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Paladins+Lotor x trans bou

REQUEST: HC about the paladins (and lotor if you want.) with a trans male s/o that kinda doubts his masculinity

A/N: I can really relate to this because who actually understands gender? Like, I have had a low-key hard time with doubting of my more masculine ways(I’m non-binary but more masculine) and this kinda hit close to home. Also, I am very sorry for the lack of updates as of lately, more homework than expected And try to stay away from certain things like tumblr. I’m also posting this via phone so the structure may be weird


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-Will buy anything and everything to make sure his boyfriend feels masculine. No questions asked.

- Want chest binders? Great here’s one for every day of the galra year. A planet? Great here is the one with the supposedly toughest army. Only the best for his boyfriend.

-Pays for everything medical wise.

-Will fight anyone if they even question his boyfriend’s masculinity. They’d be in a worse condition if they caused him to doubt his masculinity.

-Worships his s/o if they don’t feel masculine that day.


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-Will throw hands with anyone who says anything transphobic towards his s/o. Especially if they were the ones who made you doubt your masculinity.

-He wants to make his s/o feel better he really does, but emotions aren’t his strong suit. So he tries his best to make them feel masculine.

-He does research because he doesn’t know how to treat him.

-But once he knows what to do he’s so helpful.

-If his boyfriend tries to bind his chest with ace bandages(don’t do that doesn’t work, trust me I tried) and at first he’s like “ok”

-But after doing a little bit of research for a chest binder, he finds out you’re not supposed to do that and that it can really harm your insides. And he’s so pissed.

-And he buys his boyfriend like five just to hope his boyfriend doesn’t do that again.


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-I feel like he;d be the second best to have around during times when you’re feeling not as masculine as you’d hope to be. Especially because he is the embodiment of masculinity.

-Does everything in his power to make him feel good.

- Buys his boyfriend a chest binder and a haircut and new clothes and cologne. And any other thing he can think of to make sure his s/o feels better about themself.

-If they wanna you know have his muscle, he tries to help. Can’t promise anything. Especially if he hasn’t taken his testosterone shots. But he tries.

-Tries to use compliments that are usually used for boys.


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-Hunk is the first best to have around during times of not feeling masculine. Like no doubt. Fight me on this.

- I feel like Hunk would try and help them seem more physically masculine. Like, there are some foods that can lower ones estrogen and increase testosterone. And he knows about every single one of them.

-He’s a very supportive person in general and really wants his boyfriend to be happy with himself.

-Talks his s/o through moments of dysphoria.

-I feel like he’d talk a big talk while doing so too. “Y/n, I swear I will buy you ten chest binders.” Which he does. But over the span of a while because one binder can be up to thirty bucks


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-Compliments, my friend Lots and lots of compliments.

- “Now please direct your attention to my handsome boyfriend. He is very handsome.”

-Once someone said something transphobic and he fought them. Like hand to hand. Lance likes to think he won.(weather he did or not I’ll let you decide.)

-Buys his s/o more masculine clothes. Like a lot.

-Let’s say the two to you went to pride and were walking down the street and Lance sees the best shirt. It’s (favorite color) with it reading mighty=trans. And he wants to buy you like seven. He doesn’t.

-But he buys you one and buys himself a blue shirt one that says Mighty=Bisexual with. And wears it with pride.(yes I have one. But mine says mighty=queer)

-He really tries his best to show him he loves his s/o trans or not. If that doesn’t work he tries to work him through the dysphoria.


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-Tries to help him feel more masculine. Like, she had to pretend to be a boy for a while, I think Pidge knows a thing for at least pretending to be masculine.

-Tries her best to help her s/o feel masculine.

- And she may not be the most emotionally driven person, but Pidge tries her hardest.

-I feel like she’d be the type of person who corrects a person when they need up with pronouns. And if she isn’t there rover is.

- “Y/n isn’t a she it’s a he.”

-she doesn’t tell her s/o that she programmed the rover to do so. And when it just speaks her s/o has a lowkey heart attack.

-Rover also has notes stuck on it that help him feel more masculine

Ok so...

I’m sure all of you are wondering what the heck happened to this comic and if it’s ever going to continue? The honest answer is Yes, but probably not any time soon, because I want to improve my art and get a better hold of the comic structure before diving headfirst into it like last time. I did say that it was an experiment, and that is all there is to it. I wasn’t planning on doing the entire comic in one go, it was just a test to see what the response to it was. And it was surprisingly positive, which I am incredibly grateful for!

