on each, pertaining to different interests and subcultures (pastel aesthetic, monochrome photography, various fandoms and pop culture trends, etc)
- has a couple writing/poetry blogs which are rarely updated and have strictly no information other than text. his poems sometimes get very popular and are always attributed to “anonymous”
- the accounts that are most “him” are actually the most popular, featuring nighttime/cityscape/urban photography and very brief posts about the restaurants and shops he visits while exploring, and all the food he tries
- he sometimes uploads videos of him playing atop skyscrapers in first-person perspective, or videos of him climbing (with his face obscured, often by his hood and a black dust mask). he likes seeing people’s reactions in the comments, he finds it funny to watch them freak out
- has several twitter accounts which he uses to keep up with goings-on as they occur without having to get too involved
- some of his twitters pose as a devoted fan of various celebrities/fandoms, others as merely a concerned citizen, some are completely devoid of information about him (or any ‘character’) and are where he compiles info and contributes to rumours

- has a lot of accounts on various things, but has little interest in anything
- mostly uses his social media to keep up with ruri and kasuka
- on instagram and tumblr, he mostly follows photography blogs with no text so there’s no risk of them pissing him off - he likes urban photography, and pictures/videos of animals (especially dogs), and posts about food
- he follows several of izaya’s blogs without realising it
- he likes to look through the pictures people (both citizens and professional photographers) take of kasuka and ruri, because some of them are nice and he likes to save them since they never really get the chance to take photos together
- likes to watch food videos on instagram, but often feels slightly guilty while watching them because he never bothers to cook
- he and kasuka send each other pictures and videos of cute animals whenever they can spare the time, it’s often the highlight of his day to see kasuka has sent him something
- as frustrating as he often finds it, he enjoys social media because he cannot unintentionally/unthinkingly hurt anyone

- would have accounts on every social media in existence devoted solely to celty, if only she would let him
- instead, he takes picture of the meals they cook to tumblr and Instagram. they occasionally feature a pale hand or shoulder in the corner, and all of his followers believe his ‘wife’ to be very beautiful and shy due to his captions
- his accounts give the impression of a standard ‘family man’, though he claims himself to be a stay-at-home husband while his 'wife’ works hard
- has a gore sideblog, to which he often uploads his own photos. his followers decide better than to question where he gets them from.
- most believe him to be simply very skilled at special effects makeup

- she likes twitter and instagram because she enjoys watching humans live and interact with each other, and observe trends
- is oddly fascinated by makeup tutorials, her favourites are standard 'modern’ makeup looks with bright colour schemes (especially yellows and blues)
- often finds herself looking through posts about sightings of 'the black rider’, and finds herself amused by the teenagers who both idolise and fear her
- follows a lot of celtic lore and aesthetic blogs on tumblr, but tries to ensure it doesn’t get her too caught up in the past or frustrated - also likes fashion blogs, particularly more minimalist monochrome styles (no matter how many times shinra insists she’d look better in the various lacy travesties he shows her) - she posts most often on tumblr - she uploads photos she takes, particularly ones where she is far outside the city or deep into the emptier streets and alleyway, though none of them are particularly high-quality - her followers believe this to be part of the 'aesthetic’ and appeal, and her photos often get quite popular - she tries to avoid talking too much, but often finds herself giving out advice or tangled up trying to resolve arguments between strangers

ndrv3 idol au; unit info

oo shit oo jeez this au got more attention than i would have thought aha;; thank you so much for those of you who have said kind things about it!! if you’re seeing this on your dash for the first time, here’s the original post for context!!

on that note, time for more info about the units other than just the names and who’s in them aha;;


✧ The typical ‘protagonist’ unit!
✧ They’re the only unit that doesn’t have a specific theme in either their outfits or their songs; they’re known for being very varied.
✧ Though Kaede is the leader, she isn’t actually the main vocalist when they perform! Tenko is the one who does the main vocals, as she has the strongest and arguably best voice of them all. 
✧ Though both Momota and Kaede do backup vocals, Momota takes over if there are any rapping parts in the songs and Kaede can usually take over when there’s a solo.
✧ Kaede also does all the instrumentals, and they’re well known for having very very very good piano centric songs when they do do them!


