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Draw snipes and driver (who is best oc) comparing their vehicles!thanks!

idk if they’d ever get competitive about vehicles since they probably don’t get to talk much, but i could def see her at the very least interested in it!! (Driver already knows her car is superior)

Driver is @tf2humbug‘s 10th class oc, you can find more about Driver here!


Gunfighter History Pt 5CSR - Concealable Sniper Rifle
The M24 Remington Bolt Action Rifle has been the standard in accuracy and reliability for the US Army since 1998. Consistently delivering sub MOA performance on demand, the M24 is 43" overall length is very much, a traditional sniper rifle.

Today, more than half the world’s population lives in urban spaces. Drawn by economic opportunities, social connectivity, infrastructure and better standards of living, the useable landmass of these metro areas can only support so many people giving rise to a sprawl of smaller cities, suburbs and slums, often built directly adjacent to the primary area. Built specifically around zero fail missions in these settings, we needed a sniper rifle that was maneuverable and could be end user carries with a reduced signature.

At first, we explored gas guns. While making excellent battle rifles, a gas gun, no matter the tolerances, cannot predictably deliver the pronounced accuracy of a bolt gun.

From the ground up, the receiver on AR10 pattern rifles simply does not have the mass to retain a heavy contour precision barrel in a predictable position after it settles from a shot. Also, while tight chambers improved accuracy on manually fed bolt guns, in practice, they caused reliability issues when magazine fed by a gas or piston weapon system because, even 95% performance is not 100% of the time.

Built for the M118LR round, we started with the Surgeon 591 SA(Short Action) and a 16" 308 barrel. This “short” barrel would make the weapon system easier to maneuver and could be removed to further reduce the end user’s profile. The barrel could then replaced with zero effect to the ½ inch groups the CSR consistently delivered, thanks to the tolerances Surgeon used/uses in manufacturing their barrels.

Housing the Surgeon action and barrel, is a Remington Accessory Chassis System (RACS). Not only the lighter than other rifle chassis, it is one of the fastest to break down and set up, with only 3 bolts needed to remove the handguard. The free float handguard is modular, allowing user configuration to keep the weapon as light as possible and features wire channels and plugs to route and manage cables.

The RACS also features a skeletonized folding stock with adjustment in the recoil pad and cheek height to support a range of scopes with bells and objective lenses of varying size. Stock folded, it can be fit into a normal sized bag, something seen in every day life, and still be immediately accessible to the end user if the situation dictated. That put a 800 meter gun in a day pack. A capability unlike any other at that point in time.

Fully loaded, the CSR is about the size of a M4. It can be maneuvered quickly through doors, windows, alleys, ladders, and hallways without encumbering the end user. It can live alongside of a carbine in a vehicle, meaning it can go everywhere and be deployed at the same speed as a carbine.

Today, the CSR is employed by law enforcement and security professionals in the exact settings and mission it was designed for. It is second to none.

By Shawn Wiseman, Tyler Payne and Jon Chang


[There ain’t no heaven… 
-  Only hell exist… ]

    Wooyee !! This one is for @ssaravinter​ for the permission to use her design of Young McCree with skull mask , it’s so beautiful that it stung me with a concept ! So I asked if I could use the design to develope it, more correctly, to combine with my Sniper McCree canon [==> COLLABORATION YAY ~! ] that got a lot of support recently ! And yes there we are ! The result [ that took my 4 hours of dubstep music and cringes * cries* ] 
    About this ? Imagine that McCree got in Talon early, after the Deadlock gang made an agreement with Talon to join their force because they offer a change to make Deadlock the most fearsome troops in the world. McCree, serve under Talon that got his prosthetic eye for better shot, a very dangerous sniper that kill target with only one bullet and no more.
  Codename: Skull Vulture.  


Genre: i don’t know?

Group: BTS!!

Warnings: Slight smut, weapons, criminals, bla bla bla

a/n i wrote this in class i dunno if this will turn out to be a good series or nah anyways enjoy and leave feedback


Hoosh. Hoosh. Pang! Pang! The sound of the bullet hitting against the metal made you cringe. Even after a year of being the best criminal in town, you still haven’t got used to the loud sound of your weapons. The one you particularly hate was the one you are using at the very moment, the sniper. It made very little sound as the bullets are fired, but it’s so close to your ears that you thought someone was shooting bullets into your own ears. 

People know you as the Hera, although your real name is Y/N, because you’re similar to the Goddess of War. Very seductive, good with snipers and handguns. You are the best criminal in town, the very best, never missing a single target or mission. Or so you thought. A group of criminals recently entered the town. The words spread around like fire and soon reaches your ears. 7 men from the South, naming themselves BTS, definitely trouble and dangerous, more than Hera, maybe her ally? That was what you heard. It made you angry, knowing someone better than you has stepped in town. But you were quick to calm yourself, you knew this day would happen, the day where someone would be better than you. But you surely wasn’t expecting 7 people who are better than you. 

Your thoughts were cut short when the door of the shooting range flew open. You whipped your head towards the door, hand reaching for the handgun hanging on your belt. You point the gun at the person by the door before sighing when you took a good look of the person’s face.

“God, Areum, you-you scared me,” You sighed.

The girl with sleek platinum blonde hair giggled and walked towards you. She’s Areum, your best friend and right hand. She’s very good with computers, a hacker, and she’s able to find anything about anyone under a few minutes or hours. 

“Here is the data of BTS that you asked for yesterday, sorry couldn’t give it to you earlier, I was doing laundry, do you know how hard it is to remove bloodstains from white shirts? Please wear black next time!” She complained as she places a folder on the table filled with ammunition besides you and leaving. 

You wipe the sweat from your eyebrows and take off your gloves, putting it on the table. You look at the folder for a minute before taking it in your hands and opening it. 



which means bulletproof boy scouts because they really are bulletproof. seriously their records are amazing -a.


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Has an IQ of 148 and stands at 185 cm. Very strategic and wise, since he is the leader of the group. Shot 98/100 targets.


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179 cm. Trick people with his handsome facial features. Gets laid sometimes. Very manipulative. Shots 90/100 targets.


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The mastermind of most plans. Really good with snipers. Has all the tech stuffs. Gets laid at least once a week. Shot 96/100 targets.


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Really stealthy and fast. Also really flexible. Good with handguns. Very cheerful, but when he gets serious, blood is spilled. Shot 94/100 targets.


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Very strong. Also good with handguns. Like Hoseok, he’s very cheerful but people die when he’s serious. Really good with knifes. Shot 95/100 targets.


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No one’s seen him that much. Only appears in missions and certain meetings or grand events. Quite good with machine guns. Shot 97/100 targets.


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The maknae. Super strong, good with machine guns and crafting bombs. Gets laid the most. Shot 99/100 targets.


You shut the folder and placed it back on the table. You sighed, running your hands through your sweaty hair before deciding to take a shower and rest the day, knowing you’ll be tired tomorrow, because you’ll be hiding from BTS so they won’t recruit you. Because truth be told, you don’t mind working alone with your best friend, you’re happy, she’s happy, the town’s not happy with the arrival of another gang.~