The other honest answer is that I’m very hesitant to because of two reasons:

1) After the first three week hiatus, I started getting sudden bursts of anon hate on my main blog. Some of them were cracks about the art style or complaining about the lack of updates or simply saying that it just sucks. I promptly blocked these users, but it still made a negative impact on whether I would still provide content for people who don’t seem to want it. I know it’s unfair for the people who did want more, but it really rubbed me the wrong way. I’m sorry to those who still like this comic, you guys are the absolute best

2) The second reason that after looking to my favorite comic artists for advice, I started getting discouraged. They said that I shouldn’t be doing a web comic at such a young age and that I should be better prepared for it when I am older. I know they have a good point and that they mean well, but it hurt coming from the people I looked up to. I started questioning whether I should be doing this at all, and I eventually started feeling like I was incapable of writing and drawing a comic. I was incredibly disheartened.

However, now that I am getting a much better hold of digital drawing, I am finding myself to be improving much more from the last time I updated this blog! I find it very encouraging to look back at this comic and see how far I’ve come in less than a year.

So stay positive and patient, Eddheads! It’s what we learned after all these years and we should always support each other in our community. Thank you all for reading this comic, and stick around for more updates!

Concert Nerves Pt. 1 - Luke Hemmings

A/N: Sorry for the lack of updates guys but this second part is almost done, I just couldn’t make it one post, it would have been way too long, but it will have a second part very shortly. Thanks for all staying with me even though my updates are so frickin slow xxx

Hands shaking you grab your keys and bag hurrying to where your friend had parked out the front of your apartment. You were on your way to a concert you’d promised your friend you’d go to before knowing what band you were seeing and you were regretting having made such a rash decision. Tonight you were going to see 5 Seconds of Summer, and you were so nervous about seeing them live, despite knowing that while you would definitely be able to see Luke, the guy you’d dated for over two years and loved more than anyone else in the world, he wouldn’t be able to see you. 

It had been a little under a year since you’d broken things off with Luke, and he certainly didn’t know you were now living in London. You’d gotten a promotion in the weeks before you had broken up with him. You’d known that you couldn’t support Luke in the ways he needed if you took it, but you also knew you couldn’t live with yourself if you didn’t. You’d flown out to him on tour, broken up with him and then flown directly to London without telling him where you were going. He didn’t know about the promotion, you’d known he would try to make you stay and you had known that was not something you could do. Although you knew it was the right thing to do, the only thing you could do, you still hadn’t forgiven yourself for breaking your own heart, or for causing the pain you had seen in his eyes that day.

And so tonight instead of telling your friend why you didn’t want to go with her, explaining it all to her, you’d just agreed to go, your seats were in the wings so you knew you’d not be seen by Luke. You’d gotten her to drive you because you knew that after the concert was over you’d have to get incredibly drunk to handle the evening. 

‘Y/N! I’m so excited you’re coming, this is going to be great, I love these guys, I know we’ll be way older than most of the kids here but their music is just so good! How much do you know about them?’ She asks and you shake your head, ‘Not much, I mean I only really started listening to them when you asked me to go with you.’ You lie. She nods happy to fill you in. 'Well, the boys are all from Australia, the drummer’s name is Ashton, Michael plays guitar, Calum plays bass and Luke is the lead singer kind of and he also plays guitar.’ She pushes on telling you internet facts that only show some of who the boys are. They’d be like your family in the years you’d dated Luke, you knew almost everything about these boys. When you’d lost your boyfriend you’d lost a great group of friends too.

You pull up to the venue, snagging a park close enough which is somewhat incredible considering it’s only a half hour before the opening band is scheduled to begin. You don’t have to line up for entry, just get your tickets scanned and find your seats. They’re not excellent but they’re good enough. Your friend had booked them later and they were all that was left. You were so relieved.

Settling in you try and calm your nerves. It’s about fifteen minutes before the first band will open, and then another will follow before the boys come out. You’re beginning to freak out completely. This wasn’t a part of your plan. You’re coming to realise that you won’t be able to do this. Your hands start sweating and your head starts to feel light and you think there is a possibility you may faint before the show even starts. Hauling yourself out of the seat you grab your phone and purse. 'I’m just going to grab a bottle of water and step outside a second, get some air before it starts you know?’ You say to your friend slipping away into the crowd before she can object. 

Stepping into the night air, away from the crowds near an exit that’s as far away from the doors as you can get, you lean against the brick wall. Deep breathes in and out start to calm you. Until you realise you’ll have to do this, you can’t abandon y/f/n she’s been such a good friend since you moved here. It wouldn’t be fair. 