✧ The most popular unit in the school!
✧ Could also be considered the ‘big bad’ unit, but that’s mostly due to Ouma’s pranks; Amami is 90% of his impulse control and Himiko is the other 10%.
✧ They’re well known for being very good at putting shows and have amazing special effects and choreography, which is one of the main reasons why they’re so popular lol.
✧ Their songs tend to be on the more surrealish side and have a bit of a jazzy tone to them - think Caravan Palace.
✧ Ouma does the main vocals, and both Yumeno and Amami do backup vocals! Amami makes the instrumental tracks and Yumeno mixes.
✧ Amami is also in charge of all their outfits, while Ouma covers choreography and Yumeno is very good at special effects!
✧ Their outfits have a dark red and purple theme, usually accented with black and white or gold.


✧ Seen as the most dignified and ‘mature’ unit of them all.
✧ Their whole theme is that they use many classical instruments and hope to break inappropriate idol stereotypes!
✧ They don’t really have a main lead vocalist, as they split up all the lyrics equally between them.
✧ All three of them can play the violin, and quite well, so there’s usually a violin part in their songs where one of them plays the violin onstage.
✧ Good friends with the unit Kiseki! Sometimes they have joint shows.
✧ Their uniforms are never very colorful, with maybe an accent of color at most - it’s all either black and white or grey!
✧ They also tend to be the subject of most of Ouma’s pranks because Saihara is there rip
✧ I hate to admit it but their music is probably really similar to ‘Cantarella’ and ‘Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~’ like when trying to think of what to compare their music to that was the best thing I could come up with so. Yknow.


✧ Very experimental music! They aren’t extremely popular, but all the reviews that they do get are extremely positive and they probably have the best music out of everyone honestly.
✧ Unfortunately, their live shows tend to be on the plainer side so they don’t get that much attention that way tfw…
✧ Their unit name also ties in with their traits, as a tonette is an extremely durable instrument; the unit itself has almost fallen apart several times, but just when all hope seems lost it makes a comeback!
✧ One of their catchphrases is “we’ll cast a net around your heart!” and Gonta loves it but Hoshi hates it.
✧ Hoshi was actually a very popular idol back in the day, but almost quit due to past misfortunes; however, when Gonta entered idol academy™ he convinced Hoshi to form a unit with him instead of quitting!


✧ An almost stereotypical idol unit that focuses very much on being cutesy! Has a lot of pink in their uniforms.
✧ Very ‘cute’ and ‘feminine’ songs that have a metal twist to them; best compared to something like this!
✧ Probably the most popular unit after Mahou and maybe achromantic?
✧ The lead vocalist depends on what kind of song it is. Harukawa has the strongest and steadiest voice, while Shirogane has a very soft and cute voice. Iruma’s voice, on the other hand, is good for the screamo parts in the song.
✧ If there’s a rap in there Iruma does it.
✧ They also have the best outfits due to Shirogane.


✧ I’ll state it once again here that Kiibo’s a human in this au!
✧ ARTIFICIAL SUNSHINE has a very electropop feel to their music! 
✧ Their lyrics don’t really make sense (probably take advice from Bandai), but their songs are always a bop.
✧ They’re friends with all the units!
✧ For some reason everyone thinks that they’re siblings but they’re not.
✧ Their stage names are ANG-13 and K1-B0!
✧ Though they’re the newest and most inexperienced unit out of them all, they make up for it with their constant enthusiasm! 
✧ They have bright neon colored uniforms.
✧ They equally split up the lyrics when singing, but Angie is the one who writes the words while Kiibo makes the instrumental track and mixes.


I’m not saying it’s not an excellent plan for the future, Islington.  I’m just saying you may need to rethink who exactly is going to be singing those hosannas past about the first five minutes of you taking your throne since for some reason I don’t think I’m jumping to any wild conclusions if I suggest you’re actually going to find *nobody* worthy and *all people everywhere* HATEFUL IN YOUR SIGHT.

You know, for some reason.

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Dads reacting to Dadsona that’s a makeup artist and works on movie sets? Maybe they even scare them with a gore piece

[thank you for the ask anon! hope you enjoy and feel free to send in asks/prompts!]

