very sorry for lack of updates by the way!

Ok so...

I’m sure all of you are wondering what the heck happened to this comic and if it’s ever going to continue? The honest answer is Yes, but probably not any time soon, because I want to improve my art and get a better hold of the comic structure before diving headfirst into it like last time. I did say that it was an experiment, and that is all there is to it. I wasn’t planning on doing the entire comic in one go, it was just a test to see what the response to it was. And it was surprisingly positive, which I am incredibly grateful for!

The other honest answer is that I’m very hesitant to because of two reasons:

1) After the first three week hiatus, I started getting sudden bursts of anon hate on my main blog. Some of them were cracks about the art style or complaining about the lack of updates or simply saying that it just sucks. I promptly blocked these users, but it still made a negative impact on whether I would still provide content for people who don’t seem to want it. I know it’s unfair for the people who did want more, but it really rubbed me the wrong way. I’m sorry to those who still like this comic, you guys are the absolute best

2) The second reason that after looking to my favorite comic artists for advice, I started getting discouraged. They said that I shouldn’t be doing a web comic at such a young age and that I should be better prepared for it when I am older. I know they have a good point and that they mean well, but it hurt coming from the people I looked up to. I started questioning whether I should be doing this at all, and I eventually started feeling like I was incapable of writing and drawing a comic. I was incredibly disheartened.

However, now that I am getting a much better hold of digital drawing, I am finding myself to be improving much more from the last time I updated this blog! I find it very encouraging to look back at this comic and see how far I’ve come in less than a year.

So stay positive and patient, Eddheads! It’s what we learned after all these years and we should always support each other in our community. Thank you all for reading this comic, and stick around for more updates!

Writing Status

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I’m exhausted. Having to re-do everything after losing my updates has become exhausting. I don’t know if the lack of feedback on my most recent chapter for ‘This Ain’t Georgia’ was because of the technical issues with or because readers have genuinely become disinterested in my stories now because of the wait. Either way, I am not feeling very inspired to invest more time in re-writing everything I lost if people simply aren’t reading it.

Sorry to those who are waiting patiently for the next chapters. Sorry to those I’m beta-reading for and giving feedback on chapters to. I know I’m a horrible little shit.



I’m really sorry about the lack of updates. My shifts have been very long this week, and I’m only half way through them – I actually have a wedding to work tomorrow, so that’s going to be fun.

Also, I’m currently… not so great. Basically, I’m head over heels for somebody and it’s a very complicated situation – in many ways – so I’m not sure how to approach the matter or even approach her. That, and genuinely being fucking exhausted has stopped me from writing. However sometime next week, I’ll have written some YumiKuri goodness.

Tomorrow’s episode is going to hurt.


Under the cut you'll find a total of #161, both small and medium, hq gifs of the KENDALL JENNER. Full credit goes to the original maker and owners of these gifs. Sorry in advance for any repeats. I'll try and update this as regularly as possible. And please like and/or reblog if this helped you in any way!

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I know. You are a complete fan of haikyuu!!, but... really. This blog as lately turned really boring! i mean, YOU PERECTLY CAN STILL POSTING AL HAIKYUU POST I LOVE THAT ANIME TOO IT'S FANTASTIC. But think, please think on the other fans or... fans like me that come here searching not only that, but the style and themes you posted before! PJO, HS, FMA... You can perfectly ignore this, if you want, but just think on that a moment. Think on the fans who yesteryear, comed here for your coolness

I like how the coolness of a blogger totally varies in the matter of what fandom they blog for.

I’m glad you still allow me to post haikyuu, that’s very very nice of you, thank you.

I can say the lack of my \other fandoms\ is pretty much in due of absense of it on my dash. I’d spam you with fma if there was enough of it on my dash, I wish there would. I’m still trying to avoid as many spoilers for Homestuck as possible before I catch up to the updates, that’s why I don’t quite follow too much for it either. I don’t see much of pjo stuff I’d want to reblog either, so…I’m sorry my blog turned really boring for your personal liking, but I enjoy it enough to keep going the way I go anyway.

I do one of these every year and it was a nice lil break from commission work (which is where I’ve been, sorry for the lack of updates, everyone! I should start posting some of my daily sketches at the very least, I’ll work on that). Maaaan we’ve come a long way since January, and even last December. It’s good to look back on these things!

Thanks for sticking with me throughout the year! I hope 2016 is a great one for all of us <3 Keep practicing and improving, you can do it too!! 

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excuse me,i just want to ask you about something,is it good to make a comic without background? :)) i'm sorry if this is a weird question :)) oh and i'm sorry if my english is so bad :) oh! oh! by the way,i love your drawing and i can't wait for your next update ! XD

Hmm, you mean…backgrounds - as in the surroundings, right? If you browse through few of Echotale pages, you can see that they lack backgrounds mostly or have very very simplicistic ones. In comics you have to establish the feeling of surroundings to give the reader an image of WHERE the story takes place (a building?, outside?, some special place?is it day or night? what season?)So you can’t SKIP on the backgrounds ENTIRELY if you don’t want to give the reader a feeling that the story takes place in a neutral void of sort….. (only if you intend to give off that feeling on purpose…because…the story does take place in a void :’D). But you do not have to draw too detailed backgrounds everywhere, in each panel. Just choose few establishing panel shots, especially at start of chapter or start of new scene - to give the reader information about where it happens. On other panels it’s even encouraged to cut the background or make it as simple as possible, to emphasize the facial expressions or importance of text. Overwhelming backgrounds can work contraproductive. I’d love to make the art better in my case but I can’t afford it time-wise, so I really just sketch the bgr in few strokes or few details (like the floor tiles, few walls, trees). You just have to think about what is most important to show in each panel and act from there so the reader could have a comfortable read instead of asking questions that would disrupt the experience ;) Best of luck if you want to draw comics!