You’re panicking again and making gasping noises as you struggle to get air into your lungs. Luckily the doorways are almost empty and you can’t see or hear much of anyone from where you’re standing. You concentrate on calming yourself down again, lying to yourself, telling yourself you’re going to be fine, you won’t even be able to see him properly, that you’re over him, that you don’t cry about him still, all these months after you broke it off. You’re so immersed in your thoughts you don’t even hear the footsteps that slow to a stop in next to you. 

You startle a hand held to your chest. 'Wanna drag?’ The voice of none other than Calum Hood says offering a cigarette to you. You shake your head, the dark concealing you enough that you think he might not recognise you. 'What are you doing here?’ he asks and you shrug as clamly as you can, ‘Needed some air.’ You say. He exhales, the smoke rolling through the air. ‘No why are you here, in London.’ He asks calmly.

‘I live here.’ You say softly knowing that despite the darkness you’ve been found.

‘Figures, you never answered your fucking phone, you didn’t even say goodbye to the rest of us.’ He says anger seeping into his voice. You take a deep breath, closing your eyes, leaning your back against the cold bricks despite already shivering, ‘what did Luke say to you?’ you ask. He shakes his head turning to look at you, ‘he said you told him you didn’t love him anymore. You have a fucking man here or something, is that why you fucking broke his heart and never looked back?’ he asks brown eyes boring into you harshly.

‘Fuck you Calum, I took a job here, it was a massive promotion, I knew I couldn’t be the girl Luke needed me to be, I couldn’t support him like he needed, I didn’t want him spending his little free time flying across the world to see me. It wasn’t fair. Did you think I wanted to do that, did you really believe I didn’t love him anymore, I love him more than anything in the world. I broke his heart but I fucking broke my own to. Fuck you, give me a goddamn cigarette.’ You’re crying properly now, sobbing as you slap his bicep demanding a cigarette.

‘Jesus Y/N.’ he says folding you into his chest, ignoring your request for a cigarette, ‘I’m sorry, I was a dick, you didn’t deserve that, he’s been such a mess, I wanted to make you feel like he has, clearly you’ve felt just as bad. Come around the back, I’ll grab you something to drink, you can decide what you want to do with Luke, but he does love you and I know you still love him.’ He talks to you gently but sincerely, holding you close to him, rubbing circles on your back like he would a crying child.

Stepping back you nod, ‘Thanks Calum, I’ve missed you all, I can’t, I’ve got to go back to my friend, she dragged me here,’ you smile half-heartedly at him. ‘Alright, but if you change your mind we’re all here, and I need your number, I’m not letting you get away without keeping in touch.’ he hands you his phone and you put your number in it. He leans over kissing your forehead, ‘Take care Y/N.’ he says. You smile a little before turning away and making your way back to the entrance.

Taking your seat again next to your friend you smile, promising yourself you’ll try to make it through the whole concert. ‘You okay?’ she asks and you nod taking her hand in yours.

‘Thanks for being a great friend to me when I moved here.’ You say and she grins in reply ‘It’s been a pleasure Y/N. Let’s have some fun!’ she exclaims happily.

Just before the boys come on you go to the back of the venue, grabbing a beer for you and a mixer for your friend. You know you need the alcohol to get through seeing Luke despite Calum’s little talk. This will not be the first trip to the bar, you’re certain. But as the lights dim and the crowd begins to chant you find yourself chanting too.

Writing Status

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I’m exhausted. Having to re-do everything after losing my updates has become exhausting. I don’t know if the lack of feedback on my most recent chapter for ‘This Ain’t Georgia’ was because of the technical issues with or because readers have genuinely become disinterested in my stories now because of the wait. Either way, I am not feeling very inspired to invest more time in re-writing everything I lost if people simply aren’t reading it.

Sorry to those who are waiting patiently for the next chapters. Sorry to those I’m beta-reading for and giving feedback on chapters to. I know I’m a horrible little shit.


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Wanted to ask how things were going and if the blog was still running

It’s still going! Apologies on my end for having not made an update recently. Violet is way too special to me to just drop off like that, I’ve just had a lack of motivation and time (sometimes being out of the house from 6:30am to 9pm for example!) to get some work done on this. Very sorry!

Plans for today include getting some progress done at least on something simple to get the flow going again though so expect something very soon!

Anything for Heart though, you’re gonna have to go pester @whatsapokemon to get off his butt and give her some update love

Thanks for the concern!