🎣Brian,🏋Craig :
- really cool! would want to learn some special effects stuff from you
- loves watching the movies you worked in and seeing the makeup you did
- hates it when you scare them though

🐶Damien,📚Hugo,🔪Robert :
- so intrigued by it! always asks for help during Halloween
- watches the movie you worked in over and over again, just loves seeing the special effects
- very wowed

💒Joseph,☕Mat :
- fucking terrified
- will scream if they see you with the makeup on, immediately thinks that it’s real and you hurt yourself
- begs for you not to scare them ever again because the one time you did Joseph pissed his actual pants

Claire Denis talks about Rob and High Life in Les Inrockuptibles:

The original idea of HIGH LIFE comes from the day when Claire joked to Vincent Gallo: “You’re such a pain in the ass that I’m going to make a movie where you’ll be alone in space.” The filmmaker has been carrying the film around for five years and thought she would have to abandon it given the financial issues. We can imagine that the meeting with Robert Pattinson, infinitely more bankable than Gallo, was decisive.

Claire remembers: “He wanted to meet me at a time when I was lost about this project. I was seduced by him since Twilight.” An American critic wrote: ‘Go and see Pattinson, who is an actor who hides an other actor inside himself.’ That’s exactly that! I think Robert doesn’t want to have a career that he can not control.“ She was won over by Pattinson, his knowledge, his intelligence and his liveliness.

"One day, in London, I wanted to see 'Phaedra’ by Warlikowski, and I invited Robert. He asked me how long it lasted, and I said, four hours. I felt him hesitate. He came, most likely to please me, and he came out totally crazy about it! Now he wants to work with Warlikowski.” He is an “open” guy.

It will not be a blockbuster of course. The set is small, the scenery is simple, there will be very few special effects. We will be outside the solar system so there will be a lot of black on screen.

Many thanks to Pattinson Art Work for the translation. Scans are HERE on Twitter.

(Source: robsfootsteps on Instagram)

October 13: Children of the Corn (1984)

Another Stephen King story. :D

Creepy kids are creepy. And this group of freakishly disturbing kids win all the creep awards.

This movie is so subtle. The bland hayseed-esque color palette, the minimalistic on-location set and set dressing, the very limited special effects and makeup used. What’s great about this is how it doesn’t rely on visual, it’s a mental game. And sometimes that’s even scarier, you know?

I find myself shouting “Outlander!” all the time, a side effect from watching this over and over again.

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Fem shep/liara 9? :3

FemShep/Liara - First Kiss. I hope you enjoy it!

The water in the presidium lake sparkled in the sunlight, and Shepard smiled as she relaxed against the railing, watching the patterns of light reflecting onto the fountain. She brushed her coppery hair out of her face as a gentle breeze pushed against her, rustling through the leaves of the trees and sending ripples across the lake. The sky above was cloudless and blue, and though she knew it was an illusion, she appreciated the warmth of the holographic sun on her skin.

“Shepard!” Liara called breathlessly as she hurried across the bridge, her cheeks flushing lavender and her cornflower blue eyes seeking hers. “I’m so sorry I’m late!”

“It’s no problem, I’ve been enjoying the view.”

Sara Shepard smiled easily and pushed away from the railing, a tingle of excitement threading through her as she caught her girlfriend in her arms. Girlfriend, the word filled her with joy and Sara grinned happily. Gods, Liara was beautiful. It was still hard to believe that this gorgeous asari, already an expert in her own field and a brilliant archaeologist, was actually interested in her.

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I was a big fan of all the X-Men films growing up. I still am. I recently watched all of them again and they’re awesome. I love special effects movies, and the whole idea behind X-Men of homo superior and homo sapiens being at war and trying to accept homo superior—it’s a universal struggle. It’s a very relatable thing, and I think it gives it a lot of heart. That’s important when you’re dealing with a movie that’s very special effects and sci-fi driven.


watch the full Space Patrol (Raumpatrouille Orion) episode: “Der Kampf um die Sonne“ (The fight for the sun), which first aired on this day (Nov 12) in 1966.  This was a great 60s scifi show from Germany with very good special effects.