Day 13.100

Sorry for the lack of updates. After Friday delusions, I was very tired. And then on Monday I did another exam (I think I will get a good grade for this second one, at least).
Yesterday was my birthday and I was all day at the university with a terrible headache - I’m old ahah -, when I returned at home I fell asleep on the couch, so much for being my birthday AND Halloween night 😓
And now I have to do a very difficult homework for tomorrow. WHAT?! 🤤
I’m positive today, by the way. I also did a very simple study scheme for keeping track of my studies.
My November view rocks, let’s be honest though.

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Hey, look this isn't accusing or anything but you guys have taken quite a long time for this project to be completed, it's starting to come off as if you tricked artists into drawing stuff for you. I maybe wrong and hopefully I am, just, at least some updates would be nice. Again, not accusing and sorry if it sounds like it. I'll be glad to be proven wrong if what I said is not true.

Hey, sorry for the lack of updates! I understand your frustration and I assure you this project is still ongoing. It was my mistake and should have let you know what’s been going on. I’ve been swamped with my internship the past few months and trying to find time to work on the book has been difficult (working 40 hours a week and commuting 4 hours each day…). I know it has been way too long since this project started and I’m hoping to complete it at the very least this year. I hope you understand!

- lilly


Under the cut you'll find a total of #161, both small and medium, hq gifs of the KENDALL JENNER. Full credit goes to the original maker and owners of these gifs. Sorry in advance for any repeats. I'll try and update this as regularly as possible. And please like and/or reblog if this helped you in any way!

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I do one of these every year and it was a nice lil break from commission work (which is where I’ve been, sorry for the lack of updates, everyone! I should start posting some of my daily sketches at the very least, I’ll work on that). Maaaan we’ve come a long way since January, and even last December. It’s good to look back on these things!

Thanks for sticking with me throughout the year! I hope 2016 is a great one for all of us <3 Keep practicing and improving, you can do it too!! 

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I know. You are a complete fan of haikyuu!!, but... really. This blog as lately turned really boring! i mean, YOU PERECTLY CAN STILL POSTING AL HAIKYUU POST I LOVE THAT ANIME TOO IT'S FANTASTIC. But think, please think on the other fans or... fans like me that come here searching not only that, but the style and themes you posted before! PJO, HS, FMA... You can perfectly ignore this, if you want, but just think on that a moment. Think on the fans who yesteryear, comed here for your coolness

I like how the coolness of a blogger totally varies in the matter of what fandom they blog for.

I’m glad you still allow me to post haikyuu, that’s very very nice of you, thank you.

I can say the lack of my \other fandoms\ is pretty much in due of absense of it on my dash. I’d spam you with fma if there was enough of it on my dash, I wish there would. I’m still trying to avoid as many spoilers for Homestuck as possible before I catch up to the updates, that’s why I don’t quite follow too much for it either. I don’t see much of pjo stuff I’d want to reblog either, so…I’m sorry my blog turned really boring for your personal liking, but I enjoy it enough to keep going the way I go anyway.

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excuse me,i just want to ask you about something,is it good to make a comic without background? :)) i'm sorry if this is a weird question :)) oh and i'm sorry if my english is so bad :) oh! oh! by the way,i love your drawing and i can't wait for your next update ! XD

Hmm, you mean…backgrounds - as in the surroundings, right? If you browse through few of Echotale pages, you can see that they lack backgrounds mostly or have very very simplicistic ones. In comics you have to establish the feeling of surroundings to give the reader an image of WHERE the story takes place (a building?, outside?, some special place?is it day or night? what season?)So you can’t SKIP on the backgrounds ENTIRELY if you don’t want to give the reader a feeling that the story takes place in a neutral void of sort….. (only if you intend to give off that feeling on purpose…because…the story does take place in a void :’D). But you do not have to draw too detailed backgrounds everywhere, in each panel. Just choose few establishing panel shots, especially at start of chapter or start of new scene - to give the reader information about where it happens. On other panels it’s even encouraged to cut the background or make it as simple as possible, to emphasize the facial expressions or importance of text. Overwhelming backgrounds can work contraproductive. I’d love to make the art better in my case but I can’t afford it time-wise, so I really just sketch the bgr in few strokes or few details (like the floor tiles, few walls, trees). You just have to think about what is most important to show in each panel and act from there so the reader could have a comfortable read instead of asking questions that would disrupt the experience ;) Best of luck if you want to draw comics!